Jusuru Liquid Biocell


Jusuru Liquid Biocell Review

Joint health is the topic at hand. Jusuru offers what is calls nutricosmetics as well as a joint-improving blend all in one scientifically proven format: their Liquid Biocell product line.

Jusuru Liquid Biocell

The promises are enticing: they offer joint, skin, and cellular benefits to those who partake in their products. The products contain so-called Super-ingredients and they're backed by clinical trials. Sounds great, but let's examine the details and first make sure they're not promising just rainbows and unicorns to a highly gullible and ever-optimistic population desperate to feel better and look younger.

The Science Behind the Liquid Biocell Product Line

Jusuru Liquid Biocell Product Line is part of a $500 billion anti aging industry aimed at capturing the oodles of Baby Boomer disposable income before it dries up forever. The products offer what typically in the past were available to patients of cosmetic surgeons in an outpatient capacity.

In other words: collagen injections! Jusuru has formulated an oral product that increases both hyaluronic Acid (HA) and collagen without those injections, resulting in improved appearance of the skin. By taking the products orally, consumers should experience rapid absorption for fast results.

But that's just the cosmetic angle…there are also several joint benefits to the Liquid Biocell products. They are:

Improved Joint Mobility
— Reduced Discomfort
Healthy Circulation And Healthy Tissues
— Joint Lubrication

Jusuru claims clinical proof for all of the above. In one study, 90% of participants who took Liquid Biocell products experienced 40% improvement, and many experienced complete improvement in their joint health.

Another 12 week human bioavailability study resulted in participants seeing results within 28 days. These results showed a 6000% increase in hyaluronic acid in the body. Secondly, they experienced decreased wrinkles from the inside out. Remember, this is without cosmetic injections.

In yet another 12 week human clinical trial, participants saw dryness in the skin disappear without topical moisturizers. They also experienced dramatic differences in hair, nails, and eyes.

Doctors on Board With Jusuru Products:

— Dr. Louis P. Brady Board Certified Orthopedist.
— Dr. Jon Grazer Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
— Dr. Joosang Park Stanford Educated Scientist

According to Dr. Brady, the job of synovial fluid in our joints is rehydrating the cartilage. Beginning around age 14, we start losing Synovial fluid. Our joint health depends on the amount of this fluid left in our joints. The Liquid Biocell products are made of HA, Collagen, and Chondroitin. This replaces the Synovial fluid in our joints.

It also happens that the ingredients in Liquid Biocell improve other aspects of health. That's because every organ system in our body is composed of the ingredients in Liquid Biocell. Therefore, these products are believed by Dr. Louis Brady and others to improve not just joint health but skin, hair, nails and more as well.

The Liquid Biocell Product Line

There are several products putting to use the science of Liquid Biocell. Jusuru has received industry awards including “Best Bone and Joint Health Ingredient” by Frost and Sullivan (I checked them out, they do actually exist and they do actually perform market analysis).

Joint health is huge, and if you want to see more on this, go here for the Frost & Sullivan press release. There is also a 2007 white paper issued by Frost & Sullivan stating that Jusuru International was given the “exclusive license to market BioCell Collagen in a liquid dietary supplement”. Pretty impressive!

The products are:

— Liquid Biocell Life: This is the flagship product that won all the awards. Contains superfruits and resveratrol.

— Liquid Biocell Sport: This formula also adds superfruits and resveratrol to the mix, just for active types who want cardiovascular benefits too.

— Liquid Biocell Skin: This targets wrinkles, reducing the enzyme that makes skin age. Full of antioxidants, ceramides, and natural ingredients in the liquid delivery system.

— Liquid Biocell Pet: Aimed at dog owners, this product improves mobility and promotes a shiny coat. It can also be used for cats.

— Liquid Biocell Equine: This is approved by vets and aims at improving athletic performance and joint support for horses.

— Stromaderm Skincare.

The Verdict

You can't argue with clinical studies, industry awards, and real doctors staking their lifelong reputations on these products. Count me in, Jusuru seems like the real thing with real products delivering real benefits.

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  1. I have loved taking the Jusuru Biocell life and could feel the benefits, but ever since they have been taken over by Modere something has changed in the ingredients, I can taste and feel the difference. Not sure I want to keep taking it anymore.

