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Green Blender Review

Green Blender is a new food delivery service that delivers organic food to your home every week. Here’s our Green Blender review.

What is Green Blender?

Green Blender is a food delivery service that promises to deliver “organic ingredients for superfood smoothies” to your house on a weekly basis.

Green Blender aims to solve one problem people face on a daily basis: eating healthy is good for you, but eating healthy is also hard. You have to shop for the right groceries, pick the right foods, and constantly replenish your cupboards.

With that in mind, Green Blender has a solution:

“Green Blender makes it fun and easy to indulge in your health. We deliver perfectly portioned ingredients and delicious recipes to blend premium smoothies at home. We source only the highest quality fruits, vegetables, and superfoods.”

You can customize your deliveries to fit your unique schedule. Shipping is free to all customers. Recipes also vary week to week – so you shouldn’t get bored of the same stuff over and over again.

The service is priced at around $50 per week, or $5 per smoothie. It’s currently only available in the Northeast United States (the company is based in New York City) but nationwide expansion may be coming soon.

How Does Green Blender Work?

— Every week, you get 5 new smoothie recipes

— You also get all of the pre-portioned ingredients you need to make 10 smoothies (12 oz each)

— Green Blender claims that all recipes “are hand crafted by leading nutritionists to ensure they’re packed with flavor and nutrients.”

— You drink your smoothies weekly to become healthier (Green Blender advertises specific benefits like clearer skin, weight loss, mental clarity, increased energy, and a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease).

— All recipes are designed to make two 12oz servings of smoothies – so you can share with someone you love “or love yourself twice as much”

— You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time

Basically, you get a box full of fruits and vegetables every week along with a printed off list of recipes, health tips, and storage suggestions. The food comes inside Ziploc bags and is delivered in a cardboard box. For the first few smoothies, you can use the fruits and vegetables fresh. For smoothies later in the week, you may want to freeze some of the bags.

According to a review at, the company also caters to allergy requests. Here’s what that reviewer had to say:

“The one thing that concerned me was my food allergies. I have a number of allergies to peanuts, nuts, certain legumes and a few other things. This often makes receiving pre-packaged ingredients hard for me. While Green Blender couldn’t put together a custom box for me, they did manage to swap out some ingredients i.e. sunflower seeds instead of almonds and tahini instead of almond butter. I appreciated that effort.”

The reviewer did caution that the ingredients are all portioned, packaged, a nd assembled in the same facility – so those with severe food allergies may need to be a bit more cautious.

Sample Green Blender Recipes

At the time of writing, here were some of the recipes GreenBlender was sending out this week:

— Superfruit Refresh Smoothie (noni fruit, flaxseed, and cashews)
— Kabocha Squash with Mango Smoothie
— Lucuma Pecan Pie Smoothie
— Braeburn Apple Tea
Coconut Wake Up
— Concord Grape Gulp
— Protein Carrot Cake

View the company’s entire list of previous recipes and concoctions here.

You can also find additional smoothie recipes and smoothie-making tips at the official Green Blender blog:

That blog has recently featured articles like “21 Delicious Sweet Potato Recipes”, “The Difference Between Cacao and Cocoa”, and “5 Superfood Smoothies That Will Surprise Your Tastebuds”.

How to Sign Up for GreenBlender

Sign up for Green Blender at the official signup page here:

It’s priced at $49 per week, which works out to $4.90 per smoothie. That’s cheaper than buying a comparable smoothie in most smoothie shops in the US, but not by much.

The delivery service is currently available to “most parts of the Northeast United States”. Because the fresh ingredients are delivered weekly, the company doesn’t yet ship all across the country.

The service specifically mentions that it ships to most parts of New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vermont, Washington DC and West Virginia.

Customers in the NYC area will receive their deliveries by courier. You don’t need to be home to receive the shipment.

When you sign up for GreenBlender, you can put in your zip code to check if the service is available in your region.

Green Blender Vitamix Challenge

Green Blender prominently advertises something called its Vitamix Challenge. Green Blender and Vitamix appear to have a close relationship: for best results, Green Blender recommends using Vitamix blenders with its ingredients.

Vitamix is a 65 year old blender company that has recently made a comeback in the health food market. Its blenders may be pricey ($400+) but they do a good job of mixing together the foods you receive in your GreenBlender order.

The Green Blender Vitamix challenge is a 60 day (8 week) “challenge”. The “challenge” simply involves subscribing to Green Blender on one of three different plans. Two of the plans get you a blender:

— BYOB Challenge: $44.99 per week for 8 weeks (bring your own blender)

— Vitamix Standard Challenge: $77.99 per week for 8 weeks (receive a Vitamix Standard Reconditioned blender in addition to your subscription)

— Vitamix S30 Challenge: $88.99 per week for 8 weeks (receive a Vitamix S30 blender in addition to your subscription)

There’s not really a “challenge” here. You just buy the company’s stuff and take it for 8 weeks.

About Green Blender

Green Blender is a New York City-based smoothie ingredient delivery service that launched in 2015.

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] or by phone at 917-310-5577.

The company sources its ingredients from local farms around New York, including Brooklyn Grange, Gotham Greens, and Lancaster Farms “just to name a few”.

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  1. The ad at Bloomberg Business shows the price of $39.00 for 10 smoothies.
    On your website you advertise for 49.00 for 10.
    Can you tell me the difference

  2. I got a green box free with my new Vitamix. The ingredients were fine, and if people want to pay that much for the convenience, that’s their issue. My concern was all the packaging, as mentioned above; most of it non-recyclable. Plus the box comes with two large freezer packs. Pretty sure if someone gets those every week they’re going to start throwing them away.
    I think people concerned about eating organic should also be concerned about the planet.

  3. I tried one box and decided it just wasn’t worth the expense. The produce was only ok. Small fruits and veggies. The avocado was rock hard after 6 days so it was basically unusable. Also, I’m concerned that there is way too much packaging! Too many little ziplock baggies that just go in the trash after. Boo.

  4. My wife has been buying this stuff for 3 months and I can honestly say that I have only tasted one smoothie that I enjoyed. Two more I could keep down. The rest I wouldn’t force my worst enemy to drink.





  6. I tried one box and the value is just not there, you can buy the same ingredients in a grocery store for $10-15 instead of paying $49 per box. Most are non-organic and even though they claim it is “equivalent,” there is no such thing, produce is either certified organic or not. Vegetables/ fruits are not cut/peeled so extra prep is also required. I’d rather buy organic produce in a store myself than ordering from Greenblender. There is definitely not enough protein to be meal replacements.

  7. I agree. Also on whether they include enough protein to be meal replacements. If not, they are just expensive snack smoothies.

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