Nora Smart Snoring Solution – Will You Sleep Better?


Nora Smart Snoring Solution Review

Nora is a stop snoring aid that takes an innovative approach to solving your snoring problem. It doesn’t require you to wear anything on your face or have an intrusive device in your bedroom. Here’s our Nora review.

What is the Nora Smart Snoring Solution?

Nora is a stop snoring aid that uses a non-invasive approach to stop snoring before it wakes your partner. The device comes in the form of a sleek white pod that can fit in the palm of your hand and a pump that slides under your pillow. You place the pump under your pillow and wait to fall asleep. When the pod detects your snoring, it kicks the pump into action.

Nora’s pump is padded and soft, so it can easily fit underneath any pillow. It also claims to be suited for a variety of sleep styles – including whether you like to sleep on your back or on your side.

With Nora, there’s no need to wear a sleep mask or uncomfortable nostril prongs. You don’t need to have electronic devices buzzing around your head at night or wear an intrusive sleep apnea mask. Instead, you just leave Nora under your pillow and wait for it to go to work.

So how exactly does this alien-looking device work? Let’s take a closer look.

How Does Nora Work?

Nora is a padded pillow insert that lies under your pillow at night. The device comes equipped with a microphone. When that microphone detects your snoring goes above a certain decibel limit, it will kick into action.

When Nora detects snoring, the padded pillow insert will gently move your head using an inflatable system. That system is powered by a miniature pump that sits in the portable case placed under your bed.

The reason this works is because snoring is caused by the contraction of your upper throat muscles. When these muscles relax during sleep, air is forced to pass through this narrow pathway, which causes vibrations. We hear these vibrations as snoring.

Nora aims to open up your airway by gently moving your head at night, activating a silent pump that inflates and deflates the padded insert sitting under your pillow. This movement is small, but it’s enough to move your throat to a more natural position.

Nora is also smart enough to detect the difference between ambient noise and snoring. So if you use a noise machine, a fan, an air conditioner, or other devise in your room, then Nora will understand that as ambient noise while waiting for your snoring to register.

Nora Smart Snoring System

There are three parts of the Nora system, including:

— Pillow Insert: This is the comfy, flexible, soft pad that sits under your pillow waiting to be inflated at night.

— Nora Bedsider: This is the listening device that sits in your bedroom, waiting to detect signs of snoring.

— Portable Case: This is designed to discreetly carry around Nora when you’re traveling.

There’s also a mobile app available for iOS. This app tells you information about your snoring and sleep patterns. You can even listen to your overnight audio recordings and see what kind of effect Nora had on your snoring. You don’t need to use the app, but it can be useful for monitoring how much you snored last night – and how much your snoring is improving with the device.

For example, you can view how many hours of sleep you got last night, which percentage of your sleep was quiet, and your sleep quality for the week.

There is not currently an Android app, although the company claims they will start developing their Android app after the first Nora devices ship.

Nora Pricing

Nora is not yet available for worldwide purchase. However, you can preorder the device at a price of $259 USD (the makers of Nora claim the normal retail price will be $300).

Pre-order customers will get the first Nora devices off the production line months before it arrives in retail stores. They estimate your device will be shipping in November 2016.

All purchases come with the Nora Bedsider, Padded Pillow Insert, Portable Softcase, Universal Power Adapter, and Mobile Application.

Free shipping is available to the United States and Canada. All purchases come with a one year limited warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Who Makes Nora?

Nora was created with the help of a Kickstarter campaign that received $832,523 from over 3,400 backers starting in October 2015. The project was 40% funded after just one day.

Nora was built at MaRS Discovery District, described as “one of the world’s largest urban innovation hubs”. It’s located in Toronto and most of Nora’s creators are from the Toronto area. Dr. James MacFarlane, for example, is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and serves on the Board of the Canadian Sleep Society. He’s one of the partners of Nora.

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] (for media inquiries) or [email protected] (for all other questions).

Should You Use Nora to Stop Snoring?

Nora is an innovative stop snoring aid that works without the use of masks, nasal strips, and other intrusive sleep aids. Although Nora has not yet officially launched, the product is backed by world-class engineers and Dr. James MacFarlane, a sleep specialist and member of the Canadian Sleep Society.

Like all stop snoring aids, it’s unlikely to stop snoring in 100% of all patients. However, if you’re interested in using smart technology and a nifty mobile app to cure your snoring problem (and monitor your sleeping habits while you’re at it), then Nora may be the system you’ve been waiting for.

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