Enchanted Garcinia is a supplement that helps to suppress your appetite to motivate your metabolism to burn the fat you have. It also helps to detoxify your body.

What is Enchanted Garcinia?

Everyone is constantly looking for a new way to help them eliminate a few inches from their waistline. You may try out extreme diets that make erroneous claims about how much fat you can lose within a week or a month. However, fad diets don’t offer lasting results, and are incredibly difficult to maintain. If you want an easier way to lose weight, then Enchanted Garcinia is the way to go due to the coveted garcinia cambogia extract, HCA.

Enchanted Garcinia is an all-natural and organic remedy that helps you to lose weight in a number of ways. The supplement is incredibly easy to take, and only requires a daily commitment to consuming the appropriate dose. While the information is still being updated on the website, the creators of the formula state that regular use of this supplement may:

  • Minimize your hunger and appetite near meals
  • Help speed up your metabolism
  • Improve the rate at which you lose weight
  • Offer total body nourishment

Losing weight can be a difficult process, which is why many people turn to seemingly easy ways to get rid of the weight without much work. Many different forms of surgery are offered, depending on how you want to get rid of the weight. If you want to walk out of the doctor’s office that day with a slimmer waistline, you may end up getting liposuction.

However, if you want to lose like you’ve achieved your results naturally, you may opt for gastric bypass surgery. Unfortunately, nothing works quite the way that the Enchanted Garcinia does, offering a healthier and more natural option, which doesn’t require bedrest or healing time.

How Does Enchanted Garcinia Work?

The reason that Enchanted Garcinia is so effective is clearly due to the inclusion of Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia Cambogia is a small fruit, which happens to have a wealth of nutrients to help you with your weight loss journey. The rind of the fruit is actually the part that helps you drop the weight, due to its natural chemical – Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA).

This supplement contains a concentration of 60% HCA. HCA is responsible for suppressing the appetite, which is what causes many of the effects of the supplement indirectly. By helping to control your appetite, your body starts to rely on its own fat supply for additional energy, which motivates your metabolism. It also helps you to control your blood sugar and cholesterol, since you aren’t consuming as much food.

In addition to making your appetite a bit smaller, HCA also helps to tackle the food you do eat. When you eat pretty much any foods with this supplement, HCA acts as an inhibitor, preventing the carbohydrates from your foods from being absorbed into your body. Instead, they bypass the digestive process and are evacuated. Essentially, Enchanted Garcinia helps you to burn fat and prevent new fat.

Using Enchanted Garcinia

Each bottle of Enchanted Garcia is measured out to give you a full month’s worth of the treatment, and contains 60 capsules. You will need to take two capsules a day, which is split into two doses. While you do not have to work out while you take the supplement, it will help you to get the best results if you include an exercise routine.

Pricing for Enchanted Garcinia

Rather than buying a full bottle of this weight-loss supplement right away, you are entered into a 14-day trial, giving you two weeks to see if the formula affects you. If you decide not to continue using it, you will need to contact customer service. However, if you want to continue the regimen, you do nothing.

After the garcinia free 14-day trial period, you are automatically entered into a subscription program, which locks you in for monthly deliveries and charges of the next supply of the formula. However, on the 14th days, you will actually be billed for the supplement you have already received. Your next charge will be 30 days after your original purchase.

The automatic shipping program can be cancelled at any time with no penalties.

Contacting the Creators of Enchanted Garcinia

Right now, since the website is still in the developing stages, there is no contact information available. You should refer back to the main website at a later date to get the phone number and email address of the customer service team.


Enchanted Garcinia is created solely with the purpose of helping you and other struggling dieters to achieve your fitness goals. Even though the product doesn’t promise to build muscles, it will help you lose the fat you need to eliminate, which will show off the muscles behind it. If you are nervous about taking this supplement, speak with your doctor about how Garcinia Cambogia will affect your body.


