Le-Vel Thrive DFT & 8 Week Experience Review


Le-Vel is a thriving health and wellness company that offers a product-rich range of different nutritional supplements, dietary shakes, daily multivitamins.

And of course, the star of the show, the patent pending Derma Fusion Technology™ (DFT) – a smooth-to-the-touch skin strip – to complement LeVel's premium level premium lifestyle motto.

We will discuss the active ingredients (such as forskolin and garcinia) found inside thrive levelTHRIVE, the company’s most popular product lineup as it offers a multi-purpose approach for nutrition supplements catered to both men and women specifically.  Noted for being directly designed to support weight loss goals, metabolism benefits, and boosting cognitive performance for more mental energy and stamina, it is important to understand how they got there.

The “Thrive 8 Week Weight Loss Experience” has actively amplified the awareness of the Le-Vel brands throughout the entire nutritional-based network marketing space making it one of the fastest growing opportunities, most talked about buzz-worthy products, and monumental momentum inside the multi-level marketing companies currently out there.

LeVel Thrive Health Supplement Review

Allow our review to settle in as we will explain in expert detail how LeVel works and what the THRIVE product line featuring DFT can potentially do for you.

If you are already sold on THRIVE and are a by-product of seeing the LeVel Brand 8 Week Experience work for others, you have 2 immediate options to choose from;

  1. Make a Free Le-Vel customer / promoter account for product savings and member discounts.
  2. Buy Level Thrive Products fast, easy and direct right now at retail pricing and save time.

If neither satisfies your search yet, let's continue our review of LeVel and give you a glimpse of the entire company profile and prolific product portfolio.


What is Le-Vel?

Le-Vel is a relatively young multi-level network marketing company but you would not know it considering their massive momentum and sky-rocketing popularity and likability.

Three veterans of the direct sales industry; including Paul Gravette, Jason Camper, and Justin Rouleau; hit the ground running after founding the company in 2013 and has experienced unprecedented growth and success inside the direct sales industry for quality health and wellness formulas and supplements.

Le-Vel has branded itself as a premium “lifestyle” company.

It currently sells a range of different nutritional supplements, including the popular lineup of Thrive products and the unique thrive “DFT.”

Thrive is Le-Vel’s flagship product lineup.

It’s also the only product lineup currently sold by the company.

Le-Vel Thrive Supplement Line

There are four main supplements in the Thrive lineup, including:

— Thrive M (for men)
— Thrive W (for women)
— Thrive Lifestyle Mix
— Thrive Lifestyle DFT (for weight loss)

Le-Vel recommends customers do an “8 Week Experience” where they supplement their diets with Thrive for a total of 8 weeks.

Thrive comes in the form of a capsule. You take the recommended number of capsules per day to achieve weight loss results.

Le-Vel Thrive M Review

Thrive-MThrive M is Le-Vel’s supplement for men. It contains ingredients men need to maintain healthy bodies. It’s specially formulated to provide the following benefits:

— Weight Management
— Cognitive Performance
— Joint Support
— Inflammation Support
— Anti-aging And Antioxidant Blend
— Lean Muscle Support
— Digestive And Immune Support

Obviously, that’s a lot of different benefits. How does Thrive M provide those benefits? Take a look at its ingredient profile:

Basically, Thrive M is a multivitamin supplement which includes more than your daily recommended dose of many different nutrients.

In addition to those vitamins, Thrive M contains herbal supplements like white willow extract, green coffee been, and grape seed extract.

These ingredients are contained within the Proprietary Blend, so we don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient is contained within Thrive M.

Le-Vel Thrive W Review

Thrive-WJust like Thrive M, Thrive W is a multivitamin supplement specially formulated to support female health and fitness goals.

It promises to offer identical benefits to Thrive M, including:

— Weight Management
— Cognitive Performance
— Joint Support
— Inflammation Support
— Anti-aging And Antioxidant Blend
— Lean Muscle Support
— Digestive And Immune Support

The two supplements provide the same promised benefits. However, their specific ingredients are slightly different. Take a look at the ingredient chart for Thrive W:

The two supplements contain nearly the same vitamins and dosages. However, if you look at the Proprietary Blend, you’ll find that it’s just a little bit different. Thrive W doesn’t contain L-Arginine, for example, but it does contain Irvingia Extract.
Other than minor differences, Thrive W and Thrive M are identical supplements: Le-Vel has just branded them differently in order to target men and women.

Le-Vel Thrive Lifestyle Mix Review

thrive-premiumThe above two supplements come in the form of capsules: you take one capsule per day as needed to enjoy health benefits. Thrive’s “Premium Lifestyle Mix”, however, works differently. It comes in the form of a powder.

Le-Vel doesn’t call its Lifestyle Mix a protein powder, but that’s essentially what it is. Each container of Lifestyle Mix contains about 14 servings. You add a scoop to your smoothies to enjoy various health benefits.

Key features of Thrive Lifestyle Mix include:

— Ultra Micronized (Small Particles Lead To Better Bioavailability)
— Nutrient Mineral Dense Formula
— Probiotic And Enzyme Blend
— Antioxidant And Extract Blend
— Lean Muscle Support
— Weight Management Or Fitness
— Gluten Free

In terms of ingredients, here’s what the back of the Lifestyle Mix container claims is inside:

Basically, it’s a supercharged whey concentrate-based protein powder. In addition to protein and various vitamins, the Lifestyle Mix contains a proprietary caffeine-based blend which should stimulate your body’s natural weight loss systems. Other key ingredients include digestive enzymes and probiotics.

If you don’t like artificial sweeteners or are worried about the health problems, then please note that the Lifestyle Mix includes stevia as its primary sweetener, although there are small amounts of sugar as well (2 grams per serving).

Le-Vel Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT Review

thrive-DFTLe-Vel’s Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT is the last of four products in the Le-Vel lineup.

Unlike the other supplements, you don’t take it orally: instead, you apply an adhesive sticker to your skin and let the ingredients seep into your bloodstream.

It sounds weird, but Le-Vel isn’t the only company which offers health-boosting supplements directly to the skin. Targeted benefits of the DFT include:

— Weight Management
— Mental Clarity
— Appetite Control
— Metabolic Support
— All Natural Time Release

The “DFT” stands for Derma Fusion Technology, a trademarked name which Le-Vel is currently trying to patent.
Le-Vel doesn’t actually list an ingredient chart for its Lifestyle DFT. It lists which ingredients are included within the blend, although some of the ingredients are hidden behind proprietary formulas.

Those ingredients include: ForsLean, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, CoQ10, White Willow Bark, and Cosmoperine.

Both Cosmoperine and ForsLean are registered trademark formula made by Sabinsa Corp. Le-Vel doesn’t explain what’s in either formula.

The other ingredients, including green coffee bean extract and Garcinia cambogia, are some of the hottest ingredients in the weight loss industry. It’s unknown how much of each ingredient is absorbed into your bloodstream after applying the DFT, since Le-Vel doesn’t list that information at its website.

The idea here is that you apply the DFT to a clean and dry area of your skin. Le-Vel recommends the forearm, bicep, or shoulder for maximum absorption. Then, the ingredients will begin to transfer through your skin into your bloodstream. You leave the DFT on for 24 hours and replace it daily.

There’s also a Le-Vel Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT Ultra option, which offers a larger surface area and claims to have “300% greater” benefits than ordinary DFT.

How Much Does Le-Vel Thrive Cost?

Le-Vel-ThriveThere are two different prices listed with each product: the Monthly Auto-Ship Price and the Single Purchase Price.

Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT: $62 (single purchase), $50 (monthly auto-ship) for a box of 30 DFT applications.

Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT Ultra: $88 (single purchase), $74 (monthly auto-ship) for a box of 30 DFT applications.

Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix: $52 (single purchase), $40 (monthly auto-ship). You can buy it in the form of a canister with 16 servings, or as 16 separate single serving packets.

Thrive M and Thrive W: $74 (single purchase), $60 (monthly auto-ship) for a box of 60 capsules.

Thrive Experience Lifestyle Pack: Includes 1 package of Thrive W or Thrive M and 1 package of Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix for $126 or $100 on the auto-ship program.

Thrive Experience Tone Pack: Includes 1 package of Thrive W or Thrive M and 2 packages of the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix for $184 or $140 on the auto-ship program.

Thrive Experience Couple’s Pack: Includes 1 package of Thrive W, 1 package of Thrive M, and 2 packages of Thrive premium lifestyle mix for $252 or $200 on the auto-ship program.

Thrive Experience Lifestyle Pack + DFT: Includes 1 package of Thrive W or Thrive M, 1 package of Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix, and 1 package of Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT for $188 or $150 on the auto-ship program.

Thrive Experience Tone Pack + DFT: Includes 1 package of Thrive W or Thrive M, 2 packages of Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix, and 1 package of Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT for $246 or $190 on the auto-ship program.

Thrive Experience Couple’s Pack + DFT: Includes 1 package of Thrive W, 1 package of Thrive M, 2 packages of Thrive premium lifestyle mix, and 2 packages of Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT for $376 or $300 on the auto-ship program.

If you subscribe to the Le-Vel monthly auto-ship program, you’ll get recurring shipments of Le-Vel Thrive products at your doorstep every month.


Conclusion: Who Should Use Le-Vel Thrive?

If you visit the Le-Vel website, you’ll see that Le-Vel really wants you to use all its products together. Le-Vel wants you to take the multivitamin supplement (Thrive W or M) along with the protein powder while also applying Thrive DFT to your skin.

Le-Vel claims that people who do that are able to experience powerful health benefits. Le-Vel’s marketing is all about the personal stories: including busy adults who lived stressful lives and suffered from health problems, only to use the Thrive lineup to turn things around.

One picture on the Le-Vel Facebook page claims that Thrive is “one little decision [that] changed my life forever.”

You can join Le-Vel as a business owner and sell memberships – and products – to other people. Or, you can buy Le-Vel products from a current Le-Vel business owner or from online retailers like Amazon — If you trust that it is the real product.

In any case, the Le-Vel Thrive Experience features legitimate health-boosting ingredients and formulas that are worth it no matter what price or cost they ultimately are listed at.


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  1. I love Le-Vel Thrive. It really helps my energy and overall attitude honestly… I would 100% recommend to anyone.

  2. Overpriced garbage. This is another MLM pyramid scheme style company looking to separate you from your hard earned money. If you are gullible enough to become a promoter, you’ll spend endless hours posting on Facebook, parroting off anecdotal and misleading marketing information, as well as annoying all your friends and family. Do not buy in to this junk, which is filled with stimulants and caffeine which will cause your Blood pressure to go sky high. Spend your hard earned money on fresh meats, fruits and vegetables. You can buy a multi-vitamin, low dose aspirin and oat fiber for pennies a day to achieve what you would with hundreds of dollars of Thrive junk. Constant up-selling from promoters, means more products to suck you in deeper. STAY AWAY.

  3. I’m a mom of 2, a 2 year old and a 10m old. I also work 12hr shifts over nights, I bet you didn’t see that coming. I work the 8p-8a shift, when I get home my fiancé leave for work and I’m back to being mom til 6pm when he gets home at night. I’ll get a few hours of sleep before I have to go back to work. I don’t know where I’d be without this miracle pill! I’ve been thriving for months now and my body can deff tell.
    I’m a promotor.
    I’d like to help you receive free products monthly (:
    message me and I’ll help you start your journey today, you won’t be disappointed

  4. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and have felt zero difference. While I do believe it can work for some people, I do not believe it will work for everyone. It all depends on the makeup of your body and how much caffeine you already consume. I felt zero effects with any of the product and yes I tried all 3 every singe day. It is VERY expensive unless you want to promote it and try and sell people which I do not. It is not worth the money for me. With that said I am sure there are plenty of people who swear by it and that is fine for them. I just do not like multi level marketing companies that’s entire purpose is to push product on people who do not need or want it. I unfriend these people on social media. Its just too much. I should note I am a very healthy and fit person already and at the end of the day believe your best bet is a healthy active lifestyle. Don’t fall for gimicks. Nothing beats hard work and consistent effort.

  5. I scrolled forever just to say this…
    THANK YOU for creating an unbiased article formulated with factual information!

    It’s about time.

  6. My husband and I have been on Thrive for 6 weeks…I have only lost 2 kg and my husband 5 kg….is there any eating plan to go with this as we are stuck…we are eating healthy I think but it would be handy to have an eating plan

  7. There is a reason thier FB page doesn’t allow reviews!! This is all a scheme people!! The customer service is notrocious as well!! I bought energy vitamins from costco with the exact ingredients as the vitamins they sell. They withdrew an order out of my account without my permision and then refused to refund my full amount! They also took over a month to refund it after they told me repeatedly it would be refunded 7-10 days!! Don’t fall for it!! There are vitamins on the market that accomplish the same energy lift at 1/4 of the price!! Horrible customer service!! Horrible company!!

  8. Hey everyone I’m a promoter for thrive and if you haven’t tried it yet I would suggest doing so I’ve been on it for 2 months and it has changed my life if you would like to learn more about it or be my customer please call or text @ 941-220-8207

  9. I’m on my second month of Thrive right now…shake, pills and patch every day. I decided to take it when a coworker noted that she hadn’t had any eczema flareups since she started it, and her hands used to be covered. I get it around my eyes, and its painful and ugly. It’s almost gone! Just one little patch left near my eyebrow, and it is disappearing quickly. That by itself is worth the cost, as nothing else would get rid of it. However, the additional benefits include increased energy (which is very noticeable if you decide to skip a day) and I rarely feel hungry, so there has been some weight loss as well. I’ve noticed quite a few people quibbling about the ingredients etc. in the comments. I’m not sure what does what…all I can say is that I feel better and look better, and feel much healthier. That’s what matters.

  10. You can probably save money by buying the same ingredients bulk yourself, but the program DOES make everything a lot more convenient. In my first week, and I haven’t had one afternoon of my usual ‘brain-fog’ or needing a nap. I did have to take the patch off at bedtime though, as I started waking up a couple times a night when wearing it.

    BUT… they shorted me my first and only shipment so far, resulting in me having to research my own shipment for their inept Support Staff, further complicated by their defensive responses, peppered with insults disguised as superlative-courtesies.

    So, long as you have someone packing your supply who can actually count to 30, you’re fine.

    • Well, no you couldn’t save any money by buying the same ingredients. Go ahead and try it!

    • The drink mixes weren’t originally to be used every day. If you read the instructions you will see thats the case. If you want to have a shake every day like I do, order an additional pack every month. Its a personal preference .

  11. I just got back from the Le-Vel Thrive convention in Dallas this past weekend. It was amazing! Emmitt Smith and Amy Purdy with the featured speakers. There were approximately 22K of us Thrivers there! I have been Thriving for almost a year. I could never, ever be without it. Before Thrive I took a lot of supplements and told myself they were working. Not until I tried Thrive that I realized they didn’t do anything for me. Thrive is farmed here in the USA in our own facilities. Nothing comes from overseas. I’ve lost 40 lbs. It fills in my nutritional gaps so I’m not craving or as hungry as I used to be. AND… I have more energy than I’ve had in a very long time. No jitters or anything like that… just clean, sustained energy all day. I cannot say enough positive things about this amazing product!

    • Ilene,

      Could you please provide sources for the farms that Le-vel uses? I’m a till trying to finding proof for this. Le-vel support won’t release anything. I can’t tell takr there word for it, they state there products are all natural, but contain surculose. Also, couldn’t you explain “nutritional gaps”?

      • don’t. drink. the. kool-aid. all it is is caffeine, aspirin (white willow bark) and a bunch of natural stimulants (guarana = caffeine, Phenylethylamine, synephrine) etc. The reason these people feel ahmayyyyzing. not hungry, and have had their “lives changed” is because theyre hopped up on stimulants. Better off trying a multivitamin and vyvance/adderol bc you’ll save some money than on this “premium” proprietary formula of sub par ingredients in an aggressive MLM cult-like format

    • Hi Donna, I am a Le-Vel Thrive Promoter. I can contact you to give you more info about it. Myself, I’ve been Thriving for almost a year. I could never be without it. It has changed my life. Where are you located?

    • Promoters can order samples to distribute to others who are interested. I started like 4 months ago and decided to become a promoter.

      • Hi, Could you let me know your email address so I can contact you for a sample?

        Thank you,

          • I’m a sports official (referee) from the youth thru the college levels in basketball, football and Lacrosse. After taking Thrive I felt like the energizer bunny. To me Thrive is like a multi-vitamins you take every day. However, unlike the vitamins you buy from the store, Thrive you will feel the result right away. My daily workouts seem a lot better and very consistent. To really test the product I went and did something that no normal sports official/human being would do. I normally would not officiate more then 4-5 games a day. After being on Thrive I gave it a test run and decided to push my limits. Just last weekend I officiated 9 high school basketball games in one day, each game last an hour long. I took a dose of Thrive each day and my energy level was off the wall. I did not feel fatigue or had any soreness after officiating 9 games. I kept up with these teenagers and had no problems at all.
            Like Martin stated Thrive is “NOT” a weight loss system nor a magic pill that will make you lose weight. However, I can assure you it will give you the energy to work out more, feel better, and be more active than before which in turn will help you lose weight.
            I’m a believer and a promoter! Thrive have so many other product lines that target different areas of the human body at all levels.

    • Yes Donna we do sell the Thrive 3-Day Experience. Send me an email and I will forward you additional information on Le-Vel. Thanks 💛

      • If this stuff is so good, why do you have to pay for a sample? Surely if it’s that amazing it will speak for itself in 3 days and the sampler will place an order?


  12. Thrive is amazing and has changed my whole family’s life! I am a mom of 4 little ones and have been Promoting and using Thrive for 2 years now. I love to help my Customers earn their Thrive for Free and help them with their Thrive Experience.

    • I’m very interested in this any chance anyOne is a promoter and can get me some samples or lead me in the right direction

  13. This is such a great product there are some issues with this review for instance it is not a weight loss experience however they are coming out with NEW weight loss DFTs… this will be AMAZING.

  14. Word of Warning!! You guys need to change some of your wording in your review. You’re stating this:

    The “Thrive 8 Week Weight Loss Experience”

    Wrong wrong wrong!!! None of the Le-vel Products and its 8 Week Thrive Experience have anything to do with Weight Loss. If you’s have done your homework better you’ll find it provides “Weight Management” Not Weight Loss.

    Highly recommend you change your wording in this post before they come after you’s.

    Other then that Yes I’m a Thriver and Love it!!!

    • Right on! Weight Management! It sure does manage it well!!! Can’t wait for the new DFT that is based on weight loss technology! In less than 3 weeks I will be in Dallas getting the scoop! Anyone wishing to try this amazing product I have Mini Thrive experience packs avaliable!

    • Just shows the lack of education when it comes to Le-vels consumers and promoters. No one knows anything. You can promote it after day one and make claims like this, having never been in the nutritional field or spent one second being healthy yourself.

  15. I have been Thrivin for over 6 months now and this has been the best decision I have made for myself. I am no longer a slave to caffeine Morning noon and night, I sleep great, I am not tired and groggy. I am clear and energised. I no longer crave junk food, I crave healthy foods! Inches have fallen off and weight too! I am mentally in a better space and happy! I feel Amazing! I too just wanted the product for me, but this has got to be shared!!! Everyone deserves to feel this Amazing!!!!!

    • That’s awesome! Lol. Do you not realize that you are still ingesting Caffiene!? So you feel amazing, no more crappy foods, no more sweet tooth. Sounds great right!? What you and other Thrive users lack to realize is what happens when you stop taking it? Everything returns. Your not healthy, your actually making your body worse by not teaching it anything. Thrive is doing it all, you haven’t taught yourself to resist sweets, Thrive has. All your health issues will return because you didn’t teach yourself about healthy eating. I know I know, you’ll take it forever then! Right!!?? Research studies on longboard term use of White Willow bark, not good.

      • Thank you for posting this.100%agree.I consider myself a healthy person.i decided to take thrive for 3 months.I will say I did like it.However,it was not an explosive life changing thing for me.MY first month on thrive,I was very lethargic.I asked my friend what was going on.she told me don’t worry your body is detoxing.well I definitely had to laugh at that but continued to give it a try.2 months into it I had more energy and mental clarity.3 month well let’s just say my body became used/immune to it.with that being said.I stopped taking thrive and there has been no change.the mind controls the body not the product.

        • Some people when they hit this plateau, if you will, take Balance for a few weeks with thrive to help kinda reset.

      • Dude you don’t know what your talking about. Caffiene is actually proven to be good for you in small amounts. Go and research it. White willow bark pritty much the same. If your going to make assuptions like that at least show some proof.

        And for your comment about eating healthy that is still the aim with Le-vel. Thrive is not a substitute for healthy eating. It’s designed to “Make Sure” you recieve all your daily vitamins and minerals which is virtually impossible to do in todays society. Therefore its better to be safe then sorry and know you are getting all that your body requires.

        • I completely agree with Martin! Thrive fill nutritional gaps that your daily diet is not providing. The little caffeine in Thrive (less than a cup of coffee) is naturally sourced caffeine which is used by the body differently than synthetic caffeine you are finding at starbucks or in your energy drink. If you stop using Thrive you are going back to the way you felt before Thrive (unless you made some drastic lifestyle changes) because you are lacking the vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants that Thrive provides. People want to bash his product, but it’s simply the #1 health and wellness product on the market today and growing!!

        • Dude,broooo. Martin, stop with your unintelligible non sense. Pretty hypocritical that you ask for proof, yet Le-vel never releases there’s.


          This is just one of many.

          Martin, how much WWB is in Thrive?

          Now it’s your turn, please provide studies and ingredient sources that show Le-vel is actually far superior to any other company. I would like to see long term studies.

          Stacey, what specifically in detail are these nutritional gaps? How do you make drastic changes when the product does it for you!!?? You make no sense. If you couldn’t do it before you took this crap you sure can’t do it after. Men’s Journal did a study on Natural vs Synthetic, there was no chemical differences besides the timing it takes to effect the body. Le-vel Pure is a product that provides a jolt of that needed energy, only way to do that is synthetic Caffiene. I emailed custom support about this, they neither confirmed or denied it.

          I’ll debate this all day long as you provide me with detailed proof on studies, but for you too to spit the old Thrive jargon that is constantly repeated with no thought behind it is ridiculous.

        • So caffiene is good now? Boy you Thrivers are fair weather fans. I read every Thrive experience and they all mention not having that dreaded coffee in the morning. Problem is they all think they don’t need anymore caffiene, but fail to realize there still ingesting it. Yes, coffee isn’t bad in the right amount, but the thought that you curbed your itch for caffiene is ridiculous. Once you stop, the caffiene headache will be tremendous. They were for my daughter. In a previous post the one thing I can agree with you on is Thrive isn’t a weight loss supplement. I can see this first hand with Thrive promoters and long time users, they are by far the unhealthiest looking people that promote a “health” product. A good portion of them are still overweight. A little to much gap filling if you ask me. Ha!

      • preach. try to give your body a break from thrive… don’t wait for it to be recalled like phen-fen after the FDA realizes it’s negative affects.

  16. I love Thrive so much I decided to promote! Why not? After you refer two people you can thrive for free!! After having 4 children I have nothing but great results physically and emotionally!! You can not get this kind of premium nutrition by eating! I use to pay way more at GNC for not even half the nutrition I get from this!

  17. my daughter is 4 foot 10, now weighs 225 pounds, thanks to overeating and thrive…she needs a daily nap, is broke, but brainwashed by you people…check with better business bureau in their hometown, yes, a scam!!

    • And you blame her weight on Thrive. LOL maybe you should look at your or her cooking and exercise ragime. That’s most likey to be the culprit.

    • A friend of mine who started Thrive a few months ago also gained a ton of weight. It was not due to his diet or lack of exercise. His weight gain started when he started taking Thrive, but he actually was underweight and now looks better with some added weight.

    • Lyn how did Thrive make her gain weight? I’m confused.
      Also Katerina how does thrive target what a person needs? Please explain.
      I’m thinking of trying thrive and I want to be very objective in my decision and with finding out the pros and cons. Thanks!

