MRM is an Alternative Healthcare company that focuses on developing and providing new and effective nutritional supplements that are created using experimental and clinical data collection, analysis, and application.

MRM places a high importance on giving back to the community. This is reflected in the many small projects in which they participate, whether is supporting teens who are struggling or cleaning up a local beach.

MRM is passionate about ensuring that their products are GMO-free. This starts at the beginning, drilling down to where they source their ingredients, and goes all the way through the process to ensure that every product created by MRM is completely Non-GMO. Each product is also accompanied by certified documentation asserting that the ingredients, materials, and anything involved in processing if completely free of GMOs.

To ensure they are doing everything by the book, they have also partnered with the Non-GMO Project, a third party verification group. Veggie Protein was the first product that they got verified in 2011, and since then they have gone on to get quality verifications for the following:

  • MSM Crystals
  • MSM 1000
  • Vegan Vitamin D3
  • Vegan Bone Maximizer
  • Veggie Elite

More and more of their products are continuously undergoing Non-GMO verification process to ensure the quality of every product they provide.

MRM Top Products

MRM provides dozens, if not hundreds, of products for a variety of their customers’ needs in nearly every category of health. Here is a closer look at a few of their top-selling items.

Natural Whey

MRM Natural Whey is made using a unique combination of low temperature processed, ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate and another variety of cross-flow micro-filtrated whey protein isolate.

This creates a protein source that can meet the needs of any age group and which is easily absorbed and retained within the muscles while also being super effective in utilization. This product also has a high concentration of amino acids, which make up about half of the total formula.

About half of all of the amino acids in the formula are BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), and the company claims that this product is the richest natural source of these BCAAs available.

Natural Whey is great source of protein for healthy athletes who want to make the most of every workout, but it is also beneficial for a variety of other health needs. From teenagers who are looking to support lean muscle mass during frequent growth spurts to elderly citizens who wish to stay strong and active, Natural Whey is a great source of protein to support muscle growth and retention.

Natural Whey also contains a good source of L-Glutamine, which is largely responsible for the stimulating the body to release natural growth hormones. L-Glutamine is also one of the necessary building blocks for glutathione, one of the most vital antioxidants in the body. Whey protein is one if the rare nutritional sources of every single amino acid that is needed by the body, both essential and non-essential.

Digest-ALL AP is an addition that is unique to MRM, and it helps the body break down both the long chain and short chain peptides so that it has smaller and easier to absorb amino acids available for the most efficient digestion and absorption into the body’s cells.

This means that with Natural Whey, your body can utilize more amino acids and absorb them directly into the muscles to increase their size and strength.


MRM BCAA+G RELOAD is a formula that is designed specifically for active athletes who want to make the most out of their workouts and maximize lean muscle growth. It is packed full of branched-chain amino acids that are vital to the body and cannot be produced by it.

These amino acids have to come from outside nutritional sources, like supplements. The three BCAAs that are included in this formula are isoleucine, valine, and leucine. All three of these amino acids promote muscle growth and are needed by the muscled to burn as fuel. The levels of BCAAs in both your blood and your muscles lower when you exercise and need to be replaced.

This product has natural flavors and contains a very precise formula of BCAAa in an important specific ratio to ensure the most efficient recovery after a workout. It also contains Vitamin B6, CarnoSym beta-alanine, and L-Glutamine, all of which assist in maximum amino acid absorption and nitrogen retention.

Out of all of these vital ingredients, leucine is the one that puts in the most work. It’s essential to muscle growth and helps to provide the correct balance of nitrogen, both of which are required for proper muscle retention. Leucine also starts the protein synthesis process that is needed for lean muscle growth.

BCAA+G RELOAD should be used either during or after a workout and also between meals, especially while you are under calorie restrictions. This is important to decrease muscle wasting and to maintain your metabolism.


MRM Driven combines purely natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and natural extracts to create a pre-workout formula that can support your metabolism without the need for any unnatural additives. The company claims that they were the first to create a product like this using only natural products. It is created for use by highly active people or professional athletes in order to reach their best performance. Driven is a safe product and can be used on a daily basis by any adult.

Driven is available in three different blends which are each targeted to benefit a different stage in the workout process. All of these blends contain a full array of B vitamins and various electrolytes that are usually depleted when you undergo rigorous exercise.

The Defense/Hydration blend contains critical ingredients that you need during your workouts. Pine bark extract, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, betaine anhydrous, and trehalose all provide hydration and act as antioxidants. They prevent the body from losing water and support your body’s antioxidant needs to help with the higher levels of free radicals that are created during exercise.

Taking trehalose before a workout allows the body to have a slowly released source of carbohydrates without having to worry about a sudden spike in your blood sugar. Betaine anhydrous is responsible for protecting your from dehydration and helps your body to retain water while exercising.

N-acetyl-L-cysteine is the antioxidant piece of the puzzle and helps to support the glutathione in your body. The pine bark extract is important because it contains proanthocyanidins, which is another source of antioxidants and can also help with your cardiovascular health.

The Muscle blend contains CarnoSyn beta-alanine, which is a vital precursor to carnosine and helps to increase the muscle’s performance. This function is supported by the presence of citrulline malate, creatine monohydrate, and AAKG (arginine alpha keto-glutarate).

The citrulline malate and AAKG help to raise the levels of nitric oxide in the blood during a workout to help increase blood flow and vasodilation. Increased blood flow is important for the delivery of nutrients to the cells and muscles and can vastly impact muscle recovery. Creatine monohydrate is a popular source of explosive energy that is found in many great workout products.

The Focus/Energy blend is designed to support one of the most important parts of any workout, and the one which is the most often overlooked: mental focus. This formula is a blend of caffeine, schizandra extract, Peak ATP, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, and acetyl-L-carnitine that is created to increase the user’s mental clarity and allow them to focus on a given task without distraction. It also helps to increase energy during long and tough physical exertion, such as a workout.

Acetyl-L-carnitine supports the health of your neurotransmitters to increase your concentration and focus. N-acetyl-tyrosine is the most easily and fastest absorbed type of tyrosine, which makes it the best form available to increase mental acuity.Peak ATP is an important trigger in your body’s energy cycle and can increase your performance.

Schizandra is a less commonly known herb, but it is a very strong adaptogenic and has been shown to help increase the ability for physical force when performing exercises. Caffeine, on the other hand, is very commonly used, and it stimulates your central nervous system so that you can remain fully awake and alert throughout your entire workout.

The Driven blends are all formulation to decrease muscle exhaustion, increase energy levels, heighten focus, and improve your pH balance from the beginning to the end of your workouts.

MRM Conclusion

MRM is a brand that casts a wide net and provides products for a very broad spectrum of customer needs, but they are most popular for their Active Lifestyle products, especially their Whey Proteins.

Every MRM product os GMO-free and sourced responsibly, and they even have products that are formulated to be safe for children. If you’re looking for a good source of safe and natural nutritional supplements, whether they are for your workouts or any other are of wellness, MRM is definitely worth checking out.


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