Organic Protein Company – Nutritional Grass Fed Whey Powder?


Eggs, beans, meet and diary is not the only source one needs to rely on for protein. Today, a wide range of supplements have come to life and one that needs special attention is the use of whey protein. It can be incorporated in one’s favorite beverage, sauces, smoothies, baked goods and quick bites.

The Organic Protein Company’s Whey Protein is a great product to try, as it contains the lowest measurable levels of heavy metals, contains higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids, and ensures maximum responsible sourcing and care towards the herds of cows.

Consumers are offered an organic, pesticide free and ultimately safe and rich source of protein no other whey protein brand has come up with to this date. This review will look closely at this Organic Whey Protein in terms of its purpose, how it’s made, why it is healthy and its affordability.

What is the Organic Protein Company?

Organic Protein Company, is without doubt provides consumers with a source of protein. This product comes in powdered form and can be incorporated in a wide range of recipes to enhance one’s taste and health needs. To better understand the potency of the Organic Whey Protein, let’s take a closer look at how it is made.

How is the Organic Protein Company Made?

When milk is processed it is separated into curds and whey. Curds later become cheddar cheese, leaving behind collected whey. From here, the whey undergoes a two stage process to ensure maximum quality.

Firstly, whey travels through a gentle low temperature filtration process, which eliminates remaining lactose and water and is left with protein and minerals. To get it to its powdered form, it is spray dried at low temperature.

This shows to consumers that there are no harmful preservatives, additives or chemicals to preserve this respective product. When whey or any other produce undergoes very little alteration, it consists of a wide range of health benefits that will be advantageous to one’s health.

The rawest form is the purest form and this is definitely something the Organic Protein Company has achieved!

Why Organic Whey Protein Is Considered Healthy?

What makes this product unique is the fact that it positively influences many aspects like the environment, animals and consumers. Animals undergo safer treatment and are not stressed when growing them and using their milk. Similarly, the environment is protected, as this brand does not use pesticides, chemicals or other man made products to speed up its process.

Finally, consumers are not only provided with a product that contains lowest measurable levels of heavy metals compared to many whey protein providers, but also a protein source that contains maximum omega fatty acids.

This respective factor minimizes the chances of having heart diseases, increased cholesterol levels and pressure. In addition it contains a wide range of hair and skin health benefits as well.

How Much Does the Organic Protein Company Cost?

Consumers have the option of purchasing either individual packets or in bulk. The following is a list of prices one can expect:

  • 400 grams: approximately $22-24
  • Three 400 grams: approximately $64-65
  • Five 400 grams: approximately $101-103

This is definitely a worthwhile investment given that consumers are provided with a satisfying quantity, purest and rawest form of whey protein, and a product that ultimately enhances one’s overall wellness.

Lastly, this Organic Whey Protein is additive free, gluten free, soy free, GM free, hormone free and is vegetarian friendly.

Is the Organic Protein Company a Worthwhile Investment?

Overall, the Organic Whey Protein is a worthwhile investment given that it provides consumers with a safe product that can be used in different forms and recipes, a wide range of health benefits and ensures that one attains the required protein needed for the day.

With every purchase, 25P goes to the Compassion In World Farming, which contributes to the welfare of cows. Ideally, this brand and its respective product contribute towards the welfare of all.

For more information on an organic whey protein like no other, go to:

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