Hair Loss Protocol – Rebuild Hair Program Scam?


Rebuild Hair Program Review

Hair Loss Protocol claims to be the new cure for bald spots and successful program that helps you rebuild hair. It claims to use 100% natural techniques to improve the thickness, fullness, and health of your hair.

When we began doing our personal due diligence about this specific hair-regrowth system, we had to watch this video first in order to grasp all of the process on how exactly to rebuild and regrow lost hair. (it takes time but it warms up well)

It is no secret that balding is one of the world’s most frustrating and embarrassing cosmetic problems. The American Hair Loss Association claims that by the age of 35, two-thirds of men will have experienced some degree of noticeable hair loss. By the age of 50, 85% of men have “significantly thinning” hair.

Many people are also surprised to learn that women are responsible for about 40% of hair loss cases: so it’s not exclusively a male problem.

Will Hair Loss Protocol really help you reclaim the full head of hair you had in your 20s?

Find out what Jerry Williams' Rebuild Hair Program is and how it works today in our Hair Loss Protocol review.

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What is Hair Loss Protocol?

Hair Loss Protocol was created by a guy named Jared Gates. Jared claims that he was able to reclaim his full head of hair after using certain natural techniques.

He collected these natural techniques into an e-book called “The Rebuild Hair Program.” Today, Gates is selling his e-book online.

The e-book is officially called “The Rebuild Hair Program”, although that term is used interchangeably with Hair Loss Protocol to describe the collection of lessons within the e-book.

How Does the Hair Loss Protocol Work?

Gates claims that his techniques are 100% natural and effective. They’re not painful and expensive like hair transplants. Hair transplants are currently the most popular and effective cure for balding.

The Hair Loss Protocol builds its success off one concept: the cause of balding isn’t aging or genetics. Instead, it’s a “bizarre steroid” your body is producing inside of you all the time.

According to Gates, this steroid travels through your bloodstream “like a lethal dose of poison”, putting men at a severe risk for prostate cancer. When this poison reaches your hair follicles, it destroys them at the source, ensuring that they never produce hair again.

That “poison” is DHT. Hair Loss Protocol explains that “virtually all scientists now believe DHT to be the overwhelming cause of all hair loss.”

The Rebuild Hair Program / Hair Loss Protocol works by using natural herbs, foods, and supplements to restrict your body’s production of DHT. I’ll explain more below.

At the official Hair Loss Protocol website, you can see the official pictures of a number of men and women – including Gates himself – who have reportedly experienced success with the Hair Loss Protocol. There are “before” pictures showing large bald spots and “after” pictures showing a full head of healthy hair.

What is DHT?

DHT is the “poison” that the Rebuild Hair Program believes causing balding. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone. It’s a male sex hormone, or androgen.

Our bodies synthesize DHT from an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase (The Rebuild Hair Program calls this chemical “5AR”). When 5-alpha reductase arrives in the adrenal glands, hair follicles, testes, and prostate, our bodies transform it into DHT.

Our hair follicles and testosterone production are closely linked. The most important part of the hair follicle is the dermal papilla, which is found at the very base of the hair follicle. The dermal papilla has a large number of androgen receptors (males have more receptors than females).

Healthy hair follicles go through a normal cycle of resting and growth. When we’re eating a healthy diet, our growth cycles tend to be longer than the resting cycles, leading to healthy hair growth. This is a must do no matter which supplements or programs you follow, even ones that are all-natural and proven to work like Procerin (men) and Keranique (women).

When DHT arrives at the dermal papilla, it inhibits the dermal papilla’s ability to absorb nutrients, which means our hair follicles are spending more time resting than growing.

DHT has been extensively studied over the years. This isn’t some breakthrough treatment or breaking news about balding: as Hair Loss Protocol explains, it’s widely accepted that DHT plays a crucial role in balding.

Higher levels of DHT have been shown to increase your likelihood of balding while also enlarging the prostate. Clearly, these are two things you don’t want.

Does the Rebuild Hair Program Really Inhibit Your Body’s DHT Production?

Hair Loss Protocol / The Rebuild Hair Program claims to inhibit your body’s production of 5-alpha reductase. As we learned in the section above, 5-alpha reductase is used to synthesize DHT in your body.

Hair Loss Protocol claims to do that by using minerals, vegetables, herbs, and vitamins that have been shown to naturally inhibit the body’s 5-alpha reductase production. This is a little different approach to the Restore Lost Hair program by Jerry Williams.

Jared Gates, the guy who wrote the Rebuild Hair Program, claims that he meticulously researched all of these foods and supplements and took notes of which ones were more effective than others.

Eventually, he collected all of these notes into an e-book along with the specific daily recommended amounts and the most effective foods to eat.

Foods that Inhibit DHT Production

The key idea behind The Rebuild Hair Program is that certain foods block the enzyme 5AR, thereby reducing DHT production.

A quick Google search for “foods that inhibit DHT” comes up with some suggested foods. Specifically, phytosterols and biotin both reduce levels of DHT within your system by inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. Research by the Linus Pauling Institute and Medline Plus actually suggested that certain foods containing these chemicals could be cures for balding.

You can get phytosterols from wheat germ, sesame oil, olive oil, peanuts, almonds, and Brussels sprouts. You can get biotin from egg yolk, whole wheat bread, cheddar cheese, pork, salmon, raspberries, and avocado.

You can expect to see these foods and others in The Rebuild Hair Program.

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Hair Loss Protocol Versus Other Cures for Balding

Balding is a serious problem which afflicts millions of men and women all over the world. Obviously, Hair Loss Protocol isn’t the first cure for balding ever released.

In fact, the Hair Loss Protocol website directly compares itself to other popular cures for balding, including hair transplants and Rogaine.

Rogaine is a topical treatment method which is applied to the head every day. The company claims that results can take up to 4 months to appear. Rogaine costs about $40 per month for treatment, which works out to about $500 per year. However, the worst part about Rogaine is that it rarely works as promised: most users experience some hair regrowth, but it doesn’t look much better than being totally bald.

Rogaine also requires users to continue applying Rogaine for the rest of their lives: otherwise, the hair will fall back out once again.

Hair transplants, on the other hand, are major surgeries. During hair transplant surgery, the surgeon slices off about 4 inches of the scalp before injecting hair grafts into the head. The treatment is painful and expensive, costing around $10,000 in total.

Hair Loss Protocol claims that it has two major advantages over Rogaine, hair transplants, and other cures for balding:

— Hair Loss Protocol is cheaper
— Hair Loss Protocol is more effective

However, there’s a third category of balding cures that Jared Gates conveniently forgets to mention: drugs known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors are commonly sold as cures for balding. The two most popular 5-alpha reductase inhibitors include Dutasteride and Finasteride.

Both of these drugs offer powerful ways to reduce DHT levels in your body, although they can also lead to other side effects. Side effects include a diminished sex drive, male breast cancer risk, and erectile dysfunction. In other words, you’ll feel the effects of lower testosterone.

Anyways, these 5-alpha reductase inhibitors work in a similar way to The Rebuild Hair Program, although they work in a much more powerful way.

Why is The Rebuild Hair Program Being Sold as an E-Book?

One of the first questions people ask about The Rebuild Hair Program is why it’s being sold as a $40 e-book online. Why aren’t doctors recommending this treatment program to people who suffer from balding – or as a way to reduce the risk of prostate cancer?

Jared Gates, the creator of Hair Loss Protocol, has thought of a clever rebuttal for this.

Gates actually claims to have met with “the dean of one of the most prestigious medical research universities in the world.” During this meeting, Gates says he presented hundreds of slides about the lessons contained in The Rebuild Hair Program.

The dean was impressed. However, the dean said that he would never help Gates publish his work. Why not? Apparently, the dean said that hair loss is a multi-billion dollar industry and low testosterone therapy is a multi-billion dollar industry. He also said that the cancer industry is worth about $250 billion per year.

Apparently, since universities take billions of dollars in donations from the pharmaceutical industry, the dean was unable to publish this. Otherwise, funding for the university’s medical departments would disappear overnight. Jared calls this dean an “idiot academic.”

This seems like an odd thing for a dean to discuss with a guy who just walked in through the door with a cure for balding. But hey, that’s how Gates explains his side of the story.

Buying Hair Loss Protocol Online

There’s only one place to buy the Hair Loss Protocol, and that’s at the official Hair Loss Protocol website.

You pay $39 using a secure payment form. That form accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

After making your payment, you download the e-book and receive immediate access to the guides, lists, instructions, and other material in The Rebuild Hair Program.

If you’re unsatisfied with The Rebuild Hair Program for any reason, you have 2 months to send an email to Jared Gates himself explaining that you weren’t satisfied

Conclusion: Who Should Take Hair Loss Protocol?

When you get past all the sales hype, you get this: The Rebuild Hair Program / Hair Loss Protocol is a list of foods which have been tentatively linked to reduce levels of DHT within your body. Lowering levels of DHT may be able to reduce your risk of balding and prostate cancer.

Jared Gates, the creator of this program, states that the foods and supplements listed will inhibit DHT production in the body. DHT is widely thought to be the primary cause of balding in men and women.

In The Rebuild Hair Program, you’ll find a step by step guide explaining which foods to take and in which amounts. There’s no scientific evidence stating that these foods reduce your risk of balding.

Like many online Clickbank e-books, however, The Rebuild Hair Program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. That gives you more than enough time to see if this program works for you.

Editorial Update | March 2015

After so many of our viewers decided to leave comments, it doesn't seem that many people are trusting the Hair Loss Protocol program. So we wanted give you an alternative option to the Jared Gates' program and offer to you some of our other reviews that readers are finding helpful for hair loss.

Here are some great articles to review:

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All of these articles should help you reach a better understanding of why you are losing your hair, and potential ways for you to stop and possibly even reverse hair loss.

Those that have purchased Hair Loss Protocol do so they have found the program to be helpful. There will always be those who don't want to believe something. At least with his program, you will have a full 60 days to get your money back. Clickbank has really stepped up over the past two to three years in making sure that customers always get their money back if they so choose. So at least you have that going for you if you do decide to purchase.

So go ahead and purchase it, or don't. The choice is always yours. If you do choose to purchase, we hope that you will come back and leave a comment on how the program is going. Or if you decide to read one of the other reviews I just listed, let our other readers know how that has affected you.

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  1. I noticed with great consternation that some of the “before” & “after” pics seemed to have been switched, whereas, in fact the after picture appeared to be the way the person looked before{younger photo} & the before picture appeared to be how they look now! I have studied nutrition most of my life & can tell you that good nutrition & supplementation helps, but is not the total answer. Medicine did get it right, DHT IS the culprit. Over the years I have developed a protocol which has done a relatively good job & with some effort you can keep what you have & possibly re-grow hair. This protocol, much to my surprise, as I experimented with it, involved some non-hair protocols, which although may not have seemed to have affected the folicles, they were directly affected by such changes for the positive. I am NOT a doctor, just someone who has personally tried different avenues & used the protocols I discovered to the benefit of my hair & scalp. GLTA

    • Bah, I reverse searched the ads image for hair protocol and they are either royalty free studio images or unrelated people passed as testimonials or actual people undergoing transplant.
      Tell me more about your experiment.

  2. please there is no procedure for us in Many African countries like mine, Cameroon to pay for the Hair Rebuild Protocol. Please can anyone help me out by sending me a pdf copy to my email, i would appreciate a lot.

  3. If you are curious about this program and want to try it for free, use bitlord and do a seach for ” the rebuilt hair program”.

