Neuro XR – Quality Nootropic Cognitive Enhancer?


A brand new nootropic called Neuro XR just arrived on the internet. Find out how – and if – Neuro XR works today in our review.

What is Neuro XR?

Neuro XR calls itself “fuel for the brain” that’s specially formulated to provide the following benefits:

— Skyrocket Concentration
— Spur Creative Thinking
— Enhance Memory Recall
— Elevate Work Productivity

The nootropic supplement comes in the form of a capsule. You take two capsules daily to improve your mental focus and cognitive ability – or at least, that’s what the manufacturer wants you to do.

Each monthly bottle is priced at around $47, which is about the mid-range of pricing for nootropic stacks online.

How exactly does Neuro XR work?

Does it actually work at all?

Let’s take a closer look at this supplement.

How Does Neuro XR Work?

Neuro XR doesn’t provide a great deal of information about how the supplement works.

Instead, it says things like “it’s a custom blend with a detailed approach to formulated based on ingredients that have been studied by several top scientific”. That’s the word for word description of how Neuro XR works – and it doesn’t even make sense!

The product packaging and official sales website for Neuro XR are both ludicrously short, providing little to no information about what you’re putting into your body when you take Neuro XR.

Yes, we have a full list of ingredients (which we’ll get into below), but the manufacturer refuses to list the dosages of those ingredients.

Nevertheless, some of the key ingredients include amino acids like L-Glutamine, stimulants like caffeine and DMAE bitartrate, and vitamin B12. The dose of all of these ingredients is unlisted and unclear.

Neuro XR Ingredients

In defense of Neuro XR, the manufacturer does list all its ingredients and it also lists the dosages for some of those ingredients. Here’s what that ingredients list looks like:

Folic Acid | 400 mcg. | 100% USDV
— Vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamin ) 100 mcg. | 1666% USDV

— Proprietary Blend | 700 mg. | ** USDV
— — L-Glutamine
— — Taurine
— — Caffeine
— — DMAE Bitartrate
— — Gingko Biloba (Leaf) Extract
— — Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL
— — Bacopa Monnieri

As you can see, most of the ingredients are hidden within a 700mg proprietary formula. That’s a big problem: the ingredients contained within that formula are proven nootropics backed by scientific evidence, but they may be too weak to work as advertised.

For example, L-Glutamine, which is one of 20 naturally occurring amino acids found in the body, is typically taken in doses of 5,000mg. Even if the majority of the Neuro XR formula was made of L-Glutamine, it would still be significantly lower than the recommended dosage.

Then we have another problem with ingredients like caffeine, which is the third ingredient listed in the proprietary formula, suggesting that it’s the third most common ingredient.

With 700mg of formula and an unlisted caffeine dosage, Neuro XR could contain anywhere from 1mg to 650mg of caffeine.

Typically, when a manufacturer doesn’t list the dosage of the ingredients in their nootropic, it means they’re trying to pass off a caffeine pill as a powerful nootropic. It appears that’s what’s going on with Neuro XR: there just isn’t enough information for us to make any reasonable assumptions about this nootropic’s effectiveness or even its safety.

Caffeine sensitive individuals, for example, will want to stay far away from Neuro XR because the amount of caffeine is just not listed – so it could be a potentially dangerous dose.

Neuro XR Pricing

Typically, when a nootropic supplement doesn’t list its dosages and doesn’t appear to be very powerful, it’s available at a discount price – like just slightly more expensive than an average caffeine pill.

The manufacturers of Neuro XR have taken a different approach by pricing Neuro XR relatively high for what you get. The supplement is priced at the following package rates:

— 1 Bottle: $46.95
— 2 Bottles: $98.97
— 3 Bottles: $134.95

You can only order Neuro XR online from

All purchases come with a 30 day refund, minus shipping and handling costs. You’ll also need to pay a $6 fee per returned item. Refunds are not given to any items that have been opened. The company also claims that it reserves the right to reject any return – so it’s unclear how easy it is to actually get a refund.

Who Makes Neuro XR?

Neuro XR is made by a company named Wyoming Freedom Group. That company lists its mailing address as:

Wyoming Freedom Group
690 S. Hwy 89 Ste 200
Jackson, Wyoming 83001

You can contact the company by phone at 844-893-4642 or by email at [email protected]

Googling the address above shows that it’s been associated with a number of other products sold online in recent years, including another nootropic supplement called Addium.

The address itself is a nondescript business center in Jackson, Wyoming.

Should You Take Neuro XR to Boost Brain Power?

Neuro XR has shown no evidence that it can improve your cognitive ability. The supplement has never participated in clinical trials and its ingredient dosages are totally unlisted. For all we know, Neuro XR could be nothing more than a caffeine pill with trace amounts of nootropic ingredients.

For these reasons, Neuro XR is certainly not worth your $47 – especially when there are better nootropic supplements available today with fully listed ingredients and cheaper pricing.

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  1. After reading these reviews,
    I've had to cancel my debit card so this transaction won't go through. Now waiting 5-7 business days to receive a new debit card.

