In today’s society, more and more consumers are seeking ways to enhance their quality of life, while fulfilling their purposes. Unfortunately, with hard work comes certain hindrances such as distresses, restlessness, unhealthy habits and the urges to simply give up. In times like this is where aromatherapy can positively influence one’s overall health.

With the use of the many available products offered by MojiLife, consumers can potentially take part in a holistic way of life that may promote relaxation, improve sleep and ease skin concerns. Furthermore, it can also work towards reducing tiredness and inflammation and can eliminate odors to name a few.

The following review will analyze MojiLife as a whole and how its uses may allow consumers to appreciate natural extracts and oils.

What Is MojiLife?

MojiLife specializes in providing consumers with a wide range of fragrances and its respective devices to uplift one’s mood and overall environment. Its uniqueness is reflected in each product, as consumers are offered flameless, wickless and wax-less ways to take part in aromatherapy.

What Does MojiLife Offer?

Currently, MojiLife offers the AirMoji, various fragrances and essential oils, home decor and MojiClean. To better assess its purpose, the following analysis will look closely into some of the different categories existing:


The purpose of the AirMoji is to cleanse indoor air to promote a relaxing and positive experience. It is a device that has the ability to infuse fragrance or essential oils into the air. Ultimately, it can be used for aromatherapy purposes, or simply to create an environment to one's likings.

The AirMoji is designed with a battery life that claims to last over 20 hours. In addition, it is convenient, easy to carry and allows consumers to have better control over its release of aroma via their smart phone devices. At the moment, it comes in black or white, which can also be used as a decoration.


The fragrances offered are quite extensive. Some of which may include: Tahitian Sunset, Early Morning, Blushing Bride, Summer Vacation, Juicy Pomegranate, Summertime Serenade, Mountain Meadows, Johnny Appleseed and Madagascar Vanilla.

Consumers can choose the strength of the fragrance, which ranges from light to strong. Lastly, it is easy to use and it is mess-free, as each fragrance comes in cup forms.

Essential Oils

Unlike the Fragrance line, essential oils are a simpler line including Orange Oak, Cardamom Citrus, Spearmint, Tea Tree and Lemongrass oils. The one similarity between the fragrance and essential oils is the medium they are offered in, as both come in cups.

While both oils also work to emit different scents, both serve two different purposes. Essential oils are derived by extracting pure plants for aromatherapy, whereas fragrance oils are synthetically created based off of chemical compounds that imitate natural scents.

Purchasing MojiLife Products

On average, consumers can expect to invest anywhere between $6 and over $40. The AirMoji is set at approximately $45, whereas the fragrance and essential oils are set at $6.50 and about $12 respectively.

Because the chemical components of essential oils are harder to reproduce and significantly volatile compared to that of fragrance oils, the prices are slightly higher. In addition, essential oils are made to treat a wide range of health concerns, whereas fragrance oils simply freshen the air.

Other products found in the home decor category, which includes unique vases and little gadgets for the AirMoji, ranges from $7.95 to $20. Lastly, the MojiClean line carries different types of cleaning essentials from sprays and odor eliminators to toilet and laundry detergents for approximately $20.

MojiLife Verdict

Sometimes taking time to oneself can take consumers a step closer to their set goals, as it may promote a sense of clarity needed to better assess their progress.

With the use of MojiLife and their respective essentials, consumers can easily uplift their mood and take their heads out of the clouds to fully reap in a mind and body cleansing experience.

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