    I heard about Gates in 78 in my last year at grammarschool when inernet was on the drawingboard. I was told that he was giving out an ebook about hairloss, and its possible to “steal” it through bitlord. If Gates really succeeded in removing DHT from his body, he most have been impotent for a long time. I dont know how long time this took, but I guess he could say goodbye to his sexlife during the treatment. You probably have to sacrify your sexlife for getting your hair back.

    • If you are curious about this program and want to try it for free, use bitlord and do a seach for ” the rebuilt hair program”.

      I heard about Gates in 78 in my last year at grammarschool when internet was on the drawingboard. I was told that he was giving out an ebook about hairloss, and its possible to “steal” it through bitlord. If Gates really succeeded in removing DHT from his body, he most have been impotent for a long time. I dont know how long time this took, but I guess he could say goodbye to his sexlife during the treatment. You probably have to sacrify your sexlife for getting your hair back.

  4. after much research…. i came across the pdf… and i wnna share it with every one free….. i knw how frustrating seeing your hair fall down at the shower and you cant do a thinq about it…. so i can like send every one the link to the site… or i copied some of the pdf to microsoft word… i can send ya which ever
    … but im pretty sure u can only assess the link on PC…some phones cant access the link.. perhaps due to its bulkyness….. so you can send me a mail… ebubechukwuernest …. thats my mail just add at gmail dot com… i will reply as fast as i can… i really wnna help because i prayed and God directed me to that site…. im gonna try the program out soon if i receive my salary soon… im buying sawpalmetto as an additional supplement…. and if any of yo guys engage in masrurbation.. its best you give it a break… i will explain more if you need more…

  5. hello outhere,I was just wondering, if indeed, this formular work as speculated by Jared Gates and a lot of people.I need a detailed information on how to get the e book and hopefully it will work for me once the procedure is followed or better still, a scam as some people alleged or suspected but no harm in giving it a try because it is either it works or a scam.I look forward to reading this controversial book aand how it can do wonders in 4 weeks.Thanks.Olu

    • Olu, it works, but very slowly and maybe you might have to wait 2 or 3 years get your hair recover. I didn’t have much hair left in my middle scalp when I begun in March. But now, I am not losing hair but instead all my hair is growing and growing thicker. Just like a baby getting their hair, you probably have to wait 2 or 3 years with the speed I am experiencing ( I mean if you’re bald)!

      I have posted a lot earlier.


      • Hello dear Edward
        I red some of your comment about this book and im interested in use it but my budget is low at the moment. I’ll do appreciate if you could share that pdf with me. Many thanks
        Have a Happy New Year

      • Hi Edward, Trust u r doing well? I will really appreciate it if u could share the pdf version of this book with me. The dollar exchange rate is really high from my end. Thanks alot.

  6. Hello, can anybody tell me wether this hair-loss-protocoll really works? Could you please send me this pdf if it’s possible? Many thanks

  7. Looking for actual reviews from users. All the comments are regarding customer service not the actual product. This article is not a review. It just reiterates the product description, and is a huge waste of everyone’s time.

  8. Hi, can anyone with a golden heart share a copy of that ebook to me please? I,m frim a poor country and can’t afford to buy that. Thank you and peace be with you!

  9. hi i wish to buy the book. but can i wish to communicate with Jared Gates via email. can anyone provide me his email address. or can anyone please send me this pdf on my email.kumar will u share your pdf i am ready to share cost

  10. i came across your program and decided to give it a go. I live in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago in the caribbean,had my daughter do the necessary trans. only to discover she had to pay an extra 49 dollars out of her account, this to me was very deceptive,she lives in New York. I listened very carefully to your video and read your info, I did not come across any extra payments to be made, i only saw 39 dollars for the pdf,enlighten me please. Thank you..

  11. Hi.. I have this ebook and i am ready to share it. If anyone willing to share the cost pls send me email.. Cost 10$

  12. Plzz help me I don’t have any mony friend because I m a poor boy from india your 39$=Rs 2340 it is too dig amount for me
    Plz help me
    Plz donate me your book I never shair it with any one
    I know you can understand the feeling of baldness :(
    Plzz help I know you are a good human and understand my fealing you are like my father help me as a father pllzz help

  13. may god bless anyone who could pass me the pdf file via e mail. ill pray for him/her. please send me that pdf.

  14. Hi Ashu, Can you send it to me too the PDF file. I greatly appreciate this.
    May God bless you for helping those that don’t have the money to afford this….
    What goes around comes around and I thank you beforehand…
    God bless….

  15. I bought this book in April and have been following it religiously since then and am confident of regaining my lost hair as I can feel some hair re growth in Center area. In Frontal and vertex area, there is very minimal growth. As I was completely bald and am getting few hair, so I feel maybe within year might get many hair and need not bother about hair loss anymore. Pls feel free to ask any questions regarding the results.

  16. April 17, 2015, I purchased Jared Gates “Hair Loss Protocol” book for US$39 via my Mastercard. To date I have not received anything. This was nearly 4 months ago. Can anyone help me in the necessary steps to take to recover my money? Is this a scam?

    • Hi Andria, you can contact Clickbank direct and ask for your money back from them. They will refund you without a problem and I’m sure they will investigate why you didn’t get your refund. You can visit them on They manage the financial matters of the program.

  17. Several months ago I paid 39 $ via my UOB credit card to Jared Gates account, but until now I didn”t get the nutrient diet suggestion from Jared Gates. Anybody help me? thank you

  18. I discovered how to prevent hair loss many years ago. Consequently, I still have my hair today. Due to my discovery, I can easily spot who the scammers are because I know the truth to hair loss. I can honestly tell you that his program is a scam and that his theory makes NO sense. Don’t waste your money.

  19. This was an ad – not an editorial or an independent critique! By the way, “what Dean or what University would say anything as ludicrous as that!

  20. For all of you looking for something to try, I have been getting some promising results with a 50/50 (about 1/2 teaspoon of each) mixture of emu oil and coconut oil with a few drops of cinnamon and cedar essential oils added.

    Cinnamon is very helpful in stimulating blood flow. Just be careful as some people have very sensitive skin and it can cause irritation. So try a little on hand or arm first just to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction. If you are sensitive you can try just the emu and/or coconut oils as they have a track record of stimulating hair growth all on their own. Check YouTube for some videos.

    Apply a little at a time with your finger tips and don’t let it get in your eyes! You can leave it on for as little as 15 minutes, I like to do an application when I have some free time and can leave it on for a few hours. You should feel a slight tingling in the scalp a few minutes after applying it. I apply it to the balding area on top, then massage it through the back and finally work it down with a brush. The whole application process takes about 5 minutes.

  21. I paid 39 dollar via UOB credit card 2 months ago. I didn”t get your food and supplements suggestion until now

  22. Excellent article that the author wrote about the causes of hair loss and learning how to prevent it. I myself am going through some hair loss and it’s something that is somewhat scaring off my wife. Right now, both me and her are in search of finding a hair restoration service that will help me regrow the back side of my hair.

  23. I haven’t been here for a while…I forgot how many week has passed ….
    this probably will be my last post here cos I am no longer interested in posting updates…
    all I can say is the God has given me the second chance to go out with chicks….
    I am getting hair regrowth in my middle scalp.
    Still need hair regrowth in my front scalp but gradually the hair regrowth is in the process…
    I don’t know how long it will take to recover enough hair to cover my whole scalps though.

    Good luck Guys but for me, I am getting positive results.


  24. To Ocasio,

    Can you share your protocol with others?

    What is your protocol/diet plan/vitamins & minerals intake for hair regrowth?

    Kindly let others know.


  25. To Fatkul,

    Yes, please send me your email address.I agree to share the cost with my paypal account to your paypal account. Let me know the amount to send. I am interested in the program of Jared gates so I want to try it. Please send me your information so I can pay you.



  26. How gullible one can be to waste $ 40?

    1. If this was true people would post videos before and after (not to mention this crook Jarod). You cannot hide such breaking news from the world no matter how much money is involved.
    2. Observe the video carefully – sharp eye could notice that Jarod’s skull has been worked on and that a bush of hair has been pasted onto it.
    3. Honest man would share his findings with other affected by hair loss and this scumbag is relentlessly gibbering for more than 34 min so you could finally realize he wants 40 bucks for an e-book.
    4. Try finding his real name on people search, intellius and similar search engines. Where’s his company, tax number, address, phone number?

    Desperate, ill and uneducated fall easy prey to crooks like this.


    • First i have to claim i didn’t buy this book and try his solution, But after thinking for sometime I completely agree with you. Acutally he promised nothing, he maybe reture the money back after sevral month, But look, he can still benifit with your monye if thouds of people buy it. Please note, if he can sell this book, why the buyer can’t. I just can’t believe why it’s spread so widely obout this ad.

  27. I ordered this e-book and got a refund when I realized that it was only a list of healthy food and the nutrients they have that are supposed to be good for healthy hair. One of the problems is that our natural food supply is so contaminated with pesticides and GMO’s that we cannot get the proper nutrients. We must try to eat organic and supplement by taking vitamins and minerals. I started my own protocol and have been regrowing my hair over the past 4 months and have had nice results.

  28. Hi everyone…..
    I’ve read all d above comments……
    I’m going 2 purchase it in next month(10-07-2015) and give u guys all d necessary information after using it…….
    U can ask everything related 2 this……..
    I’ll also write down the diet plan in d comment if u needed without any hesitation.

  29. One in (out of 10) every 20 years old is either partly or fully bald, 2 in every 30 and so on.

    The riches have some sought of ways of getting it right. Though they are rich, they are still having a healthy lifestyle (80 to 90%) which most of don’t. The healthy lifestyle leads to a good level of hormone balance which keeps us away from doctors, clinics and hospitals.

    Yes, of course for that you need to have everything in place so you don’t have to worry about everyday needs and again this is something most of us can’t afford to.

    All babies are born with the same quality or at least (99.99%) of them.

    The best to do at this point of time is have the heart to let go and relax and you may see a change in your hormone balance trying to regularize and in turn this may well save you from the worse.

    The key here is to let go and relax.

  30. What a crock this was. I paid 99 dollars to these people and got nothing!
    no phone number appears on the credit card statement. They we’re just thieves!

  31. biggest load of SHIT – i wasted my money on this garbage – and i tell yhou DON’T WASGTE YOUR MONEY – reads ;like it was written by a l6 year old
    – sample “And,besides, no one wants to think about it simply because hair loss can be rather unsightly. People often have bad nicknames for those who are totally bald and need help with getting more hair. Of course, some people might look radically different without hair as they might look a little larger than needed or even unattractive to people of the opposite sex.” what the fuck? really? if you’ve done any research – you know everything that is in this piece of crap. his “menu” for reducing DHT is a one meal a day – that pic on cover is an obvious wig and not the result of him getting a raging full head of hair from the diets.
    how about this quote: page 103
    “Your hair can show that you are youthful, refined and classy. If you don’t have hair then people might think that you are lazy, hard to trust, greedy or even unhealthy.” so i guess every bald person is considered lazy, hard to trust and greedy? what an idiot!!!
    DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GARBAGE!!!!!! they will NOT answer your emails either.

  32. Ordered thinking I would give it to my son. They sent some e-mail with the hairlossprotocol on it, but I was not able to get it to open. Kept trying every way to get back in touch with no response. Have talked to my credit card company and they have said they will reverse the charge if I cannot get a response. Twice hoodwinked now. It is enough.

  33. Hey, if this thing really works please somebody e-mail me the ingredients as there is no way of remitting foreign exchange from my country Pakistan. Thanks

  34. I am beginning to think that i will never recieve my order. I ordered your book a month ago. I sent a message concerning this but haven’t heard from noone. If you cannot send my purchase. Please refund my $39 dollars. Hope to hear from someone immediately. Frustrated in georgia……

  35. Guys,,,

    I know this stuff is sold as a great secret… But it isn’t…
    It is well-known what inhibits 5AR….

