MassTech – Superior Mass Gainer Performance Series Protein?


Mass Tech is a delicious drink mix formulated to help people bulk up fast by giving them a high calorie drink that also supports muscle development. This workout supplement is perfect for hard gainers who want a mix that delivers results. Please read below to learn more about Mass Tech.

What is MassTech?

As a daily drink mix supplement, MassTech helps people add more weight to their body while supporting protein synthesis. Additionally, MassTech helps support lean muscle development and improve strength gains.

Utilizing a multi-phase protein system this product helps ensure the user’s body has the calories and protein reserves it needs to bulk up quickly and effectively.

How Does MassTech Work?

Loaded with eighty grams of protein per five scoop dose when mixed with skim milk, Mass Tech's high calorie rating also helps give the body the extra support it needs to gain weight and support tough workouts. Mass Tech is different than other weight gainers due to its carefully designed protein system.

This multi-phase system provides critical amino acids to the body at varying speeds which helps keep amino acids present in the user’s bloodstream.

Ingredients in MassTech

Full ingredient profile for this drink mix is available on This product is so effective at helping users bulk up due to the high levels of protein. Each serving when mixed with two cups of skim milk contains 80 grams of protein, 13 grams of BCAAS, and 7 grams of leucine all with over 1,000 calories.

Unlike most weight gainers, MassTech is not loaded with saturated fat and users can choose how much they want to consume at a time. By adding 10 grams of Creatine to Mass Tech, MuscleTech has helped ensure users get the support their body needs to improve overall strength.

Users simply mix five scoops of Mass Tech with sixteen ounces of water or skim milk and consume pretty much any time of day. Consumers who prefer to take this drink at two periods throughout the day can simply split the recommended dose and drink separately when desired.

Who Makes MassTech?

MassTech is part of the Performance Series by MuscleTech. Since 1998, MuscleTech has offered their customers high quality workout supplements and nutritional products that help people meet their goals.

As a well-respected company, MuscleTech works hard to stay innovative and offer products with carefully researched ingredients that deliver results. MuscleTech products are available throughout the world and the company offers online websites aimed specifically at consumers living in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Korea, Latin America, and the Middle East.

MassTech Pricing

Mass Tech is available for purchase through Amazon and


  • 7 Pound Container: Milk Chocolate $54.49, Cookies and Cream $52.98, Strawberry $59.99, and Vanilla for $40.94.
  • 12 Pound Bag: Milk Chocolate $72.11 or Vanilla for $69.95.

Mass Tech is available in two sizes and four flavors depending on size.

  • 7 Pound Container: Available in Strawberry, Milk Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, or Vanilla. Each seven pound container costs $39.44. Currently strawberry is on backorder.
  • 12 Pound Bag: The twelve pound bag is currently on sale for 25% off and costs $69.99. This option is available in Milk Chocolate or Vanilla.

Should You Use MassTech?

Mass Tech is a great option for people who are desperately trying to add more bulk to their body without consuming an unhealthy amount of food. By offering a high caloric drink mix that is packed full of protein, Creatine, and a host of crucial amino acids, users of Mass Tech will get the support they need to take their physique to the next level.

There is a large amount of product information available on the Mass Tech product listing at Consumers who commonly use a bulking agent will appreciate having a twelve pound bag option for purchasing Mass Tech making it easy to keep plenty on hand.

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