  1. Oh my GOSH!!!! I am so so soooo mad. I did not realize I was receiving this product every month let alone getting charged 93.90 and 91.90 for it. My kids check the mail and I was very busy to notice this getting deducted every month. I put $1,102.90 in this product and I could just puke. No wonder my budget was off. Do not order this product! Customer Service was actually a joke and he was RUDE. He would only give me 50% refund on my LAST shipment and I received 6 of them. I am so upset.

    I even threatened reporting them and he said if I did that he wouldn’t even give me the 50% off the last product but oh believe me. I am still reporting them. This is ridiculous. They claimed the Terms and Conditions were up to date and apparently claim they do an autoship but I read them very clear when I ordered back in January. It was 5.95 for each ONLY. Nothing about an autoship and nothing about the price. GRRRR!!!!!

    Also, he was trying to wordplay me many times. Trying to get me to keep the product with his discount when I was already clear I wanted to end the shipment AND get a refund. Make sure you get confirmation numbers on everything. I am watching my bank account to make sure I get my refund then I am getting a NEW card because I do not trust this company since every deduction was under something different. SIGH!

  2. I just went through the same experience with this company. Wish we could put a warning on the site not to purchase. I only ordered it because I saw shark tank recommendation. I never order the cleanse. Told me I didn’t check the box that said I didn’t want the cleanse. Dam I never saw the little box on line. So I was charged for both bottles. I cancelled the account and received the same speech to keep ordering the product.
    35% or 50% Then I received two more bottles in the mail. Called and said I cancelled the account. The operator told me I didn’t cancel with in the allotted time. So I have to pay for the second shipment. Told them I was going to call and dispute the charges with my c.c. Said go ahead but you’ll still have to pay and they will take away the refund they gave me 50% off 200.00 of shit I didn’t order. Wow wish we could get our complaints together and do something.

  3. Thank you for alerting me to these scam artists. I will tell everyone I know to stay away from this product.

  4. Just got off the phone with my credit card Co. and they called enchanted garcinia. Best they would do is a 35% refund. Please warn everyone of this company, whatever it is. It is nameless as far as I can find out.. One bottle I received has something different in it than the first shipment and I don’t know what it is. But it cannot be returned or changed. Bad business for all internet sales. I surely will not try anything again under any circumstance.

  5. I ordered this product too haven’t used it yet. I’ve learned from the past when ordering trial items online or from television I have a prepaid card that I use strictly for this. The stories I’ve read on here happened to me before. I never use my credit card or bank debit card too much trouble and complaining and filing to get my money back.

  6. I just got off the phone with Omar from Enchanted Garcinia and he tried for 10 minutes to get me to accept his 35% then 15% on top of that to not cancel. Told him my Credit Union will dispute and he told me I won’t win. I kept telling him over and over to cancel and finally after 10 more minutes he gave me a cancellation number. I’m reporting them to the BBB. Sad

  7. This is the worst scam I have ever been in!!! Everything you ladies have posted, I’m experiencing it for the past two months. Today’s date 3/28/17. I’m at my wits end with these scammers. How do I get out of this madness?

  8. Scam, do not purchase! They claim a 14 day trial but the 14 days begins the moment you place the order. They have very rude customer service. I was promised a full refund after multiple calls explaining I never received the product. When I checked my credit card, the reimbursement was $52 short. Unfortunately, I read the reviews after I placed the order to find out it’s a scam.

  9. TOTAL SCAM! DO NOT ORDER!! FRAUD!! SHADY SCAMMERS!!! IF YOU DID NOT AUTHORIZE CHARGES FROM THEM – REPORT THEM AND TELL THEM THEY’VE BEEN REPORTED TO ALL AGENCIES!!! They will not even consider refunding your money until you say you’re reporting them.

    When you purchase the “free” Enchanted Garcinia for $5.95 they will say you signed up for 14 day trial period from day of purchase. On the 15th day, they will charge your card $87.95 (approximately). I called the number that showed up on my bank account transaction 855-677-6564 to dispute the charges. Spoke with male who kept saying I was out of the 14 day trial period, nonsense, kept repeating his script until I hung up on him.