    Here are some things… Now I don’t advice to swallow all of this. but just so you know that it isnt THAT magical:
    – Progresteron (used in birthcontrol pills)
    – Willow herb (grows outside in the ditch (where I live atleast))
    – Astaxanthin (just a supplement you can buy at those kind of stores for 30$)
    – Actaea racemosa (also a plant that just grows outside)

    And there are several pharmaceuticals that do just that. Inhibiting 5AR, named:
    Finasteride and Dutasteride..

    But! Of course… inhibiting 5ar is not the cure, otherwise we would’ve known it by now… We made drugs that inhibit it, so if it worked, doctors would be prescribing that already. 5ar is not all gloom and doom… It probably serves another purpose aswell.

  36. 100000000000 % scam . i have watched the presentation, i hate it . i have wasted my valuable time watching STUPIDITY ! this man needs SALVATION and JESUS CHRIST

  37. Dear all,
    Talking about that product, actually I have made purchase a few days ago. Just like others, I saw that product through advertising program like Tab*ola and etc. I really excited when I saw the video that describes everything, it’s so convinced me.
    After made a payment, I have directed to download link, but, prior to the download page, I was directed to the several of promotion pages that offer more products. But, I skip that and finally I got around the download page.
    This is 116 page of pdf file that described about a diet program to control DHT inside our body. I don’t know whether this method works or not because I am not applying yet since I’ve bough 2 days ago.
    So, the product is not sent via email like many other claimed for. I have spent $39 to bough it. If any one want the copy of this product, maybe we can share the cost that I have spend for. Please email me, I give you the download link, you got the product, and then you can share the cost about $10 to my paypal account

  38. Glad I came to check this to confirm my search!! Too many negative actions fron this company, so I won’t be trying or ordering!!!!!

  39. Hi everyone, I would like to know if this Hair Rebuilt Program is true or not, is it worth it, could anyone send me the e-book file if you can, please. Thank you for your kindness.

  40. aeee!!! it is definetly scam! first, edward did not prevent himself and second edward’s sayings are reverse to one another. dont worry. I will find you!

    • Mr. Jalil, Raven, and whatever,

      To people like us who have suffered hair loss, we don’t need lawyer or sales people from pharmaceutical industry here.
      If you want to contribute to this review website, you’re welcomed to do so; but since I presume you’re not bald, why don’t you contact Jared Gates and make your points rather than bluff or trying to mislead people who are seeking a cure.

      Going through week 12, both my hair scalp and hair conditions are getting better every week, but I am still waiting for noticeable hair regrowth.


  41. Jared Gates and fake Edward! Stop cheating. You do not have right to play with people like this. I am a lawyer and will research about this scam! Dont worry!
    I will find you and department will do what is required!

  42. Going through week 12,

    There was a girl who stared at my scalp when I was talking to her while I was standing under the strong sunlight so I had to go somewhere where there was less sunlight, and then she stopped it and started talking to me normally.

    While going through week 12, all I am chanting is “hair regrowth”…


  43. Going through week 11,
    I am starting to think that Jared Gates was never bald …maybe he have suffered some hair loss but not as serious as he has claimed… (and his emails about other products made me actually think that this guy might be just collecting research journals and make an ebook on ingredients that showed some positive results)

    I don’t see hair regrowth until now … cos my front scalp is still very much with not much hair; Only positive outcome with this protocol is hair loss and I am grateful to Jared for his contribution though (otherwise, I would have become bald by now).

    If you want to stop hair loss then take this protocol, but if you’re already bald… don’t hope to get hair regrowth…cos I am starting to think it may not happen…


  44. I ordered & paid for the hair loss program and they never asked my delivery address and I can’t find any contact information anywhere on their website. I believe they are a scam and will reverse payment immediately. Please don’t make the same mistake, don’t purchase their hair loss program.

  45. After all, I think Tad Buickner, who has claimed to get hair regrowth within 8th week, in the earlier post, is a fake review as well.


  46. It’s been 3 months since I’ve started using this protocol,
    (I am about to enter week 11)
    I have concluded that hair regrowth hasn’t happened; it’s just that my hair has become thicker and is growing longer.

    To those who is suffering from initial stage of hair loss, take this protocol to ensure you don’t lose your hair. This protocol stops hair loss.

    To those who has become bald, you still have to wait.
    I hope I can bring you some good news in the near future.


    • Hi Edward,
      Would you be kind and share the PDF by sending it through email. The video I watched was so convincing that I had to research it as I have been suffering from hair loss for years and tried different methods to the point I am reluctant to invest into any thing now but willing to try it because it seems like it’s all herbs and vitamins so the worst thing is the investment in buying the groceries. I hope you can help out.

    • Hi Edward,
      Would you be kind enough to share the PDF by email please. I would like to give it a try. Thanks.

  47. I ordered last night and did not bookmark or download the e file.
    Please send it to my email.

    I look forward to trying the program.
    Thank you

  48. Hi,
    Those who lost their hair or becoming bald or thinning hair, don’t worry now. Here is a 100% natural oil to help you get thicker and voluminous hair. You all might be thinking about I am salesman and doing marketing for this. But I want to assure you that you must feel the difference when your lost hair grow and enhance your physical appearance. It’s a miracle.

  49. Oh no, the links I provided on my previous post are all deleted .
    I guess on this website, they are not allowing links.
    hmmm….that’s too bad….


  50. Going through week 10,

    It rained here and my hair got so wet.
    After I suffered a serious hair loss, two things I wanted to avoid were rain and wind.
    I looked in the mirror but it didn’t look that bad.
    I was nearly bald 10 weeks ago and was about to become complete bald (cos my hair was keeping falling, and those fallen hair was all tiny and thin).
    I was something like this (e.g. like Prince Williams, cos his baldness was really similar to what I had)

    Now what I look like is something like this (but less hair but they grow all strong, and no more tiny or thin hair)

    I forgot to mention Rogain; I used both Rogain and Propesia together but eventually stopped using them but I was afraid of long-term side effect and they didn’t really stop my hair loss.

    Claire, are you still coming here?
    (I felt bad for her cos she said she lost her hair cos of some serious illness).
    You guys want to know some ingredients? Have a look this

    Read “Dorothy Wonderbread” reply cos she actually provided one each example of 5 categories stated in Jared’s ebook, (I am taking first, second, third and fifth one and some other ingredients as well; I usually have 5 categories of ingredients for breakfast and dinner; for lunch, I only have 2,3 categories…)

    I cook them rather them eat them in raw, and that way, I don’t feel like I am taking some kind of diet plan (or medicines).
    Something like this:

    I gain more confidence every week but still not sure, whether hair regrowth has started or my hair (that I have) is just growing thicker and longer.

    Good luck


  51. I’m unable to proses online pmt. If any one have the diet plan/PDF format fwrd 2my gmil id – shanungkl

  52. Entering week 10,

    I am getting M-shape in my hair.
    Yet, I don’t know whether it’s hair regrowth or because of thin hair becoming thicker and growing longer.

    Yesterday, my colleague said, “you got a hair cut !”
    I haven’t heard this for ages cos people knew I was suffering from serious hair loss.


  53. Your column seems more like a supplement to the video than any sort of objective review…how much are YOU being paid to advertise?

  54. To those who are interested in buying this protocol,

    People who have claimed that they couldn’t download ebook in earlier posts, seem all fake. They just want to scare people and prevent you from buying this protocol.

    But there is one thing you have to be careful when you provide you email address.
    It only asks you ONE time, so make sure you check whether you have typed in correct email address 10 times (or even more), before you click on the next button to buy it.


  55. Have been trying for over a week to obtain a refund for the e-book that I ordered that did not download properly and in accordance with the guaranteed 60 day refund process. The money taken out of my account showed up on my account as Ultimatehairlossprotocol and through another organization other than CLICKBANK. I went through 3 different websites to obtain a refund and nothing has happened. No response from FACEBOOK or the website. Any recommendations to get help. This appears to be a scam as I can not reach a Jared Gates or any of his affiliates.

    • What a fake review.
      Clickbank took out the money, not Ultimatehairlossprotocol as you claim.

      I don’t know why some people are keep posting false facts, and scaring people.
      Because of someone like you, I hesitated a few days before I decided to take a risk and it has paid-off.


      • Edward, are you stating that you have bought this product and it works;? You realize that brings the total up to ONE person?

        • Sir
          Are you bald? You wouldn’t even want to raise this kind of question if you are.
          Sir, it feels so awful to be bald.
          Suffering makes you desperate to find a cure.

          Sir, this is not the official website of hair loss protocol; this is a review website. and I see so many false claim about payment and downloading issues than the quality of the protocol.

          If you’re from Pharmaceutical industry, I’d appreciate that you do it somewhere else; or maybe directly send Jared an email about your points.


  56. I got to know about this protocol on Yahoo while I was reading news articles. Even though, I did think, this might be a scam, but they have advertised this on all big websites, and thought, they seem to be too confident to be a scam, so I bought this.

    So I spent over $50 dollars in my currency and this protocol stopped my hair loss in the first week as you can read in my earlier posts.
    One thing Jared has exaggerated was hair regrowth within a month.
    It didn’t happen to me and I am going through week 9.

    Maybe Jared was having serious hair loss and have collected all research journals on hair loss and have tried it himself and got some positive results after all.
    So he became confident that it will work on others.

    I don’t care what others say about this, nor whether this is a scam; cos he has provided information what I needed and my hair loss has completed stopped and my scalp is recovering.

    I have read a journal from which researchers have found out that hair (root) on bald people has not died, their hair is simply not growing (like normal people) cos of DHT. Assume this is true, and I carry on this protocol, then I will eventually recover my hair, and it might take another 3 or 6 months or 1 year;

    Now I have no intention of stopping this protocol. Besides, I am taking healthy nutrition. and also I have not seen anyone staring at my scalp for 2 weeks;

    Some people don’t care about hair loss (as I was before I suffered hair loss); but after going through a serious hair loss, I have seen that a lot of people do care about other people’s hair loss and stare at it. I heard a story from radio that this girl dumped the guy she dated cos she found out he is bald (he wore a cap at the first meeting).

    I hope to go back to hair salon and get hair cut done by hot chicks in the near future

    Good luck to all of you too

    p.s.) yet to see hair regrowth …


  57. Hey guys, if anyone would be kind enough to send me the pdf I’d greatly appreciate it. I assume this is a scam, but can’t help my curiosity. Though not enough to risk my credit card info.

  58. you started this talk in 5 min. you will know but it took almost a 1/2 hour to find out about your scam not in it for the money then why not just post it for free and make the pharmas go nuts

  59. Entering Week 9,

    There is a this girl who used to stare at my scalp all the time while talking to me got a part time position at where I work; just she and me worked from 8 to 3:30 today and she didn’t stare at my scalp even a single time.

    Under the sunlight, when I look at myself in the mirror, I still feel I need significant hair regrowth, but cos my scalp is now covered by hair that I have and my hair is all growing long and becoming thicker ( I am getting bigger volume in my hair like people with normal hair), and looks like people have forgot that I was nearly bald a month ago.

    I am not saying I am finally seeing the hair regrowth, I am just saying, I don’t look like bald anymore cos all my hair is growing long and thicker.

