Matcha Blue: Caffeine Free Energy & Focus Powder Tea Drink?


There are few things more relaxing and comforting than a cup of matcha tea. Matcha is derived from a plant substance, just like green tea, and while there are many different brands that one can choose from, not all of them utilize quality tea leaves that provide the best beverage. Those who are looking for a brand that they can count on and that features a unique array of matcha tea offerings may want to consider a brand called Matcha Blue.

The teas are all-organic and like the name suggests, the teas come in various colors so that users can enjoy not only from a delicious beverage, but one of a lovely color as well.

What is Matcha Blue?

Matcha Blue is a new matcha tea brand that offers men and women the opportunity to enjoy from all-organic matcha beverages. The beverage comes in various colors, including blue, red, and pink. According to the brand, the colors will “blow your mind.”

Further, and perhaps most interestingly, the matcha tea is made using centuries-old “traditional stone grinding techniques” applied by the Japanese. And the vibrant colors of the tea are derived from all-natural “butterfly pea flowers, hibiscus flowers, and pristine rose petals.” With this unique and vibrant approach to tea, anyone is bound to enjoy their next matcha beverage.

All-Natural Matcha Teas

As previously mentioned, all of the tea offered by Matcha-Blue are natural – not only in respect to the matcha itself, but also concerning the colors of the tea. Those who brew a cup of Matcha Blue tea are bound to appreciate the vibrant and beautiful colors of the tea and the full, rich, and wholesome taste as well. In addition to using the matcha for tea, users can also apply it to their cooking and baking techniques so that they can optimize their meals as well.

The Basics of Blue Matcha

Before purchasing any product, it is important to understand the basics concerning the formula. In this case, Matcha Blue and all of its product are made out of blue matcha tea. In this case, the blue matcha is made out of natural tea powder from 100% dried and ground clitoris principissae. The ground powder is then used to make the tea, which tastes rich and delicious. To put the taste into perspective, the brand explains that blue matcha’s flavor is “very mild, similar to a green tea but more floral/earthy.” The mildness of the flavor ensures that the matcha can be added to food and baking dishes without being too overpowering.

The Properties of Blue Matcha

Matcha Blue and its products, including the blue matcha option, feature several stellar properties that users may not find elsewhere. Here are a few of the properties so that users know what to expect:


Those who have a sensitivity to caffeine will find Matcha Blue and its products to be a prime option. The teas are free from caffeine so that users can enjoy delicious, rich, and wholesome beverages, without any issues involved. The lack of caffeine ensures that users can experience the wonders of blue matcha, without having to worry about a crash at the end of the day.

“A Superfood”

According to the brand, blue matcha is a “superfood just like green tea matcha.” The health benefits are many and they make accrue as one continues to apply blue matcha to their lifestyle. Users will appreciate the impact that the blue matcha may have on their health and the comfort the beverage provides too. By adding superfoods such as this one to one’s diet, users can ensure that they are able to maintain optimal health and wellness too.

Benefits Based on Studies and Research

While there is no conclusive evidence that blue matcha is able to provide health support, there are several studies that do provide support to such findings. For example, the brand mentions that the substance in blue matcha – anthocyanins – is associated with “lower risk of type 2 diabetes” and it may positively influence one’s eyesight, hair, skin, and nails as well. The all of the potential benefits that blue matcha has to offer, users can care for their health in the best way possible.

A Nootropic

Finally, it is fair to consider Matcha Blue products as nootropics. Meaning, the properties in the blue matcha tea may provide users with a boost to their cognitive health and support during various mental tasks. With a natural and safe nootropic, users can experience stellar support on daily basis that leaves them feeling energetic, productive, and the like.

Clearly, there are several positive advantages to choosing Matcha Blue and its products. The brand’s formulas provide support in various areas and they can be considered just as good as their green tea matcha counterpart. Further, the matcha beverages are free from additives, fillers, chemicals, and synthetic substances.

Why Order from Matcha Blue?

There are several reasons to choose this brand over other options on the market. Here are the qualities that make this an appropriate matcha brand so that users know what to expect:

Fast Worldwide Shipping

First, the brand puts the order together and ships it out once users check out. All of the products ship from Germany and to any country. The worldwide quality ensures that anyone can enjoy from Matcha Blue and its products.

Free Registered Priority Airmail

Second, the products are shipped free and through priority registered airmail when the odder is for about $69. This is a fair rate for purchases of the brand’s products and the priority airmail ensures that the products are well taken care of as well through the shipping process.

Safe and Secure Checkout

Finally, for those who are concerned, the checkout is completely safe and secure and users can checkout using one of seven currencies listed by the brand. The secure quality of the checkout ensures that users need not worry about any issues when they place their orders.

Clearly, there are several prime advantages associated with Matcha Blue and its products. The brand’s beverages may be just what men and women need to enjoy a delicious cup of rich and wholesome tea on a regular basis. In addition, the fact that the matcha can be used for more than just beverages ensure that it is a versatile option that brings a boost to one’s baking and cooking efforts.

Matcha Blue Summary

Overall, those who are interested in trying a new type of matcha brand that comes in various colors and delicious flavors may want to give Matcha Blue a chance. Those who are interested in learning more about the brand and its products and who want to place an order can do so through the brand’s website today.


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