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Kiojo Review

Kiojo is a new sports nutrition drink that also claims to contain cognition-enhancing ingredients. Here’s our Kiojo review.

What is Kiojo?

Kiojo is a recently-released sports nutrition beverage that claims to hydrate your body while also nourishing your mind.

The end result is the “Kiojo Effect”, which the company claims leads to better physical performance and better cognitive support.

The formula comes in the form of a powder. You rip open a packet of Kiojo, pour it into a glass (or bottle) of water, stir, then enjoy.

Packets of Kiojo are priced between $2 and $3.

How Does Kiojo Work?

Kiojo claims to target the parts of the brain related to four critical functions: attention, memory, executive decision, and visual/spatial recognition.

At the same time, Kiojo claims to hydrate the body naturally and safely without high-calorie sugars or artificial additives. Instead, it simply claims to contain a superior blend of nutrients along with electrolytes.

Kiojo separates its ingredients into two sections: ingredients that target the mind, and those that affect the body.

Cognitive Ingredients in Kiojo:

— AlphaSize: This proprietary formula is synthesized from lecithin. It’s better known as Alpha-GPC and is famous for its ability to prevent memory less, boost cognition, and even naturally raise levels of human growth hormone (HGH).

— Magtein: Magtein is another trademarked formula that contains a super powered form of magnesium.

— Methylcobalamin B12: Instead of containing pure vitamin B12, Kiojo uses this formula, which claims to be a more powerful version of vitamin B12.

— Zinc L Aspartate: Zinc is a vital micro-nutrient while L-aspartic acid is an amino acid found naturally within the body. Together, these two play a vital role in the generation of cellular energy.

— N-Gaba: N-Gaba is an amino acid naturally found within the brain’s cerebral cortex, which is “where thinking occurs and sensations are interpreted”, according to the manufacturer of Kiojo.

Physical Ingredients in Kiojo:

— Bioenergy Ribose: Ribose is a precursor to ATP, which is the compound utilized by the cells to create energy.

— NuBetiane TMG: TMG, or trimethylglycine, is an organic osmolyte that functions in a similar way to amino acids and vitamins.

— Sodium Ascorbate: This non-acidic form of vitamin C works as an antioxidant throughout your body.

— Potassium Citrate: Citric acid is used by the body to create ATP, or cellular energy.

— Potassium Bicarbonate: Bicarbonate is an electrolyte used by the body for hydration and to maintain a pH balance within the bloodstream.

— Calcium Citrate Malate: This compound is an electrolyte needed for hydration because it stimulates muscle contraction and helps convert carbs and fat into energy.

— Organic Erythritol: This naturally-occurring sugar alcohol is used to sweeten Kiojo. It has 95% fewer calories than table sugar and a low glycemic index.

Kiojo Ingredients

Kiojo Ingredients

Kiojo’s ingredients are mostly hidden within a propriety formula. Nevertheless, the manufacturer publishes the full ingredients list online. Here’s what that list looks like:

Kiojo also notes that there are no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, stimulants, caffeine, or guarana in the formula. There are, however, additional unlisted ingredients to add to the above list, including Natural flavors, Organic Stevia Extract (stevia rebaudiana) (LEAF), A-GPC from non-protein soy lecithin, and Organic Erythritol.

Kiojo Pricing

Kiojo is available in the following packages and bundles:

— 3 Pack: $7.98
— 10 Pack: $19.95
— 60 Pack: $99.95
— 30 Pack with Free Water Bottle: $52.95
— 15 Pack with Free Water Bottle: $29.95

Kiojo is currently only sold online at and has not been listed on Amazon or other online retailers.

Who Makes Kiojo?

Kiojo is made by a manufacturer of the same name that lists its address as the following:

PO Box 819
Lake Villa, IL 60046

You can call the company at 415-98-KIOJO or by emailing [email protected].

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  1. Your review on the ingredient of b12 methylcobalamin as not a pure form of B12 is misleading. Whichever form of B12 is ingested, the body will convert it to methylcobalamin the kind the body uses which is found in nature and food. Unlike cyanocobalamin which is a cheap synthetic form of b12 that is not found in nature, methylcobalamin is as pure to nature as you can get.

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