    Last week, my ex-high school friend texted me whether I know a treatment (other than medications) that stops hair loss; he is really self-centred person although I used to think him as my best friend at high school. He used to take propesia for 2 years cos of my recommendation, but he stopped taking it recently cos some people have said he chest is becoming like female breast. He never cared about me when I was going through really hard time cos of serious hair loss (he even teased me like why don’t you get hair transplant , haha) . So for the first time, I lied to him and will never tell him about this protocol cos he has to suffer what I had to go through (although I won’t laugh if he eventually suffers serious hair loss one day).

    You guys are lucky cos I won’t recommend this protocol to anyone in my real life.


    But really, does anyone have any info on Jared’s BFF, Dr. Blount? For all we know, s/he could be a “doctor” (i.e. allopath, naturopath, chiropractor, quack, woo, magik doctor, etc.).

    My bet is that s/he’s not even real. On that note, who is the “the dean of one of the most prestigious medical research universities in the world”? That’s a big claim – and who would want to talk to this schmuck? This is not about pharmaceutical companies repressing his “100% natural and effective”; this is about someone taking advantage of desperate people (myself included). If this worked, there would be studies. So many studies. So much evidence? I haven’t found (after extensive research) one piece of actual evidence.

    It’s pretty obvious (just look at all of the comments stating, “I paid 39.00 and haven’t received my book,” or, “I was charged twice – no book!”)

    I see SCAM written all over this, like Sissy Spacek covered in blood.

    I cannot stress enough how you should absolutely in no way give this bro any money. PLEASE do not support this. You are doing yourself and your wallet a huge disservice. Seriously.

  61. After watching the video online, I ordered and paid for the Rebuild Hair Program. I attempted to follow the download instructions, but the download failed. If this is not a scam, I would be grateful in downloading the program I paid for.

  62. My sister sent me the link to the present’n & offer for me to evaluate. I won’t be recommending she buy.

    3 things reduce the offer’s credibility unacceptably. One is the lack of traceability of this Jared & Dr. Blount. The other is the story that the med school dean considered the material unpublishable because it does “too much” & endangers grant funding. There are plenty of discoveries of things that do MORE than the “too much” this diet is said to do, and if medical researchers thought their funding was in danger every time they published about them, research would grind to a halt. Finally, given the time parameters this Jared said he tested over, the apparently large # of components to the diet, and the implied degree of optimiz’n of his diet plan, he would’ve had to be incredibly lucky to hit on it in time for his next exam by Dr. Blount.

    • What a scam. But all is well. Edward and all will get their money back in due time. They are all working together. Good luck Edward with your hair growth and lies. Ha ha ha. It was entertaining reading this.

      • I lost most of my hair in 2010; so been gradually losing hair.

        Prepesia didn’t work on me and so other medications.
        But this one has really stopped my hair loss; even a few weeks ago, there were so many people stared at my scalp while talking to me, and I found it really annoyed.
        Now, less and less people stare at my scalp.

        I believe Hair regrowth will take time, and I will patiently wait and see.
        Going through week 8, more hair is coming down towards middle and front scalp and the valley I used to have at the end of my head has disappeared.


  63. “Supposing” his story is true… Why does the author call the dean an “idiot”? If he were in his shoes he would’ve done the same thing. That would be like a competitor of his eBook coming to him and asking him to help him advertise his eBook. Makes no sense in the business world..

  64. Going through Week 8,
    Today, my sister said,
    “Brother, you scalp is getting darker !”

    I looked in the mirror … but I am still not sure whether hair regrowth is happening…(but I hope so)


  65. Obviously a scam as The most powerful pharmaceutical to reduce DHT, used for enlarged DHT-caused prostate, Finestaride can only reduce DHT 71% in 6 months with femininizing side effects. It’s that diffcult as 7 hormones are involved in DHT synthesis, with some of the pathways still poorly understood.

    The claim that a combo of every day foods reduced DHT to zero in weeks is a lie. I asked the sire’s conrtact for monet back 2X.. silence. I asked to see the Lab Cert. from clickbank.. they said ..wait. I waited, I asked to see the Docs confirmation that he had seen that lab cert.. they said wait. I waited. Then I told clickbank my lawyer would sue them They refunded. There is no web site so the Govt. can’t shut them down.

    Consider how easy it is for actor JG, no doubt a pseudonym, to shave his head and photo it every few months.

    I also informed the FTC.

  66. I spent an hour reading through all the comments and it seems Edward has got some really good review. However, many others have claimed not to get their e-books which eventually means it is a scam.

    I hope Jared and Blount would visit this page and clear up their names. And people, please do not ask for free e-books, others have paid a price for it!

  67. Hello,

    I have it as well, look at my previous comment which I attached my email address.

    Y I can’t write my email address in here?
    How’s the progress sadhanagosh ?

    Have you started the diet plan?

    Thanks all

    • Hi, I wanted to ask if you can share your pdf with me? I want to convince my boyfriend to try it. I believe he’s already perfect but if the metod really works, it could be a miracol.

  68. Look, I’ve spent an hour reading thru all these comments & im truly saddened, I’m only 23 & bald, man this sucks & so do you people & your lies, I just want some honesty man

  69. Edwards,

    If there is any hair regrowth in your hair follicles, please let us know as soon as possible,please

    Thanks everyone here

    • Michael, Jared is the one who you should contact for Before & After photo.
      I am only willing to share my review on this product.
      To those who are interested in stopping hair loss, take this protocol, cos, it will definitely stop hair loss.
      Before I used this protocol, I worried about hair loss, and was in the middle of losing most of my hair in the middle scalp.
      Now, my left over hair is growing long and has covered my middle scalp.

      What I am waiting for now is “hair regrowth”, and that’s the only thing I want from this protocol now.


  70. After gone through Week 7,
    I still haven’t seen hair regrowth, that’s the only thing I am waiting for…

    I visited this supermarket today and there is a mirror.
    I used to see my scalp in the mirror, and used to find horrible looking unbalanced baldness at my front scalp.
    Today, it looked different, no more horrible looking.

    My hair condition has become really really (x100) healthy – soft as babies, not considering buying any other thing.

    Just dying to wait for the noticeable hair regrowth.
    I waited for 3 months to get the effect of Propesia, so I guess it’s fair to wait 3 months with this protocol

    • Thanks Edward for your comment..Will wait for your next comment after 1 keep posting the comments as others can know..thank you very much..

  71. Really everyone this is a 100% scam there is no miracle cure for baldness but you can still make your hair thicker by using certain products eg potato juice , egg , honey , can also massage your head placing your head downwards which gets the blood flowing , also you can eat protein or omega 3 foods like chicken or salmon, vitamin b will also help
    You can try all this stuff together and see if it works for you I would also recommend kelp tablets and a hair thickening shampoo, just please don’t pay for that pdf file and listen to Raven he talks a lot of sense

  72. Having gone through your video clip on regaining hair loss, I became interested in purchasing the product, unfortunately my country Nigeria is not included in the dropdown list.From the above constrain how can I make my payment.

  73. Retraining and rehabilitating race horses we have a lot of problems with their hooves – years of pounding, genetics in thoroughbreds etc. We added a biotin supplement to feed which considerably improved hoof health. The noted side-effect – a glossy coat and fuller mane and tail. I was later interested to note a number of [human] skin, hair and nail supplements contain biotin.

  74. Guys,

    I order this product. After going through pdf file, i felt this book does not contain
    any useful information. It just talks about some stories related to celebrities and
    the cause for hair loss (which you find in google also), apart from this no useful information. So cancelled this order and raised a ticket to refund.

  75. I need a refund. Husband already downloaded and tried….didnt like. How do I (!!!) get MY refund back…? I need it asap.

    • Hey You can raise ticket for refund through clickbank. Your refund will be processed in two working days. I have done the same.

  76. Hi can anyone send me the PDF file? i cant find it on the internet! my self seteem goes down as my hair does!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Thanks Edward for your comment please kept posting comments,so others can get help for your positive comment.I just got the pdf of supplements what to eat in day schedule but still not started yet.


    • Hi Ravi…plz send me d PDF file…plz yar help kar de…very tired of this hair fall…mujhe ek copy bhej yar…

    • ravi how are you doing fine my brother…i also try their website is clossed ..
      please brother could you send me what you were recived from them…
      wheather it is PDF or any thing please email me

    • Hello Ravi,

      Can you please mail me the PDF, I need it badly. Please Help me god bless you.

      Thank you.

    • Dear Ravi,
      I want to know, whether this program is working for u or not? My email is my name at gmail. Pls send me copy.


  78. Hi Guys

    Going through 6th Week,
    I don’t look like a bald anymore; all small hair in my middle and front hair has grown long and covered my scalp. I look at my scalp in the mirror under the sunlight, it doesn’t look horrible anymore.
    I just look like someone with sporty hair (but still with less hair).

    My belief in this treatment has grown and with this outcome, I believe all the hair that has stopped growing long cos of DHT, will grow long eventually.
    I am looking forward to it

    thanks & regards


  79. I’ve been gradually losing my hair over the last 10 years or so and a while back started experimenting with some different cleaning methods which has really helped a lot. The fallout has slowed down a lot and some of the barely visible fine hairs have even started to very slowly thicken slightly over the last few months. Although I realise many people have various other issues, keeping the scalp clean in both an effective but non-aggressive way seems to be quite key, at least it has for me.

  80. Hi sadhna,

    Why I can’t send any email to your inbox ?

    Please reply back to me

    Michael Wong

  81. is there any one can send me pdf file, downloaded. I checked all the comments and my opinion about this programm became negative. If Is there any generous people, pls send me the pdf file to this email.

    • Hey s.sadhanaghosh, is my mail id please mail me pdf please if my id does not show then the name appers is my id at gmail thanks

  82. Dear Jared Gates, I would like to buy your ebook, but I have a question: what do you have to reply to all those criticisms about it? Please answer.

  83. hello Sadhna, can you email me that link ? or at least the vegetables mentioned in the program ?
    thanks in advance

  84. Hi anyone out there,

    Please send me an email to have further discussion about the hair rebuild program.

    Michael Wong

  85. Hi sadhna

    Please send me an email to have further discussion about it. Maybe we have more good results of it.

    Michael Wong

  86. Hi sadhna,

    I don’t get what you mean? Do you have the books ?
    Can we have discussion on it? At least have a friend to share. I want to purchase it but I don’t have credit card. I only have cash. Would you mind if I bank it to you?
    Thanks a lot

    From Michael Wong

  87. back slash is 9 and full stop is 1.
    I havent tried anything out michael. So i dont have any results!!! I only downloaded the program


  88. Hi sadhna,

    Would mind to share with us the result and tell us more about the hair rebuild program?

    Michael wong

  89. Hey guys, I tried putting a pdf file. But my post wast moderated and it never got posted since it had a link.
    I was able to download the file. It was a 29 day diet plan. Dunno if it will work.
    I got it for 29$.

    • Hi sadhna
      Can we become friend?
      Hope to have you as a friend. Thanks in advanced.

      I will pay you through your bank as I don’t have credit card.

      Hope to hear from you
      From Michael wong

    • Hi sadhna

      Every post of mine was moderated by the moderator. I don’t know how to keep in touch with you. As I really need your help.

      Please reply me as soon as you can
      Thanks Michael Wong

  90. All he had to do was create a pdf file and share it in his facebook page.

    If it was a real thing he would have gone viral in a year…
    This is just another money machine.

  91. Kindly Jared i need this so urgently how can i get it in Kenya ….Kindly advice on how to get it.I need the product please.