    Luckily, found this site the next day and called again, this time to the phone # listed on the shipping receipt, (which has very little information on it) #844-202-3866. Put on hold for a couple minutes, then spoke with Marie, who confirmed that my “subscription” was cancelled and gave me a cancellation #. Then I basically had to go round and round to get my refund of the full $87.95–this was only after I said I was contacting the BBB, Consumer Affairs, Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General, etc., as the other commenters have done. Marie did give me a Refund ID # and said to expect a full refund in 5-10 business days.

    I thanked her then asked what the company’s name is, and tried to confirm it is out of Florida, as one of the comments above states. She would not give me a clear answer and only stated that they sell Enchanted Garcinia and Garcinia blah blah blah, but did not say business name. One of the comments said the name they got was “brilliantlysmart”–I asked specifically if this was the name and she would not answer, just gave the same script as before. The return address on my shipping receipt is:
    Shipping Center
    5694 Mission Center Rd
    Ste 602 – 412
    San Diego, CA 92108
    If you have to call them, stay firm, don’t agree with anything they say, and demand your refund.

    • did you test the product and do u think it works after ordering this I changed my card number but after receiving this product like a week later I have someone calling me saying they see where I had applied to receive this garcinia stuff and they can send it to me if I pay 6.95 I said yea didn’t y’all just send me this garcinia stuff because I ordered that and then they were telling me about some kind of cleanse stuff so I ordered it to it was 5.95 cents for shipping and handling as well but when I received them both of the pills looks exactly alike so I was skeptic about taking them so I have them but I haven’t taking any of them scared to I don’t know what it is when they called my house to try to get me to give them my New card number by the way I haven’t received my card yet I told them they will not get my card number cause he called me yesterday 6 times back to back and I knew then it was a scam they were trying to get my card number again not happening I just went through some bull stuff with the handy heater don’t order that either it don’t work and they don’t give refunds but that’s another story

  10. Glad I am not alone in falling for this shady customer service. They bill me on the 19th or so and it takes a month for the product to get to me. When I call I say it takes a month to get to me so I will always be past the return date. Only got a 35% refund after I threatened legal action. She read the same script at least 5 time…no exaggeration! This is such a rip off. I’ll loose weight from the aggravation!

  11. I also got stuck with an auto-ship/ auto charge on this product that I did not sign up for. I contacted cust. svc 844-202-3866 and finally cancelled. Would not refund. Said I signed up for this on website but I was very careful to read everything and did not see anything about auto ship / auto bill. They gave me a cancellation no. and said they could only discount 35%. Hopefully I can to through my cc company and dispute the charge. Never again.

  12. I would like to know since it automatically gets charged to our bank can’t we go to the bank and tell them to stop auto pay for this company? Now I’m really scared cause I just got it 3 days ago HELP!!!

  13. Thank you all for the input on the product but most of all the “HORRIBLE” customer service & outrageous prices they are charging on a monthly basis. I am like everyone else trying to find an amazing weight loss product that works with or without working out. Of course I was at work & began to read how awesome the enchanted Garcinia is and was already to pull out my credit card & place my order. I’m so thankful that I stumbled upon the reviews… you ALL have saved my bank account & the prevented the customer service personnel from having to deal with an extremely unhappy camper… THANKS A BUNCH!!!