  2. Yea sorry if this message pops up twice. I called today to cancel. $89/ bottle of caffeine pills. I took 1 and it made me feel like I was going to be sick. And $40 for melatonin? My question is does anybody know the address to send the neuro xr sleep back? I called today but I could barely understand the guy. And they won't cancel my subscription until they receive them. Please somebody send me the address. Thanks.

    • The address that's on the bottle. But you need your WHOLE account number, and they only put half of it on your invoice. So you have to make sure you call them for the rest of the number or they will say they never received it and keep charging you.

  3. I called to cancel today and I could not understand the guy so now I really don't know the address. Can anybody send me the address to send this useless $90/bottle caffeine pills back? And $45 for melatonin? Really? Please somebody post the address for me.

  4. Yes this is a complete scam i ordered the free bottle and paid the shipping next thing i know we was charged 89.78 when we called the number that was on our bank account for this item the man on the line was saying he could give us back 10 percent then 40 percent we kept telling him that we havent even had the product long enough to see if it even worked but they were so fast to charge our card that 89. This is a total scam stay away from this I want everyone to know that I can to leave this alone it is a scam no question I have experienced this and it is a scam right now I am wonderinv what these pills even are Im thinking they might just be b12 or something like that hopefully everyone that sees this will believe me stay away.

  5. So, I ordered the trial. It indicated that it was only 4.95 for the shipping and handling. Nothing on the site indicated that I would be charged any more. I received it today and went to read some reviews and stumbled across this site. I was shocked to read that I run the risk of being charged 89.95 so I spent the day trying to figure out how to cancel my trial and this is what I found. There is a website on the bottle It asks you to select the country that you placed your order from. I ordered from the united states so that's what I selected. It gives you a link you can click on and enter your order number or your email address to locate your order information. Well, surprise… it did not recognize my email address and when I entered the order number it claimed to not be able to locate that either. There IS a number you can call. 844-893-4640. I spoke to a gentleman who was surprisingly peasant and he explained to me that even though the site where I ordered gave me no information about future billing, the product is not free. It actually cost 89.95 (the change may be wrong, it was 89 something). I advised him I did not want it if that was the case and he told me I had 2 options. I could pay 50% of the cost, keep the product, and cancel my trial. Or, I could return the entire product within 30 days and would not be charged at all. I chose to return the product. He gave me my account number to put on the package. (the order number that I recieved on my packing slip was only the first half of my actual order number, so i never could have canceled online anyway) He told me that he had noted my account, and canceled my trial. He said that when I return the package I should get a tracking number from the post office to ensure no one can tell me that they didn't receive the product back. While I was still scammed, he was quite helpful and he seemed to be trying to give me all the ways prevent them from scamming me any further. I wanted to share this information because I saw alot of comments here from people requesting there order be canceled. THAT WILL NOT WORK. you will continue to be charged unless you make the call and speak to someone to cancel. If you simply send an email to the company at the email provided on the cancelation link they will claim they never received it. And since you are not given your ACTUAL account number on your packing slip, they will claim that they could not locate your account. I hope this information helps. I will not be trying anything like this again. I guess we live and learn. Good luck to all in canceling your orders.

    • Liz was 100% right the number she said to call for US to cancel my order 844-893-4640 worked just fine . I also felt totally scammed with this product but after reading liz feedback I called the number I had an order number from the paper that they sent me he found my email address right away try to talk me out of canceling my order but he did cancel my order and said nothing would be shipped ever again if I wanted to continue my order i could call back and future orders would be at a 50% discount that number that she gave works fine

  6. I almost ordered the sample! I am so glad I decided to look for some reviews! I hate companies that operate that way! Don't like people helping themselves to my money!

  7. How do I cancel my order? I have tried several methods, unsuccessfully!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE cancel my subscription, order, or whatever you call it.
    CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If calling the distributor doesn't stop them, refuse delivery at the mail box. Write RTD on the box and it will be returned. If that doesn't work, what I did was call my bank and had them stop payment. Easy!

    • It took me forever to find a real phone number! I do it suggest anyone doing this free trial EVER. I had to cal my bank to locate the subscription withdraw and they gave me the number.
      It's 877-497-3327
      Good luck!

  8. I ordered “free” 30 day sample less than 2 weeks later I was billed $80 something. Did NOT perform as advertised. I had a caffeine headache for about 8-10 hours each of the 3 days I took the neuroxr.

  9. I ordered a free sample bottle for the cost of shipping from the Jackson Wyoming address. This gave them my credit card number. They then charged me and I didn't notice until the next month when I received a 2nd bottle and was charged again. Each time $89.78. Currently, my bank is in dispute with this rip-off mode of doing business..

    • I ordered the trail bottle and they charged my credit card 4.95 as agreed. I called them back and told them I did not want automatic shipping. They charged my card 89.78.I called the bank and disputed the charge as it was not authorized. The bank is checking it out. I also sent the bottle back and got a tracking number . what a bunch crooks..

  10. I recieved my trial sample. Does absolutely nothing for me. I do not want to be charged anymore money. Cancel my order please

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