Nicopure: Halo, eVo & Purity Premium E-Liquid Vaping Juice?


E-liquid cigarettes also known as vaping has becoming increasingly popular over the past decade. Consumers appreciate that there is no harmful smoke associated with this style of vaping and the flavor choices are vast.

Nicopure Labs is a Canadian company well known through their vaping products that have gained great popularity worldwide since the company’s start back in 2009. The field of e-liquids has been growing every year but many competitors do not offer the same commitment to purity and quality offered by Nicopure Labs. Please read below to learn more about this company and their line of quality e-liquid products.

What Is Nicopure?

Nicopure Labs is a Canadian based company that since its inception in 2009 has quickly grown to become an industry leader in the field of e-liquids. Nicopure Labs now has manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, and Europe dedicated to offering consumers worldwide high quality vaping products.

Many consumers may not recognize the Nicopure Labs name but they may recognize their popular e-liquid products including Halo and eVo E-liquid. The company has also expanded their product line to include an American made vape called Purity designed specifically for the tastes and needs of consumers living in the United Kingdom.

As a company, Nicopure Labs is committed to making sustainable choices when it comes to environmental impact and even social impact. This company is dedicated to workplace diversity and making manufacturing choices that reduce their environmental impact. Nicopure Labs stands behind their commitment to quality by ensuring all of their products are created to the highest possible standards.

Nicopure Halo, eVo & Purity Premium E-Liquid Vaping Juice Products

There are three different products offered to consumers by Nicopure Labs: Halo E-liquid, eVo E-liquid, and Purity E-liquid.

  • Halo E-liquid: There are two series within the Halo E-liquid line. The Halo White Series is for a more budget conscious consumers and the Halo Blue Series is for consumers looking for a wide range of flavors.
  • eVo E-liquid: This line of e-liquids offers a wide range of flavor options including cappuccino, blueberry smoothies, and even apricot.
  • Purity E-liquid: A series of e-liquids formulated for the specific tastes demanded by consumers in the United Kingdom.

Nicopure Product Pricing

Consumers based in the United States will be able to get the most comprehensive information regarding Nicopure Labs products through the US Halo website at

Full product descriptions as well as pricing information is available for all Halo E-liquids as well as the eVo E-liquid products.

Consumers living in Canada will find Nicopure products online through

Small business owners will want to visit the wholesale tab on the Nicopure Labs website where they can learn how to carry these products in their store.

Nicopure Conclusion

Consumers who are looking at popular e-liquid manufacturers will probably already be familiar with Nicopure Labs products like Halo and eVo e-liquids. The field of e-liquids can often have a negative stigma around it but this company offers a transparent website and adheres to quality standards earning Nicopure Labs a few notable awards.


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