Memory Boost XL – Ultra Pure Memory Boost XL Nootropic Effects?


Memory Boost XL is a cognitive enhancement formula that works in a number of ways to enhance the user’s mental abilities.

Features of Memory Boost XL

Product Description of Ultra Pure Memory Boost XL

Memory Boost XL is sold in a package of 60 capsules each. When the capsules are consumed, they then release a blend of natural ingredients and other additives to make the user feel more mentally enriched and energetic throughout the day.

Memory Boost XL can be used by students, professionals, or anyone else who would like to broaden their mental abilities in a short span of time.

Ingredients of Memory Boost XL


Alpha GPC, an extremely bioavailable form of Choline, is an intriguing nutritional supplement in the Nootropics area for neuronal health.

It's effects are demonstrated to enhance focus, mental focus, memory and all round cognitive capability while stimulating the growth hormone. One of the first things that consumers have a tendency to note about this nutritional supplement is that the improvement in data retention in addition to recovery.

This special nutrient assists in the formation of new brain cells and also encourages the development of acetylcholine transmitters that are essential for memory and improved cognition.


L-Theanine is a mood boosting nootropic with an impressive collection of benefits such as the support of memory, intelligence and creative inspiration. This nonessential amino acid's powerful mental effects come from the limit of neurochemicals in the brain which cause anxiety reactions and reduce mental clarity.

Consumers of L-Theanine report that a calming effect due to the fact that it stimulates the production of GABA (an amino acid and neurotransmitter), a significant catalyst to the regulation of more excited stress signals in the mind.

An essential Nootropic ingredient for any stack, L-Theanine also functions synergistically with caffeine to help limit the effects of jitters or comedowns.


Phosphatidylserine, or known as PS, is part of a class of chemical compounds known as Phospholipids and is also the single most important building block nutrient for healthy, alive and functioning brain cells.

Degrees of Phosphatidylserine in the brain actually determine how long anxiety can be tolerated and how waste gets from cells. Once taken, PS assists by strengthening the inner cell membrane and subsequently enhancing communication between brain cells (neurotransmitter circulation).


Guarana is a highly effective herbal Nootropic that originates from the seeds of a South American tree in the Amazon. Classed as a natural stimulant and long famous for its energetic and curative properties, also it comprises 4-5 times more caffeine than coffee itself with the highest concentrations in almost any plant.

It has strong effect on stimulating the brain to improve short-term memory and reduce fatigue is a result of caffeine being jumped to tannins and vegetable proteins, which in turn slows down the absorption into the body.

Studies across a number of participants showed improved scores on their working memory to get six hours after taking the supplement.


Caffeine is a worldwide cognitive enhancer that's been clinically demonstrated to have many stimulating properties for emotional performance and ability and a favorite choice for many nootropics users within their stacks.

Regarded as one of the most common legal psychoactive drugs consumed worldwide, Caffeine raises levels of neurotransmitters that are associated with memory, focus and concentration.


Lion's Mane is a edible mushroom (called the name of Hericium Erinaceus) with numerous biological actions as well as a rising star in the world of Nootropics.

Used in Chinese medicine for centuries, the mushroom has become well-known as being one of the best reputed natural nootropics out there for improved cognition.


Piperine is a condensed and focused form of black pepper and a highly effective ingredient that helps boost the absorption for a number of ingredients in our stomachs.

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