  18. Hi Guys I’ve been taking Thrive for almost 3 years now and I won’t go with out it. Started Thriving thanks to my friends call just needing extra energy after having my daughter. Working, helping my husband with his business, training barrel horses and a daughter I needed energy. What i also gained was better sleep, better digestion, and great joint support for my knee that has discomfort after surgery. An toned up my body! Yeah!

    It’s so worth it my whole family takes Thrive…. never going back to the old me.

  19. Nursing student and working part time as a CNA! My experience started a year ago when a friend of mine messages me on facebook . I watched the video, chatted on the phone, and then met for a Local where you meet, get food and listen to others share their stories! First day, I was AMAZED about how I felt and never stopped. I was a Day 1 Thriver. I did have to stop because I am a student and got very busy with school. However, I started taking it again and can ABSOLUTELY feel the difference from when I wasn’t taking it. Some can say its a “placebo” effect or whatever, but I truly believe this is the real deal!
    If you’re still unsure about it, reach out! February is free sample pack month!

    -Courtney Floyd

  20. Hello there all I would like to share my story with you all.. I know there are some that have had some wonderful results with Thrive.. Mine is one of those. I have suffered from headaches for almost 14 years. I started Thrive the day after Christmas 2016 and am happy to say that i have not had a headache since. I have never seen myself as a person that would sale stuff. But after the first month I decided to jump on and share my story with everyone..


  21. I have been thriving for nearly 10 months now. The only thing I wish and would change is that I had started sooner! My life has changed tremendously and thanks to this amazing product I have the “me” I used to be before I became a tired cranky mommy.

    • Oh jessica, thank you for posting THIS. I feel like I’m a cranky mom every day and can’t get out of this funk for an entire day. I have times of “super mom” but definitely not every day or all day. I’m about to start tomorrow on thrive. When amd what changed for you?

  22. I’m loving Thrive! I used to get migraines about 3 times a week. Not anymore since being on Thrive! I sleep amazing and have more energy. I used to come home exhausted from teaching and I don’t anymore.

  23. Have you heard anyone say this?

    “I tried Thrive, but it didn’t work for me.” – FALSE.

    It’s vitamins. Nutrition works for everyone, in different ways. The key is doing it correctly AND consistently. THRIVE is not a 3 day experience or an I’ll do it today but not tomorrow “magic pill”. It’s raw, premium grade nutrition. It’s a health and wellness LIFESTYLE! Do it daily and change your lifestyle.

    If you want a six pack, do you go to the gym for 2 days? 2 weeks? Or do you go to the gym for 2 months? Yes, there is a specific way to take this product with good reason, but it won’t matter if you don’t give it a fair shot for at least 30 days!
    I am doing the 8 week experience who wants to do it with me?

    • I used it as well—6 months. Didn’t help…actually experienced many negative side effects. My PCP advise don’t me to stop using it and replace it with healthier eating habits and exercise. I have, and I feel much better now. Lost a lot of weight too.

    • Hey Michelle. I just ordered mine (M) plus the DFT patches. Find me on Facebook if you’d like to share experiences. PM if you want to find me on Facebook and share experiences. I found out about this via a FB acquaintance and I’m very excited to give this a try, along with clean eating and regular exercise.


      • I would discuss anything you take with your doctor
        I have Issuse with my thyroid and I take armor and I am perfectly fine on it. I love it actually and even was able to give up coffee

    • I have been on Thrive now for 7 weeks – everyday all 3 supplements and no real change. The only thing is a I have energy but taking a full DFT and 2 pills I did not sleep the first week. Was told to cut my dose in 1/2 – so 1 pill a day and 1/2 the DFT so I can sleep. Given this it really does not work – I have not lost any weight, actually would say my cravings have increased since starting Thrive. I never use to really like any sweets now I have night cravings I have to fight off. There are benefits – not saying there is not anything good but when I look at the price tag I can get the same benefits from other cheaper products.

      • Melanie, I have had the same experience with Thrive. Great for energy and focus but have gained weight and am craving sweets/food that I didn’t before. Has anyone else had this issue? I’ve seen a few posts about it but nothing on how to get past the weight gain…if possible.

    • Health and life style change is KEY!!! Change your activity level, and what you consume! THATS ALL YOU NEED! No supplement needed! And if you truly thought you DID need it, You can get the Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean extract at walmart for $10 a bottle. Save yourself A LOT OF MONEY! And Maybe safety taking such a risk filled “supplement”! Tried thrive myself. WHAT. A. JOKE!

    • I found it took longer to work for me then most other clients……………..but when it did kick in,it made such a difference in my life I had no sugar craving didn’t care for coffee . I was sad didn’t want to face the day Now it’s great And my cat is happy too LOL

  24. My opinion and observation- thrive offers tiers to their product as your body adjusts to the ‘natural’ stimulants in the product you will plateau and feel it necessary to move up another level or add in the patches, etc. to achieve the same benefits. Yes, you can get the product paid for if you can get enough people to sign up under your name and buy product (much like a pyramid). This product is NOT safe for anyone with a heart arrhythmia issue-stick with a healthy diet and exercise, make sure your getting a healthy amount of sleep and flush you body by drinking lots of water.

  25. This is not a way to run a business, if you don’t get back with me in the next 1/2 hour I will call the bbb and my credit card cimpact and put a stop on this. Thank you.

    • Why would you think you order thru this website? This is not levels website whole separate website called supplement police. This guy just reviewed the product & ingredients. Threatening to call the BBB isn’t going to get you anywhere.

  26. I ordered a weeks supply early thus morning and it took my credit card # but never asked for my name or mailing address. Not very happy.sue

    • Did you go directly through Thrive’s website? I’ve never known of anyone being able to order just a week’s supply of the product. I’m afraid it may not have been their official site?

    • Hi Sue, what was the web address you were ordering from? When ordering directly from Le-Vel, they always ask for a name and shipping address. Also, Thrive is only available in month supplies. I’m happy to walk you through the ordering process if you need help :) -Rachel

    • Hi Sue, April and Rachel are correct. You CANNOT order a weeks supply from the website itself. You may have ordered somehow through a third party website. Le-Vel is working on getting those site removed.

    • That was pretty stupid that you gave out a CC# for a purchase, but didn’t question why they didn’t ask for your address. I feel that you get scammed on a regular basis

      • That’s not helpful at all. For all you know she’s 18 and doesn’t know how things work yet.

  27. Love it! Been on it for 18 months! Started after I had my second child. I’m down 25lbs and feel great! Anyone can check it out at

  28. hi I live in roswell new mexio and would like to find out who sells this , or how I can get a hold of some

  29. This product really works! On my first week I lost 10 pounds. This is my second week now. This product is helping so much! thanks a lot!!!

    • I just started today! I’m looking for a good diet to be on while doing thrive! Could you let me know what you’ve been doing so I can see the same results?!

      • If you are on a good diet….why would you buy this stuff? If you want lots of energy double your caffeine intake,which many of these “nutritional” supplements have,suppose you lose your weight,then what? Continue spending ungodly amounts of $$ on this stuff? .
        Unless this hocus pocus stuff changes your genetics,it is useless in the long run,2,3-5-10 yrs down the road of buying this.
        Stick to your diet,exercise and save your money,this LeVel stuff is said to contain more than the daily nutrients your body needs,well,our bodies can only absorbe so much,anything else is a waste,or can be harmful to our kidneys and livers.
        LeVel and companies like it make money by taking advantage of people’s hopes and dreams,don t fall for it.

      • I am 52 years old and I have been on Thrive for 3 1/2 weeks. I feel so much better now. Before I started Thrive, I was so tired, no energy, constantly having aches and pains and up all night tossing and turning, and now that’s all diminished. I started promoting it, and I’m getting people that I don’t know asking me about samples. I love sharing my thrive experience with everyone. I’m so glad there is finally something on the market that actually works!!!!

        • UPDATE: Shirley here, and I am STILL Thriving and LOVING IT!!! If you would like to try it out for yourself, visit shmcnew82.le-vel.com and sign up for your free account today then reply to this message and I will set you up with free samples.

          • Shirley, I am in complete menepause with hot flashes and my estrogen an progesterone are very low. I am taking natural supplements over the counter. I am about to have a hysterectomy and pelvic reconstruction surgery. I was wondering if you have heard how thrive for W have affected menepause?

    • I started Thrive today and I am SO jittery. I hate how I feel. Don’t know if it’s the pills or the patch. Have to keep sitting down.

      • I was wondering about be caffeine in this product. I can’t have any stimulates. They tell me there is only a small amount of caffeine in it equal to half a cup of coffee. I just don’t believe it.

        • Hi Vicki – ThriveK (Thrive for Kids) has no caffeine – I have a cousin who takes it because she cannot have any stimulates either. Let me know if you would like the ingredient list for it.

          • I’d like to see an ingredients list & more ingo about the childrens Thrive. I hadnt heard about this stimulant free formula, but think its what i need. Is weight loss dimished w/out the stimulants?

      • Yes, that can happen. It happen to me too. My 1st day I only took 1 capsule and no extra caffeine. Day 2 I took 2 capsules and no caffeine since.

      • You are probably detoxing. This can sometimes take a week or so. It’s pulling all of the bad stuff from your body so that you WILL feel better. Just keep going and give it a chance. Detox is part of becoming healthier.

      • Make sure your are drinking your water you need to drink half you body weight in OZ its very important and make sure you are eating works well with 5 small meals a day one being the shake. It also helps to take one pill till your body adjust then try two. Everyone is different.

      • Julie, did you start on one capsule or two at a time? If you start with two, you can feel jittery. It’s best to start with one for the first week, then bump it up to two.

    • Losing 10 pounds in a week is not a healthy rate of weight loss…that is more than a pound per day?! Not healthy at all.

  30. I want to try the product first before I can promote it in my country how can I go about it I’m a food technologist I will love to be a distributor ,

    • Hello! My names Jessica, im a promoter for thrive. I want give you my info. Whenever you get a chance message me, I’ll tell you what needs to be done. Talk later, be safe!

      • Hi, I am Melissa and I am trying to find out do you take this 7 days a week? I have been reading but do not see the answer. My Aunt has bought 3 months of this product and she decided not to take it and she gave it to me. I would like to see if it works and then decide if I would like to continue or possibly promote it but I do not completely know how to take it. Could you please Help with this or point me in the direction to find out? I have looked on the website but I did not see the answer to what I am looking for. Thanks.

        • Hi Melissa! I was reading the review and saw your question. Not sure if anyone reached out to you yet? Yes, you take it 7 days a week. If you need any help please feel free to contact me. ????

        • Yes it is NOT a 8 week experience. You will have to have it everyday. for 150 plus a month… it has tons of stimulants. You can get most from natural foods that wont cost you that……. They want you so the upline can make more money and drive their lexus or whatever car they get. I will help you get healthy without that. Trust me Melissa.

  31. Mi nombre es Melba y estoy insatisfecha con el producto. Llevo casi un mes usandolo fiel como va y no he perdido ni una onza. Hago mucho ejercicio y nada. No lo recomiendo

  32. Today was my first day on Thrive. I drank the shake in the morning and took the vitamins. I also put the patch on my left shoulder. It curved my appetite and cravings all day long. It makes me hopeful for the 8 week experience.

  33. Hi, I stated thrive about 2 weeks ago. I was so skeptical at first because I live in Canada so it’s double the price for me. I also am underweight so I was worried I would lose more weight. I used to get headaches and body pans every day and I’m only 20 years old. I also was so cold all the time and low energy yet all my blood work was normal. I started thrive after watching over 30 people on social media for over a year and following their stories/success.

    I can honestly say, since I started thrive, I have so much more energy, a, in way better moods, have yet to have a headache or body pains since I started the thrive experience. Best of all, I have gained so much muscle and filled out from just 2 weeks! I was not planning on promoting this product at all however today I decided to become one after my older sister just had a baby and has already lost 15 pounds in her first month!

    Thrive isn’t a weight loss supplement. It can be used fort hat however look at me for instance, I gained weight (not fat but muscle) and I look and feel so much better!

  34. Do you take Thrive forever or just the 8 weeks? What about eating food how does that work? Curious?? Also how do you purchase?? The Le-Vel web site was not helpful.

    • I would check that with your prescibing physician. There are certain antidepressants that may have an interaction with thrive. Always ask your physician, not a rep. I am sure reps have the best intentions at heart, but they probably don’t know your specific situation.

      • Sorry, thats bologna. Facts are that Todays Doctors are taught Nothing about nutrition, even tho over 80% of health is one’s diet & exercise, water & sleep. Honest docs will admit this. A GREAT pharmicist or nutritionist will know better than a doc, but no guarantee there either. ONE CAN ACHIEVE HEALING THRU NUTRITION, but you must do your research & give it time. You cant expect a lifetime of illness & disease to be reversed in 1 second by 1 pill. These types of product lines work if you use them correctly, stick w the lifestyle changes & keep learning about what you personally need. Your own needs will slowly continue to change over time. One cannot build a strong house w/out proper quality building materials or drive a car w no fuel or oil. The body is the same. One must have quality nutrients the body can use to reverse damage, heal, or operate long & well.

  35. Hi my name is Judy and I am interested in trying the product but not sure what to order or how to go about it?

    • Judy,
      I absolutely love thrive and what it has done for my husband and I. I feel like a new better version of myself. The energy and mental clarity is amazing. I have been getting headaches for my entire life that were sometimes debilitating and since I have been taking thrive I have not had even one headache at all. For now I am just a customer but I can help you find out anything you want to know about thrive including what to order and where to order it.

      If you want to give me your email address and/or phone number I can get you in contact with my promoter, she is amazing, has been on thrive way longer than me and can explain things better. I hope to hear from you soon and you will get to feel the benefits of thrive for yourself.


      • My daughter has cerebral palsy and has been feeling bad for over a year. Dr s can’t find out what’s wrong. Do you think thrive could help

        • Jo-

          I am not a doctor or medical professional but it is certainly worth a try. It is helping so many people. I would recommend checking with her doctor first.

    • Make a free customer account and take a look around. I would recommend using the 3 step process which includes the Thrive W pills, the shake, and the DFT patch. Let me know if you have any questions.

  36. Hello everyone!
    Let me start out and inform everyone while I myself am not a promoter, my husband is. His older brother shared with him about his Thrive experience over a year ago. My hubby is a cheapo! He thought Thrive was too pricey, and a scam. Well fast forward to 1 month ago, his now younger brother who suffered from health and gastrointestinal issues gave my hubby and me a sample of three days worth of the patch, pills, and protein powder mix. Within 2 days my hubby and I were hooked! He purchased us a couples pack, and now we are on week 5. I feel great! I am a Nurse, and self employed individual. I am also mother of 5 children, one has Autism and has me on my toes. I am 36 years old and overweight at 190 lbs. Needless to say, I need to loose weight and Thrive has helped me with hunger & energy needed. I am down 5lbs now, and feel lighter! I have also implemented walking daily about 1 mile. I did not believe the hype, but seriously would say its worth a shot. If skeptical purchase a sample pack which is less than $20.00. If you really think about it we can waste that $20.00 on unnecessary stuff-why not invest on something that can promote your overall health? Good luck!! Anyone with questions in purchasing , or about the product in general can contact me. :)

    • Hi! I Left a comment the other day but I guess it didn’t get approved:(. I’m looking for advice about the thrive experience. I’m now on week 6 and still stuck on my couch….. Any suggestions?

        • Thank you:). I’m definitely getting more than enough water. It’s just not working for me….. My husband is using it and he can feel the difference. I’m almost done with my 8 weeks and I’m tired all day everyday…

      • Try to the activate it works for my wife. I used the boost and activate which I call “boostivate” which is a little too much sometimes.

      • I had been on the product for several weeks, and was not seeing results like others I knew that were taking it. I increased my capsule from the two a day to three a day, and it is amazing the difference I feel. Also when you take it be sure to take if first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. Try to wait at least 15 min if you can after taking it. Drink lots of water.

        • Has anyone helped you yet? Not sure why you are not feeling better, however, I would suggest adding boost (the small powder pack). I gave them a try and they definitely helped. So much so that I stopped for a while because I was having a hard time falling asleep! When I start taking it again I may do half a pack per day. If you need help send me your email I would love to help you out !

      • how are you taking it in the morning? timing and consistency is key. using shake everyday?

        • Timing is calculated. I’be been Thriving for two weeks without the positive results that most people report. Just last night I went over my daily routine with my promoter. Lol and behold, we discovered i’ve been messing up on the steps. I did it right today and will be keeping my fingers crossed. Check your steps….are you following them correctly?

    • Week 5 and weigh 190 also walking 1 mile a day. You have only lost 5 lbs? Am I reading this right? Or did you lose 5 lbs in first 3 days?

    • Can you buy a sample pack from the website ? I do not want to automatically have to order without trying first ?

      • Mary,
        Are you interested in a trial pack? If so, February is free sample pack month& would like to get you one!

        -Courtney Floyd

  37. Thank you so much for all this helpful information! For all I knew thrive was a video game. Promoters say it’s a business opportunity, but not what kind of business. When you ask someone they say a nutritional supplement – it’s great! Life changing! Still no details. Then you’re like, life-changing? Ok, I’ll try it. Great! I’ll sign you up. No mention of what products, or how much, or the price. Then people start talking about Le-vel and you’re like, what’s that? I thought it was thrive? I think they just assume everyone already knows all about it. I do now! I’d be lost without this page. I can’t thank you enough for sharing all the details about the company, products and price! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! I wish they were all this forthcoming! If I end up liking it enough to spread the word. This page is the first thing I’ll show people!

  38. I did not read through every single comment, so I’m sorry if this is a duplicate. What does one do after 8 weeks? Stop taking it? Continue? Is it safe for long term use? (I don’t use it – I’m concerned about my adult daughter)

    • Continue taking it! It’s a micronutrient which to sum up helps your body’s immune system and overall function that helps you get nutrients you need that you can’t generally get from your regular diet. Meaning you need to have them all the time for peak levels of health.

  39. Most of the positive comments I see are made by “promoters” …. Is there anyone who isn’t a promoter having the same positive experiences??
    Thanks. Have a blessed day!

    • I will be honest I am a promoter now but I started out as a customer because I really wanted to prove it was a waste of money ….but after a month I actually felt good I’m a mother of 4 and a full time CNA And i was exhausted all the time due to having a 5 month old and 2.5 yr old and working …I also get really bad headaches from stress @ work But after being on it I had all day energy with out the Crash and my headaches have gotten less and less and im down 11lbs so for me its worth it

      • kayla, what all do you take daily? I have a granddaughter that has PWS and was wondering if it would really help with the weight loss. Also PWS kids are delayed in school. She is going into 4th grade, but they say she is on like a 2nd grade level. May I ask also what you pay, is it expensive?

        • I am not a doctor or medical professional but It is helping so many people. I would recommend checking with her doctor first. There is also a new product Kids Thrive which would be great for her.

        • My sister has PWS and her Dr. Told my mother no diet supplements, they don’t do the same for them as us and can make very sick

    • Hi, Im just a customer. My sister was trying it and got me a trial of it, thats how I found out about it. I have spent most of the last 3 years admitted to the hospital and/or in the trauma room in the ER. I developed disorders called laryngeal edema, angio edema & chronic urticaria (Swelling twice my size even in my throat & intestines and then feeling as if I had been set on fire) I was on high doses of prednisone and gained 80lbs. Anyway, This all left me overweight, depressed, sloth like energy, in a mental fog, unable to swallow or digest food properly but at the same time using food as my drug and making it worse. So since being on this thrive stuff…The first thing I noticed was that I was so clear and aware in my head, the depression fog went away, next I noticed that my pain was reduced, next was that I wasn’t hungry…but a couple days after that the thought of junk food grossed me out…I started just serving fruit and veggie platters for dinner, my family was like wtf ? lol I had gotten to a point where I hated going out because If I tried to walk through walmart it would set me into a swelling attack, so I had to use the electric cart..this just made me sad. So after 8 weeks I walk through the grocery store, I bought a bicycle ( I can only ride 10 minutes but its a start!) Im down 10 pounds, but I think if someone was able to be more active they could lose more. It lived up to its promises for me. For the weight loss part of things, its not a magic pill. It gives me energy to get up, elevates my mood so Im thrilled about my new healthy life and helps me not feel hungry and feel disgusted by junk food….but ultimately its still us that makes the choices…If you eat more calories than you burn the scale wont go down. Oh yeah, A question I get asked a lot..Yes there is caffeine in it but no I have never felt jittery….Hope this helps

      • Did you see an allergist regarding the uticaria? Maybe allergic to something like me. They have a new medication for severe allergic asthma and chronic uticaria it is an injection called xolair. It is pricey but the company has an access to care program where you can receive a very low copay or get it for free if you qualify financially.

    • Not a promoter. I am 67 hubby 65. We started Thrive couples 4 weeks ago. He’s down 8 pounds I’m down 5. And we are both feeling good and having more energy. If we ate more sensible we would be doing much better I am sure. It is giving us boost/encouragement we needed. And our promoter is not bugging us all the time to buy more. Only words of encouragement and letting us know any ways we might even do better.

    • Kinda funny you ask that….I started as a customer but after being a BLOWN away by the product I became a promoter. Im pretty sure that anyone who knows this product is amazing is gonna switch to a promoter ;) just sayin’

    • Yes! Myself as well as a few friends have tried thrive and absolutely LOVE it! I’mnot a promoter just someone that was desperate for energy and a boost. It has literally changed my life. It’sgave me energy and mmotivation to change my eating habits. I feel better in general. More focused and I’mhhoping after taking it a bit longer I will loose so.e weight. I andI love how simple it is. And I absolutely love my promoter.

    • I am not a promoter at all. In fact I was extremely skeptical about it at first. I watched a couple of my coworkers take it for several months and then said what the heck I’ll give it a try. I absolutely love it. I’m 57 years old. I have more energy thanI’ve ever had. My knees don’t hurt. I’m working out five days a week and feeling great about life.I have no desire to sell Thrive.

      • Hi Cheryl I was very skeptical also. I am also 57 with migraines, aches, pains and I’m a few pounds heavier than I’d like to be. I can honestly say after I took my vitamins and my shake and put my patch on within a half of an hour I was cleaning out my closet, unloading the dishwasher, my husband thought I was crazy. My headaches, mood and aches are so much more less. That is the reason I became a promoter. Oh yes and I lost a few pounds too! My husband is now getting ready to try it and for him to try it really means a lot.

    • I became a promoter after being a customer. I honestly just wanted to get two people interested so I could get mine for free. I started talking to a few people and then a lot of people and then I thought I would might as well become a promoter. Not many people I was talking to had heard of Thrive. I lost 10 pounds the first month and when it was time to reorder my doctor changed my diabetic meds. I decided to hold off on the Thrive until I was sure how the new med was going to affect my blood sugars. I was off of the Thrive for 6 weeks and I was miserable. I felt so drained. I thought it was the meds and then I started thinking maybe it was the lack of Thrive. I felt comfortable enough to start back on Thrive a week ago. I have already lost 3 pounds. I did not gain any of the previous weight back when off of the Thrive. I am a busy recently divorced mom of two, one is out of the home, I am a full time nurse working 12 hour shifts and working on my BSN online. I was exhausted on my days off and didn’t want to do anything more than was absolutely necessary. After starting Thrive, I had the energy to take my youngest out to do things. I don’t sit for hours in front of a computer on my days off looking for something to entertain me between naps. I can tell you much more but you will have to message me

    • I am not a promoter, my aunt talked me into it she lost 42 pounds in 3 months i have been on it for a month and lost 12 pounds its working for me. only down side is i feel like i am on speed for the first 3 hours then its starts getting better but overall good product and it can really help you lose weight and no headaches

  40. Can you take THRIVE, with or without the DFT patches, while on adderall 20mg or concerta 27mg? I am on adderall and will be switching in between adderall and concerta based on the availability of the ADHD medication in the country I am studying and what is prescribed to me when I go home (U.S.) during breaks. With that being said I wanted to know how taking THRIVE would affect my behavior and body if I am already taking a drug that, keeps me alert, focused and already decreases my appetite.
    Should I not take THRIVE?