  92. Dear friends,

    I dont trust what people are telling negative on this. I have contacted these people and he has replied me in 24 hrs. If has given scientific explanation in video.
    If you buy through clickbank or paypal you dont have to worry about your refund.
    If it works it good or not refund your money. Finished. For these things people are writing all long stories and some asking for product details from others.
    Whether it works or not take a chance. I dont bileave doctors at all as they cant think out from what they have studied in mbbs.
    Any way iam buying it and in 2 months will give you thr result even it is positive or negative.
    Hope to see you all in next 2 months.

    • Hi monish
      Would you to share the PDFs as I don’t have credit card to purchase it? I will send money to your bank account once I receive your PDFs . Please help me of not becoming bald. I’m still young. I know you will understand me. Thanks.

  93. Hi, I’ve a basic question on your claim in your video. You claim hair loss is connected to Prostate cancer. If it’s true why do all totally bald men won’t get this cancer NOT EVEN 1% of them?? and Why do full hair men get this Cancer. Exposure of risk to Prostate cancer is similar in Bald men and Full hair men. Then why do you relate it falsely?? Please don’t misguide the people.There is no scientific evidence for your claim and Please don’t manipulate the statistics.

  94. Going through week 5,
    All my hair is thicker, I don’t see any tiny or thin hair anymore; and my hair in my front and middle scalp are growing longer; hair in those part didn’t grow and fell off easily before but now they are growing long.

    However, I am still not sure whether I am having hair regrowth now.
    Time will tell; I’ll wait another month;

    Claire, I am still waiting for my hair regrowth.
    Although I encourage those who are in the beginning stage of hair loss to use this plan, I can’t recommend this product to those who became bald, just not yet.


    • Hi Edwards,

      Would you mind to share the PDFs with me? Because I don’t have the credit card today for it . Would you mind at least help a person of me of not becoming bald? As I still have some hair, beginning to thin and some bald spot. Please help.

      A kind soul.

  95. Considering that Finasteride, the most powerful pharmaceutical to lower DHT, the main cause of hair loss, can only reduce DHT by 71% in 6 months.. with nasty side affects.. for Hair Los Protocol to claim that a combo of common foods and some vitamins reduce DHT to zero,.. and for that resultant zero DHT to then allow massive hair growth. is simply untrue. Natural DHT reducers such as saw palmetto, nettle root extract and pumpkin seed oil, that barely move DHT, but do help slightly7 reduce enlarged prostate, are not even mentioned.

    The photo that shows X, who-ever he is, growing massive new hair is easy to do, if one completely shaves a good head of hair then photographs it every few weeks. At the age of 45, as claimed in the ad, nobody would be so completely bald as the before photo showed. On my demanding from Clickbank the alleged Lab cert. that shows zero DHT, Clickbank simply gave back my money, with no cert. produced. FTC have been informed of the possible fraud, and I understand the Hair Transplant orgs are also planning such a report.

    It is doubful many/any will complain or ask for a refund. The food combos are so clevertly devised that to faithfully follow them, as the course insists is necessary, is well nigh impossible. The failed hair restorer will feel it was their own fault that no new hair grew, nor did hair loss stop

  96. Edward.. Since it’s working for u pls let us know these food and herbs.. U can’t buy it in Nigeria… I really need it… And to you all posing bad comments, I don’t see how it’s affecting u that other ppl want to use it… Keep ur negative energy to yourselves… Its the last thing we need… And Raven, shut up pls… Edward.. Pls be kind enough… I don’t mind d paying u

  97. Why is there no payment option for Nigeria… And why is no one giving replies…. How do I contact this Jared man… I really need to get in touch with him

  98. Can any one forward me the pdf in my email to buy these minerals, vegetables and try for my sake please

  99. hi dear,
    i also want to use this product. can anyone guide me whether this is beneficial or false like other products.

  100. Too many comments saying they didn’t get the book and this is a scam… Pls is this real? I have cancer and I’ve lost all my hair… I really need this…. Someone pls reply

  101. I purchaced the hairloss book from Jared Gates and am unable to download the book.
    Is it a scam. How do I get my money back.

  102. HI Edward,

    Please share the pdf to me.
    I am the worst effected bald person in 20′ s so let me try all these reviews are really confusing it would be a help if you can do that.


  103. Hey I this wonderful book 5 weeks ago in UKRAINE (by the way, not where are Russian at all!) and paid with credit card all great. I love it. The Ukrainian translation very good with nice picture. My big friend Edward also send me English copy and someone in Nigeria. All the food it so easy to get here in Ukraine and I have big feast every day because I always have eat it. So now I have book I know it. My hair it start so fast grow it almost hurtful at first (see above note in growth rate) and my wife she say I now look like REAL MAN and not old bald geek. I am worried about contract on me by dirty local Pharma who say I kill their profit. No NAME! And so I PRINT OUT book and SCAN it and send to all friends everywhere. I am 100% satisfied client for ever. I am 63 years of age and have great sex drive. You must believe me.

    • Hello Yuri
      You said that you have gotten results, and your hairs were rebuild. Also you said that you are ready to help all friend anywhere. Could you send me the PDF?
      I do appreciate it.

  104. While going through 4th week
    :this is not a scam
    – this has really stopped my hair loss

    however, I can’t confirm hair regrowth yet;

    If you still have enough hair but just worrying about hair loss, you should try this plan; as with hair regrowth, I still have to wait and see


  105. I need to create a stupid infomercial as well. I can’t believe how many suckers there are out there the send money first, they cry for refund later. Duh!!!!

  106. i just saw the video and gone surprised. bcz the person was talking like a canvasser…i think and i obey the researchers, those who are really trying hard to find a simple way to cure the hair loss problem…if they really find something easy way, they must show it to us as they have been doing the same against another disease…

  107. Hi,

    Can someone plz post here the dietary plan from the pdf here, or just paste the contents of it, so that others can also try out the plan?

  108. Hello guys, good news, I am growing hairs,you know i haven’t purchased this waste book. sleep well after reading good comments. In dreams you too will have full, thick black hair…. wow……

  109. Hi I am in Kenya and I tried to buy the protocol by mastercard unfortunately Kenya is not on the list of countries. So I chose Uganda which is a neighboring country but there was a message that one item is wrong. Please help

  110. Is the book written in multiple languages?
    What is its language, and what’s its file type?
    Can I copy the text to translate it?
    And how many paper are there in the book?

  111. All Jafs no one tilling it is not working, so till why asking book
    ok if your asking where your mailed?

    really mad about hair.

  112. Could someone please send me a copy of the ebook pdf file on my email so I could try this programme myself, much appreciated , thanks .

  113. Guys Dont just waste your time with this guy, Its full of BS! Look at the photos and their faces, he has shown hair when they are younger while without hair they are older which shows a clear photo shop done, Its a great failure, please have a clear look at their faces.! He is trying to Impress with his presentation goes over 15 mins although he said Its 5 mins. Unless he shows a live video don’t trust and loose your money. First of all he he will have your credit card information, in order to avoid any fraud transaction you probably you will close/cancel that account/card, the moment you decide to claim the money back then obviously the bank cannot refund the money since you have cancel the card so basically you will never get the money back, this guy is playing a great trick…..!!!!

  114. When you in your early twenties for a man and at your peak health your hair grows between 15 mm to a max of about 25 mm. If there is any sort of supplement that not only regrows hair at the speed of the photos your looking at 25 mm hair growth in less than 4 weeks which would not be a medical treatment but a miracle. Its simply not possible to go from a bald pate to complete cover in excess of 15 mm in 3 weeks. I must admit I almost bought into this from a touch of desperation but when I saw clickbank this if nothing else told me the real story of this protocol. Its a shame to see clickbank going even further down on the trust factor.

  115. IT IS NOT 5 MINUTES as claimed in the title and its SPAM. its for more than half an hours .. crazyyy.

  116. If someone tells you a video is going to be 5 minutes long and then you find out it’s actually 13 minutes long… well, you know you’re not dealing with an honest person. Don’t send a dime to this sleazy scammer.

  117. I am pretty hesitate, but if anyone here has the ebook, please share it with me…
    Send it to my email
    I will be totally grateful

  118. Hey Successful studs, Please repost or confirm if the process or protocol works for hair growth. Your positive review made people to relieve from suffer and will make Jerald gates rich.


    • what’s the list of vegetables an herbs mentioned in this book that block dht ?
      only trolls in here have had results so far. the guy with the story of leaving his wife (nice story by the way ) and the other one that started as a genuine person only to start trolling at the end with his hair being pulled when he runs .

  119. i just bought the book. it seemslike a waste. send me your email and i’ll send you the pdf.

  120. Is there any other site containing real user reviews, I am sure many ppl would have tried out this program by now.

    I can see many sites having similar contents, no real user review.

  121. I used rogaine and procepia to little effect so I thought I’d give this a go. I reasoned if it was a scam I’d only be losing the equivalent of a months supply of all the other chemicals I buy.

    It does at first look like a diet program but I decided to chow down.

    First week nothing.

    Second week nothing.

    Third week nothing. I was getting resigned to failure, another rippoff.

    Fourth week – WTF! there was a hair on my head!

    Fifth week – the hair was growing.

    By the sixth week I was getting hairy and horny. I bought myself a comb and some lube.

    Eight weeks in and I could part my hair. Let me say that again – part my hair.

    After two months I was so overjoyed I shelled out a lot of dough and got my hair styled in one of those faggy salons – good bye to the old ten bucks to run the razor over my scalp! Hey it was a stupid wasteful thing to do but not having had so much hair in decades meant I couldn’t care less.

    But it didn’t stop there. I grew a full ‘tache, I had to shave my armpits like a girl, and my a** looked like it had an afro.

    And as I got hairier things just got better. At work I stopped being the butt of jokes instead colleagues wanted to hang out with me at the bar cause they were noticing all the looks I was getting from the female customers. I even got a pay rise!

    But best of all now that I’d gotten a full head of hair I was able to dump my butt ugly wife who I’d had to put up with for twenty five years cause no one else would marry a dome head and after several adventures of the kind they probably won’t let me write about on this particular site I’ve hooked up with Shayna a twenty year old pole dancer from a club I used to frequent.

    You’re probably gonna ask is a Shayna all hot and sweaty from stripping at the club running her fingers through your hair really worth it? Well how the hell would I know? All I can say is it’s like most things, like your car or your cellphone it only works if you believe.

    ps No I can’t send you a pdf it’s encrypted you dumb***!

  122. I watched the video made by Jared Gates. It went on and on and on and after about two minutes I stopped watching it. This is typically a method of making one feel that this is something really worthwhile and finally leads one to having to pay for the advice, product or service. Notice that a number of people who requested refunds have had no response from Jared Gates.
    The adage:
    “If it appears too good to be true then it most probably is” could well apply here.

  123. P.S. I Forgot to add that you did an extraordinary job of researching and exposing this scam. ALL of those foods have been part of my wonderful husband’s diet in healthy portions, as well as mine. He (69) is still bald and my hair (64) is thinning a bit. Short of mixing everything in a blender and making an ointment there is no magic in the ratio of the portions. Dr. Blount and Mr. Gates, however, say that for $39, someone, anyone in point of fact, can regrow their hair. They go so far as to promise a refund if you are not satisfied. Vanity is a mighty tool. How long will that satisfaction take to prove? By the time one decides one is not satisfied where will these gentlemen be? Have you ever tried to get a refund from an account that no longer exists, or has changed?The amount is so small will you really pursue it? A small amount multiplied by how many vain people who really want to believe this really can work. After all, there is a money back guarantee!!! Wow! Now there’s a formula for a con.

  124. There are pages and pages of what appear to be independent and glowing reviews that crowd the initial search but it is clear they have been created by a single source marketing/PR firm, one big circle all leading back to the “Hair Rebuild Program” creators. Shame Shame Shame. It is too obvious. Gotta hire a better firm.

