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The physical fitness revolution has seen the advent of personalized training and other fitness techniques take center stage.

Experts highly recommend the use of personalized trainers because they are able to identify and isolate core issues with our diet, exercise regime which can hold us back in achieving our fitness goals.

However, that being said, it is quite expensive to make use of trainers and instructors. Recent statistical data has shown that on an average a person has to shell out 70-100 dollars per hour for a certified instructor.

In recent years, the use of technology has made it easier to connect with clients and other colleagues. Even in terms of training, many coaches now stay in touch with their pupils through their smartphones and are able to give them advice on the go.

The advantage here primarily lies in the fact that, one is no longer required to be in the presence of the trainer. Users can stay in touch with them through customised apps, and can choose to have physical meetings with them maybe once or twice a week. This not only reduces overall cost, but also aids in increased productivity.

About GOtivation

GOtivation has been described as an ‘intelligent, highly efficient chatbot’ that makes fitness coaching easier. It uses intuitive design controls that help in offering personal assistance to clients by personally motivating them and helping them reach their goals.

However, before we proceed, let's see why such a product is a potential game changer in the fitness market. For starters, let us assume that a fitness expert has 5 clients. Managing these clients is not that hard, as each one can be personally attended to without much hassle.

But if we were to assume an increase in business and say that the trainer now has 10 people to cater to, then things get a bit trickier. This is where ‘GOtivation’ comes in. This intuitive app helps a trainer connect with his/her clientele even during times of high pressure and stress.

Using its intuitive AI, the app is able to send out personalized instructions and motivational help in order to allow individuals to perform at their highest level.

Gotivation picks up on the language that is used frequently by the trainer and this is able to form sentences which reflect the coach's mind. These instructions are sent out automatically in case there is an emergency or if the trainer is busy and does not have adequate time to give out personalised help.

GOtivation Features

Some of the Key features of Gotivation include:

Time Saving: since the app is smartphone compatible, it can be used ‘on the go’. This allows trainers to maximize their work timings and hence carve out enough time to take care of their personal needs.

Personal: the key selling point of ‘Gotivation’ is its innate Intelligence. Using its smart algorithms, the app is able to form sentences and give advice which is in line with what the trainer usually gives. This allows for constant personal interaction between a coach and his client.

Brand Building: since the app allows trainers to take on multiple clients without much hassle, it indirectly leads to ‘brand building’. When a person has a large network of clients, word automatically spreads and can hence lead to a substantial growth in one’s overall business productivity.

Revolutionised Marketing: online research has shown that out of all emails that are sent by fitness centres to clients, 78% of them are automatically filtered out from our mailbox. Similarly, only 2% of all fitness related posts are highly marketed on Facebook However, through the use of Gotivation, a person can make his/her brand be seen much more visibly because this platform is intended solely for fitness enthusiasts.

Specialised AI: according to the manufacturer ‘Our chatbot has the brains of a PhD, the know-how of a coach, and the speed of 10 assistants.’ The highly intuitive design allows for instructions to be delivered smartly and efficiently to one’s clients.

How GOtivation Works?

Gotivation uses three primary steps to optimise its content delivery, these include:

Selection: for starters, GOtivation begins to learns about your clients through scientifically proven questions (these questions are problem centric and thus help to isolate issues). Following this procedure, the A.I. then matches the client's profile to the most effective motivational content that is available for use.

Delivery: the Gotivation app seamlessly integrates with Facebook Messenger. No extra downloads or setups are needed for full functionality. In terms of delivery, the selected content arrives at the specified time as a direct MMS on the client's phone or computer.

Feedback: the app automatically collects feedback along the way. This includes all Thumbs up, comments, and shares on facebook and other social media platforms. This allows users to relate to you more easily, and thus increases your reach and visibility.

Reviews Of GOtivation

The customer reviews regarding Gotivation have been highly positive. Satisfied customers include Jay de Maria who says ‘Gotivation is an awesome app to help my clients start of their day with a burst of energy.

As a physical trainer myself, i use it to help motivate my students, employees and clients. I would recommend this app to all coaches and trainers.

GOtivation Pricing and Availability

The app is absolutely new in the market and thus users need to apply for ‘early bird invites’ to obtain access to it. This can be done via the official website. (

Using the online web portal, users can get more information in regards to signing up and staying in touch with the developers.

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