Neuro67 – Tai Lopez’s Favorite Nootropic Brain Supplement?


Neuro67 is a nootropic supplement formulated to help boost the power and functioning of your brain.

This new smart drug pill is available in three different package sizes, offering you a discount for the sets with multiple bottles available.

Unless you have been under a rock, nootropics have exploded as one of the hottest selling supplements in the past year and will only continue to grow as everyone is searching for natural and reliable ways to optimize their overall brain processing power, working memory and creativity. Having an extra edge when it comes to cognitive enhancement in today's fast paced world can go so much further than ever before.

Let's review the Neuro67 nootropic supplement endorsed by internet celebrity Tai Lopez and see if it is truly supported by peer-reviewed science and has quality-sourced ingredients.

What is Neuro67?

Keeping your body healthy involves giving yourself the right nutrients to support your metabolism and other functions. And if you treat the body as a whole, optimizing your body will feed up into the mind and give your brain the additional focus and concentration to complete your daily tasks and work schedules.

Most people think that the key to being healthy is exercising and eating right, and they are half-right. Those actions are important in maintaining your digestive and physical health.

However, your cognitive health is a different story. To give your brain the support that you need, the power-packed potent Neuro67 formula might be exactly what you are searching for. The official website does a great job at explaining the contrast between the cellular process stage and the cognitive process stage going into detail about how Neuro 67 ingredients can enhance both if done right.

Neuro67 supports the different transmissions and functions in your brain, giving you ingredients in each capsule that you don’t each on a normal basis.

It is a nootropic substance to nourish your brain with the right nutrition, in the same way that you nourish your digestive system.

People of all ages uses these types of supplements, improving your ability to focus, retain memories, and more.

Most people turn to puzzles and other hobbies to keep their mind sharp, but these methods only exercise the brain.

If you’ve ever tried to get fit, then you know that you need both exercise and nutrition to keep safe and fit.

Your doctor’s recommendation to help improve your brain may involve different medications, but you won’t need any of them if you use a nootropic supplement like Neuro67.

How Does Neuro67 Work?

The goal of the Neuro67 formula is to boost your brain power. Just like any other organ, it needs the right nutrients to thrive.

Within these capsules, you will receive the benefits of different ingredients to stimulate different areas of your brain.

The included brain enhancing ingredients are:

Read on below to understand the role of each of the active ingredients in neurosurgeon-formulated nootropic stack.

Bacopa Monnieri

This plant is no stranger to treating your brain, since it has been used in Indian treatments on more than one occasion.

It stimulates different functions in your brain to improve your ability to learn and retain memories.

It also features antioxidants to eliminate toxins that can damage your brain and the rest of your body.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is probably one of the most commonly known substances used in nootropics. It’s frequently used in Chinese medicines to improve your cognitive functions as a whole. It contains antioxidants, but it also protects your brain from additional damage.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A prevents the active enzymes from breaking down the neurotransmitters that carry signals to and from your brain. This effect amplifies the normal functions of your brain.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is used as a treatment for many things in traditional Chinese medicine. As far as its involvement in nootropics, it is meant to improve your blood circulation.

While this function may seem unnecessary, proper circulation is needed to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your brain and the rest of the house.


Vinpocetine works in the same way as Panax Ginseng, improving your blood flow for better nutrient delivery.


This substance naturally occurs in your brain already, improving the overall health and functioning of your brain.

By including this ingredient in the formula, you increase the overall level that is already in your body.

Using Neuro67

The Nuero67 formula is meant to be taken on a daily basis to improve your brain health and abilities.

You will need to take a capsule with each meal of the day, not exceeding three capsules a day.

For some consumers, supplements with this much nutrients can be overwhelming for the digestive system.

Eating with the capsule will reduce the impact that it has on your digestive system, protecting you from nausea.

If you experience adverse effects while using this formula, cease your consumption of the capsules immediately and contact your physician.

Pricing for Neuro67

With all the information above, you’re probably ready to make a purchase. Rather than requiring you to endure a trial or commit to a long subscription, you can choose from three different packages, depending on how long you want to benefit from the supplement.

Choose from:

  • One bottle: $39.95
  • Three bottles: $104.85 ($34.95 each)
  • Six bottles: $179.70 ($29.95 each)

If you order the largest package, you will be eligible for free shipping. Otherwise, the website will determine your shipping fees when you input your address.

Refund Policy

Even though this supplement is effective for most people, you may find that it doesn’t work for you.

If you need to return the product, you can get a full refund if it is initiated within 30 days from the date of purchase.

After you contact the customer service department and setup the return, you will be instructed on the right place to send the remaining amount of the capsules.

Contacting the Creators of Neuro67

Even though the website is an excellent resource of information about the Neuro67 supplement, it’s common to have additional questions that will need to be addressed before you use it.

Maybe you just want to find out about the status of your recent order. Either way, customer service can be reached over the phone or email.

Eventually you will be able to call into the company but as of right now the correct phone number is not listed. You can also email the company at [email protected].

Neuro67 Review Summary

Everyone ages in a different way, but the result is the same – a diminished brain capacity. Neuro67 aims to support the functions of your brain, sharpening your memory retention and focus.

All the ingredients inside are all natural, and are well-known for their abilities to preserve your cognitive abilities.

If you want to stay healthy and clear-minded, the Neuro67 supplement may be the best treatment for you.

If you are already taking any medications, prescribed or over-the-counter, then you should consult with your physician before consuming these capsules. He will let you know if your current medication is compatible.

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