    • I am a promoter as well. I would recommend asking your Dr. if you are able to take Thrive. If you send me your email I can send you the nutrition information to take to them.

    • My cousin is taking Thrive and it greatly helps with his ADHD and mental clarity, he is able to focus more at work and school it has completely been life changing. Take in ingredients list to your doctor. I am happy to help if you have questions

    • Hello I have ADHD. I was taking 20mg of Ritalin twice a day. I am down to only one dose since using Thrive. I asked before I started Thrive what the recommendation was. We have a pharmacist on our team & this was his recommendation.
      Take my Ritalin first thing (6am) in the morning then shake and patch. Then take the capsules around 10am on an empty stomach. Or 30 min before you eat. Then take my second dose of Ritalin in the afternoon as prescribed. I have not needed the second dose of Ritalin since I started 6 weeks ago! I did however try not taking my Ritalin for one day and noticed that did not work for me. Hope that helps!

    • As with any medication, you should ask your doctor.
      I’m on 50 mg of Ritalin spread throughout the day and have had no negative side effects. I’m 41 and was diagnosed with ADD 3 months ago. I’ve been on the THRIVE experience for 4 weeks and while I found the Ritalin made my brain work better and I was able to focus more, THRIVE has taken it to the next level. I’ve joined the gym (2 weeks ago), lost maybe 5 lbs but gained muscle and have more energy for the kids.
      To someone who has never experienced THRIVE, it can look like all the testimonies are fake or scripted, but from what I’ve seen, it’s not.
      To get the best out of Thrive, you need to take it first thing in the morning (before you get up, while you’re waiting for that snooze button to go off again) then the shake and DFT. The reason for this is because you need to get the probiotics into your digestive system before you start to get the shake go through.
      Something else I’ve notice is that with my extra energy, increased focus and reduced stress, my psoriasis has improved immensely. (please hear me, I’m not saying that it’s the THRIVE that has specifically done this, rather that it’s a byproduct of my body having the correct nutrients and better gut health, being able to better repair my body).
      So, because of what I have experienced, I am going to be a promoter of THRIVE as it is something that I do believe in and I know that it will help my friends and family, as well as people who I don’t know, not just go through life surviving from coffee to coffee but to actually THRIVE and get the most out of life (sorry, had to throw in a catchy line for ya, but it is true. My life has really changed)

    • I am on Concerta and have been taking Thrive for about 12 days and I feel AMAZING!!!! I just take the W pills and the patch. I have a ton of protein shakes stacked up in my pantry, so I skipped their mix. I have felt low energy and lazy for maybe 10 years. The past week I feel alive again and I want to participate in life instead of watch tv and nap. The first week I wasn’t sure if it was working or not but this week I feel like Wonder Woman!!

    • I was worried too! I actually take 54mg of concerta in the mornings and just started taking Thrive. It’s fine, I had a little anxiety the first two days but I love it now. I’m on my 4th day. I’m not sure about taking adderal with it though.

  41. My name is Sandy Carpenter and I have just finished week 8 of the Thrive Experience and I love it! I used to be tired all of the time, wanting to nap as soon as I arrived home, and couldn’t focus on anything. After using Thrive, I have energy to complete my daily tasks, play with my kids, cook dinner for my family, and just enjoy life. Don’t just survive – you need to THRIVE!!

    I’m now a promoter and would love to help anyone out get started on a Thrive journey to sustained energy, weight loss, mental clarity, and more!

    • I would love to be able to try some free samples first,as I have bought many items with promises of success only to be frustrated about wasting my money..Do they provide free samples?

      • The company itself does not give out samples. As promoters most of us have to charge for a trial pack. For instance I have a 3 day for $15 and a 5 day for $25 plus shipping which is 6.80. We pay for all the products ourselves so that is why most have to charge. If you are interested in getting a sample please email me and i would be more than happy to get that off to you ASAP.

        • Hi….I would be interested in a 5 day sample, not necessarily wanting to lose weight but more so intrigued to feel the energy increase and other possible benefits. Could a pack please be sent my way?

          • Hi Shelley Davies I do hope that someone has been in contact with you concerning your samples. If not please contact me and I can get your 5-day sample pack out to you. Like Heather mentioned we as promoters pay for the product and that is the reason why we charge for the samples.

          • If the promoter sends by themselves they can pick whatever they want. If they have it shipped directly from Le-Vel it will come with the following:

            1 – THRIVE M Packet
            1 – THRIVE W Packet
            1 – THRIVE Shake Mix Packet
            2 – THRIVE DFT Applications
            1 – Experience Brochure (Information on Products)

            — Supplement Police

        • I’ve not charged because I wasn’t when I sampled but I completely understand why people do.

    • Hi my name is Janet, I would love to try the 8 week experience. I do not know what to order.
      To many thing to choose from. I believe I would like the patches, pills and shakes try it all.
      hoping you can help

        • Tina Hagler, I would like to know more about this product? I think I would like patches, pills and shakes. I want to try this on my granddaughter that has PWS. (Prader_Willi Syndrome) She is really over weight and she is on Concerta and would like to know how this will work on her ADHD. She has to see her doctor tomorrow and I will bring this to his attention and see what he thinks. But, I would like to know about this product. Thanks

    • This is the big question that I have not been able to find an answer for. What do you do after the eight weeks?

    • Hello!
      Has anybody helped you with this? If you want I can help you sign up and figure things out!

    • Has anyone helped you with more information regarding thrive? I’m a promoter and I can assist you.

      • Yes. I just started Thrive today. I am wondering the same thing about after 8 weeks what do you do? Do you stay off of it for a while or what do you do? If you could help me with this,I’d really appreciate it. I will report on my progress as soon as I know more. Thank you so much!

        • Le-Vel called thrive an 8 week experience because it takes a minimum of eight weeks for your body to detox and fill nutritional gaps to experience all of the benefits of thrive. Thrive is not a weight-loss product it is a nutrition system so it can be taken for a lifetime, so after the eight weeks is up you just continue taking it daily. I hope this helps answer your question! :)

      • Hi, heard lots about the product and wondered if anyone in British Columbia Canada sells it ?

        • Kathrine, It is available in Canada. Do you need help ordering? I can send you the steps via email if you would like?

    • I personally do the lifestyle for woman that inclides the capsules, drink mix and patches. Vanialla, chocolate and the new strawberry are my faves!

    • Kristin,
      Just wanted to check and make sure you have been helped. Please let me know if you need anything!

  42. Thrive has changed my life. I’d love to talk to you. I love their products. Have never felt better in my life!

  43. just started thrive I’m on day 6 and the worse headache ever….. one day i didn’t do the shake and i crashed pretty hard, and one day i didn’t do the patch and wow i felt amazing….. my rep told me to take 2 pills before getting out of bed with water, shake 20-40 min later and then patch…. Ive noticed tons of posts on here that you can take 1 pill instead of 2 and then take off the patch at night to sleep… i feel like I’m awake all night and toss and turn……?, also I’ve loved coffee not for the caffeine and to keep awake but just because i love a warm cup of coffee in the morning. suggested we switch to decaf, or just stop drinking coffee all together- will we overload on caffeine and have this detox affect if we dont stop drinking coffee while trying the Thrive 8 week experience?

    • Hi my name is Ashley and I’m a promoter of Thrive! I also had these headaches during my second week, then by the 3rd week I never felt better! If you drink excess caffeine it will cause a crash later on in the day. There is nothing wrong with it, but to get your full benefits of energy and wakefulness, I recommend decaf!
      I seriously hope everyone can feel as good as I feel!

  44. FYI.. Contains white willow bark.. Which is aspirin.. If you are allergic to NSAIDs.. This is dangerous for you

    • It contains a chemical called Salicin, which is similar to Aspirin, but NOT Aspirin. Which may be harmful to your kidneys and liver if OVER consumed by taking LARGE amounts… which are not in this product. Just wanted to clarify.

  45. Hi I am a Thrive promoter. I have been using the products since Thanksgiving and absolutely LOVE the way I feel. I have more energy, I sleep better, I play with my boys by running and playing with them in the yard, I have less cravings, my appetite is less and I have been able to lose some weight :)

      • Hey Jeanette!!
        I am a thrive promoter, here is my link if you want to purchase through me! If you have any questions I would love to talk to you personally and let you know how this has helped me every single day!

    • Go to any le-vel website and find what you are interested in. There will be a list of ingredients and confirm with your doctor that this is right for you. After that thrive on and happy thriving

    • I am a medical professional. There is no such thing as auricular fibrillation. If you mean atrial fibrillation, then you may still be incorrect as white willow bark can cause thinning of the blood, which many atrial fibrillation drugs will dangerously amplify. Just saying.

      • Hi Bri, I see that you said your a medical professional, so please can you tell me if you can use Thrive if your diabetic?
        Hope you don’t mind me asking you! Lol thank you, Jan

        • I have been taking thrive for 4 months now and feel great! I have just been diagnosed with diabetes type 2. I had an A1C of 8.6 and the only thing I changed was I started taking Thrive and in the 4 months, my A1C went down to 7.1.

    • As long as you do not have heArt conditions this will help you so much! The only reason heart patients cannot take this is because it has white willow bark in it which is aspirin!

  46. Hi, my name is Demi. Be heard and seen so much about Thrive and I’m extremely keen to try the product however in in South Africa. Is there any way the product is available here ? If so please can someone contact me so I can get further details. Thanks so much to anyone who can help.

    • Hi Demi!

      I am a Thrive promoter and so glad you are interested in Thrive!

      I recommend starting off with the lifestyle pack with DFT. When beginning your Thrive Experience start off slow to let your body adjust to the vitamins, so I suggest taking 1 capsule and only a 1/2 pack of the shake your first 2 days with of course applying your DFT to an area where you get sun like your shoulder. Drinking plenty of water throughout your day, half your body weight, and avoid caffeinated beverages.

      I hope you take the chance to try Thrive, it is one of the best decisions I have made and love the way I feel!


      • Hi, I just want to know how long is it meant to take to receive the free trial? It seems the promoter I signed up with is just using the free trials herself!! It’s been 2months and she keeps asking me for more emails as she gets paid for each email… Is there a promoter out there that actually lets you trial the free sample… ?

        • Hi Wen, normally when I give out samples I do it the same day. Your long wait is not normal & probably very frustrating. If I can help in any way send me a message! I’ll be happy to help!

          • Hey I would live to try a sample trial I’m very mentally confused and very poor clarity, very very poor energy, constipation, gas build up, bloating it’s extremely exausting and ima 32 year old male been dealing with this for over 19years can u please recommend somthing for me so I can get started ASAP!!!! Please thank u

          • Hello there, I am looking for a sample of THrive before I decide whether I want to take the big step and buy it or not, how do I go about ordering a sample?

        • I would be happy to help you. Thrive has literally changed my life in the last 6 months, I have had severe digestive issues for years and have to go get colonospies every 2 years through my 30’s. When I went in last month the doctors couldn’t believe how much this has changed my system. I do the 3 steps in the morning and take balance in the evenings. I have spent years with mommy guilt because I didn’t want to get off the couch and now I wake up happy before my alarm each morning and run around playing with a 3 year old. My husband was a skeptic and now he is noticing how much more focused he us at work, staying awake in long boring meetings and volunteering for projects, he actual ended up with a promotion because of how much Thrive was changing him at work. Completely Life Changing!!!

          • I would love to get started on this product. I have a lot of stomach issues and because of that I’m sluggish and have also gained about 20 pounds. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m 5′ small framed and have always weigh around 110-115 pounds so it’s seems like a lot to me. I’m doing enemas about very other day and I’m so bloated. I would love to try some samples or whatever we could do to see if it works for me. I am desperate at this point and tried just about everything. Could you please help me??

        • Hi Crystal! My name is Stephanie and i am a Le-Vel brand promoter. If you haven’t already found another promoter i’d be happy to help you. Shoot me your best email address and i will send you a personalized link to check out all of our products. Please also include your phone number so that i can be in touch to answer your questions and get you a trial. Thank you!

          • Hi, my husband is 50 and is always very tired. He has always been on anxiety medicine so age doesn’t help with that but he just found out he has low testosterone. Instead of going on testosterone medicine, would Thrive help instead??

          • Could you please help me?? I left a statement above and I’m hoping someone will contact me.

      • Hi I see your a thrive promoter.I have been using thrive for about 8 weeks.I like it but I have been losing weight.when I was first introduced to it my friend told me she was doing it to gain weight/stay the same weight. I recently just switched over to black label.my question is should i stop using it all together or should I be doing something different in order to gain weight/stay same weight

      • You just advised someone to drink “half their body weight in water” daily… Lmao it is challenging to overdose on water, but your recommendation may be close.

          • Can you tell me how to contact a promoter? Also if I decide to promote how can I get an ad and how much to run an ad and get my name out there. How do I contact you?

  47. Wow, lots of inquires here! I don’t know about anyone else, but it is hard for me to comment or follow threads on this page. BUT I’m extremly passionate about how life changing Thrive can be for anyone. If you are interested or have questions, please reacher out directly to myself or a promoter her by email so we cn help!

    • Hi Marie,
      I’ve been trying to reach someone regarding a sample pack to try but can’t seem to get anyone, I’m hoping you could help me to try the product before purchasing. If you could let me know that would be great. Thank you ????

      • HI Ashley, if no one has helped you yet I would be more than happy to! Send me an email and we can get you set up!

      • Hi Karin

        Just interested to know if you have received a sample pack of thrive to trial? I would love to get you sorted. Flick me a email and I will help you.

  48. Hi I’m Samantha Iv been using thrive for about 7 weeks now and I love it! Im taking thrive for the all day energy it gives me! I’m a promoter for thrive so if anyone is interested in learning more or ordering feel free to contact me!

      • Its 150 plus tax. I know that sounds high but thats only 5 dollars a day. I promise if you try it you’ll love it. If you want more information i can help you out

      • If costs nothing to share, and if you become a promoter it is free!

        Free to be a customer, free to a promoter and earn free Thrive!

        If you are ready to share this wonderful product and get your friends and family set up with free accounts and help them start their experience and grow your team, I’d love to help you!

          • HI Terri, I am in Australia. I can help you out if you like. you can sign up under this web address. follow the link, watch the video and sign up as a customer, as long as your country is listed under the country list. I will get a notification and make contact with you if your country is eligible. Heidi

      • All you do is go to a promoter’s page and hit ‘promote’. there are no fees to promote. You will have instant access to your cloud office. We don’t keep or purchase inventory. There are no quotas to meet. You are active off of your personal purchases or sells! Plus most teams have phenomenal support from their upline. Mine has been fantastic in helping us all grow! They will help explain what’s in the product, how it works, etc, to people for you! I started as a customer and quickly changed to promoter! If you don’t already have a friend or know someone that you’d like to join under, you are very welcome to join my team! All I ask is that you reach out to us and let us help you! We don’t push, but anyone who does reach out to us for help, we’ll bend over backwards for!

        If you don’t have someone to join, you can join me here & then I’ll help you start and answer any questions you have!

      • Hi Tina if you are still wanting to become a promoter, you can email and I will be happy to help. :)

        • Cheryl, I am lactose intolerant as well. I am a Thrive Promoter and I take it daily! You can mix our shakes with 8 oz if water and you’ll have no issues. If you have any questions I would love to help you!

    • Hello Samantha I am so excited to hear of a new program and a line of products that are helpful for energy sleep etc. I am concerned about the headache issue I am hearing about as I suffer from migraines weekly. Would it be possible for you to send me samples and personally contact me??????

  49. i need help i gain 60 lbs and have hypothyroid meds i would like to give this a try if i can PLEASeE have a sample of the women and DFT thank you.

  50. I’ve been using Thrive for 5 weeks now and I have to say I love it. Before that I was always tired, grouchy and after getting home from work I had to take a nap for a little over an hour to regain energy and being able to function the rest of the day. I crossfit and even after taking a pre-workout I still didn’t have all the energy I needed to push through a workout and improve time and performance. Now, I don’t take naps anymore, I don’t take a pre-workout and I have tons of energy throughout the day. I am doing better times at my workouts an I am getting higher in my weights. I am loosing weight and inches. I don’t crave sugar and if I eat something sweet I can just eat and move on.

    I used Form today for the first time and even though I am not crazy about the flavor I loved it. Usually an hour after getting home from crossfit I was super sore and tonight I am a little bit sore. My energy increased after taking Form. I recommend this to anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle.

  51. My history of health issues goes back to me having brain surgery at 3 (1979) and 19 (1995), dealing with migraines and Seizures. After ’95 I dealt with more constant pain and started looking for something natural to help me. Over 20 yrs I’ve tried may products with results like “weightless”, but never got the “quality of life” change with any of them. Found Thrive in Jun 2015 (took me 2 months of investigation before starting the products, … way to long) and started the 8 week program Sep 25. Its now been 6 months and its still a work in progress, but I can say that I’ve personally seen the best results from Thrive then from any other product. At this point I’m ready to help others see the benefits from the products. There is more to my story, I’d be happy to share.

    • Hi my name is Gilbert do you still have samples available? My wife and I would love to try it . We were looking at the couples package but there is always the what if it doesn’t work if we can have some samples to try that would be great.


      • Some people don’t experience immediate results. Getting samples only shows you how easy it is to use the product in 3 steps in the first 30mins of your day!

    • I would like to hear more, I am a Diabetic Type 2 I was told this product wouldn’t harm me, I also have Tyroid Problems and Cholestrial problems I hate taken anything, I was told today that all the vitimins would shock my system and the shakes are bad and the patch would be to much at one time, I had just ordered a sample and have not tried it yet, sooo confused as to what to do.

      • Wanda my husband had a heart attack a year ago and was pre diabetic in the hospital. I got him on Thrive and he is down 44 pounds , off his blood pressure meds and he no longer has to worry about pre diabetes due to his wonderful weightloss and putting premium nutrition in his body everyday.

        • I also experienced a heart attack from a blockage 7 years ago. I have several other health problems such as diabetes type 2, gastroparesis, IBS, possibly MS, a painful kidney condition, and many more. My heart rate has been at 115 resting for 3+ years. Medications have not helped with this. Did I mention I also have high blood pressure? I have been on Thrive for 3 weeks and am happy to report that many of my aches and pains are much better, I have had to use less insulin, I have lost 4 lbs, my bp is down over 20 points both diastolic and systolic and amazingly, at my doctor visit yesterday my heart rate was 84. Also my IBS has not flared up since starting Thrive. My energy level has come up from sleeping all day to not even taking an afternoon nap. I can’t say that I am never tired in the evenings, but the fatigue is gone. Best decision I have ever made. I am not a promoter, just a very satisfied customer. I went from existing to actually living again. I can’t say enough good things about THRIVE. Also, I do not crave Mountain Dew which I was unable to go without daily before. That alone will help my blood sugars and kidneys. I did detox pretty badly during my first week and felt like My body was in a never ending hot flash and was sweating horribly. However, I stuck it out and was the best decision I have ever made.

  52. I have been using Thrive for 12 weeks and love it. I had a lot of medical issues, exhaustion, no energy. I have had aura migraines since my teen years. I am 42 now. I have not had the aura migraines, my daily headaches have stopped. I am loaded with energy. I have never felt better! I don’t crave caffiene anymore, no coffee, sodas. I can’t drink them if I wanted to!
    I became a promoter because I love the product not because of the $ incentives. Contact me today and I will give you info or samples!

    • I have some questions for you do you have a email I could message you at? I just need to ask what would work best for me.

    • I have been asking a promoter locally if there was a sample or smaller monetary package to try and even though she’s been active and posting on Facebook she will not answer my questions or acknowledge me period unless I buy from her. I also have had numerous health problems craniotomy in 05 removed left kidney in 2011. I have a 17 month old I’m trying to keep up with.if u would be so kind to let me know how to get a sample I would greatly appreciate it!

      • Tiffany, I am truly sorry that you have had this experience with a promoter. Not all are created equally. Many are only interested in the profit. It should not be this way, however Le-vel has no power over it’s promoters, since they are doing it independently. I apologize for a late response, I do not check this site very often.

    • Hi Tina i have been hesitant about using this product. I have used isagenix and i didn’t like how my body responded to it so i am hesitent to try something new. Is there a way for you to contact me and explain more. I would love to try it before sinking money into it.

      • Hi,

        Not sure if you have talked to anyone yet but I’ve been a Thrive customer and recently became a promoter. I’d love to answer any questions you might.

  53. Day 8 of using FORM. I’ve noticed my cravings have almost completely disappeared. I feel fuller. Not as hungry anymore. I also have come to love balance, I’ve developed a regular digestive track. I think it would prove great for anyone with digestive issues such as frequent constipation or bloating. Psyllium seed husk has been shown to improve lipid levels and strengthen your heart muscle, which is contained in balance. I personally not use the 3 steps anymore. I use the capsules, balance, FORM and boost. I stopped using the dft sadly, my skin was developing a sensitivity to it. I thought my bouts of fibromyalgia would return since I stopped using it, but amazingly it has not. I’ve been able to last in the gym much longer too. I’m waiting 30 days to see difference form has made. The taste isn’t bad, it’s a bit thick, so don’t try to stuff it all in your mouth at once. I don’t like sugar coating my experience with thrive. I am also not into trying to get you to buy more than you need, we all have financial obligations aside from Thrive. So why not start with what you are able to and go from there. There are promoters out there who would tell you that you must do all 3 steps, what if you can’t? So before jumping in with the first promoter you find, do some research into them as well. Ask questions! Find me via fb if you would like, I don’t mind answering what I can. Many have so far!

    • What do you think of the Form so far? I am using the Balance now, along with core products. Not crazy about Move… also haven’t tried the Boost much either.



  54. Hi was wondering about Thrive with diabetes? I take insulin and am anemic as well? Can one take thrive with insulin and is there any prescription drugs or herbal alternatives that should not be taken with Thrive?

    • Yes u can take thrive with diabetes but u just have to walk ur diabetes like normal…and eat what he wants on thrive…

    • Hi Kathy! We are actually Diabetic friendly but they do encourage anyone with health concerns to bring the ingredients list of Thrive to there Dr

    • Always ask your doctor before anything but I do know a girl who uses thrive and has diabetes! I’m a promoter for thrive if you have any questions email me :)

  55. I have been using Thrive for two months now and it has changed my life. I had a baby in December and also have a 21 month old. I was exhausted, and felt like I was failing my family because I didn’t have the energy to do anything. From the first day I started Thrive I was amazed. I now have all day energy and am able to be the mom my kids need. I went back to work last week and Thrive has given me the energy and mental clarity I need to work long shifts in a busy hospital OR. I could not be happier with my decision to give Thrive a try.

  56. Hi i would like to try a sample of the rest, form, or/ and move, also would like to try an ultra patch.

  57. Oh my….so many newbies wanting to experience Thrive!! I love it!! Thrive has absolutely changed my life!! My before and after pictures will tell!! It’s so simple and amazing the way you feel each and everyday being on Thrive! I’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have and get you Thriving!! It is truly an opportunity unlike no other!!

    • what is the difference between the lifestyle pack + dft and tone pack + dft for men? My husband is wanting to tone his body and lose a few pounds.

      • The lifestyle pack contains 16 shakes, one every other day, tone contains 32, one for everyday. Hope this helps!

      • Lifestyle is if u don’t have time to exercise and ur working taking care of home it’s good for weight management. ..
        Tone pack if ur exercising ,it’s to tighten and tone u up..
        Lifestyle shake has small minerals in the shake that helps with loosing weight
        Hope this helps

      • You keep using it:) I know people who have been using it for 20 months or so. I’ve asked and they say it is still the same as it was when there body’s peaked! The 8 week experience is basically how long it for your body to detox and adjust. You usually feel the real results at about 8 weeks:) then you keep enjoying g the wonderful benefits!!

