Cryoderm – Topical Pain Relieving Therapeutic Cream Formula?


CryoDerm is a lineup of pain relieving and therapeutic products available for sale online. Find out how CryoDerm uses temperature technology to treat physical pain.

What is CryoDerm?

CryoDerm is a type of soothing pain relief product available in the form of a spray or roll-on applicator. The product uses a combination of cold and hot technology with MSM arnica to provide analgesic pain relief at the source.

Today, CryoDerm products are available to purchase online through the official website as well as through Amazon and authorized retailers around the world. The company’s products are available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Korea, and countries around the world.

Some people use CryoDerm at home to provide topical pain relief to their own body. In other cases, you’ll find CryoDerm used by physical therapists or massage therapists to complement other therapeutic techniques.

The makers of CryoDerm are based in Florida. The company was founded in the year 2000.

How Does Cryoderm Work?

CryoDerm claims to work at the cellular level to provide pain relief. They cite one study where researchers used the CryoDerm system to treat painful, swollen, hypertonic areas. This led to a “significant reduction in muscle activity”, especially in the cervical region and lumbar region. Researchers in that study concluded that CryoDerm was “an extremely effective drug and an excellent adjunct to chiropractic and other physical modalities”.

Whether you apply CryoDerm as a spray or as a roll-on applicator, it works in a similar way: it provides topical pain relief using ingredients like MSM arnica and boswellia. When these compounds enter your skin, they soothe muscles and relieve pain.

Some ultrasound clinics will even use CryoDerm Liquid Gel to enhance the effects of an ultrasound (although it first needs to be mixed with an FDA approved coupling gel or lotion).

As the company explains, CryoDerm is “as cold as ice only more effective & easier to use”. One of the core philosophies of pain relief and muscle relaxation is “RICE” – rest, ice, compression, elevation. With CryoDerm, you can enjoy a more effective form of “ice” therapy.

Cryoderm Products

CryoDerm separates its products into all of the following categories:

Cold Therapy Products

CryoDerm’s cold therapy sprays are the most popular CryoDerm products. They include a spray, roll-on applicator, gel, and gel packets in a variety of sizes. All CryoDerm cold therapy sprays work in the same way: they provide a cooling sensation after being applied topically, then balance out that cooling sensation using essential oils and natural extracts. The gels and sprays are specifically recommended to provide join pain relief, sprain relief, and overall muscle pain relief.

Warm Therapy Products

CryoDerm is best-known for its cooling sensation. However, the company also has a lineup of pain relieving warming lotions that can be used in conjunction with cooling therapy. The CryoDerm heat therapy products use menthol, camphor, and capsaicin to heat the body and provide “penetrating pain relief”.

Some of the specific advertised benefits of CryoDerm’s warming lotions include pain relief for muscle strains, joint pain, backaches, arthritis, sprained ligaments, and bruises.

BIOEASE Cold Therapy Products

CryoDerm has two BIOEASE Cold Therapy products that work in a similar way to the CryoDerm cooling products: they provide main relief by cooling your muscles. You can buy BIOEASE in a roll-on applicator or as a gel.

Rezume Tablets

The CryoDerm Rezume tablets are taken orally to provide anti-inflammatory benefits and pain relief. Each tablet contains a 1125mg blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients that mitigate your body’s pain signal responses.

You change your dose of Rezume over time. You start by taking 6 tablets on day 1, 5 tablets on day 2, and 3 tablets on day 3 to enjoy relief from pain.

Myofascial Cream & Ointment

The Myofascial Cream & Ointment category of CryoDerm includes similar heating and cooling products to the ones listed above, but they’re designed specifically to be myofascial creams. There are myofascial creams that use the heating technology in CryoDerm, for example, and others that use the cooling technology.

What Do Customers Have to Say About CryoDerm?

CryoDerm is a popular lineup of products available widely for sale around the world. You can easily find reviews online from individual customers as well as from certified professionals – like chiropractors, massage therapists, and physical therapists.

CryoDerm supplements are also well-reviewed online on Amazon, where they typically have an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 or higher. Some of the pros and cons from those reviews include:


  • Great for aging bodies, including treating pain, muscle stiffness, and aches all over your body
  • Relieves shingles pain, arthritis pain, and even headaches
  • “Best product ever for sore, tight, and overworked muscles”
  • Intense, penetrating coolness that lasts for hours


  • Strong menthol smell (some people like it, but everyone agrees it’s very smelly)
  • Could be cheaper

Should You Use Cryoderm?

CryoDerm is a skin relief treatment that cools your skin, soothes your muscles, and provides long-lasting pain relief throughout your body. People swear by CryoDerm to get them through their day – including sufferers or arthritis or other conditions. CryoDerm is also used by chiropractors, massage therapists, and other professionals around the world.

Today, you can purchase CryoDerm online through Amazon, the official CryoDerm website, and a wide range of other authorized retailers.

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