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KLB Fitness Review – Should You Try It?

KLB Fitness is an online company that helps consumers reach their weight loss goals with customized and pre-made workout plans. This is our review.

What is KLB Fitness?

Whether you’ve been overweight for your entire life, or you have had recent life changes that have resulted in extra weight on your waistline, you are not alone. Many people gain weight without noticing it until they are 20, 30, or even 40 pounds more than what they used to weigh. The slow progression of weight gain is the most dangerous, but realizing the problem is the first step to solving it. When you don’t know where to begin, KLB Fitness has the solutions and guidance you need.

KLB Fitness was founded by Karrie Brady, who originally became interested in personal training when she was trying to lose weight herself. When she finally reached her goals, she understood that her dedication didn’t make the process less difficult. She realized that other people may be getting discouraged in their own goals, so she pursued her certification in personal training.

Her company was founded in early 2015, and she decided to pursue online fitness training to help reach a wider group of people. She focuses her attention on her personal and professional motto: “Progress, not perfection.”

Karrie maintains her own body during her personal time. Her physical fitness has allowed her to enter and place in multiple Spartan Races and NPS Bikini Competitions.

KLB Fitness Programs

Reaching your fitness goals requires a lot of hard work and determination. Unfortunately, when you don’t have a trainer or consistent reinforcement, it’s easy to fall into a frustrated or apathetic attitude. KLB Fitness wants to keep you from being overwhelmed and exhausted, helping you to achieve your goals on the timeline you desire. Instead of allowing you to succumb to your defeated attitude, they formulated multiple packages that help you to stick with your goals, without losing sight of your mission.

Each client gets specialized attention from Karrie, which makes it possible for her to give you fitness courses online that truly help your specific body. You may have an idea in mind for what you want the end result to be, but Karrie’s coaching makes that into a plan and a reality.

6-Month Lifestyle Change

Six months is a long commitment to your workout program, but the trainer backing you up makes it possible with this package. Six months is enough time to completely change the way your body handles nutrition and your metabolism, so this is not a plan for someone who just wants a “quick fix.” The program comes with enough workouts and eating plans for a full six months, along with a check in each week to help maintain your progress.

Since you’re purchasing a full six months, you are able to get a $100 discount off of the monthly rate. The total cost for this program is $500.

3-Month Transformation Program

With this program, the company gives you three months’ worth of plans to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals in a certain amount of time. This is a great plan for anyone who wants to get ready for summertime, even if you’re already celebrating the spring break before it. You can basically transform your body in any way you want, but the program gives you the tools you need for achieving that.

You get the plans for your diet, exercise, and cardio necessities for three months and can check in each week. By ordering this package, you get a discount off of the regular monthly rate, making the total cost about $265.

Monthly Coaching

With monthly coaching, you may not want the long-term commitment to any of the above programs. However, by enrolling in this option, you can get 4 weeks of training, cardio, and meals prepared with the accountability check ins. You aren’t obligated to stick with the program, but will pay $100 for each month.

Customized Training Guide

If you already know the right way to eat, but you need help with your workout, this package is the plan for you. The program is customized to your availability, which means you can work out at home or in a professional gym. You tell the trainer what you have to work with, and then check in each week to maintain your momentum and increase your results. This package costs $75.

Customized Nutritional Guide

This guide is a great tool for consumers that may have their physical fitness handled, but have a hard time adjusting their eating to accommodate their changing body. The program is customized to your specific nutritional needs and goals, and allows you to check in each week with your counselor to maintain your accountability. The program costs $75.

Pre-Made Training Plans

The pre-made plans are not specific to your body type. They are recommended for consumers that do not plan to make a customized approach, or want to learn new methods to challenge their previous skills. These plans are only $40, and you will have access to five different routines. They are:

  • Sexy Stomach, a set of 12 different ab workouts
  • Sculpted Shoulders, a set of 8 different shoulder workouts
  • Build a Booty, a set of 10 different leg workouts
  • Full Body Bulking, a combination of the above workouts that help to improve your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and legs over a four-week course
  • Full Body Cutting, a 5-workout a week program that eliminates fat and builds lean muscle in the chest, back, shoulders, arms, and legs with an additional cardio workout

Contacting KLB Fitness

One of the biggest parts of KL Fitness is the need to communicate. The founder is always ready to answer questions, and encourages them as part of the customized plan. The only way available to reach the company at this time is through email at [email protected] This type of response allows the trainer to research your question, if needed, and reply with an educated response to your inquiry.


The KLB Fitness programs are largely successful for the routines and eating plans. However, this company steps above the rest by offering weekly check-ins with the founder to help motivate you to keep going. For so many people, a lack of accountability makes it easier to maintain their momentum. If you are unsure about the program, try out the Monthly Plan or one of the pre-made routines to find out if this is the right program for you.

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