  58. I’ve been trying to reply to comments- so many unanswered questions here! But my posts aren’t showing up. Switched devices and going for attempt 4. If any one has questions, please connect with me directly by searching for me on facebook. I’m pretty readily available so I’m happy to answer questions and help you get started if you wish. Thrive is an amazing product! When we connect, you will find out my story in depth, but all these life changing, awesome results that people say- its all true. If I can leave any lasting impression- let it be this: take the chance! We grow to accept that things are supposed to be their way- tired, exhausted, stressed, achy… but they aren’t! If I hadn’t just had faith, and given it a try, I’d still be on my couch, waiting for the days to pass untill “things were better”. Well that won’t happen, and we were meant to enjoy our days, not wait for them to pass us by. But only you can decide to make the change. Connect with me. I’m here to help! :)

  59. I have been using thrive for the past 8 month and love what it has done for my mind and body. if anyone is interested in learning more please feel free to contact me. there are many ppl to talk to about there experience.

      • I have been using it for 3 months – I have been exercising when i can and trying to eat better – I have lost 17 pounds and feel much better – a friend of mine has been using it since its beginning and she loves it

  60. I am Thriving! I been feeling sluggish for the longest as a new mom but not anymore! I haven been taking Thrive for 2 weeks and I am full of energy and it really helps to suppress your appetite. I used to snack all the time, office, the drive to school, and after meals. It was really intoxicating my body. Now, I get up in the morning take the capsule and 20 to 1hr later I take the shake. I am not doing the patch just yet… I am still nursing my 10 month old daughter so I have to be extra careful. I personally haven’t had any issues with breastfeeding. I do recommend you up on veggies and fruits and your water intake.

    I needed something to boost my energy level and help me regain a certain level of confidence to start managing the way I was eating. So far, its working with energy I have only lost 4 lbs. I will continue to eat well and have my pill and shakes in the morning.

    • I am still nursing and have been hesitant to try Thrive. I do have a 3 day sample. You haven’t found that it affects your daughter?

  61. I am really looking for weight loss stories. Can anyone tell me the truth about if Thrive worked for them in losing weight? My friend said that she lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks without changing her diet or working out. I would like others stories about weight loss. Thank you

    • I have been on My Thrive experience for just over 3 weeks now and have lost 9lbs without trying. I just don’t have the cravings I use to and I don’t feel hungry like I use to.
      I didn’t even try Thrive for the weightloss, but rather because I was exhausted and in a mental fog all the time (I’ve been taking care of my veery sick husband for 4 years now and it was really taking a toll on my health).
      I feel great! I will never go a day without Thrive!

    • I’m week and half into 8 week challenge and I lost 15 pounds so far! Can’t wait to see the final amount after the 8 weeks.

    • My friend that got me started I’ve known for over 10 years and in the last 3 she’s lost 80 lbs. The FB FanPage has story after story of what Thrive has done for them.
      I have personally lost 7 my sister 0. It’s not only a “Weight Loss” product. This is a NUTRITIONAL product. It will help YOU with what YOUR body needs.

      I look forward to hearing from you! ????
      Sara Shepherd

    • Yes, it does work. My daughter gave me and my husband a sample pack and he is now a promoter. I have fibromyalgia, lupus, neuropathy and was over weight. I feel like a new person.
      I can give you a free account so you can check it out yourself if you like.

    • I started thrive, I’ve dramatically increased my exercising and cut back on eating and I’m still struggling to appreciate change. I think it definately helps to suppress my appetite but after 6 weeks I haven’t lost more than 4lb so starting to feel frustrated

  62. the lifestyle pack with DFT only comes with 16 shakes for the month. Do we take it every other day? can we take other shakes in between days? Thank you

    • It’s definitely up to you on if you want to take other shakes between days, or you can always order more shakes! The lifestyle pack comes with 14, which means you would take it 4 days out of the week. I have ended up doing it every other day like you said.

        • No, there is no harm in doing the shakes daily. The program is designed so you take 4 shakes Monday-Thursday and during the weekend you don’t have to worry about fitting THRIVE into your life. If you want to do shakes daily you are welcome to. Many of us do!!

  63. I do not want to sign up for a product with autoship and be stuck with something that I don’t like or didn’t work because you can’t turn it off!
    I really want to try before I buy, but I’m being told there isn’t a free sample anymore – just a $40 week trial pack.

    • I would be happy to send you a $40 week trial to see how you like it. Some people see changes right away and some it takes longer. The autoship is nothing to be afraid of either. You can pause or cancel it anytime, even right after your first order ships. I’ve been using the products for 9 months and I love it.

    • Autoships are the best way to order due to the discount they provide. Le-vel does not charge you a fee to pause the shipment, or simply delete. You can even edit if you want to try something different next time. You can definitely “turn it off”. I encourage all customers to pause, to avoid forgetting it is there or to delete if they find they did not enjoy the product. As far as sampling, it is at the discretion of the promoter. There are many out there. I encourage you not to jump into signing up for an account until you are comfortable with the promoter. However, it is usually the only way to receive a sample, if they are offered. But please consider this as well when requesting sample packs, this is also an investment for the promoter. Promoters spend their own money to supply samples as well as pay shipping, if needed. It is an investment on both sides.

    • actually you can turn autoship off right after you have it delivered and still get your discount off and if you wanted you could only try a three day starter sample or more . it does not cost anything to look at websitd or join it or promote it . any question feel free to ask support on le-vel.com or me thanks have an awesome day

  64. So i dont drink coffee and am very sensitive to caffeine. I guess i dont understand why every product has caffeine in it (Thrive). I think it is the reason for all the energy. Anyhow, I am not sure what to do because of the caffeine. Anyone else have this issue?

    • my mom only does half a everyday the green coffee extract equals about acup so thats not to bad but it also has the b vitamins and coq10 which give you energy

      • I just started doing this and I am very sensitive to caffeine, I take the pill in the am, and only 20 mins later the shake and then I eat right away so my body has food in it to process the caffeine. I didn’t do the pills right away I started slowly I took 1 tablespoon of the shake with chocolate almond milk and then went up to the 1 pill and quarter of a patch. But I am unsure about the patch as I am trying to get pregnant and everything I read about the ingredients in it say not to take when you are pregnant or nursing. So I think while I am trying to get pregnant I am going to stop the patch. Its pretty good so far. The best thing I have noticed is I sleep better and feel more well rested that’s a bonus for this crazy busy working mom with a 4 year old!

    • Robin I don’t drink coffee either as I’m also sensitive to caffeine. I am also a promoter and the company introduced THRIVE-K or Thrive for Kids. No need for extra caffeine for them!! I substitute that for the pills & shake. I still wear the DFT. It tastes really good & no side effects!! Feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to help you out!

  65. I would love to help anyone with their Thrive experience. I had a hysterectomy and didn’t want to go on hormones, but needed some extra umph. Tried Thrive and am loving it.

  66. I am a Southern Calif. Thriver (Santa Clarita Valley) email me for a FREE SAMPLE and some good advice. I already have a successful business, so not interested in “hooking” you in. Products help me sleep better and have reduced my appetite. All the best to everyone here.

    • My name is Sandra and I have Lupus SLE. I’d like to feel better and loose weight. I would really like to try the free sample.

      • Hi,

        Not sure if you have talked to anyone yet but I’ve been a Thrive customer and recently became a promoter. I also have Lupus and everything that comes with it. Thrive has been a life changer for me. I’d love to answer any questions you might.

    • I’m iffy about this because I tried Beachbody and Shakeology and I got to the point where I couldnt drink the shakes anymore. I have seen a lot of people doing thrive and I really want to try the DFT’s but scared that if I dont like it then its a waste of money just like the TONS of shakeology I now have haha. What do you give in your free samples?

      • Free samples give you capsules, shakes, and DTF patches. If you’re interested in a sample feel free to email me! I’d be happy to help find what’s best for you.

        • I would like this bundle sample also. I tried shake and beach body. No success. What is the average weight loss?

        • I would like to try Thrive. A couple of people I know have and they love the energy it gives them.

          Thank you,

        • I am very interested in a free sample. Is there a shipping charge for the sample? Can you also tell me your experience with these products? Thank you.

        • I’ve been reading and reading about thrive. I am almost tempted to order but would like to try sample that you mentioned. I have IC and caffeine can give me a flare. So I would love to try a sample beige I purchase something that I can’t use. Thanks

    • I’d like a sample but don’t want to ask my friends that do it because I don’t want to be pressured if I don’t want it.

      • Who wants to feel pressured? Nobody! I can help if you would like. As for samples, I offer what you are comfortable with. Don’t like shakes or the DFT? say so! Please make sure that whomever you ask for help, does not pressure you into anything. Thrive is an investment.

      • Marnie and Danielle, you would have to reach out to a a promoter for samples, and samples are given out at the discretion of the promoter you find. Do not jump into creating an account with someone if you do not feel comfortable after chatting with them. It’s up to you if you want to purchase samples for long periods of time. There is no guarantee the promoter you find will offer anything for free. Promoters do not receive samples for free, we have to buy them ourselves, or use our own supply. If something feels off or suspicious, then end the chat and move on. Not every promoter has your health in mind, it’s unfortunate, but people are still just people. Take your time, look at ingredients, consult your doctor if needed, and go from there. Do what you feel comfortable with.

        • Hi, Marie, I was wondering if I could get some samples from u. I’ve been reading up on it and would like to give it a try. I haven’t been sleeping well, have no energy and would like to loose some of the baby weight!

  67. If anyone has questions or concerns about Thrive, and hesitating to give it a try, please let me help you. I am not going to push anyone to buy. I want to give people a realistic opinion.

    Thrive is definitely different for everyone. I have personally had success with it. I have also used Rest, Move, Activate and Boost. I think Activate is a little bitter tasting, and do not really need it. The capsules do the trick for me. But there are those who need that extra boost of energy later in the day for an afternoon run or workout. I have also had customers who have noted bad reactions. Such as hives where the DFT was placed. Jittery feelings. Some even tell me they feel nothing until a few days later after using Thrive.

    I ask that you set realistic expectations. Thrive is NOT a diet pill. It is NOT a meal replacement. You MUST eat and drink plenty of water. You must also take into consideration your health at this time. Do you eat healthy right now? Are you wanting to start trying to get healthy? Looking for motivation?

    Please do not let other promoters try to tell you that you must do the two capsules and so on. Take it slow. Make sure you are not allergic. Or maybe you find that it is too strong for you.

    As with any prescribed medication, or over the counter, you hear the commercials go on and on about may cause this or that…Thrive is no different. So my advice is to take it slow. Try to get a sample first, try it out. To those who wish to promote, be ready to do it! Take a look at what you are getting yourself into. Can you sell Thrive? Are you good at marketing? Do you know people who are already interested? Don’t jump in thinking it’s easy. Everything in life that is worth doing takes dedication and a lot of hard work!

    I promote Thrive. I am also brutally honest with my customers. I want my customers to be comfortable with thrive so that they have good experiences. If I think it will not work for you, expect me to tell you.

    Feel free to find me on Facebook, I will be the one obviously promoting. Ask me anything, and for questions I cannot answer, I will do my best to find the answers.

      • I would not recommend using Thrive until you are done breast feeding. Play it safe and just wait.

    • Hello I am really interested in learning more about this product and trying it out. How do you really know if your a good candidate or not for this product I have tried many supplements and weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes and none of them have worked for me I am anxious to try this because I have heard a lot of great things I just dont know where to start maybe you could help me please email me back with any information you might have and thank you for your time.

      • Sorry for the delay to answer, hope you see this soon. To your question, it really depends where you are in your health. Would you consider yourself healthy if it weren’t for the issues you have such as trying to lose weight. Diabetic? Prone to allergies? Have a high/low tolerance to caffeine? I understand the anxious feeling to try, however, if you are seriously considering it, and unsure it is for you, please feel free to find me, so we can talk, and perhaps look over some sample options. Please do not just jump into the program. Take your time!

          • Chron’s disease has much to do with the digestive track I believe. The shake used in Thrive, as well as the product called Balance and Boost contain probiotics. Probiotics are thought to be relatively safe for Chron’s, but it truly is up to your doctor to fully review the ingredients to make that final decision. People with Crohn’s disease have an immune system whih attacks organisms that it thinks doesn’t belong, such as our own bacteria. Probiotics adds the good bacteria back into our digestive track. You may not be able to use the entire 3 steps involved with Thrive, but it’s worth a look to see which other products which may provide some benefit to you. Look me up to get more info for you and your doctor.

          • Definitely talk with your doctor before using any supplements. As a nurse, I would recommend that you avoid products containing caffeine. Unfortunately, most of the Thrive products contain caffeine. I personally tried their products and was very ill while taking them. I experienced diarrhea, nausea, and headaches while using their products as well as severe fatigue. I even missed work because of the symptoms. Thankfully, the symptoms subsided after I was off of the Thrive products for a few days.

      • The capsules contain 1500 IU each, while the shake contains 2500 IU. Considering you use accutane, It may be too much for you, definitely worth consulting your doctor before attempting to use Thrive.

    • Hi, I would be happy to help you on your Thrive journey. I felt a difference on my 2 day. I could feel more energy, not like a rush, that would crash later. Subtle energy where I had done some house work before leaving for work. Once at work I had more mental clarity figured things out easier. Most important for me was a feeling of well being, happy if you will. Had struggled in the past with depression and anxiety, thrive took the anxiousness away for me and for that I am so grateful. I look forward to hearing from any one with questions or would like to try samples.

    • I have been on the Thrive experience for 12 days. I started very slow and am now just starting to take two capsules, 1 hour apart. Would you help me understand how to take the products appropriately as I have heard many different things about which product to take first and what time intervals between capsules, shake and placing the patch what is your recommendation? I’m feeling good and have lost 4 pounds!!


      • Becky, everyone is different. The recommended instructions are two capsules first thing in the morning, or when you wake up (third shifters are very different), then 20-40 min later drink shake and place DFT on skin. Sometimes, two capsules are too strong. So like you, they start slow. It seems you are doing quite well for yourself! You figured out what works for you! What could be wrong with that! I will however tell you that the weight loss may slow. The probiotics tend to make losing weight the first few weeks happen quickly. Don’t be discouraged. Keep it up!

    • I’ve been asked, and have seen other asking about pregnancy and Thrive. Can a pregnant woman use Thrive? While some say they have their doctor’s permission, I wonder if all the ingredients were completely disclosed. Supplements do not have to be FDA approved, and although this has been common practice for a very long time, is it worth the risk for the baby. Thrive contains Guarana Caffeine, Green tea Caffeine, Green Coffee Bean, which are common energy supplements. There is also PEA, which increases metabolism assisting in weight loss. Are these good for the baby? What you eat, passes onto the fetus. My advice, please wait. 9 months of your time dedicated to your baby is completely 100% worth it! Besides, what were prenatal pills created for? Use them!

    • I would like to try a sample but on the web page it really does not provide how this can be done.

      • Samples are provided at the discretion of each promoter. You will not find it specifically on the website. Some promoters offer a day or more. Others will sell a supply for longer periods of time. There are some promoters who do not give samples at all. If you pay for a sample pack for a long duration, please check to make sure you are paying a decent and fair price. Will you be able to feel the effects in a day. There is no specific way to determine how long it will take. Everyone has a different experience. Some one day, others a few weeks.

    • My husband wants to try it. Our neighbors promote it, but they’re too pushy. How do we get our free sample?

    • Thank you for being brutally honest, I am lucky my promoter is just like you. I knew of others promoting Thrive and went with my promotor because she is not pushy, she is completely honest, and she is a nurse and knows her nutrition. She gave me a sample pack and seriously I did see changes enough to make me want to order more. I wanted energy and to feel good, I have felt sluggish for a few years now and my doctor (after running tests) just says its age. I feel if I continue on this path I will feel better and have the energy to exercise.
      So I say this to anyone on the fence, try it you have nothing to lose–if you see slight changes give it a honest go for at least 30 days to see what it can do for you. Be sure to find a promoter who has your best health interests at heart and not just for his/her benefit. Your promoter should have the same qualities as Marie.
      Hope this helps.

    • Hi Marie I would definitely like to know more about Thrive and also try to get a sample, thank you.


    • I have MS…..I was told that this may be a cure for MS….Is that true? What are the pros and cons of the product with my health condition? I am otherwise and have always been very healthy…..I was diagnosed at age 57 and now 65 and my symptoms are basically loss of one function in my left leg and fatigue and balance issues…..suggestions?

    • Hi Marie

      I have read some motivational stories and I am very intrested
      I do have a question….I can not drink shakes, I just can’t do them

      Do you need to include shakes to your thrive experience?

    • hi, you’ve made most sense. I have asked why do u have to take 2 capsules, then 20 min later drink the shake and then wear the patch? Local promoter(aka dude”) was a bit arrogant on 3 way. which really didnt help the fellow who had given me the samples, he wasnt sure either ( i paid him for the extra samples i requested, ) So now i have my backup! If you cant answer the questions other than ” do what u think best” is nfg. I have not signed on yet, not satisfied with the ‘dudes’ attitude.

      • BDavid, if you haven’t gotten an answer yet, the reason you wait 20-40 min before drinking the lifestyle mix shake is to give the capsules time to start dissolving so all the ingredients can work together synergistically for best results! If you haven’t found a promoter you are happy dealing with, please let me know. I’d love to help you! I’m like you, I want answers so I can understand things!

    • Thank you for your honest opinion. I just recently started Thrive. I had tried a 3 day sample a few months ago but did not like the patch. I didn’t like the way I felt when I used it. I recently purchased through my promoter and even though I didn’t like the patch or its effects she insisted I needed to buy all three. This time I’ve been using it for a few days. First day 1 pill, shake, second day 2 pills,shake and patch. I had a bad headache back of my head and took the patch off that evening. Third day I went back to just 1 pill, shake and no patch. Today I did 1 pill, shake and half a patch and got another headache. Now she says the headache is normal for a couple of weeks. I’m 54 yrs old only 5’6 130lbs so I’m not looking to lose weight and feel this is too much for me. I just want to feel better. Thank you for your opinion!!

  68. Ronda… you were detoxing big time…. takes at least 10-14 days for you to flush out those toxins… it takes 8 weeks for healthy cells to regenerate…. you gave up too quick!

  69. Have you thought about trying Thrive but don’t want to take the risk? I’m offering to buy back what you don’t use if you don’t think it’s for you.

    • Briana,

      I know this post is about a year old, but are you still interested in buying back thrive? I used part of it however I had a reaction and the company will only give me 50% back and I used it for one week. I have the patches, shakes, women’s capsules and boost. Let me know if you’re interested.

      • I am thinking about trying the product but wanted to hear more from others first. Can you share what type of reaction you experienced?

        • Hi Rachelle,
          I absolutely LOVE what Thrive has done for me! I have been thriving since August and I refuse to live without it! I feel at least ten years younger. I was a day one thriver, but not everyone has the same experience. Within 45 minutes of finishing my simple 3 steps in the morning I felt like I put glasses on my brain! I was more focused and motivated. My energy was elevated yet balanced all day. I was happier and goofy again. I wanted to skip and do cartwheels! I’m 50. By day 4 I was sleeping through the night and continue to do so. I have been thriving since August 2015 and it still amazes me every day that I feel this way. It’s my personal little fountain of youth! My hair is thicker and shinier. My skin is clear. I’ve gained lean muscle. I don’t know what it will do for you, but I know you’ll love it. Let me know if you’d like a sample.

          • Hi! Marilyn..

            I am interested in trying samples. I would love to be able to give this testimony one day. Thank you..

      • I’m not BRiana , but I’m wondering if you still have and how much you want for it? I may be interested.

    • If you take it daily and order in 30 day amounts, no worries, Le-Vel will not sell expired/dated product. If you keep it laying around for years, then yes, the nutrients may not be useful. But bee honey does not expire ever, it has been discovered in 3000 year old tombs. FYI

      • This has nothing to do with questions above, but wasn’t DFT what Dr Oz said wasn’t good for people? I could have the wrong product but would be glad to get updated…

    • There are expiration dates listed on the packages. For example, I received mine a few weeks ago, my capsules expire 11/17. If you are interested please find me on Facebook and send me a PM.

      • John it actually works quite well. I don’t ask for a friend request. I understand the hesitation. It’s a risk to contact someone. It also let’s people see the public information posts about Thrive that you have shared. People are curious, why not give them a way to at least ask a question.

  70. Hi, I have been thriving for 3 months now and I hav never felt better then I do now. I have lost weight, I sleep better, my mood is better and my over all health is better. I’m a nurse and work long hours, I have a young child and I’m always on the go! I would love to answer any questions anyone may have.

    • Hi there. My wife and I started our Thrive Ultra this morning and I’m feeling a little jittery 3 hours into it but she is fine she says. Is this normal and can I expect this jittery feeling everyday or will it pass with each day? Thanks in advance for your response

      • Yes this happened to me. I think it was mostly my body detoxing or a little bit of caffeine withdrawal. It took about 3 days for my body to adjust. During this time I didn’t sleep well either. But by end of day 4 I felt 10 years younger and all the good effects you see all the post about were real for me. I’m in week 7 now and feeling great. Give it a full week before you give up. Also try to drink a lot of extra water.

    • Hey I’m just wondering how & what do you take throughout the day? I got samples of the pills, orange packet mix, purple veggie mix, red drink powder water mix. I was told to take the pills first thing in the morning with water & drink the orange powder mix.

      • Yikes, you need to go to the website Le-Vel.com and see how to take this product appropriately. Get with the person who gave you these items and if they don’t explain the 3 core products, how to take them and why to take them this way, you may need to ask them to get you to someone who can do this! Thrive is a three step system made to synergistically work together. 1, 2, 3 done by first 30-40 minutes of the day! Best wishes to You!!

        • Dude, Take two caps on an empty stomach before your feet hit the floor.
          Twenty minutes later take the premium lifestyle shake mix.
          Put the DFT on your arm before you walk out the door.
          Bam! You’re done for the day

      • Hey jj the recommended way to take your thrive is day 1 take one capsule in the mornin fb on an empty stomach (best before your feet hit the floor in the morning ) 20 min later drink you lifestyle mix (orange packet) day 2 take capsule drink orange mix and apply dft foam (patch) the purple and red you can take whenever you feel like you need an extra push the purple contains veggies to give you and extra boost like v8 .. and the red gibes you more energy

    • I have a few health conditions.. And I was going to ask my doctor about taking this but there is not enough info for him to tell me if it’s ok.. And I have heard a lot of bad things about the the exstraxt causeing liver problems..

    • Hey Jolene…my wife is also in healthcare so care more about your opinion on this than some of the other posts I’ve seen. About a week in started waking up with the shakes. Almost like when being startled awake in the middle of the night. Not sure if caffeine withdrawl (I cut it out completely but wasn’t a huge caffeine user) or my body reacting to thrive. Pretty healthy 44 year old but always on the go. Any thoughts? Thanks! Brad S

    • I too am a nurse that works the pm shift… I just wanted to know how much weight you lost and in what amount of time?

      • Vallena, I wanted you to have the answer to you question right away. Thrive is not a weight loss product. Think weight management instead. People I know have lost 50 lbs. in six months. Another person gained muscle and weight because he was under weight maybe even under nourished. I don’t know what your experience is going to be, but I know you’re gonna love it. Especially for someone on the PM Shift in the healthcare profession.

        • You seem very knowledgeable about thrive. I want to try it, I usually get up at 3am go to work so would I start my product then or wait till around 8am?

    • I would like to know how the thrive works with thyroid medication. For my weigt loss.
      I stopped smoking 2 years ago and have gained 40lbs I feel terrible ,moody and get very frustrated with the weight gain

      • Please email me, I am a promoter and can help answer all your questions. My mother takes thyroid medication and is taking Thrive,

  71. I absolutely LOVE Thrive and what it’s done for me. I would love to answer any questions you may have. I know that there are a lot of HAPPY THRIVERS out there.
    I’m a Canadian Thrive Promoter since November 4 2015 and Let me tell you…. WOW! As a mom of 2 VERY active girls, working full time, cleaning cooking, laundry, etc… It’s changed my life. For the good
    Before, while commuting to Toronto every day, my life lacked fun and luster, I was an empty shell and really all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and sleep. My famous line was “Girls I know you want to play but mommy’s too tired, let me sit here for a few minutes and ….. insert sawing logs”.
    NOW, I’m on the floor, playing with my kids, actually sending time with my husband, and I’m way more active.

