Garcinia Replenish is a garcinia cambogia diet pill that claims to help you start losing fat today. At first glance, Garcinia Replenish looks identical to a number of other diet pill scams sold online. But does it actually work? Let’s find out in our review.

What is Garcinia Replenish?

Garcinia Replenish was recently launched online using a similar sales page to hundreds of other garcinia cambogia diet pill supplements. The diet pill makes the same promises as other diet pills, including:

-Stops fat production

-Suppresses your appetite

-Increases serotonin levels to reduce emotional eating

Obviously, these are very attractive benefits to anybody who wants to lose weight. The makers of Garcinia Replenish make it seem like you can sit on the couch and lose weight while taking the supplement. All you need to do is pop the pill once a day and you’ll automatically eat less, which means you’ll lose weight.

Does Garcinia Replenish sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and scientific evidence behind this formula.

How Does Garcinia Replenish Work?

Garcinia Replenish, like most other garcinia cambogia supplements, works using a dose of garcinia cambogia extract.

Garcinia cambogia is a pumpkin-like fruit found in Southeast Asia. It hasn’t been linked to very many real weight loss benefits in major human studies – but that hasn’t stopped people like Dr. Oz from calling garcinia cambogia a “miracle weight loss cure”. Today, there continues to be limited scientific evidence supporting garcinia cambogia, but it remains a trendy ingredient in the diet pill community.

Based on today’s scientific studies, we know that garcinia cambogia works best in doses of 1000mg per day. Anything less than that dose is significantly less effective. You’ll also want to use a formula with 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA) content.

Most garcinia cambogia diet pills contain exactly that: they contain 1000mg per serving at a dose of 60% HCA. When combined with a healthy diet and rigorous exercise routine, you may be able to slightly enhance your weight loss results while taking a properly-dosed garcinia cambogia supplement.

Unfortunately, the makers of Garcinia Replenish refuse to give us this information for their supplement. No ingredients label has been posted. Typically, when manufacturers do this, it’s because they’re using a dose lower than 1000mg – and they’re trying to hide it.

Garcinia Replenish Ingredients

We know that Garcinia Replenish contains some mysterious amount of garcinia cambogia. We’ve seen other garcinia cambogia diet pills contain filler ingredients (B vitamins, chromium, and magnesium are all popular).

Since we don’t have an ingredients label for Garcinia Replenish, we don’t know the actual full list of ingredients. We would like to assume it’s just pure garcinia cambogia – but in reality, we can’t make sure of this without an ingredients label.

Garcinia Replenish Pricing

Up to this point, you’re probably thinking that Garcinia Replenish is a scam. Well, if you haven’t already seen red flags, just wait until you hear how much Garcinia Replenish costs.

Garcinia Replenish is actually only available through a trial offer. You sign up, enter your credit card information, pay a $5 fee, and then automatically start your 14 day trial.

Your 14 day trial starts the moment you confirm your order (it doesn’t start when you actually receive your supplement, which can take up to 7 days to arrive). If you don’t return the supplement within that 14 day window, you’re charged the full price of the supplement.

The full price of Garcinia Replenish is $89.92, making it one of the most expensive garcinia cambogia supplements on the market today.

Making things even more expensive is that Garcinia Replenish will continue to charge you $89.92 + $4.95 shipping every month for the rest of your life – or until you call the company to cancel.

Obviously, this is a diet pill scam similar to many of the others seen online today.

Who Makes Garcinia Replenish?

Understandably, the makers of Replenish Garcinia don’t want to put much information about themselves online. We don’t know where the company is based, where the ingredients are sourced, or where the supplement is manufactured.

All we really know about the company is that there are two ways to contact them: you can email [email protected] or you can call 1-877-446-3357.

Just a warning: most reviews for Garcinia Replenish online have stated that customers have had trouble canceling their trial and receiving refunds. Consider going directly to your credit card company to alert them of the scam instead.

Should You Use Garcinia Replenish to Lose Weight?

Absolutely not. Replenish Garcinia is yet another garcinia cambogia diet pill that aims to capitalize on the garcinia hype with a 14 day free trial scam, a mysterious list of ingredients, and an overall lack of transparency. We know very little about the supplement and where it’s manufactured.

Based on that information, you shouldn’t pay more than $20 for the supplement. Unfortunately for you, it’s priced at around $90 per month – and it comes with a mandatory monthly subscription even when you didn’t specifically order more supplements.

For all of these reasons, Garcinia Replenish is yet another garcinia cambogia diet pill scam that you should avoid at all costs.


  1. Hummm, I am not sure what to think….honestly do not remember how I got this product…not sure if this is the same brand or company, but I have to say, I have noticed that my appetite has dimished….I think I will check my local natural foods store and see if they have something similar….

  2. Not only does Garcinia Replenish automatically ship you this crap every month, when you FIRST order their product, instead of taking you to checkout, it offers you a second product, a cleanse. You cannot opt out, back out, or DO ANYTHING but hit continue! Then, it offers you Green Coffee Bean Extract, again with no option but to continue! Thinking that I’ll get a chance to review my cart before hitting “Submit Order”, I continued, only to see that my order was already completed!! No chance to back out!!! Somebody, please expose this company for FRAUDULENT ORDERING SYSTEM!!


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