  14. Do not fall for this! Unfortunately I did. This whole situation cost me $383.48 and I’m not sure it’s finished.

    On 9/11/2016 I ordered a trial of the Enchanted Garcinia product. Somehow I ended up with a trial of both the Enchanted Garcinia and the Enchanted Cleanse product which I did not order. I was charged the advertised $5.95 for the Garcinia AND $5.95 for the Cleanse which I did not order. 9/28/2016 I received two charges, $85.95 and $87.95 for the bottles of products I already received. I called customer service at 844-202-3866 and talked with Frances. I questioned the high price and why that was not listed on any of the web pages. I also explained I did not order the cleanse. Frances told me they were to be taken together. I explained I did not want the cleanse and I did not find any benefit from the Enchanted Garcinia. He said he would give me 1/2 price. I understood that to mean he was going to credit me 1/2 price on the cleanse product since I didn’t order it. I figured stupid me for falling for this and if that’s the best I can get then ok.
    Reality set in on 10/15/2016 when I received two additional charges, one for $48.92 and one for $49.92. Apparently Frances meant he would only charge me 1/2 price on the next bottles. When I called again and talked with Frances again I asked why I was charged and he explained that they shipped me two more bottles. I explained that I didn’t want them and I didn’t want to be on any auto-ship/auto-charge program. I requested to cancel the account. He told me he would cancel the account.
    The pain keeps on…11/14/2016 I was charged $48.92 and $49.92. I received only one bottle of the cleanse shortly after but the shipping receipt said one bottle of each should be in the box. I called again and talked with Frances. He just kept spouting his script and kept offering me a further reduced rate of $29.95 and told me to keep taking the product. I told him I didn’t receive the product and I wanted that credited. He just kept telling me to keep taking it. I think I finally got him to cancel the account after speaking to a Maria. Between the two of them they kept me on hold for over an hour.

    This whole situation cost me $383.48 and I’m not sure it’s finished.

  15. Have reported them to consumer affairs, BBB, my local law enforcement agency for fraud. Found this phone number on the credit card bill. Yep the scammers got me for $84.71! Thankfully my credit card spotted the charge and then cancelled the auto ship charges and also reported them.

    The company name I got was “Brilliantlysmart”

    Yet another phone number 844 599.5273.

    5 am – 5 pm, PST Monday – Friday

    8 am – 4 pm PST

    at there website is a long Terms and Conditions and Refunds Policy

  16. Caller id shows the number (844) 321-8044 as a Russian number with many complaints. My experience is the same as posters above in trying to stop the auto ship. All I wanted was the free trial and now I am faced with the continued shipping of a product I did not plan to use after the trial.

  17. Apparently they are based out of Florida…Let’s make this Company’s shadiness well known.
    Dear Vicki:
    Thank you for contacting our BBB office. Because your complaint involves a company or headquarters located outside of this BBB’s service area, your complaint has been transferred to the appropriate BBB for processing. Once the complaint has been forwarded all correspondence is to be done through that BBB.

    Our office sent your complaint to the following Bureau:

    BBB of West Florida, Inc.
    2655 McCormick Drive
    Clearwater, FL 33759

  18. After I was on hold forever I finally got a person who tried to tell me I had ordered the free trial and did not cancel within 14 days so they started an autoshipment. I told him I never approved an autoshipment and there was nothing on their website informing me that this would happen. He tried to give me a 65% discount but I kept telling him I did not want it. When I asked him if I should mail the unwanted stuff back to the shipping center he said it was not company policy to give a refund. I told him if I did not get a refund I would be contacted the Consumer Protection Division of the State Attorney General and then he said they would refund my money. I received an email informing me of the refund. I will be watching my account to make sure the funds are redeposited. This is a scam.

  19. DO NOT under any circumstances even remotely consider this product. Everything and all above is true. I found a link online for a great new Dr. OZ recommended weight loss product. I got a one page site with an application for a free trial. I looked closely for any indication of the catch and couldn’t fine one. You order the Garcinia (previously used 100% and it helped) but this is 60% and it puts you on the cleanse order segment. There is NO way to get off that line so I just hit ignore and went on. So I got the free trial of both and got charged separate shipping on both. The page never told me to cancel ongoing in 14 day and I looked hard because I’ve seen these scams before. There was nothing. There was never any charge mentioned in any way and I figured they would tell me that when I called to get more. As above when you finally find a number all they do is sell, then offer discounts for continued monthly product. I told them I never authorized any ongoing charges. She said I should have read their website. There was no link to it at the time. I offered to return it…NO. I told her BBB, FTC, Consumer Reports, and my credit card company would all be notified dthat they are a scammer and that I would dispute charges and they wouldn’t get paid. She kept on trying to sell and I had an appointment so I just hung up.
    Then I see on my email…Refund Order Notification. Did they get the message…NO. they only would refund $46.95. Again they do not say if that is per bottle. I already told her I never ordered the cleanse because I am physically unable to take any of the ingredients. This is also going to the BBB, Consumer Affairs, Pissed Off consumer website and every other social media outlet. Incidentely, this review website was not available because I looked for reviews before I bought the free trial.