    • I’ve heard that the energy you have is because the capsules are filled with caffeine. How can it be possible to feel the “good” effects after just 3 days? What happens when you stop taking it?

      • Melody, FYI – Coffee caffeine 75-415mg, Diet Soda 46mg 12oz., Chocolate Candy Bar 9mg, Hershey’s Candy Kiss 1mg, Thrive Premium Lifestyle shaker mix, less than a chocolate candy bar. There has to be some trust, give it three mornings. I don’t know what your experience is going to be, but I know you’re gonna love it. People who have positive effects after three days usually go on for the 8 Week Thrive Experience.
        If they quit Thrive after that, they a likely to revert to the sugary, salty, caffeine, fatty fast food cravings that the food industry has always known was never good for you ever.

  72. I see many people with questions and asking for more info about thrive products and promoting for thrive,as well as many people wanting to try a sample. I am a promoter for thrive and can help answer any questions and send a sample to those interested! Contact me on Facebook (kel Bamman) or leave a comment here and I will get back to you asap! I would love to see everyone thrivin! It is a wonderful product that’s changed my life, it can’t be described, you have to experience it and if you don’t try it you’ll never know!

      • Hi!!

        I’m currently a promotor for Thrive. Im on 6 weeks and I’m so in love with this
        Product!!! As a mom of three very busy kids …. I’m Never tired and sluggish anymore and have no sugar, sweet or soda cravings and have already lost weight just changing those things in my eating habits. Thank to thrive.

      • I’m offering to buy back what you don’t use if you don’t think it’s for you. Email me for more details.

      • #1 Excuse – “Thrive is too expensive!” – My response, refer (2) customers that order and get your product for FREE! Oh! and yes, you know (2) people. I will explain the details to you, for free.

    • Hi kel! I was wondering if you could email me and let me know what you think about petite woman thriving? I just ordered the 4 day trial pack and it seems i have tons of energy and a little jittery (Which is why I dont drink coffee) but the main thing im concerned about is weight loss. I already weigh 110! Isnt garcinia in the patch? Thats too boost metabolism and mine is already high-should i discontinue the sample??

  73. I’ve noticed many people looking for a way to get free samples of thrive, or for a way to be referred. Look me up on Facebook and send me a PM. It may take me a little to get back with you but I will return messages. This also allows me to make sure it is a legitimate request.

  74. Deba how has this helped your hypothyroidism? I have numbers in the normal range now but still have all symptoms.

    Can I try a free sample? I don’t want to lay out that much money right off the bat, because I have done this kind of thing before. Is there a way to try it for several days?

    • I’m a promoter and would be happy to help you and get you a sample! Contact me or look me up on Facebook send me a message and we will get you THRIVIN!

  75. i really would like to try a sample. have tried many supplements and sent money, this time i would like to try first. plesae let me know how to get a sample. thank you

    • I started my Thrive Experience last year in January of 2015, I ordered as a promoter not really even knowing what that meant….I didn’t have very high expectations that it would really live up to what it claimed it could. I figured it was all hype!
      I took my 2 capsules as soon as I woke up with some water, waited 20 minutes made my lifestyle mix with some fat free milk and frozen fruit (I was not one for powder type drinks at all) and slapped on my DFT. That was it and I was done!! (Seemed way to simple)
      Within a few hours I noticed an increase in energy, totally figured it was from something else…could be this Thrive stuff working?? Well day 3,5,10, and day 30 came and went I still felt good and even more positive things started happening!! I was sold!!
      Shared with friends who were also finding it helped them too!! Over a year later I haven’t missed one day and I have seen a lot of people’s live change from just incorporating these three simple steps into their first 20 minutes of the day!! The company, the products, the people, the owners Jason and Paul are second to none!! Best decision I ever made!! If anyone is in doubt / has questions or wants to try it feel free to reach out to me I’d love to share even more with you!!

        • Amy hold a good trust level for Thrive and for me. You need three mornings. I don’t know what your experience is going to be, but I know you’re gonna love it.

      • Hi my name is Sandra and I have Lupus SLE. I’d like to get a sample of the Thrive. If it works for me I can tell my Lupus Team. Ty

        • I need more information i take priscription medicen for my health proble.. Can i still take this? ?? And if you have frer semple i dont know myveg mail works but i can call u or you can call me if it workes i have lots family will buy this prodect. Thank you Ros

          • I’m interested in finding out if HP meds, cholesterol and thyroid meds are ok to take while on thrive.

    • I can help you out with a sample if you are interested! I was a day 1 Thriver for sure solely based on the focus and motivation it gives me! I absolutely love it and 100% believe in it!

    • If you haven’t tried samples yet, let me know I will mail you free sample. Send me name, email, phone & address. Thank you!

  76. Sorry that you were not happy and for the promoter not following up with you. Contact me Nd let’s try it again with my support.

  77. i am really liking how i feel with this product. if you like to join i can help you set up your free account. just let me know..

  78. H Wendy. My name is RhondA and I’m
    Brand promoter for Le-vel Thrive. I have been on the program now for 3 days and to be honest it does all it claims. I feel amazing. I have energy and I feel much more alert. Msg me back if you would like more info. As for a scam I got my order here in Australia within 4 days of ordering. I honestly have no doubt. Good luck

  79. It’s designed to be a three step process that has to be executed correctly for it to work properly. You take two capsules in the morning before your feet even touch the floor, then 20-30 minutes later you have the shake which consists of an entire packet as a serving, then you apply the patch to a lean area on the body. You can’t pick and choose steps, it WILL NOT work, period.

  80. It’s not junk. Not everyone feels the benefits the same, sounds like your promoter just didn’t follow up. You should really try it again!

    • Not a MLM in the typical definition. Free to become a customer and free product possibility too, ask or look up details. Free to become a promoter, not required to purchase anything. No money down or at any time.

  81. I’ve been taking Thrive for almost 13 months. I love it. Most people I’ve talked with that said it “didn’t work” for them – took it wrong, inconsistent, and or didn’t even give it time to work – it’s like – I went to the gym for 3 days and I still didn’t lose weight or qualify for the Olympics – gyms/working out don’t work – ???

  82. It is kind of expensive. I would like a free sample to try before I buy. If you can do this please comment with your contact information.

      • Hi Amelia! I Will like to try it first! Can you please email me the inf please. My name is Yanel please let me know. Thanks

      • If I provided you with my email… will I be able to get a free sample as well? Being a single mother I would like to know if the product if right for me before spending that much money on a product. Thank you for your time and comprehension.

    • You can get a free sample easily, 3 day supply. Without commitments. If you would like some information then get ahold of me, text, messenger, or email. There’s lots of opportunities as well as offers to buy back your unused supply if after 2 weeks you decide it is not for you. Hit me up and I can give you my phone number too.

  83. Isabella,
    YOU have full control over your ordering of product. All you have to do is log into your account and delete any shipments you have set up. Any product you received that you do not want can be returned. In your customer account you will see a Contact Customer Support button. Just click it and email support

  84. Mark,
    You could make a very cheap version of Thrive; full of fillers, not organic, not certified GMO and not ultra micronized so your body actually absorbs over 98% of the product. But then that really would not be Thrive would it?
    You do know that you get Thrive for FREE when you refer 2 customers? How much cheaper can you get? I have been paying only shipping cost for over 2 years. So I am proof. You know what I do with the money I make? I invest it in more Thrive so I can give FREE samples to people I know that could improve their health with the product.

  85. Randa,
    I am sorry you did not get follow up from your promoter. Were you told to avoid caffeine? You should have been told to drink plenty of water and to eat healthy meals to avoid a blood sugar crash.
    I advise people as soon as they wake up to take 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach with about half a bottle of water. Then use the lifestyle mix to make a smoothie about 10-40 minutes later. Then, take the second capsule about 30 minutes before lunch.
    Did you eat on the days you tried your sample? Since Thrive has metabolic support, so if you do not eat, your blood sugar will drop and you will feel bad. The depressed feeling and rage you describe are common symptoms of low blood sugar.

    Le-Vel products are very high quality, non GMO, organic and formulated in an FDA approved facility in the United States.

    • Can you send me a sample pack please. With it being so high in price I would love to try it first and see how it does.

    • Just started today and wanting to loose weight and get energy, but healthy way. I am about 200lbs over weight so don’t wanna harm my heart. Can you tell me best way to take the capsule ,shake, patch from your experience. Also what did you eat while on experience
      Did you have any weird side effects

    • Hi Denise, I just ordered a sample the person I ordered from did’nt give me this advice, can I come to you if I have questions? I am a diabetic, and was worried about any side effects or sugar crashes.
      I can see were taking one pill and then taking another at lunch may be better for me.

  86. That’s too bad you gave it up..I was diagnosed with essential tremors and put on meds that we all know there is side effects and started thrive at the same time.I’m a Hair dresser and with the tremors and my adrenaline is effected and it’s not a good time with scissors in your hands but my provider called and texted me everyday 3-4 times a day knowing my adrenaline is super sensative,first few nights I slept 3 hours but I knew like anything including the meds my body needs to adjust..here I’m on my 7th day no caffine at all and I’m getting more sleep and feeling less hyper and I also have been reading about the product on what to do and not to do and reading on others experience..I just love the thought of all the Vitamins my body is getting and I was told the shake is not a meal replcement and if my adrenalin feels crazy eat food and it has helped a lot because I want to be healthy more than I want to lose the 45 extra pounds and was told in time I will shed the pound never go without food i was told.hope this helps some..

    • Amy you would need to work with a Brand promoter directly. If you are interested you can sign up for a free account and I would love to help you start your Thrive experience!

  87. Hello,

    I have been with Le-Vel Thrive for about two months now. When I first started taking the product I noticed a huge increase in energy as well as mental and emotional clarity, my chronic shoulder pain in now gone and it saved my military career. I decided to become a promoter about 3 weeks after I started taking the product. One thing that I am not a huge fan of is the auto ship program, for individual products it’s not so bad but for the packages not so much. I tell all of my customers that they can pause their auto ship at anytime! I am one of the more honest promoters because I grew up with my Dad being in MLM companies and I don’t believe in lying to people just so they will try your product.

    Either way you go I will get back to you as soon as I can!

    thank you!

  88. I’m seeing comments on Le-Vels customer service being awful.. well this is a promoter based company meaning you go through a promoter not through the main website to get your customer service.. if your promoter isn’t giving you the customer service you need find a new promoter please you can see their up-line support on your customer profile. A good promoter follows up with customers within 24 hours and gives their number to their customers if they need anything. Some customers just become a promoter to get the discount and don’t care about actually promoting.

    I have seen what this company can really do.. my family that would never do me wrong got me into it. I was a customer and loved it so much I decided to promote it myself because I’m a SAHM and figured this stuff works so if I share this amazing product and if I make a little commission on the side it’s not gonna hurt.

    If anyone is really interested in just TRYING it without even having to buy a whole months supply let me know.. that way your paying very little but still get to see what this product can do for you.

    • I would love to try this! I’ve almost ordered it several times, just don’t want to pay that much if it’s not for me.

      • There are mini experiences you can try before committing to a full month purchase :) I would recommend a 6 or 8 day to give your body a better chance to respond to the product.

      • Hello Christina~
        Been taking the product for a little over a month and I feel better than I have in years.

    • I’m interested in trying this product, I’ve been reading all the reviews summer good, some are not so good. I would like to give it a free day trial and see what kind of effect it has on me. I suffer from chronic fatigue and a lot of joint pain. I’m willing to give anything a shot that’s going to help me feel better.

      • Hi, I have been taking Thrive since June, and it has been a huge blessing in my life. More energy, better moods, no more aches and discomforts! If you would like a mini trial, please give me your contact info: name, email, address, and phone, and I will send you a mini-experience!

      • Hello Jennifer….I have been taking Thrive for 8 months….life changing. I would love to send u a mini experience pack. I was a day 1 person, u may or may not feel it within a couple of days, it’s a 8 week experience but u will def be able to see how easy it is to take???? Text me your 1st & last name & email…I’ll get info & experience pack to u!!!! I’m so excited u reached out!!!!

    • I would like to try an 8 day sample pack prior to ordering for a month supply. Can you provide me with a reasonably priced sample kit? I have 60 pounds to lose. Is this product effective with weight loss in addition to the vitamins and energy it provides? Why does it help with weight loss? I couldn’t find much info on the why, just that it provides a great feeling of energy.

  89. There is no customer service line. This is a total Cloud Based Business, meaning they do not have an office of people waiting styling to answer the phone. Do you have an account, if so, hit the CONTACT SUPPORT button and you will get help during M-F business hours, up until 11pm I believe. Depending on the nature of the question depends how fast they get back to you. But they ARE very timely!! Hope this helps!

  90. Before you hit the place order button, there is a box that HAS to be checked that shows you when your next autoship will be. You can edit that. There are 3 autoship dates and depending on when you ordered depends o.j. when next one happens. So, my thought here is… Read what is being presented in front of you and don’t blame a company for your failure to change the option when it is given to you.

  91. I find this interesting. I have been a customer for 3 months now and have had several things I have contacted customer support for and I have always been helped quickly and efficiently. My son did have a time he needed to check on his auto-ship and it was during non-business hours. Honestly, the same thing happens when you call a company and it’s not during their business hours. While I don’t understand why you can’t still send a message ( other than they don’t want you to think you’re being ignored during off hours ) it still doesn’t make it a bad system. This has been a very good company in my experience-much better than most that I have ever had to deal with.

  92. I am a new thrive promoter. I have been taking it for 15 days. I have lost 8 lbs and feel like a rock star. I am now trying to convince everyone I know that they HAVE to see how it feels too. Please contact me with any questions.

    • Hi Melissa, I have been putting of ofrdering the Wonens Lifestyle package for about a month. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it, but the high price and the fact that I have an autoimmune disorder kind of scared me. I don’t want to spend my money if it’s going to make me feel worse. I want to feel great and lose a little weight. Is there ANY way I can get like a 3 day sample first?

      • Hi Andrea I too have autoimmune diseases I’m on a lot of meds and this has been the best thing I have ever tried I do all three steps the capsules the shake and the DFT patch. I’m trying to lose 20 pounds I’ve only been in it 6 days now and already feel great down 2 pounds and have energy and feel better physically. Contact me and id be glad to talk to you more about my experiences.

        • Lori Chernow- I also have Lupus and wondered about how this may affect our organs. Methotrexate has increased my levels in my liver and dont want to cause more issues with it. How are you doing on this and have you had labs drawn since being on it? Thank you. Kris King

  93. I have been taking Thrive for a couple months now and love it. I have dropped weight, have gained a more positive attitude, overall I feel amazing. When you hear that it is something you have to feel for yourself, that is 100% correct. We all have some sort of nutritional gap that needs to be filled and we just aren’t getting the nutrients from our food source.
    If anyone is interested in trying, I will be happy to help you out.

  94. My Husband and I have been taking Thrive for the past 90 days. I am down 22 lbs and 13 in not changing my eating habits or missing meals, and he is down 30 lbs. We both have the energy to come home after work do daily chores and keep up with our toddler. Better mood all around. I became a promoter and love it! There are other items you can add as well like Boost (16 servings of Vegatables), Activate (gives you a little kick in the afternoon for workouts or after work activites), Rest (helps with sleep) and Move (extra joint support) as well as Balance (digestive issues) Tried them all love them all…let me know if you would like more information! Have a great day everyone!!!

    • Hi I would love more information. I am so overwhelmed and having a hard time figuring out which product I need to take for the 8 week experience. Was going to try the womens thrive experience tone pack plus dft ultra with balance. Is that a great place to start or should I start simple and just try the thrive experience with dft?

  95. i am thinking of being a promoter. If anyone is interested in becoming a customer or promoter let me know..

  96. I have used this product for 8 days and love it. i have more energy, helps with digestive issues ( i have IRB syndrome), notice mood has improve, and i am not craving sweets. i am thinking of being a promoter. If anyone is interested in becoming a customer or promoter let me know..

    • I have been taking Thrive for about 30days now and my favorite part is my mood elevation which has helped me in so many other aspects of my life :) If you would like to become a promoter I could help you out. I have an amzingly positive team of leaders who are always there to help each other along with their customers and promoters!

  97. You can email to customer support, but even promoters do not have a number.
    If you have an account. Go to support and send a message. Sorry. I wish we did.

  98. If you signed up with a promoter, they should walk you through. Go to your account to place order- then manage autoship, then down near the bottom should be to pause or cancel.

  99. The first two days I felt great but had some jitters. The past two days I feel weird no other way to explain it. I have tons of diagnosises, one being atrial fib. I cut back on my dose thinking that it was causing my heart to race but I don’t feel much better today. I’m wondering if it’s detox or the caffeine is affecting my heart.

  100. Are either of you allergic to shellfish? Some of the ingredients are derived from shellfish and can cause an allergic reaction if you have a sensitivity.

  101. Here is my story so far on the Thrive Experience:
    My name is Barbara Warren and this is my Thrive Experience.

    I’m 43 years old, Active Duty Army Soldier, a mother of two college men and been married for 24 years.

    I’ve always been a healthy, NEVER get sick type gal; always on the go and living life to the fullest. Because of my compassion for helping others and serving my community, I made the decision to enlist active duty Army ( how hard could it be, I’m an Army Brat…lol) My goal was to become a Physician as a way to contribute but on a bigger scale. What could be more grand than that I thought to myself. I enlisted in 2001 on the brink/aftermath of 9/11 while stationed in Germany with my husband. That solidified my decision to serve my country.

    I found myself heading off to basic training January 24, 2002. I trained as a Surgical Technologist and assigned to the 745th FST(Forward Surgical Team) in September 2002 and headed to my first deployment March 2003. Immediately landing in country I was sick for the first 30 days. I was scared and didn’t know what to think. My goodness I had never sick and now I’ve been sick for 4 weeks. I was in country for 6 months. I noticed upon return, I had less energy, my eye sight had gotten a little worse, very irritable, short tempered and just all around didn’t feel well. But no one could tell me what was wrong.

    I ended up doing another tour in Iraq November 5th 2004 I did not return from that deployment until October 25th 2005. By that time my attitude, my temper, my hygiene and everything that you can think of that a normal person would do on a daily bases had diminished; I seemed to have lost my identity. For the first time in my life I had failed four college courses in which previously I was a straight A student. Mental clarity, focus, concentration we’re gone. I definitely wasn’t myself anymore and my children noticed.

    Now let’s fast forwars – 2008 when I was stationed in Hawaii I started to notice that my hair was falling out, my skin became very dry, I had no energy, I didn’t want to do anything, I didn’t want to be around anyone just to find out that now my Thyroid does not work. I was acquiring a lot of health issues along with discomfort with in my body that I could not explain; I just know I did not feel well nor did I feel healthy. Started to have migraines some very severe; so severe that in August of 2013 I was diagnosed with a cerebral stroke. Not only that they thought I had Lupus; a disease I surely didn’t want and blood test, after blood test continue to come back abnormal. This isn’t supposed to be happening to me I’m a soldier for goodness sakes. Due to what was happening I was put on preventative medication to keep migraines in check, to regulate my thyroid, not only that I was diagnosed with diabetes, sleep apnea, PTSD, depression, history of blood clots; you name it I had it and I have a pill for it.

    After reaching the staggering number of 13 prescribed medications; I decided that enough was enough and I need it to take a stand/take control of my health the way that I needed it to be done. I did my research; I looked for programs that were natural in nature, NOT complicated or required me to take additional items to work. Shoot we very rarely got the opportunity to sit down and eat a real lunch during the day. Something that I could take to my team of doctors including an internal medicine doctor to give me the go ahead to try a program that would not interfere with my medications but also help discontinue my discomfort & some of the medications I am currently on. I am glad to say that I found Le-Vel.

    “Freaking “OUTSTANDING!!”” – I was definitely a day oner ~ I haven’t felt this good in many years (10 years to be exact). Being in the medical field, not everything works for everyone. I have tried dozens of products and this by far has hit the nail on the head. You have to use the product for which it was intended. 3 step process is what sold me with my busy schedule. While most of you are snuggled in your beds, I am up at 2:30am and at work by 3:30am working a full 13 to 16 hours a day training Soldiers.

    I have the mental clarity, focus, drive, determination, energy, digestive system is working naturally, not falling asleep at the wheel, well rested, and the patience to deal with 17 to 25 year old who still act like they’re in high school. I will soon be medically retired and having this product to help me throughout the day is just what I needed. I’m happy to report that I have discontinued 2 medications so far and looking to get rid of 4 more.

    Disclaimer: I make NO medical claims whatsoever, all I know is I feel better and the discomforts I have experienced over the years have seem to lessen. I still have my team of doctors and required to report to them of my progress in a log monthly.

    • what a great story!!! Thanks for sharing..For Most people this product and products works.. There will always be someone out there that will need to complain or it just doesn’t work for them. But for the people that go into this with a positive attitude and are willing to put the system to a test, It is an awesome experience!!

    • Oh my!!! I’m on day one of Thrive… I am have been AD Army for 20 years and am going through the MEB process for all the millions of little things that have added up and taken over by my PTSD and anxiety… You Ma’am have given me a ray of hope!

    • Thank you. Both for your honesty and for your service. I retire in 6 months after 20 years of service I too have an underactive thyroid, degeneration in my pelvis and neck ptsd, insomnia, you name it I have a pill for it. My sister sent me info on thrive and I have purchased my first 8 week experience, I’m excited to try it and your testimony is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you

    • Barbara,
      I am glad and very excited to see your review. First, thank you for your service. I am actually retired Air Force and I had developed many health issues while on active duty. My hesitation with starting this program was the fact that I have thyroid issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, borderline high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and undifferentiated connective tissue disease (in the lupus family). And to add to this, I had my torn rotator cuff repaired on Nov 20, 2016 so I am in painful PT for that now-lol. Yes, I take medications for all of these issues except high cholesterol. I am encourage now to try it. Thanks!

    • If you would like I can type a message to the support people and ask. I do not think Thrive has any affects on birth control but I can sure help you out if you would like. It is the weekend and supoport is only available during regular business hours so it might take a couple of days plus it s a holiday tomorrow. I can also ask my team of leaders, they are awesome resources of information themselves :)

  102. I’m not a promotor, nor do I intend on selling. This is only my opinion. From the beginning, I tried many ways to lose weight. Shakeology, diet pills, you name it. I finally gave up and did it the hard way, I gave up all soda, junk food and worked out, I took up bodybuilding . I suffer from fibromyalgia and heel spurs by the way, so running is out of the question, per Dr orders. Borderline diabetic as well, thanks genes! I began this journey in January 2014. By August I lost 40 pounds. I also began using pre workout drinks, CLA, fish oil, multi vitamins, biotin, protein powder, to name a few. My husband is on the same journey I am, so it obviously added to a lot of money. We are both in the medical field, work a lot, and are raising 6 teenagers. Just an insight to our life. My niece promoted thrive via Facebook. I decided why not give it a shot with some samples. Realizing also, I had tried this women’s vitamin pack from a health store, which contains a pill called x12. I suffered side effects for 2 days after one pill. I trembled, heart raced…bad move. My fault for not reading more reviews, but how are we to know what will happen. What works for one may not the other. Have you heard the commercials advertising drugs these days, might as well stick with the illness! Knowing now how sensitive i am, I approached this thrive carefully. The first day I did the entire process. Two pills, shake, and patch. My body was obviously not used to it, because I did jitter a bit. It passed by noon, I wake at 4am, took it by 5am. However, I was more alert. Focused. It was nice. I should have started with one pill. Next day went much better. I had hit a plateau also in weight loss, since I began thrive a month ago, I lost 5 more pounds. May not seem a lot, but remember I am bodybuilding, so it will not show by weight. You cannot use weight as an indicator, body fat is more useful. My Jean size was 18 when I began, I was at a tight 14 when I reached my plateau. Now I am 12. I highly recommend, if you take medication regularly, consult your primary physician before taking thrive. It’s also not a miracle drug, if you don’t work, thrive will not either. My husband and I do not take any other supplements since switching to thrive. All gone. Realize also, we are all different, all at different levels of health. I had a low metabolism, thrive jump started it. I eat regularly and still able to lose weight, but I also workout 5 to 6 times a week. It’s a mindset as well…if you are finished feeling sorry for yourself and ready to change, then you will. I had to end the cycle when I needed new jeans because my old ones were too small…I was getting too heavy. I walked out of that store ready to change! Hope this helps. You do not have to wear the patch or drink the shake, the pills may be a good start to begin with. Just ask your doctor.

