Strength training has come a long way since the 70’s. Today there are many products available in the market which can be easily used for a variety of exercise means in the comfort of our homes.

No longer do we need complex weight systems, or various weight lifting tools, today there are devices which have been scientifically constructed, and allow us to perform a host of weight oriented exercises in a small space.

Through the use of such products like the Onnit Steel Club, users are able to save on time as they are no longer required to go to a gym or some other training facility.

Similarly, due to the fitness science that is now available, there are many techniques which one can perform in their homes that allow for amazing muscle related benefits.

What Is Onnit Steel Club?

Onnit is an ‘exercise tool’ that essentially consists of a specially designed steel club. With this club users can work on their fitness levels and gradually receive various benefits like increased grip strength, heightened shoulder mobility and increased rotational core power.

All of these benefits work synergistically to heighten our overall athletic output. Another point to mention here, is the build quality of the Onnit Steel Club. The device is made using high quality material which has been scientifically shown to last users a lifetime.

Onnit Steel Club Benefits

Some of the key benefits that one can obtain via a regular use of Onnit include:


Many clinical studies have shown that Onnit is a perfect therapy tool for people who are recovering from some serious physical issues. Due to its multifaceted nature, the device can be used for for rehabilitative purposes as well as healing exercises.

Gradually, users will be able to see a visible increase in their muscle capacity as well as their grip strength. Other benefits of using Onnit during rehab include an increase in our shoulder working capacity and rotational core power.


Many cheaper variants of Onnit are available online, but what makes this product special is the fabrication technique that is used to make it. Onnit is made from a single machined piece of steel.

This solid piece of metal is then powder coated with a chip resistant matte finish so that any environmental agents which react with its surface can be easily cleaned off.

Power Development:

Enough cannot be said about the device’s innate potential to help users increase their punching power and balance.

Using a meticulous scientific design, the Onnit steel bar can optimize the athletic outfit of users who are accustomed to playing heavy duty sports like Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Volleyball, and Basketball.

All of these sports require the use of one side of your body to a greater extent than the other. Thus through various exercises, users can greatly improve their balance and overall power output.

High Quality:

Since Onnit is made out of steel, a legitimate concern is whether it will start to rust and lose its textural quality. This is easy to answer as Onnit has been made using machinery grade metal.

This means that rust and other oxidizing agents cannot react and form rust based compounds on the surface. For added longevity, the manufacturer has supplied a specialized coating on the surface so as to reduce wear and tear, rusting.

Onnit Steel Club Reviews

Since its launch, the Onnit steel bar has been receiving warm reviews from its customers. There are many reviews that users can check out on Amazon before they decide to make a purchase.

Satisfied customers include David Lane who says ‘The product is well built and feels sturdy. I am satisfied thus far, and would recommend to anyone seeking a home exercise tool’.

Similarly, Luis de Leon says ‘I am satisfied by the Onnit, it does everything it claims to do. I give it a 10/10’.

Lastly, Brendan Boyd Says ’while i love all of the variants, i find that the 5 lb variant is not too helpful for me. Thus users looking to purchase Onnit should consider higher weight alternatives’.

Purchasing Onnit Steel Club

Onnit is a steel club that is available for purchase in many weight options. Some of the key variants include:

  • 5 lbs $19.95
  • 15 lbs $39.95
  • 20 lbs $52.95
  • 25 lbs $66.95
  • 35 lbs $92.95
  • 45 lbs $119.95

Orders can be placed directly on the official Onnit Amazon portal, all products come with a full satisfaction guarantee in case users are not satisfied with the overall build quality of the club.


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