  125. Hi. Guys,
    i need your help. It will be thank full if anyone help me to send the attachment of the book or link.

  126. I would like to buy this book. Please suggest me the steps how to buy it.
    Will i get the material immediately after the payment?
    please suggest me.

  127. My name is Osmil Millan I purchase your program one months ago, and i would like a refund as soon as possible,

  128. Hi,

    so glad I read all this comment before I spent shit lots of money for that crap.

    Thanks guys.

  129. (IMO)
    This only looks like predation to me. The video goes on with no surprising information. It’s easy to manipulate people who really want help. This kind of advertising needs to stop entirely. It’s completely predatory. Do your part to talk shit about businessmen who prey on you for your money. Then one day, we can live in a world where a product speaks for itself. Aren’t you done with it?
    Or, sit through the video. Watch and hope. Hope is after all a more positive emotion than the remorse of hair loss.
    Back to waiting for stem-cell research to finalize it’s testing.

  130. Hello

    Can anyone have its pdf version…. if, I really want it. it is just a diet chart, so guys help people for a good cause………

    I would like to see a gentle person, will salute him or her.

    Nazar Khan

  131. Maybe I’m a dyed-in-the-wool cynic…but not one person’s suggested that just maybe Edward of the successful use could be a “plant” or shill for the product’s company? He’s the only one who seems to be enjoying a fairly rapid overall improvement. Took me a lot of searching to find this site containing honest appraisals. All the others, as someone remarked above, give good “reviews” and then push the product right in the review…obviously connected to the product company. So glad I found this site and read through these comments before making the mistake of throwing money away. Looks like I’ll be hanging onto my hairpiece… but my money as well.

    • The comment about running faster because his hair no longer felt like he was being tugged back:
      “Last 4 years, I was unable to run fast cos everytime I run I feel like someone is pulling my hair from the back; that happens cos I don’t have much hair in front so all my hair at the back was against the wind”

      That alone said troll to me.

  132. First, the internet video made me sick hearing this computerized voice for an hour. I knew right there this is too good to be true.
    How hear about my program! lol
    Rosemary- have anyone of you searched about its benefits.
    Of course with anything, side effects come along. Too much of anything is not good.
    I found a couple of youtube videos very interesting but have not tried any. Im interested starting with rosemary tea, infusion and soaking my scalp. Have anyone of you tried it. Please share. I have a rosemary tree in my yard, I’ll start with the tea and come back here.

    • Viren,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I think our readers would be very interested in seeing your results with using Rosemary. Especially if you can get it right from your own backyard. I hope you come back after trying that and leave us a comment.

      — Supplement Police

  133. 10000% scam! Interestingly enough for me the dietary suggestions that are listed, are already a part of my regular diet anyway. If it were true I should’ve not gone bald at all in the first place ! Anyway if you have a bald spot or going bald just shave your head. It looks cool!! The ladies love it too!!!
    The only best part of this programme is that there is 60 day money back guarantee. Soon as I finished reading the literature I opted for my money back (which you do through Clickbank).

  134. Complete load of crap, even if it works it’s presented and as a “program”, and it’s really just a diet plan, and just like his ads it’s a long winded one at that. Applied for a refund as soon as I got the document.

    • Michael,

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      I am a bit confused by your statement though. The Hair Loss Protocol is a diet plan or a diet program.

      What exactly were you expecting when you did purchase the program? It seems that some users / commenters here have used the eBook diet plan and have had success. Take a look at Edward’s comments.

      It seems that you just have to give it a try before just dismissing the HLP plan.

      Anyways, would love to hear what you were thinking it was going to be.

      — Supplement Police

  135. @Steve
    Hi Steve if its possible could you plz send me a pdf of the program, it would really mean a lot as i can’t pay that much and i am suffering from severe hairfall


  136. I bought the book already but Does anyone know do u have to eat just what it tells you or can i eat other foods with it also???

  137. Hello.. My self Adv Rahul Deshpande. I paid payment by online from my account for this product. But no ebook was send on mail and no refund was made yet. It is international fraud agency. Please do not purchase this product or make online payment

  138. I ordered mine and it came right to me ..but i didnt try the progam yet though …if u didnt receive it contact me n i will give it to you

  139. Can anyone help,e and send me the PDF or a copy to my email I want to try it even the list of the food and those things please

  140. I have been waiting for over 10 days for my ticket to be resolved. Guess I will have to cancel the charge on my card. Hope that works and its not one of the silly scams

  141. 8th day with plan (last update)

    – I have this triangle area where I don’t have much hair, and I am sure people who has suffered serious hair loss understand what spot I am talking about; it’s still early to say but I am starting to notice that it’s gradually getting smaller; it’s not like hair at the back is growing so it’s covering my scalp in the middle but it’s more like hair in my middle scalp is growing and living longer;

    – everything else same as above

    – I think this treatment with natural food has anti-aging effect as well; my skin on my face is getting more tighter and softer

    it’s time to farewell cos my hair loss has stopped and in a month time (according to Jared Gates ad), I will recover my hair; I am starting to feel uncomfortable with people who asking me for this book for free, and also with people who do negative review on this product without even knowing this product (e.g. just keep calling this product a scam, which I can’t understand)

    Good luck to those who have ‘actually’ bought this book;


    • Edward,

      Thank you for stopping to leave another update.

      Unfortunately, most people only go online to voice their opinion about something they feel negatively about not when something works for them. I’m guessing most of the people that have had results with the Hair Loss Protocol are out enjoying them and not wanting to leave a review.

      But I have to agree with you. People should stop asking for a free copy when you spent your hard earned money. I mean the product cost what.. $37 or something. And you can get a refund within 60 days. Seems people don’t want to stop and take action for themselves, they would rather just get things for free.

      Good luck to you with the rest of it. Hopefully you come back to leave another progress report. I think since I replied to your comment that any more you leave will notify me.

      Anyway, I am looking forward to purchasing and following this myself.

      Mark R.

    • edward is another TRICK by the maker of the hair program (could be the so called Jared Gates himself, false name BTW). So now we have “edward” and perhaps more of these FAKE satisfied customers will follow. Ah yes, and also FAKE people who write that they believe “edward”.

      One lie on top of the other. It is called a SCAM, or FRAUD.

  142. If you really want your hair back , you can buy one of those red laser machines , they are not cheap but at least its scientific proven that they work . Ask any hair restoration clinic. I found them on ebay for $200

  143. There are some things common about most scam products.
    1. Its sold as an E-book. (Because no decent hard copy book publisher would even look at it)
    2. Long infomercials with lots of fluff without getting to the point.
    3. Condemning established norms (The medical industry and researchers in this case)

    If you want to find natural remedies look up some Youtube videos especially on Indian Ayurvedic remedies. Its there for everyone and completely free.

    Most importantly, stay away from E-books. Most of them are full of fluff.

    • 1: You can’t spell It’s. Lots of scams are sold hardcopy.
      2: The informercial repeats itself 1.5 times. What is /your/ point?
      3: The established norms don’t work.

      Where is your statistics study on e-books?

  144. 7th day
    – no sign of hair loss ( no tiny hair hanging around my scalp; very few fallen hair after the shower, no oily scalp)
    – sexual desire remains strong
    – no noticeable sign of hair regrowth in my front scalp but scalp on the sides and at the back is becoming darker with hair


  145. 6th day
    – I can run fast again ! ( this morning, I was running late to work, so I ran and I was able to run fast again; What’s the big deal about it? Last 4 years, I was unable to run fast cos everytime I run I feel like someone is pulling my hair from the back; that happens cos I don’t have much hair in front so all my hair at the back was against the wind; I was scared about that cos I thought I would eventually lose more hair at the back if I would keep running) but this morning, I didn’t feel that at all, and I ran like before when I had full hair;

    – I can open the car window when driving and expose my hair to the wind; ( similar reason as above)


  146. Hey guys, I think this is 100% SCAM, but about growing your hair back, I can give you tips!

    I’m starting to get bald too, and has oily scalp but here I use ONION JUICE (blend it with garlic and honey with one cup of distilled water and then put it on a soft cloth and then squeeze it to get the juice) then I put it on scalp and massage it 30min-1hour before shower and that’s it! just be patient and be consistent using it everyday. I’m using it for a month now.

    now there’s a bit improvement and I’m happy and I will continue to use it everyday.

    • Hi
      I am from Iran.
      I am 27 and I am a metallurgical engineer.I work for sgs company in Iran.
      how much have your plan worked?
      is that useful or not?
      can you explain me please?
      so truly yours

  147. Hi All, It is a %100 scam. A medical doctor does not ask his/her patient to give them a non scientific cure for their patients and they don’t ask anything to patients about drugs or cures. Also they are not allowed to do. Who is Dr Blount? only surname, not more than that. If it was a revolutionary invention, media world would broadcast it.

  148. edward i love ur comment as u drop exact changes ur getting since u started using the supplements..keep it up,am waiting for ur next comment to know how it goes.thanks bro

  149. 5th day with the plan
    – no oily scalp (I used to wash my hair at night cos it got so oily)
    – found a tiny fallen hair ( but I used to see more of them hanging around my head before)
    – the rear, middle part are getting slightly darker ( I can’t confirm whether it’s hair regrowth until my scalp in front gets darker)

    i.e. With propesia, it took almost 3 months to get its effect, but this treatment with natural food seems working faster; I will come back after a week or later to see how my hair growth is going, cheers

    • edward i love ur comment as u drop exact changes ur getting since u started using the supplements..keep it up,am waiting for ur next comment to know how it goes.thanks bro… name is akugilbat

    • Edward,

      Thank you for stopping in each day to let us know how the program is working for you. It seems that if you follow the program you can get results. You may want to try adding a high quality Silica shampoo to your daily regimen. I believe that will only help speed up the hair growth process.

      Looking forward to more of your updates.

      — Supplement Police

    • Edward.. Pls send me the list. I’m in Nigeria, I have colorectal cancer. I’m 17 and all my hair is gone.. There is no payment option for Nigeria.. Pls send it. I beg of u

  150. Hello All,
    Whether you are bald or not, it’s how you feel about yourself that matters – because that is what people react to. You may not be able to change or control your baldness overnight – or forever – but you can definitely control your response to your baldness. And that response starts from the thoughts you put in your MIND. If they are positive thoughts, they produce positive focus, which lead to positive choices, behaviors and actions. So if your thoughts are, “I am bald and fine” your actions will be that of a fine, confident man, that wouldn’t care or even see those staring at the beautiful bald patch God gave him. And if your thoughts are the opposite, then you are responsible for how you are perceived by others. So go on and live a fine life, thanking God even for that baldness – and that you haven’t fallen for the scam. But even if you did, thank God it was not more than $39. And to the “scammers” come on guys, give back the refunds and stop the scam – before it boomerangs. It always does.

  151. To the people that have bought the PDF…Is there specific instructions on what supplements to take, and what combinations and proportions or not? The value of the information seems to be in those details since it is easy to find out what foods have some effect on lowering DHT on your own.

    Some have claimed there are nothing but vague instructions in the PDF. If that is what it is then the info is worthless.

    • I never received the ebook on hair restoration You did take $39.00 from my credit card.I want it returned!!!!

  152. I’ve read all the comments, but i would still love to try this out. There’s no payment option for my country(Nigeria) and I’ve tried to reach the support team, but no one seems to be responding.

    Please can any kind-hearted soul out there send me the pdf copy, please?

    • Hi
      I am from Iran.
      I want to order this ..but i cannot.because my country(Iran) have no payment option.
      can you help me, brother..?
      I am waiting for your answer..