    • I’m an Active Duty Soldier,

      Due to service connected/combat related illnesses and injuries currently take 13 medications. I actually took Thrive to my team of Doctors, to include an Internal Medicine Physician. I have Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, PTDS, Sleep Apena, Lupus and I could go on and on. I have been on Thrive for 13 days. Take 2 caps, before my feet hit the floor (I have to get up @ 230 am; at work by 0330 am) wait 20 mins down my Lifestyle mix and then apply my DFT all before I leave for work. One of the things I notice is that people don’t drink water throughout the day. I have NEVER experienced jitters while even taking all of my medications. The 3 products were formulated to work together to give the ultimate experience. It is NOT recommend to take stand alone products. Although this is your personal opinion, that is not how the product was intended to be used. I work in the medical field and we suggest you take the product to your Physician for his/her thorough review. I work out 6 days a week and with all of my discomfort this by far has been the best product I have EVER used and I have used every product within reason according to my Physicians guidance. NOT everything works for everyone even if it is natural……I can’t eat broccoli for goodness sakes and I was eating it just about everyday until we realized it was inflaming my intestines….go figure that! Lastly, I work 13-16 hours a day not including weekend. I have TONS of energy, not falling asleep at the wheel when driving, mental clarity, less irritable, digestive system in check, and not crashing for 2-3 hours once I get home.

      Sorry, you feel it didn’t work for you.

      • Not sure what this comment was meant for, but it actually works quite well, without the patch. I did not feel any different. I drink a lot of water everyday. The bad jittery side effects and racing heart were due to another pill I tried which came with a vitamin pack, x12. Otherwise, any negative effects thrive had were not too bad. I don’t think you read my comment completely. I know my promoter only takes what she needs, not the whole 3 items as well. Not sure if this was a sales pitch. I would seriously have doubts on anyone claiming to be medical personnel trying to pitch the entire thing, when it is really up to the individual to decide. What if someone was allergic to the patch? Should they not try anything else? Honestly folks, this is pretty much the reason I took so long to even try thrive. It seriously sounds like a sales pitch. It makes “the ultimate experience” sound fishy.
        PS. Most of my weight was lost by regular diet and exercise, as I wrote. Thrive only gave me a boost to lose more and stop taking so many pills to achieve it.

      • Barbera, thank-you for sharing. I also have lupus, fibro and neuropathy. I feel so much better too. I use to teach body building and nutrition before I got sick. I was in excellent health with only 11 % body fat. Things went down hill fast for years. Now i’m thriving and almost back to my old self

  103. Thank you for sharing this. I think this is what I currently experiencing. I’ve been off thrive for 2 weeks and now am left with high blood pressure and anxiety.

  104. I’ve been taking the Thrive-W plus the patches for 19 days now. I didn’t know about the weightloss or appetite control functions – I was taking it because my coworker said it gives her energy and helps her think better – both of which I wanted to experience. I actually purchased it from a different friend because I wasn’t going to stress my work relationships that way – you know? Especially if it didn’t work, it would be really awkward. So I was taking it as my coworker said – two pills very first thing in morning before any food goes in. Half hour later, I drank my shake (don’t know why people are complaining – to me, it tastes fabulous – not rich, not heavy, and not clumpy) while eating my two slices whole grain nut bread and coffee. After the second week, I realized I wasn’t eating (or tempted by) my chocolates and chips – I usually eat them every day, but Friday came and I didn’t even make my weekly run to the drug store for the 3 boxes of chocolate. That’s when I realized I had lots left over cause I just wasn’t eating them – wasn’t even THINKING about them. I have a 6-10 pieces of chocolate a day habit for years – and I’ve not touched any in the last 10 days. I’ve lost 3 pounds but seriously, I wasn’t thinking weightloss when I took these. Also – I do have energy but it’s not jittery or anything like that – but more a feeling of suddenly being “ABLE” to do daily stuff without feeling put-upon by them. I have noticed too that my eyes aren’t blurry – I haven’t needed my “cheaters” in days now. Is it the effect of better nutrition from the pills/shake? Appetite suppression from the patch? I don’t know – I don’t care. I’m happy that I’m feeling better – and very pleased that there’s an appetite suppression side effect!! I’m going to try to diet going forward and see if I can lose even more weight.

  105. I am happy with my Thrive experience, its has worked wonders for me. Admittedly, not every product is going to work for everybody the same way, but I for one am glad I took the chance.

  106. I got a 3 day sample from a promoter and the first day I took 2 capsules, drank my shake, and put on my patch. I was so jittery and I seriously had to leave class to walk around. I went to the restroom all day long!! Talk about detoxing! I lost about 5 lbs, but it included exercise and a lot of water drinking. I was so focused and I have a 1 year old who likes to run around. Even then I felt so energized and full of motivation. Day 4 came and I ran out of the sample supplements and the under-eye baggage was terrible! It looked like I hadn’t slept for days. I feel like it tired my body out unconsciously. Although I absolutely loved it, I don’t know if I would want to actually spend the money since I don’t want to rely on it.

    • Hi Denisse A.,

      You were feeling withdrawls because your body was lacking those supplements that Thrive filled in. If i dont take my Thrive for a couple days I feel the same way. I get lethargic and depressed, but i realize its because my body needs the nutrition that Thrive provides. Ultimately, it is just a nutritional blend of vitamins, minerals and supplements which you can take separately, or take with Thrive in 3 easy steps! You only did 3 days. I have done 3 months so far and I will never stop!

      • Hi Alexandria – Do you sell Thrive or can you give me a contact name? I have reached out to a promoter in my area but have not heard anything back. I am interested in a trail pack.

        • Veronica I am a promotor and would be more than happy to help you if nobody has yet done so. I love everything level does for me!

          • Kathleen,
            My name is Tammy and I am looking for a promoter to give me a free trial pack. I am very interested in the product. I want to lose 30 lbs. I have hypothyroidism so I never have enough energy or mental function. This product reads like it may be the answer to a lot of my problems. Before I spend that kind of money though I do want to give it a try. Then I understand that I will be able to go on auto pay?

          • Can you email info on how to get a trail pack? I am typically allergic to patches, so I want to try it before I buy it. Needed for weightloss. Do you have any info on if it helps PCOS and endometrosis suffers with hormonal imbalance weight gain?

  107. I started Thrive on Tuesday of this week. I have constant aches due to an old injury and have been absolutely miserable from it for two years. I have to say that taking Thrive (that’s the only thing I changed) has helped me tremendously and I don’t promote anything I’ve ever tried. And, nothing else has ever helped me with the discomfort I feel; NOTHING. I love this product and will continue to take it.

    • I have heard of some people’s “detox period” be about a week. Having flu-like symptoms is normal. Your body is getting rid of toxins that have been pent up in your body. Everyone has different reactions to the supplements. Thankfully, I didnt have any negative side effects. If you have an uneasy stomach, i would suggest taking just one pill a day. I feel that the pill is the “strongest” component and sometimes can make people feel jittery. Also, a very important thing to keep in mind is that you HAVE to drink plenty of water. This is the way your body gets rid of waste and toxins. I would be happy to answer any more questions you have. I also did my own research before i started on the proprietary blend ingredients.

      • I take half a shake every single day because I hate days without a shake. 16 shakes become 32 that way. Sucks you have a crappy promoter. Id love to help you with these questions to get the most out of your experience. Detox headaches I had on day 3 . Lots of water is important to flush your body. Also I never put dft on my arms anymore. Lower back or down by my ankle are my favorites. My arms get sore.

    • Hi, I just started today but my promoter told me to do the shake every other day, wear the patch for 24 hours and just change it out every day to another spot on the body and to drink lots of water and no caffeine.

  108. I’m sorry for all those that this product hasn’t worked for. The truth is that nothing is going to work 100% of the time for 100% of the people. Also, it’s always recommended to consult a doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program. That includes supplements.

    That being said, I am not a promoter and am making no money on this. I am a week three Thriver. I LOVE my promoters. They are not pushy and they want to genuinely help.

    I am a worker in a warehouse where I have to do lots of physical labor. Ever had to unload a 40 foot ocean container by hand, by yourself? I have and it’s ruins the rest of your day. I was skeptical and didn’t want it to work, but by the end of the week, I was all in. I didn’t have to nap at the end of the day, I did chores after work, and I didn’t hurt.

    I’m surprised at the reviews that had high blood pressure. The Forslean in the patch is Coleus Forskohlii. The information is available on Webmd.

    Anyone that is truly interested, contact me and I will get you to the people that helped me. They can get you started.

    • Hi I have been thinking of trying but have high blood pressure. Do you know of it is safe for people with HBO and taking high blood pressure medicine?

      • With any medical condition it is suggested you talk to your health care physician. I can send you PDF’s with the ingredients if you would like. Then you can confirm with your doctor and make sure all is OK.

        I have HB too and my doctor was ok with me doing THRIVE but it’s best to seek your doctors advice.

        Let me know if you would like the PDF’s for reference.

  109. I’ve been on Thrive since July and I LOVE it! I will say it’s not for everybody though – and I don’t push it on anyone. However, for me personally, I’ve noticed more energy in the gym, faster recovery times, less cravings, my joints don’t ache as much (knees and squatting) and I’m just generally in a better mood! Happy, optimistic, driven and more focused. This isn’t all day every day – but it’s definitely more consistent and frequent than before Thrive. My hair and nails grow FAST. I went through a detox on day 3 with a slight headache. I reached out to my rep/promoter and she let me know what was happening and advised I make sure I’m drinking lots of water and to try eating – it worked! And I’ve had no issues since. I will say I haven’t lost weight – but that’s not what I was expecting either. I already eat healthy (plan meals and pre-make them for the week) and go to the gym regularly. I know how weight loss and muscle building works. I have quit all my other supplements since Thrive – no more preworkouts, protein shakes/bars, no multi-vitamins, Biotin, B6, Glucosamine, Omega’s, etc. Thrive has replaced all of those for me. So yes, Thrive can be spendy – but when you compare it to what it replaces (especially for me), it’s a bargain, considering the benefits I now have and didn’t see on my prior regimine. Is it for you? It could be. If you have health concerns, you should consult your doctor – as with anything you consume. It’s not a miracle drug, nor does it claim to be. Also, there are statements in this article that aren’t entirely true – do your research for sure.

  110. I just started the product on Saturday Oct 3, 2015. I felt good about the product, and Sunday night I slept like a baby, and I am aware that my body is going through the detoxing, but it feels like I am at a high rate speed, and I only take on capsule, and my shake then my DFT. The mouth stays dry, and warmth feeling that I feel sometimes scares me, but I just thought maybe its coming from me working out, and etc. Monday night had a hard time going to sleep, but I was really sleepy, but I tossed and turned all night long. I removed my patch before going to sleep, just to see what my results would be like. I am going to continue my 8 weeks and see what really happens to my body, and if I need to stop then I will. But at first I felt jittery, a little off at first and etc, but that seems to slow down. I will try the magnesium taurate and see if that will help tonight

    • I’m on week 7, I’ve been taking the patches off at night but I still toss and turn all night, magnesium is no match for this drug. I think I’ve gained weight…well I certainly haven’t lost any. I will finish my 8 weeks but it’s just not worth the $300 a month is costing me. The positives I feel are increased energy in the morning, I’ve always been slow to get moving, I feel good most of the day but my energy level in the evening is the same as it was before.

      • I tried the whole deal for six months. At first I thought it was working, I love the shake and the vitamins but I could not do the patch because it irratated my skin. I start April 2015, ended the program just this Monday. During my expirence, I never lost weight, I did feel energetic but I did gain 16 pounds. Very disappointed and I did follow the program. I looked forward to the shake everyday. A very costly expirence to gain weigh and not lose it.

        • Hi Donna,

          Did you change your diet or exercise with the new energy you had? I have definitely trimmed up, but i think it is because I am making better choices and working out. Thrive is meant to “assist” a healthy lifestyle. Also, did you drink the shake in place of breakfast? That is something else I did which saved a lot of calories per day.

  111. I am on day 6 of Thrive and I have noticed some minor differences. I have been given a sample pack that i have spread out by cutting the patch in half and only one pill a day. It’s too much for me to do it full strength. I am concerned at how much caffeine is in the whole system. It’s in the protein drink, pills and patch….that seems a bit excessive. Again, I am not knocking because when I “half it up” with the shake, it’s great. But just super concerned about the caffeine. Yeah…you don’t feel like drinking coffee but you are still loading up on caffeine but in a different way. Anyone else feel this way? Just want to make an educated decision before putting my money on the line.

  112. Water… Every 3 months you are suppose to detox because of all the clutten in you body due to the food we eat. But you have to maintain hydraided

  113. My experience with Thrive has been great… My hair was failing out after being in the product for 4 days I’ve notice that my hair stopped failing and was 6 pds lighter my 2 WK of trying the product. All I did was changing my eating habits drink lots of water and light exercise. I talked to my ex-boss who is a nutritional consultant and she explained to me that the product is a great product a bit of caffeine, but it’s not an induced or artificial stimulant. She said I would rather use this product than regular coffee. People nothing is going to work for you unless you make changes in your eating habits. Your lifestyle will change if you keep do what you are suppose to do. I have friends who are doctors taking it. With high blood pressure and diabetes and their situation has improved. But again is all about commiting yourselve towards making a change. I have and I’m seeing results.

    • Was it the thrive or was it the “changing my eating habits drink lots of water and light exercise” that really helped. Sometime making one life change, prompts others. Either way I am glad it worked for you.

    • Of course if you change your eating habits, drink water, and exercise, you are gonna feel better and lose weight. It’s those changes that make it happen. Not a pill or drink mix!!! A supplement is a supplement.

      • Actually a lot of people have had a hard time changing their eating habits and exercising. I for one was always hungry, had major sugar cravings and was unable to maintain any healthful diet for more than a month. This patch and pills has eliminated my need to drink alcohol every evening and I am seriously not hungry all the time. I feel like a new woman. I agree this wont work for everyone and I’m not a promoter, but I will use this product as long as it works. I tried supplements and vitamins in the past but I’ve suffered from Anemia and I believe this has helped me immensely. I think people should give it a shot, I was really apprehensive and was even angry that I got talked into spending $150. I cancelled auto ship immediately and was so mad… but after getting the stuff and refusing to use it for about a week. I tried it and have been a happy customer for months now. I am just over the moon. I never thought Id be thin again… Metabolift with Phen Phen was the only thing that worked in the past.

  114. Hey everyone! So I read through a lot of these comments and I finally decided to just post my own. Thrive is the real deal. I have tried everything from Body by Vi (Visalus) to Beachbody’s Shakeology. Other things either didnt work or they started too and once I stopped the weight came back. What Ive learned about Thrive being on it for over a month now, is it is the real deal! It is not just a weight loss product though guys. Its a “Premium Lifestyle” product for a reason. It has taken the place of my One a Day, my Healthy Skin and Nails, My energy drink, my Pre Workout, and my protein shakes. I was probably the biggest skeptic yet!!! But let me tell you something. I am 29 years old and I was feeling like my 68 year old grandma! I am making NO medical claims here by all means! But I have scoliosis and Peptic Ulcers and i was pretty miserable all the time. Specifically from the back pain on a daily bases. My Back pain has virtually disappeard! My feel no longer swell after a 10 hour shift. My stomach no longer burns and the acid reflux like symtoms have subsided. I have so much energy and Thrive has really helped balance me out. But my biggest benefit?? I have lost 18.6 lbs in 4 weeks and just over 2 inches around my waist! This is the real deal if you commit to the 8 week experience and follow the directions to the T! At first I didnt and then I shaped up after my Promoter told me I needed to make sure I waited to take my Lifestyle shake atleast 20 minutes after I took the capsules. THEN put on the DFT foam patch. I always took the capsules right away after I got out of bed but I would just forget, I had to really COMMIT to following the steps! As soon as I did, It started to do just what I was told. Im a real person. Ive been on it like I said for just over a month now. I started September 1st and have lost weight, gained energy, and now I just became a promoter to share with people what a blessing Thrive has been. If anyone has any questions at all I would be happy to help! Id be happy to set you up with a free account if you would like more info. :)

      • Hi, I would be happy to help you on your Thrive journey. I felt a difference on my 2 day. I could feel more energy, not like a rush, that would crash later. Subtle energy where I had done some house work before leaving for work. Once at work I had more mental clarity figured things out easier. Most important for me was a feeling of well being, happy if you will. Had struggled in the past with depression and anxiety, thrive took the anxiousness away for me and for that I am so grateful. I look forward to hearing from any one with questions or would like to try samples.

  115. Hey Dean, I am a very new promoter but customer first. I can answer the questions I do know. :) Le-vel is based out of Colorado and owned/created by three men. One who I just met actually. They send out thier products for testing 3x before it goes out by independant Research and Developments. The products are very safe. I know a doctor who uses it and who has been on it for 9 months he say. It is 100% natural, GMO free and Gluten free for those who care about gluten lol.. We have a couple big names who are “Thrivers” but are not paid to be an “endorser” but are actually promoters and make money from that.., but bigger names who have contracts with other products are not allowed to say thier using Thrive but actually are AND THEY ARE HUGE PAID PROMOTERS FOR OTHER COMPANIES which is hysterical. Especially because theyre getting paid to promote something else but using Thrive. And what I have learned is bigger promoters will actually offer to buy your product back after 21 days if you order a month on autoship and if it doesnt work for you they will buy what it unused? I’ve never has someone ask for their money back though or who it hasnt worked for lol. Im a real average gal who is a customer and promoter so if you have any questions you can email me

  116. I’m on my 4th week with Thrive, the first week I detoxed which I had expected and prepared for. Since then I have noticed an increase in daytime energy and a reduction in body pain. I am struggling with some significant body pain issues that I know realistically cannot be resolved overnight so I’m pleased with the decrease in pain that I’m experiencing. What I am still disappointed with is that it has not helped me with my 15 year struggle with insomnia but has increased my sleep issues. I love it during the day but dread going to bed at night…. I’m not sure what to do. I think I will finish my 8 weeks and see how I do but I can’t continuing this tossing and turning every night for too long.

    • have you tried magnesium supplement with B6 for absorption. Natural calm which is a mag citrate will do the trick but doesn’t absorb much but will give you sleep magnesium glycinate is 80% absorbable by the body . Jigsaw is a good mag supp with the B 6 in it already:)

    • Take 2 caps of magnesium taurate. Your body can metabolize it easier and helps relax muscles, which promotes relaxation. I take every night to help sleep. Works well. Can find at health food stores.

  117. Try adding the boost to your shake in the morning! I don’t like it by itself but it’s good mixed into the shake.

    • Hey Bob, send me your email address and I can set you up with a Free account and send you the ingredients list. I’m a Thrive Promoter if you have any questions.

      • Hi melani I bought thrive for my daughter she is 15 and weighs 157 pounds Has migraines and also juvenile rheumatoid arthritis I was hoping this product was going to help but instead my daughter got so sick extremely dizzy and her stomach upset what can we do ?I’m sorry to be bothering you the promoter that recommended thrive is on the other coast and haven’t answered my emails have you heard this issue before?

  118. My heart used to feel like that too. i started putting the patch on my back instead of my chest and it didn’t do that anymore. also i eased into the pills first just taking one than 2 when i got more used to it. hope this helps.

    • is that per pill or per 2 pill serving? How can there be none in the patch when the patch has herbs that contain it? I really really want to know the truth for sure, so I can decide if the product will be good for me. Thanks.

  119. Thrive has been awesome to me. I use to drink coffee and energy drinks all day just to get by. Ever since starting Thrive I’ve had energy all day long and I sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed. I even wake up before my one year old which never happens.

    • Just curious if you breast feed? I have a friend wondering about breastfeeding and taking it? Her little one is a year as well.

      • Do not take if breast feeding. It contains gaurana which is a appetite suppressant and it contains things to boost metabolism. Two things you don’t want your child receive.

  120. I am on day 16 of my thrive experience and I feel incredible. I have had clean sustained energy throughout the day with no CRASH. I have not had a bit of caffeine since starting Thrive. I feel happier and healthier. My cravings for sweets are gone and I have already lost 5 pounds. Thrive is the real deal. Everyone acclimates differently to the product you just need to stick with it and remember to drink lots of water. If your interested in starting you Thrive experience I can help you set up a free account. My goal is to share my experience and help others to feel as good as I do.

    • Soon actually, Kiara. I can get you more information on that and when we will ship there. Send me a message or your email address when you get a chance. :)

    • Kiara, I was just told were about to start selling and shipping to AU very soon!! I can set you up a free account and then when we go live you can order if you choose to! :)

    • Yes Kiara, The Thrive is available in Australia. .. some of these comments are ridiculous.. there is less natural caffeine in all 3 steps than 1 cup of coffee. . My Brother in law had open heart surgery 2 years ago and uses the Thrive..with approval of his cardiologist..

  121. I wrote a review of my own personal experience with Thrive if anyone is interested. It’s from the perspective of a shift worker that drank 2/3 monsters a day plus coffee for 10 years.

  122. I’m on day 13.. no major changes, maybe a bit clearer and more energy… have a fb page to document day by day not sold on this yet, still debating if i should go another month or not. Thinking of talking to the local nutritionist to see/compare similar products.

    • Dana, definitely keep at it. Takes people longer than others to have their “a-ha” moment. My one girlfriend didn’t feel anything until day 20 and she was so thankful that she kept going.

  123. Sam,
    I’d love to help you with your goals be it weight loss, more energy, getting healthy, etc. If you are interested in a trusted company over 20 years old. Thank you!


  124. Does anyone know if thrive has any affect on the birth control nexplanon? Any thrivers Nexplanon users the ok from the doc?

  125. Brianne, Do not drink any coffee or consume caffeine and take thrive. Just drink a ton of water! Le-Vel support advised me 65mg caffeine with capsules, mix and dft. Sorry you feel sick. Are you eating an hour after taking thrive? taking on empty stomach, 20-30 mins drink lifestyle mix and putting on dft immediately? Sometimes you just need to take one capsule in beginning first 3 days instead of two and drink 10 glasses of water flush out any toxins built up in your body. A friend of mine felt like this too for first week. Try to give it a chance! Eat something small protein if you feeling queasy. Remember to continue eating regular meals since it’s not a meal replacement. I hope you feel better soon!

  126. Brianna, I am so sorry you had an adverse reaction to Thrive. Are you taking any other prescribed medications? Have high blood pressure or any other health conditions? I have been using Thrive for almost 4 months and I don’t have any medical conditions other than anxiety and depression, which Thrive has helped reduce my symptoms, but I am not taking any meds from my doctor. A friend of mine tried and had a similar reaction and found out she was on bp meds and ritalin which caused her heart racing and palpitations, for example due to the meds, health heart condition and thrive. I emailed LeVel support and they told me that the capsules and lifestyle mix together have 65 mg of caffeine which is less than a cup of coffee so maybe something else causing this reaction. It is good to try it first and see the simplicity and if any adverse reactions and always check with your doctor first just in case. I am disappointed it wasn’t a fit for you too, since it has really given me so much more energy and better mental clarity and focus since I was in such a mental fog.

    • it seems to me that as promoter for thrive you are giving medical advice, I think that is a dangerous play when you have people have cardiac events after using your product:(

  127. Hi Hannah, Everyone has their own thrive experience and it varies from person to person. Some are day one feel it right away and others day 4 or day 10 or day 30 so they call it an 8 week experience. I was day one. From my experience it is not a scam. First, how many days did you take the product and did you do all three steps? Tell me how you took the capsules, lifestyle mix and dft? Are you consuming any other sources of caffeine during your day? How much water are you drinking per day? Drink half your body weight or more. Sometimes toxins built up in the body need to flush everything out. Susan

  128. Lost 9 Lbs in 12 days!!! I didn’t change my eating habits or increase my exercise. I am a mother who works full time and at the end of the day I still have energy to spare. Since I started taking this product I have never felt so alive. These are all of the benefits that I have experienced since starting my Thrive 8 week experience: energy increase (and not the jittery kind), weight loss without even trying, I feel less hungry during the day, mental clarity, overall happy feeling all the time, Pain relief from fibromyalgia, deeper more relaxed sleep and the list goes on and on. If you would like to experience some of these benefits and so much more please email me and I will help get you started!!!!

