Huel Cocoa Bars – Natural Nutritional Chocolate Protein Snacks?


Healthy snacking options are a few and far between these days. Most of the so called ‘health bars’ that we find in supermarket aisles these days, are loaded with artificial sweeteners and other carbohydrate extracts.

They usually mask certain nutrients under the guise of being nut based, fruit based items. Also, their taste is quite bland, and many a times a person has to settle in the taste department, just because he/she feels that they are consuming a healthy snack.

What the market truly needs at this moment is an all new nutritional system which not only offers amazing nutritional support, but also looks after the taste side of things.

What Is Huel Cocoa Bars?

Huel Cocoa Bars is an all new ‘healthy snacking option’ that has been scientifically formulated, and is engineered to assist in a quick release of glucose based energy in our bodies. The nutritional composition of the bars is very even, and there is a good balance of all vital minerals and vitamins in the mix.

However, the bar is still in its essence a tasty snack, and thus can be enjoyed by young ones or adults, at any time during the day. The bars are portable and can be carried around quite easily in one’s pockets or handbag.

From a solely nutritional standpoint, the bars contain a well crafted balance of protein, essential fats, carbs, fiber, phytonutrients, and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

To delve even further into the ratio side of things, we can see that the macro split of all the key ingredients has been found to be 41:22:25:12 ( therefore, 41% of the energy comes from carbohydrates, 22% from fats, 25% from proteins and 12% from fiber).

Huel Cocoa Bars Key Benefits

Gluten Free:

Huel Cocoa Bars are completely free of any wheat, soy based compounds. Utmost care has been taken to keep all manufacturing sites devoid of any processed wheat compounds. Hence, users can be assured that the bars will not set of any allergic reactions in one’s body.


All of the the ingredients that make the bar so potent are completely compatible with vegan lifestyles. There are no animal or animal based products used at any point during the entire production process.

High Protein Content:

As can be seen from the earlier statistics, the protein content of the bar is amazingly high. Thus, from a nutritional point of view, the bar is ideal for lean muscle mass growth and preservation. Also, pure protein is easy to break down within our bodies and can thus assist in quick and efficient energy release.


Due to the presence of organic nuts and pulses, the fiber content of the bar is quite high. This natural fiber aids in the production of digestive enzymes which help in breaking down food more efficiently. Also, fiber helps in optimizing the excretory channels present within our bodies. It helps expand the colon passage so that waste can be effectively removed.

Low Sugar:

When compared to other health bars in the market, Huel contains a comparatively low amount of sugar in it. For example ‘Huel bar is 13.1% sugar by energy, whereas a Nakd Caffe Mocha bar is 51% sugar by energy, as per recorded scientific data)


These naturally occurring compounds are known to help protect plants from germs, fungi, bugs, and other threats. Many common/ famous fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients.

Huel Cocoa Bars Reviews

The customer response has been phenomenal. Even though Huel started of as a small independent project, the response globally has been pretty impressive. People from all over have really remarked about the overall quality and benefits of the bar.

Satisfied customers include William Lannen who says “I had it as my snack at work & it saw me through till lunch time! Felt better that I hadn't snacked on crisps & rubbish! I also think these will be great for chucking in a rucksack when going walking/climbing because they are so convenient.”

Similarly, Daniel T says”Just consumed my first ever Huel bar. Tasty and filling enough that I might not even need lunch now.”

Lastly, Raj K. says your cocoa flavored bars are delicious! I'd eat more than one if they didn't do such a brilliant job of filling me up“.

Purchasing Huel Cocoa Bars

There are many pricing options available to make small or large buys. The key offers up on display on the official webpage include:

  • 5 bars = cost per bar is £2.40 (£2.16 on subscription)
  • 16 bars = cost per bar is £2.19 (£1.97 on subscription)
  • 32 bars = cost per bar is £1.72 (£1.55 on subscription)
  • 48 bars = cost per bar is £1.56 (£1.41 on subscription)
  • 64 bars = cost per bar is £1.48 (£1.34 on subscription)
  • 80 bars = cost per bar is £1.44 (£1.29 on subscription)

All purchases can be made directly online, and payments can be done using safe transaction means (including PayPal, AMEX etc).

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