  20. I’m trying to cancel as well. The sales rep was very rude and would not cancel subscription. Which I had no idea I was signing up for!
    On the bottle it says to take 30-60 minutes before meal. On website it says take after breakfast and dinner. Which is it?

  21. Enchanted Garcinia and Enchanged Cleanse: I got sucked into the low cost trial price too and then they had me locked in a monthly auto enrollment. My charges for the month of October 2016 were $93.90 for the Garcinia and $91.90 for the Cleanse. I called to cancel on 10/10/16 and thought I was all done with them when I received another package and another charge for the Cleanse at $91.90. The first time I cancelled, they only cancelled the one product, not both like I thought. They make it very difficult to cancel and let you know it’s YOUR FAULT for not cancelling within the 14 day trial period. Very Shady Company!!!

  22. I ordered the FREE trial bottle for $5.95 shipping. I was also sent the Enchanted Cleanse at a cost of $5.95. The product did NOT work for me; therefore I did NOT order any more. When I received my bank statement I was debited $ 85.95 AND 87.95 for product I neither ordered nor received. I am on fixed income and those amounts totally messed up my checking account. I repeat I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THESE TRANSACTIONS.

    • well after ordering I read the reviews and right after I ordered I canceled my card I ordered with a prepaid card my rush card so I canceled it like I said so some food called me talking about the garcinia pills and I told him I had already ordered this product and I said didn’t I order this from yalls company and he tells me no it wasn’t from them so I was gonna order again can I was telling him I didn’t take any of the pills becaz there’s nothing written on the pills I ordered the garcinia pills and the body cleanse pills but they are the same shape the same size and everything and I was very skeptic I didn’t know what I was taking so now they just sitting on my dresser in my bedroom but long story short he kept calling my phone trying to get my card number caz I told him I was waiting on my new card in the mail I told him I had to wait on my New card and it would be here in five to seven business days and he called everyday and told me don’t forget to him the New card number he called me six times in one day and I told him your not getting my card number caz this is a scam can don’t no real company call nobody like that so take heave next time you order something load it on a prepaid that way you can just order a New card oh I’m going through something similar with handy heaters but that’s another story don’t order those they don’t work!

  23. Ladies,

    I was able to contact the customer service using the number provided on the initial order confirmation email I received. If you cant find it, try the following number (844) 202-3866 or (844) 321-8044. You must be firm on your decision to cancel as the customer service rep will try every possible trick to delay your cancellation request. Before I finally got her to cancel my subscription she was offering me a 65% discount on all future orders. Good luck!

  24. Contacting the Creators of Enchanted Garcinia

    Right now, since the website is still in the developing stages, there is no contact information available. You should refer back to the main website at a later date to get the phone number and email address of the customer service team.

    Ok, now I want to cancel this product in the timeframe allotted…..HOW when you give no website nor email address or phone number…..a complete scam!!!

  25. I too am writing about enchanted Garcinia and enchanted Cleanse. These sales tactics are horrible! Never would I have signed up to get these products monthy had I been made aware of the price. Now it has been charged to my account and I cannot afford to buy this. This salesmanship tactic is unscrupulous to say the least.

  26. I would like to know why it is there is never a price for a product. These companies never want to let you know what the cost of there product is until you order it. This is NOT right. This should be one of the first topics listed. PRICE!!!

    I am writing about enchanted Garcinia and Enchanged Cleanse


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