  129. If you would like to try a free sample please read this.. I am a stay at home mom of two children and was drinking 4-6 cups of coffee a day. I got started on thrive over two months ago and no longer need coffee. Not only has Thrive given me energy to keep up with my kids but it has also helped me be more clear of my surroundings.

    My daughter was on our couch and was playing around. I was watching tv and was able to catch her before she fell off the couch. This stuff is amazing. I have also been able to stretch and workout as I don’t have the back pain I used to when I did cardio.

    To top it off, I have been able to add some extra money into my household by promoting the product! Now if you have ever experienced this please contact me today for samples as I am certain you will love this product just as much as I do.

  130. Don’t take both capsules. It did this to me and I started taking just 1 capsule and after 3 days I was good to go

  131. I’ve been on Thrive for a week and a half now. The first day was great. I woke up, started the Thrive routine and was energized the rest of the day, i was so excited and looking forward to 8 weeks of this…day 2- 10 …haven’t felt that energy again. I haven’t a clue what is going on. I am so disappointed. I read all the good reviews and it frustrates me even more than I was before I started. Has anyone else had this experience? I’m not giving up, I will continue the 8 week experience in hopes that my system will react better to it soon.

    • Drink lots of water no caffeine. Some people go through detox you must flush out toxins in body. Give it full 8 weeks! Some people need more time. Are you taking empty stomach before your feet hit the floor with glass of water 2 capsules, then 20 mins later lifestyle mix with 8 oz milk or water and then put on dft on clean lean body mass bicep or forearm? I hope it gets better soon! I have been on almost 4 months and feeling great still, but I was day one, everyone has different experience.

  132. I would love to try it first before I go buy all of it to make sure I can take it all . So if I could get all of it for women I’m very interested in this product maybe not the shakes but the rest of the stuff I would love to try if I could.

  133. This is day 3 for me and I went ahead and ordered a month’s worth for a longer trial. For those who had heart racing issues and chest pain, I am guessing that it is the caffeine and an ephedra-like herb. Both not harmful but some people are way more sensitive to it than others (like with all chemicals). I felt a little jittery day one. Day two, better balance of food and Thrive. Night #2, slept more soundly and woke up day 3 way less “foggy” and more refreshed. My mind feels less cloudy. (That can also be a result of less sugar). If it doesn’t work for you, don’t assume a scam. Everyone responds differently. The B vitamins alone, if you don’t eat nutritionally, will impact you. If you drink diet soda, do not drink it while on this. The women’s formula has aspartic acid (not aspartame) but you should err on the side of caution. (Stop drinking diet soda anyway. It is poison.) Someone mentioned that they have aspartame sensitivity. Aspartic acid is an amino acid so should be ok but the other two ingredients in aspartame are not ok alone and are not in Thrive. If in doubt, order men’s vitamins instead. Almost the same combo minus aspartic acid. This stuff is not cheap. If you want to start on your own less expensively, I recommend upping your vitamin B across the board first. BTW, the shake is better tasting than I thought and I hate soy and stevia. This is a good blend.

    • I just finished week 2 of the women’s thrive …while I love it I have been have issues with acid reflux and heartburn i belive its from taking the pills on an empty stomach. I have been trying to find out if anyone else has experienced these issues or know what can be done to avoid it. I have askedto promoter but haven’t really gotten an answer. Its making me feel misreable but I don’t want to give up. Does anyone have insight?

      • Hi, Neva, I would try using just one capsule a day and see if that helps, drinking more water during the day half your body weight or more, avoid caffeine and eat something small protein half hour after or sooner if you need to if you feel queasy. You need to still eat three regular meals. The lifestyle mix is not a meal replacement shake mix. I hope you feel better. Thrive has been a wonderful experience for me been using since May, 2015

  134. If you want to try for free…Please read this
    I was drinking up to 10 diet soda’s a day, and that was because I was quitting the 3-4 (large) energy drinks a day. It’s no wonder I have put on 10lbs this year. I was so tired and my son kept saying “mom get up and play with me” or would tell other people “mom takes lots of naps”. I have been so depressed and embarrassed I have been in a never ending cycle of caffeine then crash, more caffeine, etc. By chance, I saw a post on Facebook from an old high school classmate about “who needs more energy without soda or energy drinks?” Immediately I contacted him. I didn’t care what it was, how much it was, I was willing to try anything. Once I got samples, I started them and the 1st day I noticed I didn’t have any craving for soda but I still had energy and I actually craved water?? I NEVER drank water before! 2nd day, same thing, just more intense. 3rd day, I was actually dancing while I was brushing my teeth in the morning and doing leg lifts on the couch at night when watching a show?? (I don’t ever work out anymore because I’m usually too tired!)

    I’m sending out 15 sets of 3 day samples for FREE and I pay shipping, so first come first serve (must be over 18 yrs of age) ! I’m doing this on a monthly basis. Please just send me an email with “free sample” and your Name, gender, address to mail them to. Let me know if you would like the pills, shakes, or DFT (patches) or all 3. I ask for gender since the pills are made for both Men and Women.

    You’ll be put in my system as a “non paying” customer to show that I referred you (I also need do this so I can keep track of where I send my samples!) which then Le-Vel emails you with a free website to look around and if you ever want to order, you will be all set. There is no up front fee, no enrollment cost to be a customer or promoter, absolutely NO hidden cost. The samples only cost me and I cover the shipping so please only request if you are truly interested!

    I usually hate network marketing, but this is the only one that doesn’t make you “buy in” and are products that actually work and there is a demand for! Who isn’t looking for more energy…not to mention any of the one of the many other benefits.


  135. Why does the woman’s capsule contain Aspartic Acid, the men’s formula does not. Can a woman take the men’s formula if there is a sensitivity to Aspartame

    • Yes you can. I’ve been taking the mens. Men’s has El arginine in it which helps level the blood pressure. If you want to give it a try I can help you get set up. All I need is your email address.

      • How do we send you our email? I am new to this site? I guess I can just give you my “spam” email. I still check it but its what I use for all the stores and coupons. I am taking 18 credit hours including A&P and Organic and I am looking for a pick me up to help me with this semester!

  136. This article needs to be better written, I haven’t heard a lot about the product, but seeing all these typos.. writing the “DFT” accidentally as “DTF” numerous times turned me off to the product entirely! haha

    • Bill,

      Thank you for pointing that out. We were contacted by Le-Vel to fix a couple references we had about a week ago. Specifically they were not allowed to use “skin patches” and they were wanting us to change the name to DFT. Somehow we made a mistake a fixed everything with DTF. We appreciate the feedback.

      “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”- Bruce Lee

      — Supplement Police

  137. I am so sorry that happen to you. Your sys is so different from most I guess because most people have to run on coffee .

    Anyway I just got thru doing 3 day . The 1st day I seem to have some energy I was hopping by the 3rd day I could really tell a different.. I really couldn’t but I haven’t given up on it yet. I have to say I read all the stuff that is in it and it is all Natural as far as I can tell. That is way I could take it. I have back problems but so do a lot of folks so . I am not on a bunch of meds and pray I never have to be . But for the last year and a half almost 2 years now I have been under the weather for a lack of a better term.

    The best way I can describe it . Is like a balloon !!!. It was like my balloon was full of air and I was doing ok for my age, Then someone came up and poke a hole in my balloon. I have no and I mean NO ENERGY at all. I am so sad because I have always been full of energy for the most part anyway. Of course i would get tired . But I could do almost anything I want to . Now I am short on breath and tired if I walk across the room..I hate that feeling so bad. I know I will be 65 in Oct. but the way it happen all of a sudden . I am just so blow away. I know I have to go soon and have some test run, But I am praying for good news. And I am going to do the Thrive again for a longer time. And if you think about it and break it down the cost is about 5.00 dollars a day. And I say that because I read somewhere on here, one of the post has a remark about the price.. So just saying that it is not bad when you think of all the things you could cut out . That probably cost you more. like junk food snacks, cokes, coffee if you drink coffee and just so much more. So it is not a bad investment in yourself if it work for you.

    Like I said I am sorry to hear your experience with the product. I am in no way connect to the company yet . But if it works for me the next time when I try it for a longer time I will be. God Bless you Sam.

    • When you start taking a product with stimulants, your adrenals work overtime and then you crash, you need B-complex and vitamin c and get off the level~

  138. Jack,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Unfortunately, guarantee’s come in many different shapes and forms. The only true way to know what a phrase means that contains that word is to read the print surrounding it. Normally when a company allows for a full refund, they will accompany Guarantee with “100%” or “FULL REFUND.” If you do not see that accompanying it, then its time to see what the guarantee entails.

    As far as asking what those two thing are, I tried to look up Cosmaprine. Did you misspell it? I couldn’t find any information on it. Reply back with where you got it and we will do our best.

    But for ForsLean, you can go to their website and read: Forslean.com/resource_faqs.aspx

    Not all companies or creators divulge the full details of supplements. ForsLean® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation and is licensed to Le-Vel. They actually have a patent on their trademark.

    Hopefully that helps you know a little more about ForsLean.

    — Supplement Police

  139. I also thought this was a joke and another lame MLM company with another lame product. I was definitely wrong. I documented the first 3 days taking it and by my third day I was sold on it.

      • I am telling you..I am a 63 year old horse trainer and I was skeptical. The product works. I felt no adverse effects except a slight jittery feeling the first day. I have lived on coffee and sugar for years….( I know???? : /) I had a giant cookie in the house and by a miracle called Thrive…I walked right by it and had no desire to eat it. I have been craving healthy food. I am going to start with this product permanently and I am going to offer it to others. If they have a brain …they will try it……Thanks Thrive! I have lost 3 lbs….Feel great!

  140. My cousin and her husband have been thriving for three weeks. She has gone from drinking an entire pot of coffee a day, taking several different supplement and still feeling like she was dragging, to drinking no coffee and easily keeping up with her two year old. She has also had a ton more energy. I haven’t had the chance to talk to her husband but they are both very into Thrive, so much so their enthusiasm for it has influenced me to try and be a promoter as well. I have not had the chance to try it, I am really hoping that it is as great as they say it is because I would love to have a chance to make a little extra income as I just graduated with my bachelor’s. Even if it works and I am unable to successfully market it, it will be a win since I will have a ton more energy! I am seeing so many mixed reviews that I figured I had to check it out myself! Anyone who is willing to take the plunge with me should contact me and we can check out this, if nothing else, well market product!

  141. Love my Thrive! Works amazing! Clean energy all day! Digestive support, immune support, joint support and the weight management is amazing as well! Nit sure why some people say it doesn’t work….maybe they didn’t take it correctly or long enough. Hands down this is an azing product. Don’t take my word for it, try for yourself!

  142. There is a pinch of splenda added to make the lifestyle mix diabetic friendly, however the amount is in fast so low that it does not discount the claim of being all natural. By all standards the amount does equal enough to discount this claim

    • that makes no sense ” it has added Splenda to make it more diabetic friendly” it could leave it out completely and be “diabetic friendly” and the fact it says all natural but add it is enough for me. I found this article to be completely biased and not at all research worthy. They did not do their research as stated in their own claims they are a suppliments police. More like just another company hidden behind a name paid by companies to promote through their claims they research all ingredients. This two formulas could contain many things and the fact you can’t find that out is enough for me to just see this whole review as a crock!! I bet I don’t make it through the review and my response does not get posted.

      • P Hoffman,

        Thanks for leaving a comment. We will always publish comments – as long as they contribute something meaningful that contributes to the conversation. We do not publish comments when people talk derogatory towards another or leave their affiliate link all over the comment. And we do agree with you, everyone should consult with their doctors before starting any supplement, especially if they are on any medications or nursing or pregnant. Everyone is unique. We all have different issues. Only you and your doctor would know your background.

        — Supplement Police

    • You take the capsules in the morning, first thing on an empty stomach. You take the shake half an hour later.
      I find that the way my mom does it is easiest. take the capsules, take a quick shower, replace the dft than immediately drink the shake it works great. Before thrive she was I’m constant pain and a mental fog. Now she out does me on my best days. Tomorrow I start thriving.

    • You can take the boost anytime you need a little extra! I mix half boost and half activate with water :)

  143. Do u know if it is safe to take if u have epilepsy or seizures? Or if there is anyone who is already taking it?

    • PLEASE check with your Dr. first. You can find all of the ingredients to each thing you take on the website. It works great for many, but for me and some others it is giving us heart palpatations, shakiness, etc. So please, please, be careful especially with your condition.

  144. I know that it is mostly vitamins, but there always seems to be products with hidden carcinogens or other things harmful to health. Does anyone have any deep research done showing that there isn’t anything harmful in Thrive?

    • Hi, so Le-Vel has had their Thrive product line on the market for going on 3 years now! Being exclusively sold through it’s MLM there is no way to regulate who takes it! But I can say, according to the BBB website, in those 3 years, no one has ever filed charges or sued the company for any injuries or deaths! It has been very carefully produced by a team of nutritional scientist and doctors and lawyers with over 200 years combined experience!

      I personally have had it reviewed by several doctors and they all agreed there is nothing in it that could harm someone! The only concern someone might have is mild dehydration during the detox phase (the first 3 – 10 days) as the product flushes out all the chemicals and toxins that our bodies store in our cells cause our bodies cannot metabolize them so our bodies store the toxins in our cells!

      After the detox phase, dehydration is no more a problem then normal cause Thrive eliminates toxins as they enter our body and does not allow the toxins to be stock piled! I hope that answers your questions!

    • You can find a promoter and they can help answer your questions or go online and order yourself.

    • I’d be happy to help you. I have been a promoter for 8 months. My name is Troy Neff.

      Please do not purchase our product from Amazon. It is not legal for promoters to sell that way and you have no guarantees. Besides I can show you how to earn it for free.

      • I am a 55 yr old stroke survivor (female) and I would like to try the transdermal patches. I used Jen Fe patches and had great success with no side effects.

    • I have hypothyroidism and take thrive. Love it!!! Please be sure to talk with your doctor and make sure it is right for you, and won’t interfere with the medication(s) you may be using to treat your hypothyroidism.

    • I had thyroid cancer last spring and started Thrive this summer. It’s been fabulous for all of those awful thyroid symptoms. My Dr. said it looked safe enough to her :)

  145. I am currently a promoter for LeVel and would love to give more information and sign up who is ever interested. Love these products!

  146. Does anyone know if THRIVE is safe for breast feeding mommas? I have been tempted to try it but haven’t seen anything saying that it’s safe. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Jen,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. I have tried to search on Le-Vel’s website for the answer to that question, but I haven’t been able to find out.

      It is best to ask your doctor. They can give you the best answer based on any medication or supplements you are currently taking. Just send/show them a list of the ingredients.

      — Supplement Police

    • I just started a 5 day trial and I asked the lady who gave it to me. She said yes it was perfectly safe…but I would still ask ur Doctor.

    • I would think it is not safe since it has caffeine in it, but that’s a personal opinion…not a doctors.

      • It only contains 60mg total for women and 70mg total for men! An average 8oz cup of coffee is 100mg – 200mg

    • Ask your Dr. But yes it is perfectly safe. Since when is putting the best fuel in your body bad for you? As fat as the caffeine it is a very small amount that is the equivalent to a quarter to a half a cup of your typical coffee. And do Dr’s ban women from any caffeine? I’ve never heard that.

      I have been a promoter for 8 months and have studied, researched and taken supplements for over 25 years. You can ask me questions directly

    • I nursed my daughter for 9 months on Thrive :) Let me know if you have more questions! I got it approved by my lactation consultant, obgyn, and the national lactation association of America!

      • this is a flat out lie. The national lactation association of America does not support taking Thrive or any suppliments. I can’t believe they would support Caffeine, Splenda, or other harmful suppliments that would be at too high a dose for an infant. It’s very dangerous to lie and not re come d her asking her own doctors and pediatrician.

  147. I just join LeVel as a promoter. Seem like the target market is individuals 40 years and up!

  148. Yes, I had the same headache and anxiety symptoms as you, with just half of the dosage. My cousin gave me a 2 day supply. I couldnt wear the patch because I was too wired after the pill and shake. Not for me.

  149. Can you Thrive while on Lexapro and occasional Xanax? I suffer from General Anxiety Disorder and panic attacks, and certainly don’t want to aggravate those issues. In fact, I hoping Thrive can help!

    • Hey Jill! I suggest that you contact your regular doctor with the ingredients list and get their recommendation. Each person is different and your Doctor knows your health background best. If you have any other questions I am happy to answer them!

    • Hi Jill,
      I have been Thriving and promoting Thrive since June 2nd! I LOVE it! I also suffer from anxiety and take Prozac and Xanax PRN, and Trazodone at night! I have been able to only occasionally take my Prozac as I have had a HUGE decrease in my anxiety. Being on Thrive gives you a sense of Euphoria and mental clarity! It is like someone took Windex to my brain and wiped all the fogginess away! I always suggest to talk to your doctor first, but my experience has been nothing but phenomenal!!

  150. I started Thrive two weeks ago. I never experienced any of the above symptoms. I feel amazing and my clothes are a lil looser. I did change my diet %100 and include 30 mins or more exercise or cardio a day! I love it!

    • I just ordered the 150 package for men. Pills, powder and patches and it makes you active as a promoter. Did someone invite you to be a promoter? Let me know and I can help you.

    • The simple answer is, there are none. You are in full control of how much product you want to purchase for samples and marketing materials. There is no “buy-in” cost.

    • There is NO expense to become a promoter. Its an amazing company with so many benefits. Pay special attention!! No OTHER company like this offers amazing bonuses to their Promoters — WHY? HOW? No overhead cost – A Cloud based company = more $$ for promoters!! Everyone promoters and customers get a free referral link. If you refer 2 customers who order you get the average of those two sales in free credits.

    • None…no start up expense…free to be a customer and free to be a promoter… I have been useing and promoting for 17 months. ..and can help you out if you would like

  151. Great post, going to add some of these questions to my blog, not ver batum, just a short list. Thanks. I’m a promoter as well.

  152. There is less then the amount that’s in coffee. It’s the B12. That happened to me so now I only take one supplement a day and I’ve been on it two weeks I feel good. I struggle with thyroid disease they took my thyroid out 3 years ago I haven’t felt like myself since. Spent thousands on alternative Drs nothing helped. This is the only thing that has made me feel like myself again! Stick with it reduce it to one tablet it day until u adjust. U won’t regret it!

  153. For year I have been on the weight roller coaster. I have been as high as 275 just before being hired as a firefighter / paramedic. During my training in the academy I lost some weight, just to put it back on eating firehouse cooking. No excuse.

    Over the last few years I went through a divorce losing just about everything including 17 pounds due to the stress. If you have ever been through I divorce you can relate. In the last 4 years since the divorce my weight climbed back up to 260 pounds.

    In April of 2015, My girlfriend introduced me to a product a colleague of her asked if we wanted to try. I am NOT a believer of overnight miracles. I am skeptical over every lose weight fast program. I just have no confidence in anything. So I did some research to satisfy Kelli’s interests.

    I found a lot of positive research about Le-Vel THRIVE and the ingredients within the products. I also found a very few negative reviews that included minor side effects. Some side effect include sign and symptoms related to dehydration. DEHYDRATION? I dug a little deeper to find out why?

    The answer was mostly because these folk did not hydrate enough as directed by the manufacture and a good promoter recommended. So hows to blame for the side effects?

    Anyway, we both gave it a try. In the 8 Week Experience (known as the foundation) of Le-Vel THRIVE. Kelli lost approximately 12 pounds and dropped 2 pant sizes. Myself, I lost 14 pounds while dropping from a 40 inch waist to just under a 38. We both notice an increase in energy in our daily activities as well as I was not dozing off while driving home. I have even noticed my appetite and daily food intake has decreased.

    In conclusion; does Le-Vel THRIVE work as promoted? My answer is YES. Is the cost of too much? Honestly, can you put a price on something that changes your overall health? I feel spending between $100 to $200 a month on something like Le-Vel, is a lot cheaper that $100 to $200 at a coffee shop for energy. Even spending the money at a local fast food joint that is not even close to healthy.

  154. If you have questions concerning your Thrive Experience you should be talking to the Promoter or customer that signed you up. You may get a headache at first but that’s ok. The caffeine is equivalent to less than a cup of coffee, if you have diarrhea at first, that’s awesome it needs to come out anyways, everyone detoxes to some degree at first. You should trust the person that shared this with you and push through and then you can thank them for introducing it to you.

    • Ive been thriving for 6 weeks now and i loved it! Lost tons of weight and had tons of energy but the past few weeks ive been very nauseous in morning and feel horrible. I even threw my pills because i felt so sick out of no where. Im getting negative side effects from it now. I really love it but now its just too much pain and its starting to scare me. This morning was the worst! I couldn’t stop vomiting for two hours then high anxiety.. Am I the only one having negative side effects? Could i just be over dosing on too much vitamin’s..?. Please help! I love this product but don’t want to be so sick?!

      • Jessica,

        Thanks for leaving a comment. Have you changed anything in your routine?

        Doesn’t seem like you would all of the sudden develop the issues. 9 times out of 10 you would have the side effects right at the start.

        — Supplement Police

      • Are you taking supplements on an empty stomach? If there is B-Complex in them, that could do it.

  155. The headache you have will pass. I’ve suffered for the past 20 years with headaches. The caffeine in Thrive is less than a cup of coffee and if you will just push through, your headaches will also.

  156. My family and I both are very passionate about these products!!! They really work….you will feel amazing! My Mother suffers from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis….this program has helped her so much! Not to mention she has lost some weight too. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more or would like to order.

    • How do I order? How do I know how much I need? I seen that it gives you one price for only a one time shipment and another amount to pay monthly?

      • the monthly price for the autoshipment is about 168 with shipping for the DFT. I recently just purchased it after some friends and family were bragging about all the weight they have lost and the energy they have.

        • Tonya.
          Thrive products work.
          In 7 weeks I have used them I have dropped 25pounds.
          I came from wearing size 14 clothes to now size 10. So excited.
          Yes a complete monthly supply of weight loss package is 190 dollars on autoship. That gives you 30 day supply of there powerful capsules, DR patch and 30 day supply of yummy shakes.
          PLEASE. create your free account below to read and see products.

      • Jasmine you can order a one month supply or do autoshipments that recur monthly fir a discounted rate and you can stop them at any time. If you still need help ordering feel free to message me.

      • Jasmina you can order a one month supply and it is a bit more. If you do what they call autoship you get a bit of a discount. You are in no way obligated for any time frame so you can cancel your autoship at anytime.

  157. You have to contact customer support through the email with your order number. If you bought from an outside vendor, your luck is against you.

  158. I’m a healthy 38 year old female. I have an excellent health record if you don’t include my very minor vision score of 20/40. Besides that I am a lion. I do not drink. I do not smoke or do drugs of any kind. In addition, I do not drink coffee. Lately, I have been experiencing a lack of energy. If I had to assume, I would say my lack of energy is coming from my lack of cash flow. Whatever it is, I am not motivated to do anything and my daughters are suffering because I’m lazy. I push myself to do my responsibilities, yet I never complete a task due to low energy levels. My concern is not weight. Although I can stand to shape and tone, losing weight is not my focus more so it is having energy. My neighbor told me about thrive. She is a promoter and she uses it. So, I told her I wanted to try it because I need that energy she has. So, today, July 12, 2015. I purchased a one day supply just to try and test it. I will post my results. I will not benefit from posting a review in any way. I am only doing this for the real people like me who want a review review.