      • I eat pumpkin seeds, about a handful a day, and take 40 mg of zinc and also 160- 320 mg of Saw Palmetto (depends what brand I am using at the moment). I don’t have much hair left, but the amount I do have on top of my head (I am 46) has kept steady for the past 10 years. And my prostate and overall health are awesome. Also I eat NO vegetable oil. Only Olive oil, palm oil, coconut and butter. Fats are also important for skin and hair health

  153. this has been only fourth day since I have started taking suggested food;

    I was also sceptical as most of you guys; but I have lost so much of my hair in the middle of my head, so people often stare at my head when they are talking to me; I got sick and tired of such a behavior;

    I used to take propesia which costs around $100 but i stopped it cos I was afraid of side effects;

    so I compared …’ this can b a scam but it’s only half the price of the propesia and besides; some of food suggested in the book have recommended daily consumption limit ( however , the book doesn’t warn about it, so figure out by yourself if you buy this book)

    what I noticed so far after starting this
    – I don’t see tiny hair fall off due to DHT ( my guess is they are growing due to the level of DHT being reduced)
    – after a shower, I used to see a lot of fallen small hair , but I only see a few
    – at the of end of a day, my head (the middle part) used to become so oily, but now even the next day morning, I don’t see that anymore…

    – i feel my hair got stronger cos when there was wind, I used to feel wind goes through my hair; but I feel it kinda stands against wind.

    I have not noticed noticeable hair regrowth yet but at least, I feel hair loss has kinda stopped

    Good luck; one thing I have to warn you is make sure you figure out daily consumption limit of each suggested food before starting the plan; there was one time I read a guy’s review in which, he heard green tea stops hair loss and he over consumed the tea and got a serious side effect

  154. WHY are all these people trying to get people who have told them it DOES NOT work to send them copies of the ebook they PURCHASED? Are they cheapskates..or just plain ignorant? ANYONE who purchases ebooks knows that there is a NON DISCLOSURE staying that they can not share content as it is a form of PIRACY?? JUST because it is on the web does not make it public domain even if it is a scam!!! Napster and several other music sites got sued for music and video piracy for not paying royalties and usage fees. THOSE sites are no longer around! BUT the bigger picture as these people want to cash in on others misfortune of having,purchased something that is BOGUS product UNLESS they are plants, with their broken English and inability to type a cohesive sentence correctly!! SOUND just like what has been described about how the book is a third grader !! Caveat Emptor!!!

  155. Same to DOES NOT WORK!! it is a scam DIET…they paid for it it doesn’t work but you want them to attach the file and send it to you??? It is something they BOUGHT and are telling you it doesn’t work and anyone who purchases snooks will tell you you can not attach them and send as they are ENCRYPTED to prevent piracy, which is what sharing the “protocol” would be if they file share!!

  156. I agree with everyone who is offended by others requesting a free copy… I’m checking out this for a guy friend of mine don’t want him getting scammed.. Sounds like if he got this it would be rubbish, does not surprise me… Good luck to all of you…

  157. Hi.
    I bought the product and so far I don’t see any effects.
    To the people who are asking for a free download.. FO si pleas that.. So I spent my money for you to have it for free..
    If I spent my money then you can spend too.. Really I’m pissed off with you all who ask for the link. You want the link fine pay me

  158. Yes. EXACTLY! I was thinking the same thing! They are clearly ignoring all the replies they are getting from people asking for the pdf. Maybe it worked so well that they don’t want others to try it aswell as they are selfish and so are lying by writing negative reviews about the product. Or maybe they don’t even have the E-Book and are just chatting bull for some unknown reason. Maybe they are part of the low testerone industry and hair loss industry and are trying to stop us from buying the produt. You never know who was behind that screen, writing those negative reviews. These people could be anyone. You can’t trust anyone these days!

    • ?? …..or maybe they know that to share a product to those who have not paid can land them in the middle of a lawsuit since most people who purchase snooks sign a none disclosure contract at POS..(point of sale) these ebooks are often encrypted and any attemp to send an attached copy via an email or a link will be thwarted ..the link won ‘ t work unless you have their site ID..and also I’d it is an attachment the encryption wil
      Stop the file from opening without the code in the email that gets them into the member site. I was researching this for my BF who has a slight hair loss and is concerned. We both are living organically and refuse to take medications if at all possible. SO most likely they are NOT ignoring you..they are living up to the terms of use…so shut up..think and quit judging people who are not giving into demands from people who want the product, know it is most likely a scam since they have tried it and says it is not working, and LEARN by their mistakes!! I work for the court system going on 22 years and know if they signed a TERMS OF USE like most do in these matters the non disclosure of content was more than likely in the contract they “clicked yes, I understand these rules(tos) and therefore do not wish to be sued! Whether it works or not. ONE person even stepped up and stated that it was not coherent like it had been ran through a translator program..we have been having a rash of FOREIGN based companies who use American gullibility to hard sale products and they are purchasing something from a foreign company like in the Middle East, or Kenya, and being ripped off…

  159. I really hate you folks that made this infomercial… just drags on and on and on and on and on and on…it made me want to vomit. People like you need to just die and soon.

    You are disgusting fucking people.

  160. I read through all the comments posted . And everyone seems to be making comment that is negative with respect to the product in question. It disturb me so very much because all the comments were geared toward taken the minds of people from believing or using the product.Nothing is wholly negative. The product could have good aspect so let us urge Jare Gates to come out more clearly about the product devoid of scam and fraud . It seems like there are group of people out there to damage the product and the reputation of Gates and Dr Blount. please learn to do to others what you want others to do unto you. Any way am still trying to have access to the product. One thing that look very confusing is that those who claim the have the product document but is not working for them find it very difficult to forward it to their colleague. any way am just thinking aloud. Please Dr.Blount.can you tell us the possible side effect of this natural product.

  161. I tried the 28 day program to no avail,Contacted their Web site to request

    a refund on three occasions and they have never responded.

    What do I do next?

  162. I read all the comment above so much negative reviews about the product but no one interested to send the pdf to any user. Why? if product pdf is fake and not working then why you have problem to send pdf to other? Pehaps you don’t have a book or Probably You guys are thinking we are cheated and then why we pare you guys from get cheated. If you have a courage sent the pdf or stop lying about product. Thank you.

  163. I’d appreciate a Link to the pdf or if any user was kind enough to send me a list of th foods im 18 and im going bald so fast! I don’t have much money tho. TY!

  164. I tried to be the hair loss package and was inundated by a blizzard of hard sells. Now the guy has my has my credit card and I will probably have to change it before — well you all know what could happen from that. Thumbs DOWN!!!!!

  165. I buy this product and use for 60 days like the ad says. I have no new hair,,, and my penis and testes have shrivelled up to half their old size!
    I need to talk to Dr. Blunt for help.

    • Hello harry,
      Can you please email that file that you purchased. i am 21 years old and balding very fast. i have no much money but if you will help me and send me the detail of the product, i would like to try this. please send me on my email

  166. Interesting comments. Found this research site with information and recommendations for natural DHT inhibitors


    • for sure: Saw palmetto, green tea both internal and topic use ( instead of water infusion, hot brazilian nut oil infusion, filterd and applied on the scalp), , Whole cereals…i didn’t read the program, but i know u can get some results on this base..take care, by palmetto and green tea consumption excess , you may experience a decreasing libido (reversible)

  167. This is most definitely a scam, all the information in the protocol is freely available anyway….it’s nothing special. Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin seeds are a natural remedy that have been out there for years, along with many others just Google natural DHT inhibitors.

  168. Hey guys, don’t fall for this scam. If you already purchased the e-book, you could contact ClickBank. They are the service company that process sales and in turn they get a good commission. ClickBank does a good job at handling customers complains and refunds. They will refund your money, and you don’t have to contact the guy that ripped you off. Complain to ClickBank to have this BS product remove.

    When a customer reaches us by phone or email, our first response is to offer technical support for the product. However, in some cases a product may be unsatisfactory to the customer for reasons completely beyond our control in which case a cancellation or a refund may be processed.

    Please Note: Refunds can only be credited back to the account used to make the original purchase. If the original account has been closed, the purchase is not eligible for refund.

    US and Canada Toll Free: 1-800-390-6035
    includes Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Guam

    Direct: 1-208-345-4245

    International: +1 208-345-4245

    Order Details
    The Rebuild Hair Program + 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

    The guy that ripped you off has a vendor ID with ClickBank.
    Vendor ID: yaya22

    Pass the word around, so we could save another person from being a victim of this BS. If this BS really works, it’d be all over the news! Drug companies would of offer him Millions for it, so they could in turn make Billions from it!

  169. It’s a scam! Google for free research. All they do is repeat the same thing over and over without saying anything to really help people unless you want to pay and make them rich for the same tired information you already heard in the preview.

  170. why don’t you guys didn’t pay enough attention to the video? the rebuilt hair, on top of the head of patients is obviously fake and made by Photoshop. look at it again. He claims your natural hair will come back, but pictures are completely clear that their not natural hairs!!!

  171. I purchased the program and then got a refund a few days later… It’s done thru clickbank so you just have to click on a link they send you when you purchase the product and they (clickbank) provide a refund no questions asked. When you go buy the product (for $39.) and try to leave the page it says “stay on the page for a special offer”… when you do, it says “wait, we can’t let you go without trying the product… How about $29.?” You can still cancel later and get your money back and when you do, you still can keep the book because it’s in digital form (PDF)

    I bought the product because I was curious. I wanted to see how they pulled off the “guaranteed to give you a full head of hair” line with a straight face. The older guy on the cover of the book has a before and after picture… it’s obviously an older looking bald guy in the before shot and an older looking bald guy with a fancy Hollywood hair type wig in the after shot. That’s the first red flag. The book reads like a kid wrote it, not a doctor… I suspect it was written by someone in a foreign language and then they put it thru an online translator… the grammar in it is off in so many places.

    it’s basically a regiment of foods to buy and eat in meals, foods that are supposed to “kill” 5AR and reduce dht, etc But even their recommendations are difficult to follow… they don’t give you detailed lists and portions to eat like they suggest in their video, rather they discribe meals that you should consume… but it’s not clear, are the meals they discribe supposed to be eaten once a day…? How about the other meals, do you try to include these ingredients? Many of the foods they suggest are ones you probably eat already, what they do is try and tell you that these particular foods have a special vitamin or ingredient that fights 5AR, and is suppose to be helpful overall. Very hazy…. If you have the book and then re-watch the video, you will see all the places they exaggerate and lie in the video. For example, they say it only costs you an extra $20 a month for the program. With all the varieties of foods they suggest you buy, and often they are suggesting organic foods, there’s no way it will only cost you an extra $20. a month. So much of the book doesn’t make any sense. If it really did work, and they had a bonafide revolutionary way to grow hair, they would give links to a site where people could show before/after results and a forum so members could praise the product. But what you get when you do a search on their “product” is a lot of links to “shill” sites that pretend to review the product but end up promoting it.

    I think people like this get away with this type of stuff by saying “we absolutely super duper guarantee it to work or your money back.” The key phrase is “or your money back”. Because they are not really guaranteeing it to work, they’re guaranteeing that you can get your money back if it doesn’t. (which you can, the refund process is easy) They’re hoping that you might think “heck it’s only $29” and forget to ask for your money back. People like this are only in it for the money, they don’t care about you… they pray on desperate guys.

