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About Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals creates cannabinoid based products that are extremely high-quality and affordable for the everyday person. Their hemp-derived CBD Products are made at the source of the company.

From the process of extraction to the creation of the final product. Lazarus Naturals makes everything in house so they can have total control of the entire creation of the product from start to finish. They don’t trust any third parties with the creation of their CBD products.

Quality control of the products is only one reason they choose to do everything in house, the other reason is to cut costs. And that is how they are able to make their products so affordable for the everyday person. They basically pass their savings on to you.

The only time they use a third party is for the testing of their finished products. They ensure there are no heavy-metals or pesticides and that the potency is powerful by leaving testing to purely scientific laboratories.

What Are People Saying About Lazarus Naturals?

Dean W, left the testimonial below and seems to be very happy with the power of Lazarys Naturals.

On July 1st, 2009, one of the founders had a very bad fall from more than 54’. He fell from a bridge crane while working and the accident left him with a broken back. To vertebrae where shattered, there was severe nerve damage to his back and legs and the damage left him crippled.

He had more than 5 surgeries and more than 300 sessions of physical therapy. He tried his best to live a normal life, but the pain made it very difficult. He is now 56 years old and suffers from chronic pain.

His best relief so far has been through using CBD pills. He also likes them because they don’t give him the stoned feeling that comes with smoking marijuana. And that seems to be very important to him as well as a lot of other people. He recommends anyone suffering from chronic pain to use the pills to help end their pain and suffering.

This type of testimonial is pretty standard on the Lazarus Natural’s website. Pretty much every of the testimonials say the same thing. The user is generally pretty happy with the results they get from the using the products created by Lazarus Naturals.

What Products Do They Make at Lazarus Naturals?

The first of the products is a CBD Pet Tincture that is used in appropriate measurements to the weight of your pet and how much food they eat. The tincture is administered to your pet orally and is simply added to their food. The purpose of the tincture is to help with the support joint mobility and to soothe the nerves of your pet.

It is made in house and is blended with coconut oil. Just 1ml of the tincture holds 15mg of CBD. It is Non-GMO, all-natural and will help with a full range of health benefits for your animal. The ingredients in the tincture are sourced in Colorado. And they use kosher ethanol instead of nasty chemicals for the extraction of the CBD.

The second line of products is the CBD tinctures which is the staple of the company. This tincture is for the same properties as the pet tincture except it is designed for human use. Each batch is tested to ensure there are no heavy-metals, pesticides or other harmful toxins in the substance.

The tinctures contain a full range of terpenes. Legally they can’t offer legal advice on the health benefits of the tincture, but people who take it seem to love it. They do also carry high potency tinctures with a much higher concentration of CBD in them. And they are legal in all 50 states and over 40 countries.

If the tinctures are not your cup of tea, then they offer the capsules. They are also made in house like the tincture to keep the prices lower than other CBD capsules on the market. The 10mg capsules are said to be the most affordable of all their products. And the capsules are composed of purely organic plant based materials.

Also, they are 100% vegan capsules. They do remind, that it is always best to speak with a doctor before you start taking the capsules. The capsules come in a wide variety of dosages from 10mg to 200mg.

Along with the capsules and tinctures they also have coconut oil that contains CBD and can be used for the purpose of cooking. There are no added ingredients to the oil and it is also tested for harmful toxins and heavy metals.

Ruby CBD Sugar is another of their food stuffs and is all-natural, certified organic sugar and purified hemp extract. There are only 15 calories per serving and each teaspoon contains 20mg of CBD.

You can also buy Bulk CBD Isolate in massive quantities ranging from $450.00 to $16,000 per bulk item. And there is Terpene Infused CBD Isolate as well as Lazarus Naturals Ethanol Extract 5,000mg CBD extract.

All of the items they have on Lazarus Naturals are 100% certified organic and made in house with products sourced in Colorado or Europe. Their motto is Designed By Nature Gathered By Science.

Lazarus Naturals Review Summary

Lazarus Naturals lives by a few very company standards. For one they always make their products to the highest standards. They also make them all in house to keep the costs down so they are more affordable for their customers and they know the process. The products are all locally made, all-natural and certified Organic.

They also have a wider range of products then most of the other newer CBD companies on the market. They genuinely seem to care about their products, their customers and their health.

Basically, if you’re looking for a high-quality source of CBD products, than Lazarus Naturals is a great company for you to follow.


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