Wilcox 3 Quart Duster – Good D.E. Powder Applicator?


Using diatomaceous earth to clean spills, absorb odors or treat your home for pests often involves the application of DE to wide areas of carpet or flooring.

Distributing diatomaceous earth over these areas by hand can be wasteful and time consuming, as well as potentially creating a build up of the powder in the air that can irritate lungs and eyes.

The best method of distributing diatomaceous earth over these areas is with a duster. The Wilcox 3 Quart Duster is a unique diatomaceous earth applicator that is one-half scoop, one-half duster.

In this article, we’ll provide a brief summary of the key features of this tool and a rundown of the best method of using it to distribute diatomaceous earth.

Design & Construction

The Wilcox 3 Quart Duster is the easiest way to distribute DE around your home, especially over floor surfaces. Simultaneously distributing a fine layer of DE while sifting, the Wilcox 3 Quart Duster is constructed of durable plastic polymer and holds up to one pound of DE at a time.

Simple scoop design makes it easy to fill with DE for dispersal, while the ergonomic design makes it simple to rinse clean.

Using the Wilcox 3 Quart Duster

  1. Scoop as much DE as you need with the duster.
  2. Hold duster over intended surface and shake gently from side to side to disperse DE.
  3. Depending on the surface you’re applying DE to, you may want to work it in by hand. This is especially effective for treating bedding or couches for bed bugs.

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