  159. I am not a promoter and have just ordered this for my first time. I have seen the list of ingredients online and have been researching the patch and the list of ingredients is listed and talked about on many sites. Ive compared the ingredients to the supplements i am currently taking and everything I take is on their and then some! Im excited to try this time released formula! Expecting my first shipment later this week!

  160. This stuff works awesome if anyone has any questions or wants to learn how to register as a brand promoter.

  161. I have been wanting to start the thrive experience. The last person I talk to jus left me hanging and just wanted me to get two people to join before they would do anything .

  162. It is highly recommended to drink a lot of water! Maybe that’s why. That happened to me at first but as soon as I drink water it goes away the product itself is awesome my boyfriend lost 20+ pound in just three weeks he wakes up at 5am gets out of work at 6pm and still has energy he loves it!

  163. I have health issues due to 2 back surgeries, will this product help me with my pain so , I’m not dependent to pain medications. I know your company can’t post on chronic pain or pain in general. I have ordered my first months supply 2 days ago. If I can cut med’s down by half then i’ll keep ordering it.

    • Yessss check out what people are saying and more about the product it’s awesome there is this one that they sell called: THRIVE Plus – SGT Move (30 Gel Packs)

      Its newest addition to the Thrive Plus line – Sublingual Gel Technology. THRIVE Move is a premium gel formula that supports joint health and joint lubrication, giving the body the essential nutrients it needs to offer:

      — Joint Support
      — Joint Lubrication
      — Inflammation Support
      — Flexibility Support
      — Mobility Support

      THRIVE Move is ideal for anyone wanting to support premium joint health and perform at peak levels. Consider adding THRIVE Move to your Thrive 8 Week Experience today! For best results combine with Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules, Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix, and Premium Lifestyle DFT™.

  164. I am looking into trying Thrive. But, I have no clue which one to order. I have severe arthritis, fibromyalgia and weight problems. Can anyone give a suggestion?

    • I started Thrive 3 days ago & I have RA & lupus…I haven’t had a flare up in the 3 days & noticed energy! I’m also over weight but I’m thinking kin if keeps help in w/my RA & lupus I’m a keep buying & if helps w/weightloss…HEY BONUS! Like I said I’m only 3 days in but I like so far & trust me I don’t usually buy into this “latest fad” cap but hey worth a shot right?!? Girl I ordered from ordered me that packet that’s $150 for women & it has pills, shakes & patches! After tax runs bout $165 month!

    • The package is 162.99 which includes shipping. I can order it for you if you’d like. And help you through the process step by step. Sign up for your free customer account.

    • Always check with your Dr. Before using any suuement if previous conditions exist. Do you already have a free account? If so, print off the ingredients list and take them to your Dr.
      I’d be happy to answer any other questions more directly.

  165. I have been Thriving for about 6 weeks now…. I love it … both my boyfriend and I have noticed a tremendous difference. My question is about the Move product, can you send me an ingredient list for this product ?

  166. I am currently taking phentramine, zoloft and metformin….does anyone know if there are any drug interactions with using THRIVE. Thanks!

  167. I would love to help answer anyone’s question Le-Vel Thrive! I am a promoter. I these products to support my LOVE for these products!! My family loves this company and their products through our own personal experience. Please let me help you better understand how great these products are and how they can help you. Do you have aches, pains, fibromyalgia, arthritis, moody, need energy, or maybe even lose a few pounds and gain mental clarity? I can help you! Go to my website and order a 3 day trial pack so you can see what all the THRIVE is about! You won’t regret it! Let’s THRIVE together!

      • It is definitely a question for your doctor as a
        Every body is different. But I have heard of pregnant and breast feeding mommies thriving. Let me know if you’d like to know more :-)

  168. Hello Michelle,
    I am a promoter for Le-Vel and I could send you more information if you would like. If you could send me your email I can send you pictures of all ingredients in all products! Please let me know if I can help you in any way! Thanks so much, Jenn Brack

  169. Is it possible to get the ingredients and amounts listed in one place for all products. They shouldn’t be hidden and only offered when people ask.

    • Heather,

      Unfortunately they do not offer that on their website right now. Is there one in particular that you are wanting to know the ingredients for?

      We can try and compile a list of ingredients for the main products.

      — Supplement Police

    • If you could give me your email I could send you pictures of all labels on my product boxes? I don’t see how to post pics on here or I would! I would love for you to go to my website and check it out! You can order 3 day supplies to try it before buying a month supply! Please allow me to answer any other question you have…I would be happy to assist you! Thanks Jenn Brack

      • I know about all the ingredients and could care less about money or the car. My story is real. Try it

    • All of the ingredients are listed on the Thrive website, and can be obtained without logging into your free customer account.
      1) Please go to Le-Vel website,
      2) click product line from the Thrive drop down menu at the top,
      3) click which item you want to know more information about (in the regular 3-way system you will want to look up Thrive M/W depending on gender, Thrive Mix, & Thrive DFT), and
      4) there you will be able to learn more about the specific product or you can click product details PDF button and it will list specific ingredients.

      There may be a few steps but after doing this for the first time it becomes easier to remember. Not all promoters are aware off hand the list of vitamins, plant extracts, and probiotics in each of the different products. This is because we aren’t focused on selling you something but more on sharing our experience. As a previous skeptic myself, I of course was very interested in learning what exactly was in everything and even took a brochure to my doctor to make sure none of the items would be an issue as I’m on a few medications. Based on my experience and others around my by best advice is to just try it for yourself, I haven’t had anyone regret trying it yet.

      Please let me know if you have additional questions or need help navigating the website.

  170. Can you take thrive and a antibiotic at the same time. I had a tooth pulled three weeks ago and I think it is infected.

    • I have been on Bactrim for 6 months every other day. I have been Thriving for right at a year now. No problems taking it my antibiotics.

  171. Are ALL the products Gluten Free? My husband has Celiac Disease and he was wanting to try the products.

    • Lori yes Thrive is gluten free! As mentioned on some reviews, please do not purchase from an unauthorized seller. Only promoters can set you up with a legitimate account. The Le-Vel company will not back product purchased anywhere other than the Le-Vel website. Let me know if I can help further!

    • Although there are some who are taking Thrive while breastfeeding, I highly recommend getting with your doctor first! It’s always best to get approval:) let me know if I can send an ingredients list to you.

    • I use Thrive and currently breastfeed. It replaced my prenatal. This is my 4th child and I feel the best I ever have. Feel free to ask questions. I love helping people even if you decide Thrive isn’t for you.

      • Hey, you use the product and beast feed? Do you notice any difference in your little one? Are you concerned at all by the willow bark?

  172. I’m a Promotor only cause I love the product and wanted to make a little extra income. The product works but I agree the website is confusing and not very clear. I do not take the shakes however since I have a allergic reaction to them for some reason. Yet the patches and vitamins have worked wonders. It’s a natural energy mix. I’m not sure if I will ever become profitable and don’t know if I really care cause I just enjoy how great I feel

    • Sheri,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Le-Vel really does need to update their website to make it a little more user friendly.

      “I’m not sure if I will ever become profitable and don’t know if I really care cause I just enjoy how great I feel.”

      I think this is becoming the case with more and more Health based MLMs. Most sign up as a promoter just to get the discounts for themselves. Not necessarily to sell to others. That often just happens as a by product of people seeing you feel better.

      Glad to see the products are working for you.

      — Supplement Police

  173. Both my mom and my sister have lost over 20lbs each. I joined 17 days ago. The energy is a calm and lasting energy. I am off of coffee now, before I drank 3-4 cups every morning. I have no cravings for junk food and I am eating really well.

    In fact, now when I grocery shop I stay on the outside and buy whole foods. I am loosing weight but more importantly toning up. I have not had any headaches. And my back pain, shoulder pain have disappeared. I absolutely love the product and so much so that I am promoting it. My daughter has started the Lifestyle mix and both of us are making better food choices.

    I was a big caffeine craver, I also ate junk food loved chips, candy, cookies…..it is life changing for me! Everyone is different and I got immediate results but I listen to instruction well, I drink plenty of water, started slow and my blood pressure has dropped to GREAT where it used to be Pre-Hypertension.

    THRIVE for me is here to stay. I must have been deficient in something, now I am complete. BTW in my training, I have learned that the servings have 45g of caffeine, Starbucks reg coffee has 300mg of caffeine. I have a poster of comparison put out by Le-Vel.

  174. What are the ingredients in thrive?
    Can someone send me a list?
    I prefer organic/all natural ingredients.

    • Hello Sarah,
      I am a promoter for Le-Vel Thrive and I would love to send you information on all ingredients if you would like. If you could send me your email I would be happy to send you plenty of information on these amazing products! Thanks, Jenn Brack

  175. I am a 21 year old female and weigh about 110 lbs. Weight loss is not in the picture for me and I’m very satisfied with my weight right now. Could I skip the DFT step since I don’t really want to lose anymore weight?

    • Yes, I started with just the capsules and the Lifestyle mix. You do not need the DFT if you are just looking for energy without the weight loss. Proud Promoter.

  176. I started today I have a really annoying headache did anyone else have this am I doing something wrong?

    • I am not a doctor but your headache could be that you are detoxing, to much caffeine or not enough water. Did you drink the whole shake? Did you take both Vitamins? If you did it is recommended that your first 2 days you take 1 vitamin in the morning with 8 oz of water and 30 minutes later drink half of the shake. ease your body into it so you can adjust.

    • Azucena, I also started this product today and Just around noon I started to get a very bad head ache, I pounded a glass of water and now I feel good, The person that told me about this product said that you have to drink a lot of water, he wasn’t kidding. A bunch of foreign toxins are being released into your body that your body has never seen before and your body is trying to get used to the new feeling. I have read that for some people it is like you are on drugs. I just feel like I have more energy and I just feel great, alert, focused, ready for the day, with a positive attitude. Try drinking more water, to better keep your body hydrayted.

      • Steven,

        You are absoultely correct. You want to make sure you stay hydrated when taking any products that may have a detoxing effect. Take a look at our article: Healing Crisis to learn more about the effects of doing a detox. You often times will feel worse before feeling better.

        — Supplement Police

  177. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. So I have multiple medications that I take on a daily basis..I am concerned of possible drug interactions if I start taking the thrive products. Or any type of negative side effects. Does any one have any experience with these combinations??

    • I also have that concern with taking multiple mental health medications for PTSD, and anxiety.

    • I have a great friend with the same issue you have. She has had amazing results since adding Thrive. I would be happy to connect you to her for more info. Contact me if you ate interested

    • Hello Stephanie,
      Yes Yes Yes my mother has stopped ALL medications for her fibromyalgia and is Thriving very happily! She is saving money by replacing her medications with Le-Vel! Don’t wait try it now!! You can order a 3 day supply to try it out! Thanks Jenn Brack

  178. Ok so it’s ok to stay on the 21 different types of medicine I was taking Vs the 3 core products is that what most of you are saying to me?? I may not have A PHD but I feel a lot better on Thrive then I did taking the doctors office medicines. And my doctor’s are not all happy but my primary health care one is, the pain management and mental health one’s are not.

  179. Thrive isn’t for everybody BUT ALLOT of Real People know that Thrive actually works. It’s pricey …Yes. But it works. My mother was having diabetic leg swollen because she wasn’t taking her medicine. I gave her my last Thrive M Pill, convince her to take it so she could get on a plane in a few days later to Houston. Her swollen went down. And that’s the truth. Those “claims” they make about sleep, energy and pain relief are accurate from my own personal experience. I was on it 120 days. Being off it made me realize how good it was, as some of my old pains and my bad sleeping habits returned.

  180. I’m not currently active on Thrive by Le-vel. I stop taking the product about a year ago as I needed to direct my fiances in another direction. However, physically I never felt better than when i was using the DfT Patch, and daily M tablets. I’m a big man so I know about having back and joint pains some times. And I know for a fact that it Helped me significantly. I went from having back pains and joint pains off and on for months in a year. I tried thrive for 120 days, I slept a better at night. I woke up refreshed in the morning, i had more energy and i felt that Thrive ‘”glow:”
    When I stopped my back and joint pains returned, but not a bad as before. My energy cycle got worse. Thrive have loyal customers because it works even if it is expensive.

    • Daniel if you refer 2 people who sign up and purchase on autoship you can recieve free product credit every 2nd of each month. That would be easier for you, to get free Thrive. Let me if I can help you with this! Everyone should be able to Thrive

  181. I have been using Thrive for several months now and I LOVE it! I went from drinking so much pop and coffee that it made me tired and no energy by the end of the day. Now with Thrive I have energy all day long even after working my 11 hour shift at home! I love this stuff, you can sign up for a free account and take a look at all the products!

  182. This product has truly saved my life! I will NEVER live another day of my life without it! I feel better than I did at 16 years of age, my aches & discomforts are minimal to gone, I have stopped taking a number of prescription meds as well as otc’s! I sleep well & awake before my alarm goes off, I’m full of life & natural energy! My depression is gone, my blood pressure has lowered ;) I thank God every day for Le-Vel & THRIVE!!!

    You really can’t explain it… It must be experienced.

  183. I have a seizure disorder and have to watch anything that will drastically raise my blood pressure. I take anti-consultants and am not sure if the Thrive products would interfere. I could ask my doctor but he will surely take weeks to get back to me, so I was wondering if anyone here had any advice?
    Thank you!

    • Thrive will work differently for each individual, however for myself & most I’ve spoken to claim it has lowered their BP. My sister who has major heart issues & extreme BP levels has now gone from needing a 4th BP med to only taking 2 as she Thrives. It’s always best to talk to your doctor though some will never go along with homeopathic remedies. Thrive is 100% natural & simply fills your nutritional gaps, it is life altering & for some, life saving.

  184. I have lupus arthritis and headaches should thisbe an ok product to try? I will ask my doctor but just wanted other opinions

  185. Le-Vel tells all of it’s promoters never to give out medical advice. A lot of the questions being asked here need to be answered by your personal doctor, not by the individuals selling the product. A reputable seller will provide you with the ingredient lists (located in their back office) of the products in question, and direct you to discuss it with your doctor rather than trying to be the hero on google.

  186. I noticed that on some days I will sweat a lot after taking the vitamins? Does anyone know why? Thanks

  187. Bodyworkx
    Can you tell me what kind of sources offer the same Ingredients at better prices…. I love the thrive products but can’t afford to buy it and hate selling stuff (even to get mine free) thx

    • I have experience in health, medical and traditional business world as well as MLM company knowledge. I have been reading reviews and studying Thrive website because I was asked to in the course of my work for safety and results. I just have to caution that although you can get vitamins from foods the Journal of American Medicine Assoc. recommends everyone take a multivitamin mineral source daily.

      Now, some OTC vitamins are poor quality or even dangerous because of free radical activity they can produce. AND your body does not absorb minerals or produce Omega three Fatty acids EPA, DHA.

      You don’t need to be an expert but you need to be aware and study. Google or all online sites are not necessarily reliable, look for sources and actual verified studies, not one but multiples.

      The only ‘altered’ sweetener we will use if that is what’s available is sucralose, splenda..and yes there is a lot of inflammatory bad about that out on the web. (That unproven danger is a whole new discussion for another day.) There are good manufacturers with affordable products (probably not if MLM’s – you have to raise the price to resell and leave a profit). MLM is another discussion. If you are on a budget- this is not a wise decision THESE ARE SPENDY, if you have any health issues- you should clear with Dr., and if you need real solutions engage in conversation first and look at what 10 other companies who offer health products and supplements.

      You would be wise to get all toxins out of your daily environment that you possibly can before you add to your body’s immune system overload. Such as bleach, Lysol, Crest, and many more on the FDA’s dirty dozen list. Look them up at the EWG.com . I have an RN friend who is a Beachbody coach with Shakeology, a friend with Plexus (same warnings as far as high BP, fainting etc), have known others and studied MonaVie, Amway, Herbalife, Shaklee… just a few.

      This company is only 2 years old and had professional businessmen at the helm. History shows a company either makes it or breaks it by year 5. If you are really looking for something to help you out; look for a company that has been around for a long time. Products with results (which Thrive is showing results), and is verified by Inc 500, Better Business Bureau and has awards in ethical practices.

      Maybe in 10 years plus Thrive will have all of these or maybe like hundreds it won’t be heard of again. Thrive is trying to be an actual brand, a name we all know and will buy because of the name so I think they want results to be drastic and safe, but only time will tell. I am not supporting any of these. Look around and find someone who cares about you and will help you with your individual needs.

      Do your homework, but don’t negate that people are looking for better ways and for some like my (used to be diabetic) husband exercise and diet plans and Doctors plans did not work! I was appalled that so many here were also completely opposed to those looking for help. Obviously, Thrive is doing ok by some people so it isn’t right to just crush people’s hopes for better health. Offer what you know in kindness. Sincerely!

    • What products do you have. I am just on days 2. You have something cheaper that works?

  188. I have takin thrive for 8 mouths and wow it work for me lost 22 lbs had bad back problems gone! and I feel great THANKS LEVEL.

  189. What you all need to realize is that everyone’s body is different So it’s going to react different.

    I’ve been using Thrive now for just over 2 weeks and have personally experienced amazing results. I sleep better, have natural feeling energy all day long, my apetite is controlled and my moods are better. I’ve even been able to safely stop taking anxiety/depression medications.

    If you have the right people with you while taking the product they will tell you that you don’t have to take 2 capsule or the whole shake. Start out small and see where it goes. I take 2 capsules and half the shake. The girl that got me into it takes 1 woman’s capsule and 1 mens. There is really no one single way to do it for everyone, it’s whatever your body tells you works for you.

    I’ve seen some people post about headaches or being more tired, that is most likely your body detoxing and it’s normal. Stick it out if you can.

    If you have preexisting health issues talk to your doctor first.

    Not everyone is going to be a day 1 believer. Even one of the men that started it said it took him I believe 10 or 20 days.

    I could care less about bonuses or free product. Will they be nice if and when I get them? For sure! My biggest thing is I know that I personally feel amazing now that I use Thrive and I want everyone else to be able to feel this good.

  190. My promoter asked me what I did on a daily basis as far as coffee and sugars. She recommended decaf if it was flavor I arrived for ( which I do) and very little sugar (m&m’s, which I love), so I followed her instruction.

    And she said one pill, 1/2 Powder mix and then 20 minutes put in the patch. I was a little tired the the first afternoon, but slept like a baby that night and had energy I’ve been begging for for months! I did the same thing for all four days because it worked for me great I didn’t want to change anything by taking the two pills :). Hope this helps

  191. The correct water formula is a minimum of 64 ounces plus an additional 8 ounces for every 25 pounds you want to lose. Or, take your body weight and drink half of that in ounces per many doctors that I know personally.

  192. Can you please list the ingredients of what’s in the new Rest? I have tried melatonin, valerian root, Benadryl, etc. and none of that works for me. Currently I take Ambien but would like to stop. However, if Rest is anything like what is sold at any pharmacy or vitamin store it will not work for me.
    Thanks for your reply.

    • If you want a really good night’s sleep, try drinking either Zavita, or applying Slim Balm on your lips before going to bed.

    • Ronda – I have been taking REST for about a week now (it was just released last week) The MAIN ingredient is tryptophan. I use the core Thrive Experience products (capsule, lifestyle mix & DFT) and those alone have helped me with my sleep issues I once had (I’ve been Thriving for 10 months now) – and REST has taken it to a whole other level. If you visit Le-Vel.com – you can click on Products & from there you can look at the Product PDF for each and every product and it’s ingredient make up. It tastes amazing, too.

      The first part of the formula helps you to relax, release tension & shut the brain down.

      The second part of the formula helps product longer periods of REM sleep and help you STAY asleep. Only take when you can get 7-8 hours of sleep. I wake even more clear-headed than before. BOTH my husband and I have been using. Unlike most OTC’s and other drugs that only help you fall asleep – this promotes REM sleep and staying asleep, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. :) I hope this helps.

    • thete is a huge list of medicines the negatively interact with the main ingredient in Rest so speak to a doctor first please.

  193. White willow bark is similar to aspirin so please watch out for bruising and bleeding issues and beware if you already take aspirin or blood thinners!

  194. Due to an extreme allergy to shellfish, I have never taken the capsules. However, after a week & a half of using the shakes & the patches, I have been getting hives all over (not just at the site where the patch was applied). I discontinued the patch 3 days ago & I am still getting new hives every day. I’m very disappointed because I feel great on Thrive & had already lost 4 pounds in less than 2 weeks. I’ve reviewed the ingredients of the shakes & patches and don’t see anything that is a known allergen to me.

    The representative I spoke with said that she’s never heard of anyone else having this reaction. She also feels that if I were reacting to the ingredients in the Thrive, I would’ve had the reaction on day 1 or 2, not after being on it for a week & a half. Are any of the shake or patch ingredients known to be derived from shellfish in any way?

  195. I am a Le-vel promoter. I just want to let you know that a few words written are incorrect. It us FREE to promote le-vel. You NEVER have to purchase a single thing, not even product. As for buying it on Amazon or ANYWHERE other that the official Le-vel website, your product is not guaranteed as it is with Le-vel and its either fake or the person selling it is breaking the Le-vel promoter rules and will not be selling it long! Thrive W and M are not exactly alike , the M has more caffeine.

  196. I cannot take any estrogen producing compounds. Does the Thrive DFT Ultra have any ingredients that produce estrogen?

    • I’m glad somebody asked this question! I’m the same way. I was wondering the same thing, and noticed all of the caffeine-containing ingredients. I know that it’s been scientifically proven that caffeine increases estrogen levels, too. So, please be careful and do you homework first.

  197. I have a few friends that are using Thrive with mixed results. I was approached by a very close friend that I trust and they shared the same findings of mixed results. I spent a few months doing research on what is available and since I have Crohns Disease, I have to be real careful what I take. I have not found anything nutrition wise that did not have some negative impact on me. I did find a company called ID Life and what I learned from that research is that their foundation is that because everyone is different, your core health needs are also different. You can even see from other posts that the experiences are different. That is the main reason that the FDA stated back in Feb that taking a multivitamin is not a proper solution if you do not know what you need or know when to take the specific vitamin/supplement.

    I have been on the custom nutrition for about 60 days now and my doctors have now removed the Blood Pressure medicine I was taking since it was no longer an issue and my Cholesterol numbers are all in check now where my Cholesterol was 202 is now 141, Cholesterol.IN VLDL was 51 now 33 and Triglyceride was 257 now 165. I am not here to sell you anything but you should have all the facts before you start playing with your health. I completed a HIPAA compliant assessment on the site and took the results to my doctor before I started anything. He reviewed the information and has now added the process and solutions to his practice along with several other doctors in the same building. Before you start any real supplementation, you should make sure that your core is right. Let me know if you want any more information or want to talk to anyone regarding the solutions. Thanks… Brian

    • It would be best to consult your doctor but my best friend just got done with her treatment and it has been safe for her all around. The only time they made her stop was a few days before surgerys but could resume right after. Feel free to message me.

  198. I started Thrive almost 2 weeks ago and am loving it. On the very first day, I felt like I had more energy and wanted to get out and do yard work. I started with the 3-day sample and after day one, placed my first order. By day 3 I was so excited with the benefits I had experienced that I signed up as a promoter.

    It was explained to me that it is of utmost importance that you give the Thrive experience, at minimum, at least 3 days the way it is recommended to be taken. Capsules first thing in the morning with 8 ozs of water, shake mix 20-40 minutes later, and then the patch. You are then set to THRIVE for the day.

    I love this experience so much that I now have my husband trying it out.

    Good luck to anyone who tries!

  199. Jules,
    It is $150 for all 3 products per month. When you refer 2 friends, yours is free. I have been taking it for months now and only paid that first month. People notice the difference in you and want to know what you’ve done. When you share and they realize they can get it too, they’re in. It sells itself usually.

    • What do you mean when you say “When you refer 2 friends?” All you have to do is “refer” 2 friends or have 2 friends start buying the product with you listed as the referral source?

  200. So i read your review and found it very informative. I have been approached by a “promoter” for the product and have access to the site and pricing. I have not gone through the normal Le-Vel site but wanted to point out that the pricing i have available to me through going through a promoter is lower than the prices i found on the link to amazon provided