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The subscription box market offers an extremely diverse range of interesting and unique monthly delivery services, from gourmet hot sauce subscription boxes to men’s grooming products there are now even pet treat subscription boxes that offer pet owners a fun way to treat their furry friends on a monthly basis.

Out of all the different types of subscription boxes, food-based boxes are the most popular.

The biggest advantage of subscription boxes is the extreme value they offer, and the benefit of obtaining a curated mix of hand-picked products from around the world. One of the most exciting new subscription boxes to hit the market is from Esian Mall, who offer a monthly box stacked with unique and rare asian snack food.

The asian snack market has refined the creation of snack food to a fine art, and offers selections such as pocky, soft flour cakes, chocolate cone candies, choco pies, and other delicious treats that can’t be found on the western market. Esian Mall aims to bring these tasty options to consumers around the world with their new three-tiered snack subscription box.

In addition to snack boxes, Esian Mall also offer a selection of asian cosmetic product subscription boxes. In this article, we’ll check out the Esian Mall subscription box and find out what it contains to help you decide whether it’s worth trying out.

What is Esian Mall?

Esian Mall is a new subscription box provider that focuses on making rare and unique products from the asian market available to gaming, snack, and anime enthusiasts around the world. Designed to “Fuel Your Inner Geek”, the Esian Mall subscription box options include both snack and cosmetic boxes, and change every month.

Esian Mall boxes contain a variety of hand-selected snacks, treats, figurines, and accessories inspired by asian culture and anime. The Esian Box selection has captured attention from Yahoo Finance, Following the Nerd, ABC 7, the Star Tribune, and BuzzFeed, and boasts one of the largest subscription box communities online.

The Esian Mall range also offers subscription box enthusiasts an interesting way to select their box preference. For both their Tasty Snacks + Geek Gear and Cosmetics + Geek Fashion subscriptions, Esian Mall offer consumers the ability to take a quiz that helps them identify the best cosmetics, snacks, gear, and products for their individual style and taste.

Each Esian Mall box also includes a bonus mystery t shirt every month, based on the theme the subscriber has selected.

How Esian Mall Works

Esian Mall offer one of the most flexible subscription box solutions available on the market. The Esian Mall subscription box range is broken down into three different sections- one-time purchase, subscription plan, or gift box, and can be cancelled every time- the Esian Mall range doesn't hook consumers into expensive contracts.

After selecting a plan, subscribers take a short quiz that helps them identify their unique individual theme, and choose a flexible delivery time. All of the Esian Mall deliveries in the US are covered by free shipping, another great feature not found in other subscription box services.

The Esian Mall Snack Box is available in three different sizes- Mini, Medium, and Deluxe. The Mini Snack Box contains 5-6 items every month, and delivers roughly 1 lb of snacks from Asia. The Medium box provides subscribers with 8-10 items, with 1.5 to 2 lbs of snacks from Asia, while the Deluxe box contains a massive 12-14 items, 2-3 lbs of snacks, and a bonus 1 or 2 items of geek swag merch.

The Esian Mall boxes contain a selection of some of the biggest brands in asia, including Pokemon, Meiji, Nature Republic, SkinnyFood, Marvel, DC, Nintendo, Kabaya, Nongshim, Dollywink, and more. Esian Mall are also currently running a promotion that offers a free box for subscribers, providing consumers with the opportunity to try a free mini snack box with just the price of shipping to pay.

The Verdict

There are many different subscription boxes available on the market, but none of them currently offer the same amount of value that Esian Mall offer with their unique asian snack boxes. If you’re a fan of asian snacks or beauty products, or are looking for the ideal gift for a geeky friend or loved one, the Esian Mall Snack Box is definitely worth trying out.

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