Nuts & Bolts Pre-Workout – Muscularity Rx’s Quality Supplement?


It’s no secret that performance supplements are able to provide a competitive advantage in the gym and assist fitness enthusiasts in reaching their goals faster. In order to develop a ripped, muscular, and strong physique, it’s necessary to provide the body with a range of essential nutrients and vitamins that promote fast muscle growth and recovery.

The most popular sports and fitness supplements on the market today are pre-workout supplements, which prime the body for intense physical activity, and maintenance supplements, such as whey protein isolate. The extreme popularity of sports supplements, however, has made finding a quality supplement solution difficult.

Many of the preworkout solutions available on the market today claim to be able to deliver a wide range of benefits, from increased strength output to enhanced cardiovascular endurance. Most of these solutions, however, are packed with useless fillers or under-dosed ingredients that aren't able to deliver on the claims the manufacturer makes.

One of the most frustrating elements of finding an effective, reliable, and safe pre workout supplements is excessive caffeine content. A high quality preworkout supplement should typically provide the body with a range of amino acids, bioactive compounds, energy sources, and mild central nervous system stimulants that catalyze the biological process that prep the body for intense physical activity.

In order to save money on the cost of their formulas, many low quality supplement manufacturers lower the dosage of the expensive, effective ingredients in their products and pack their formulas out with powdered caffeine, which delivers the illusion of enhanced energy at the cost of jitters, shakes, and cardiovascular damage.

In order to ensure you’re getting a quality pre workout supplement, it’s important to find a supplement provider that provides a full breakdown of the active ingredients it contains as well as dosage levels. It’s also essential to assess the scientific veracity of the claims made about the ingredients in a product- many supplements contain useless ingredients that aren’t backed up by clinical evidence.

Muscularity Rx are a new player in the supplement industry that are providing fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders with a transparent, upfront, and science-based approach to sports supplementation. Instead of relying on gimmicky marketing techniques or obfuscating their ingredients with proprietary compounds, Muscularity Rx deliver comprehensive formula breakdowns and simple, reliable products.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Muscularity Rx range and find out what it offers to help you determine whether it’s the right supplement brand for you.

Who Are Muscularity Rx?

Muscularity Rx is a relatively new addition to the supplement manufacturing industry, and is founded by Kayla Tegeler. As a pharmacy graduate, Tegeler has a comprehensive understanding of the biological processes involved in sports supplementation, which is enhanced by her extensive education in Kinesiology and public health sciences.

The Muscularity Rx brand operates on the principle that sports supplementation should be based in real clinical science and deliver real world results. As such, the Muscularity Rx range contains just two products, but both are supported by a massive amount of evidence and offer a high degree of customization.

Muscularity Rx Nuts & Bolts Pre-Workout

The first product in the Muscularity Rx range is the Nuts & Bolts Pre-Workout. The Nuts & Bolts Pre-Workout formula contains a simple but effective blend of ingredients that deliver targeted benefits in order to prime the body for physical activity.

Each serving of Nuts & Bolts Pre-Workout provides the body with amino acids such as beta-alanine and L-taurine, as well as citrulline malate, creatine monohydrate, l-theanine, and a small dose of caffeine for central nervous system stimulation.

Nuts & Bolts Pre-Workout Maintenance

The second product in the Muscularity Rx Bolts Maintenance range is the Rx Bolts Maintenance formula. The Rx Bolts Maintenance formula is designed to promote muscle growth and recovery outside of the gym, and delivers a complex blend of l-taurine, beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, and citrulline malate.

Nuts & Bolts Pre-Workout is able to boost the amount of blood the body is able to provide to the muscles in the recovery phase, which, in turn, speeds up the amount of raw muscle protein strands the body is able to synthesize. Importantly, the Rx Bolts Maintenance formula is free from carbohydrates or artificial sugars, and is backed up by extensive clinical evidence.

Nuts & Bolts Pre-Workout Review Summary

Nuts & Bolts Pre-Workout is one of the most upfront and honest supplement companies to enter the market, and offers the added bonus of extremely competitively priced solutions. If you’re looking for simple and effective supplement solution, Nuts & Bolts Pre-Workout Muscularity Rx is a great option.

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