    This is the newest way of making money, publishing useless information, making exorbitant claims (or you money back) and seeing who falls for it. The people who sent me this offer often send similar offers, many times they look for books or publications that were written 100 years ago (so it would be hard to enforce copy-write law) and then send out a spam email offer (live forever, gain untold riches, etc) only $49. I checked out a few to find information/books written a century ago, and nothing like the video said it would be… thank god it was guaranteed.

    good luck in your search, don’t be afraid to explore, and I hope you find what you’re looking for…

      • Hey Mike when they send u a copy, please send me one too. I just would like to read the info, scam or not. Thanks.


    • Thank you for your detailed analysis and explanation of this product offering; seems a little risky and concerned about signing up, providing credit card information, and then having to chase down a “ghost” to obtain a refund (or worse)! So as to avoid this, could I impose upon you to send the PDF protocol to my email address so that I can check it out “truly” risk free? That way, I can take the diet and confer with local folks in the medical community (both western & eastern). Thank you, in advance, for your generosity!

    • OK. If it is fake then why you are not sending a pdf to anyone or replying to anyone probably you have a something in you mind then how we can believe you?

      • I cannot believe that all of u guys fell for this scam. Its just utter crap.

        But I have a friend that works for the NSA so they can track bank accounts, emails, web cookies, web activity, web hosting and anything directed with Rebuild Hair Program. So Im pretty sure that these guys will be behind bars in the next few weeks.

        We have done this before with other scam sites with people like yourselves falling for this, and we have caught these scammers. Ultimately its fraud, so they will be behind bars for a while. But its our job to protect you from scams like these. However, you people should know better than to fall for these scams!! We will help as many victims as possible.

        They might think that they have made money and gotten away with it, but remember, everyone always leaves a trace of evidence behind. All we need is a 0.01% of a digital trace.

        I will get back to u guys shortly.

    • Thank you for valuable information. I find what i looking for.. . This type of cheating couldn’t allowed.

    • Can u pls send it to me. There’s no payment option for Nigeria.. I have colorectal cancer and all my hair is gone. I’m 17years… I beg of u

      • Hi claire
        pls read this book Called ‘what your doctor doesn’t know about nutritional medicine may be killing you’ by Dr. Ray D strand
        You can come out of any disease by changing your diet and in taking natural supplements….Nutrilite though expensive seems to be genuine…you can contact Dr.ray online….all the best for a speedy recovery….i am sure u shall come come out of this….wishing u abundant happiness and success

    • Greetings,

      thank you for the detailed explanation (feedback). Can you kindly send me the PDF, I have friends practicing in the very and related medical fields, so I will consult them for this to have better understanding what’s going there.

      Thank you.

    • Hi, looking all these comments am sure this is fraud. Just out of curiosity, can you share the copy of pdf, thnx!

    • plz send me a copy of it,,,,i have really need it but unable to purchase because it is too costly for me,,, thank u so much

  172. Hi Jared,
    I would like to cancel my order of your Rebuild Hair Progràm since i was not brought into the members page after i provide my credit card details to ur order form.
    It seems your advertisement is a scam just fooling us since once ur website got the crediy card details,ur website replies order is not completed or have expired. Then i checked my local bank here and they inform me that the order transaction was completed. And till now, i have not received any email from you.

  173. I wish to find out how to contact Dr Blount by e-mail for a refund. As stated in your advertising. Please answer, as I purchased the Rebuild Hair Program in good faith. I expect you to honor your part now.

    Thank you.
    Sincerely, Ellin Whittington Sat. Feb 7th 2015

      • I haven’t received a email for downloading the book as of yet.
        I sure hope all well I really don’t have money to waste. Help!!

    • Hi Ellin if possible can u plz send me d downloaded ebook..??i really need it and I’m in a shortage of money…plz help

  174. Seems like a scam. Searched pages and pages on Google. Every review site is fake, just an ad. Any real review site has their review taken down. Just two guys started this business and have so much money to fund ads and take down reviews??

    • Hi Dave M,
      This is a legitimate review site. They have nothing to do with the hair rebuild protocol that is being advertised, and personally I found it an interesting and well balanced review.

    • Sad because I was wanting to try it. the video makes it seem like doctors are against him based on loss of profit. Anyway. Funding ads can be done by hiring cheap labor from Bangladesh, Egypt, etc. Unsure about taking down real reviews; probably similar.

  175. Do your own research. There are many DHT blockers on the market. However, DHT is NOT poison and needs to be balanced with other hormones in your body. Blocking DHT may actually increase prostate size and increase estrogen, causing an increase in feminine attributes in males. Weigh the risk for yourself. There are many free publications on this data – no need to pay for it.

    • Hello Sir

      Can you please send me the links or sites from where I can get the free publications of the rebuild hair program.

      Thanks and regards

  176. Sure I am interested, but long term will it affect your health? where are the reviews of genuine satisfied customers??

  177. I found the downloaded guide to be an repeated version of the video I watched that went on forever. The end result was just a long grocery list that I paid $49 to have and if I bought the different variations of food, veggies and other items, it would be more than $20. I feel this truly was not worth the download. This seemed more like a diet plan than a hair regrowth program. Lesson learned.

  178. I too am curious as to the authenticity of these claims, but in all fairness Jared Gates does not make any claims that can’t to some degree be authenticated. Sadly, he avoids mentioning the possible side effects reduce DHT levels in your body can cause. In men, reduced testosterone and erectile dysfunction are not considered an acceptable risk for possible hair growth.

    Because, even if the regrowth is successful, a steady diet of the same foods that inhibit DHT will continue to impact sex drive, which for some is why they sought to regrow hair.

    Lastly, what are the long-term effects? I think it would be an easy sell if by incorporating an enhanced diet you could jump start the regrowth process, and simply manage it with an occasional return to the diet.

    There’s much to be considered before leaping onto the hair regrowth train!

    • Mr. Jared Gates have recently found a new natural list of veggies whish is a solution for ‘reduced testosterone and erectile dysfunction’ due to ‘reduce DHT levels in your body’………….guys please go buy it and ….. :)

  179. I was charged for the product, but like others, I never received a download to open. I’m going to contact my credit card company about removing the charge.

  180. I thought I oreder a book for 39.oo and it turns out that it is just a download that I cannot do on my computer. I want a refund…………..

  181. If a lot of people have purchased this and it works. Why haven’t I or anyone I know ever heard anyone bragging about this Hair Rebuild program? And, if it is just simply purchasing foods and suppliments that’s required (after buying the book for $40.00 or so) why haven’t I heard anyone speaking about exactly what foods and supplements (of less than $20.00 per trip to the grocery market as this man Jared Garet claims) that are claimed to be such a wonder cure for baldness in 4 weeks or so? Are there any bona fide complaints pertaining this out there to tell us about as well?

    • Michael,

      Those are great questions. Hopefully we will get a real user of Hair Loss Protocol to jump on here and leave a comment. But I guess you know the old train of thought… 9 times out of 10 people only go back to leave a review if they have something negative to say. I’m not saying that people don’t go back to leave positive comments, but it is just not as common.

      We do know a lot of our readers have had a lot of success with Hair Regrowth as well as Skin and Nail benefits while taking Silica Supplements. I would recommend you take a look at our articles on that and see what you think:

      Health Benefits of Silica
      SilaLive Silica Supplement

      Let us know what you think.

      — Supplement Police

    • Michael, do a search on hairlossprotocol101 review and see how many “Emma” reviews there are. This many women named Emma reviewing this sure looks like some cut and paste web bombing to me. It’s quite typical for any site that uses the same style video as a hook. I refuse to even watch any of these videos because they are way too long with no information. This has scam written all over it. All these sites are pretty much the same. First thing I recommend is looking into structured water. Note that structured water is what nature provides through natural action of springs that clusters the molecules so that they are biologically active. And it can’t can’t be sold because the clustering dissapates if the water isn’t in motion., but you can structure it yourself. It’s also good for dieting because it is the type of water that is inside your cells, and that seems to be the only type of water that can permeate the cell membrane. Research Dr. Gerald Pollack for more info.

    • Because this is obviously not a cure. First off, like most scam websites, you’re forced to sit through a long preamble before getting to the goods. This is how companies reel you in, by buttering you up with a long tutorial in hopes of influencing your final decision. The narrator claims the tutorial is 5 minutes. I stopped listening after 13. The book is no different from any other hair restoration product on the market. It may work for some, and may not for others. But, the most suspicious thing about this site is the before and after pics of the narrator’s progress. The after pic showing his regrowth is obviously not natural hair. It’s either a hairpiece or a combination of plugs and spray-on hair.
      Bottom line: you can probably google the ingredients you need for free. Save your money.

      • If you look at the picture on their website you can clearly see that it’s photoshopped , this is a big scam and quite frankly you must be quite stupid to fall for it.

        • and I love that they even say you might not be able to purchase the method in a few weeks!!! maybe because it’s a scam and the site will just shut down?? hahaha

  182. I tried to order the product online, and was charged for it without being sent to the members only page. It looks like I will have to cancel the charge on my credit card as there is no way to contact anyone at the company.

    • William,

      Sorry to hear that you weren’t given access to the Members Only page. Did you find any information on how to contact them? I’m sure our other readers might want that information as well.

      It could be just an error that you weren’t forwarded to the page or the email never came. It does appear they have a contact form on their page that you can use to ask them where the email went or how you can get access. According to the page, they will get back to you within 24 hours.

      I would try that first.

      — Supplement Police

        • Eliza,

          Did you try and contact them to see if there was an error in sending your file?

          It appears you can contact them directly using their website. And they even have an FAQ section.

          >> I did not receive the confirmation email?
          Possible explanation:
          — You have an anti-spam software installed.
          — Your e-mailing services provider has an anti-spam software installed.
          — Please check your spam folder.
          — Attention! If your email server has a spam filter, you might only receive a notification that an email has been dropped
          to the spam folder without sending the actual mail to you.

          >> How do I download a file?

          — You click on the download link beneath the product.
          — If you are having problems accessing the file like this, right-click the download button and then “Save Link As …”
          on your context menu and choose a location where you want the file to be stored on your computer.

          Hopefully that helps you.

          — Supplement Police

        • I never got my imformation I paid for 97 dollars let’s try this send it this way 717 723 6935 regular message

        • I payed 97dollars for this imformation 2 items please give me imformation by message 717 723 6935 email isnt working

      • Yes what I want to know Is ,do I’ve have to pay for the book just Ingredence question to you sir/madam & when I’ve saw your resoles I was floored to say the LEAST & that the price:$36,00 to order the book now as I’ve said In order ,for me get the Ingredence to stat my “HAIR-TO-RE-GROW” I’ve have to order you BOOK right….????? OH by the way I’ve saw your speech on March 3,15-Tuesday- then OKAY as well to..

        • Hi I am interesting in the book, just wanted to know some of the food that I need to eat, I also hear that when people go though his order, they never receive what they pay for, so is this a gimmick? People do not have money to waste.

    • I bought your program last week, it downloaded okay. I was reading it, had to go do something in the mean time my wife closed it out to play a card. Today I wanted go back and start reading again, I can`t find it.

      Please reply,
      Billy Wallace

      • Billy,

        Thank you for leaving a comment. If you are wanting to find out that information, you will need to back to the people you bought it from. We simply provided a review on the product. We are not the owners or sell the product. If you scroll up you should find some information on how to contact them.

        — Supplement Police

      • Hey, I purchased and It wouldn’t open can you or anyone on this website just e-mail me the ingredients.

    • Hace unos meses compré Rebuild Hair Program, desafortunadamente mi PC se dañó y el archivo se perdió. Yo autorizé me fuera cargado el importe solicitado. ¿Podrian por favor reenviarme nuevamente el archivo a mi dirección de E-Mail? Gracias anticipadas

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