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Mother Earth Minerals Review

Mother Earth Minerals is a supplement manufacturer that sells water-soluble, magnetically-enhanced mineral supplements. Find out if Mother Earth Minerals products are worth buying today in our review.

What is Mother Earth Minerals?

Mother Earth Minerals is a nutritional supplement company based in Ogden, Utah. The company was founded in 2006 and is also known as ME Minerals LLC.

Today, Mother Earth Minerals has grown into a worldwide provider of essential minerals. All minerals are specially manufactured to be water-soluble and magnetically-enhanced. This process purportedly helps the minerals enter the body more easily.

The idea behind Mother Earth Minerals is that our body needs minerals to stay healthy. The company cites the work of Nobel Laureate Linus Paulings, who said:

“You can trace every sickness, every illness, and every condition to a mineral deficiency.”

Many Mother Earth Minerals products are designed to be taken sublingually (under the tongue), letting them enter the body as easily as possible.

Mother Earth Minerals Products

You can buy individual minerals or buy packages of multiple minerals to support different health goals. There’s an anti-radiation package, for example, a cancer package, and even a herpes package.

Mother Earth Minerals currently sells 94 products on its official website.

Those products include everything from apricot kernels to zinc. Mother Earth Minerals products are separated into seven different categories:


This is the flagship product category sold by Mother Earth Minerals (you probably guessed that from the name). Mother Earth Minerals sells 20 different minerals designed to support various health goals.

You can purchase minerals individually or buy them as part of a package called “All 20 Mother Earth Minerals with Tote” for $250. Popular minerals include boron, calcium, chromium, platinum, selenium, silver, sulfur, and zinc.

A 2 ounce mineral package typically retails for $14, while the larger 8 ounce package is priced at $24.

Each product listing also explains why you would want to take different minerals. The product listing for boron, for example, claims that boron is great at “enhancing intra-cellular communication” and “helps the body produce estrogen.”

All minerals come in dropper bottles. You take one to two drops per week (or as directed) to support various health goals.

Unlike the minerals you get in your food, Mother Earth Minerals have the unique distinction of being:

Ionic: The ions possess an electrical charge. ME Minerals claims this helps them stick to the walls of the intestines for better absorption.

Water Soluble: The angstrom-sized ions dissolve in water, which means they can be easily absorbed. An angstrom, by the way, is about 10 times smaller than a human blood cell.

Cell-Available: This means they’re “available for absorption into the human cell” instead of just the blood stream.

You can learn how each mineral helps your body in different ways on their website. Magnesium, for example, aids in relaxing nerves and relieving daily tension, while silver acts as a “potent natural antibiotic”.

Nutritional Supplements

Mother Earth Minerals sells about a dozen different nutritional supplements priced between $25 and $65.

There are apricot kernels that purportedly kill cancer cells, for example, as well as a colostrum supplement and cultured yeast supplement.

There’s also a popular lineup of “fuel” supplements, including an energy powder called Rocket Fuel and energy-boosting capsules called SuperFuel that are made from “the 12 most potent superfoods on the planet”.


Mother Earth Minerals sells four different books written by A. True Ott, PhD and others. Those books come with titles like “Horrors of Vaccination” and “Secret Assassins in Food”. All books are priced between $12.95 and $16.95 and are delivered in physical copy to your doorstep.

Health Maintenance Applications

There are two products listed under the “health maintenance applications” category, including the Corona Discharge Negative Ion Generator ($199.95) and the Photon Sound Beam ($2,595.00).

The Corona Discharge Negative Ion Generator is a unique device that claims to add negative ions to your body to help enhance your body’s ability to absorb minerals. Here’s what the sales copy has to say about this product:

“This incredible Ion Generator helps maximize the effectiveness of our minerals by increasing electrons to the oxygen that is inhaled in your home or office; these extra electrons pass into the blood, and may work synergistically with the mineral supplements.”

All Mother Earth Minerals products already have these negative ions within them. With more ionization, you can enhance these effects even further. The generator “produces over a trillion negative ions per second” to cure “asthma, colds, and flu”.

Meanwhile, the Photon Sound Beam, priced at $2600, electrifies noble gases to create a powerful field of free electrons that penetrate the skin, tissues, organs, and bones. Mother Earth Minerals claims that these free electrons “may help relieve chronic pain and quicken healing of acute injuries.”


Mother Earth Minerals sells four different types of water enhancing products. These products are designed to be installed within your home to make your home’s water supply healthier. Products include basic items like the enzymatic water enhancer ($24.95) and the Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter ($29.95).

They also include more expensive items like the Mid-Classic Distiller with Free Stand for $1,799 and the Mini-Classic II Portable Distiller for $899.99. These water distillers come from a separate company called Pure Water Inc. and claim to provide the purest possible water you could ever drink.

Other Products

The Other Products category includes an eclectic mix of different supplements and instructional DVDs.

DVDs feature names like Bird Flu Hoax Exposed ($5) and The Trial of the Century ($19.95).

You can also buy musical CDs with names like Songs of the Heart for $14.95.

The Other Products category also includes teas, muscle and joint pain treatment supplements, and an oxygen treatment therapy kit for $49.95.


There are three different frankincense products sold through Mother Earth Minerals, including two creams and an herbal extract. Jasmine purportedly increases the elasticity of your skin, making it more moist and supple.

How to Use Mother Earth Minerals Products

If you’re like most people, then you’ve never used pure mineral products before. So how exactly do you use these minerals?

Fortunately, Mother Earth Minerals has taken the time to create a database of how to use different minerals to treat different diseases. You can browse through that database on their website.

You can use that catalog to discover how to use minerals to treat conditions like ADD, asthma, grey hair, obesity, migraines, strokes, and many more. There are dozens of different conditions listed, so you can easily learn which minerals work best for treating your unique condition.

How to Buy Mother Earth Minerals

Mother Earth Minerals are available for sale online at the official website. You can also find certain individual supplements for sale on Amazon and other third party websites.

If you’re interested in buying Mother Earth Minerals products wholesale, visit this page and sign up for wholesale shipping:

You can also join the Mother Earth Minerals affiliate program to earn 30% commission on every purchase. You recommend Mother Earth Minerals products on your website or to friends, then earn commission from each purchase they make.

ME Minerals products ship around the world, with the most popular countries being the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

About Mother Earth Minerals

Mother Earth Minerals is an American company based in Ogden, Utah. That company does business under the name of Mother Earth Minerals, Inc., although it’s legally known as M.E. Minerals LLC.

The company was founded in 2006. According to the company’s Better Business Bureau listing, the two founders were Ms. Joan Ott (owner) and Mr. A True Ott PhD (listed as “Company Contact”).

The company is base at the following address:

M.E. Minerals LLC.
1260 S 1200 W Ste 3
Ogden, UT 84404

Mother Earth Minerals has no customer reviews or complaints on BBB within the last 3 years. The company has an overall rating of A+.

You can reach Mother Earth Minerals by calling (866) 989-9876 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm MST. You can also contact the company 24/7 by filling out the email contact form at:

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