  2. Dear Maureen Sullivan
    until 3 years I am suffering with back pain and I have herniated disk pain , can you please send me biocell Liquid product, for try

  3. I am interested in knowing if this would help degenerative disc disease? My arthritis is so painful, along with sciatica. If so, would love to try a sample. I don’t do well on pain meds. Thank you, Susan

  4. Is Biocell Collagen exclusive to Jusuru…NO. The company that owns the patent is Biocell Technology they sell Biocell to many many different supplement companies. I got a 4 month supply of Biocell Collagen for $35.15 as opposed to Jusuru’s $165 a month.

    • Dear Dr. Alan,

      Biocell collagen is in a pill form and the Liquid Biocell Life is … in a liquid form. Liquid is about 4 times more absorbable then a pill. In addition Liquid Biocell Life conhtains in addition to the Biocell, which is an active ingredient, a juice from 13 superfruits and the highest grade resveratrol. All these ingredients work in synergy with BioCell and that is the reason why this supplement is so effective.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

    • Dear Dr. Alan,
      I would be very interested in learning where you purchased the Biocell Collagen for the $35.15 and under what brand label? Thank you for your response.

  5. Maureen could I please try out first with a sample.I have RA,Nerve damage,Herniated disc and Tears of disc.Also age spots and wrinkles of course.Thank you

  6. I’d like to request for a sample of LIQUID BIOCELL LIFE AS WELL AS ALIST OF THE possible side effects on the regeneration of my hip cartilage.

  7. Here we go stay tuned! Trying some know! Hope it works my anklyosingspylitis is tearing me apart. The doctors drugs don’t work so what the hell.

  8. I have been using Jusuru a little over a month now. I have seen amazing results. I broke my foot 2 years ago and the aftermath I was left with a bruised ankle that had tons of varicose veins it was ugly. After a little over a month they are almost gone. My skin looks great too I am one wrinkled son of a gun and I’ve noticed such an improvement on my skin and wrinkles that I am amazed at how I look. I am so happy with my improvements

  9. I have been taking Jusuru Biocell for almost 2 years. Before that, I was having cortisone shots in my shoulders [arthritis pain] every 3 months – I am in my 80’s and doing so well that everyone is amazed. My joint pain in my hands and knees is reduced and even almost non-existent since taking Jusuru as prescribed. It IS expensive, but so is shoulder surgery and knee surgery – which is not even a necessary option anymore. I VOTE for Jusuru !

  10. I have been using this product for 3 months now and it’s amazing. I ordered from a woman named Ashley at 949-300-9999. Sorry, can’t remember her last name but she got my order to me the same day. I can now order it online but the first purchase I had to go through the representative. If you go online you need an I.D. number to place your order so you have to call the number above to get the I.D. number. The product taste amazing and it’s two ounces in the morning and 2 at night & she gave me a free shot glass for the product. I bought the “Life” and after only 1 week my knee stopped hurting. I had pain every day and even when I slept my knee hurt. I am amazed that my knee isn’t hurting any longer. It’s a little expensive but worth it. No pain, feeling great.

  11. Hi,

    How could I try the product?
    I have a lot of pain in my knee and hip, due to lost of cartlage and arthritis.
    Thank you,

  12. Hi, my name is Salvador Guerrero my sister and my mom suffer of arthritis and they have difficulties to walk. Can you send me a sample so they can try the bio cell liquid thanks.

  13. Thank you. As an Independent Representative, I am pleased with your article. If you Would like a sample, I would gladly send one to you. Please let me know where to ship it.
    Maureen Sullivan

    • Hi my name is Linda puma. I go to pain management to get shots for my neck back and legs I am also on a pain patch and Percocet all due to the after affects of breast cancer. My dream would be to get off of these meds but without them I have no life. This product sounds like a miracle for me. My skin is so dry from the meds I take and I look older than I am. I would love to try a sample and see if this could work for me. Thank you so much Linda puma

    • I’m very interested also in this product too as My Husband and I Both are..Would it be possible for us to try a sample before purchasing it?if so please let me know Thanks Julie.

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