Cricket Salt – Gourmet Himalayan Pink Cricket Protein Seasoning?


Salt has the ability to enrich a meal’s overall flavor profile. While consuming excessive salt has received a fair share of red flags, it is a component that the body requires. Salt is said to contribute towards the nerve impulses and muscles as well as a regulated fluidity present in the body.

Let’s talk about protein; not the typical plant-based or meats and alternatives, but a rather unheard of source which has gained popularity within a short time frame and they are: crickets. Thus, the combination of salt and crickets is the Cricket Salt.

By replacing processed salts with the Himalayan Cricket Salt, consumers are likely to retrieve a rich source of protein as well as trace minerals. In addition, its uses is believed to take a meal’s flavor profile to a higher and unexpected mark.

To better understand the cricket and salt duo, the following review will introduce the Cricket Salt with respect to its purpose, its key ingredients, its uses, and much more.

What is Cricket Salt?

The Himalayan Cricket Salt is a newly offered flavor offered by Charles Wilson. The creator has taken salt to a new extent, as his salt also contains hints of crickets. When considering the salt factor on its own, it is not highly processed or white like typical sources of salt, the Himalayan Cricket Salt takes on a pink hue.

What Can Be Said About its Key Ingredients?

As the name implies, the two key ingredients in the Himalayan Cricket Salt are crickets and the Himalayan Salt. To better understand how the duo can contribute towards overall wellness, let’s take a closer look at its overall structure and properties.

Himalayan salt is considered as a healthier alternative to processed salt. It is said to be the cleanest source available with over 80 minerals and trace elements, which can include calcium, potassium, iron, copper and magnesium to name the least. This type of salt can be found at the Himalayan Mountain Range. The pinkness of the Himalayan salt is claimed to reflect its mineral availability.

When considering its nutritional aspects, it is said to contain 87% of sodium chloride, whereas a standard table salt can easily exceed 99%. Some of its health benefits may include detoxifying the body, regulating pH levels, improving ones hydration levels and mineral consumption and regulate blood sugar levels to name the least.

Crickets are a staple in Asian Street foods, as they are used as toppings or can be grilled as skewers. They are believed to contain a sufficient source of lean protein, as well as a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

For a fairly small insect, it makes up approximately 65% of protein. 100 grams of crickets can easily contain 13 grams of protein and as little as 5 grams of fat and carbohydrates. Crickets can be cooked to one’s likings; some ways include pan-frying, oven-toasting, pounding or even grilling.

Based on the analysis above, it is clear that both the Himalayan salt and the use of crickets can be beneficial in terms of one’s health, as they are both nutrients-dense. While crickets contain a mixed source of micro and macronutrients, the Himalayan salt is filled with various types of micronutrients that can be equivalent to, or even exceed that of fruits, vegetables, meats and alternatives.

The overconsumption of salt has been questioned, however, many studies have also suggested that the source of salt and where it comes from can influence one’s intake and overall health.

How Can this Cricket Salt be Used?

The Himalayan Cricket Salt can easily replace table salt. Based on the claims made, it can be paired with various meats, vegetables and even baked goods. Although Himalayan Salt is said to be superior to processed salt, consumers should still use it under moderation as it contains a significantly larger percentage of sodium.

Sodium is a component in salt to watch out for because it tends to hold excessive fluids in the body, which can induce an additional weight to one’s heart. Excessive use of sodium can increase blood pressure levels and more severe cases like strokes.

How Much Can Consumers Expect to Invest in the Himalayan Cricket Salt?

The Himalayan Cricket Salt is one of many spices and flavors that are soon to be released. It is currently set to deliver in time for Christmas, but it is under the process of campaigning on Kick Starter.

For those who’d like to back up the Himalayan Cricket Salt, here is a sample breakdown of the prices and perks:

  • A pledge of $5 or more: Cricket Flour Cookbook: “All Cricket, No Bull…”
  • A pledge of $15 or more: 3 Cricket Salt (100g) and the Cricket Flour Cookbook
  • A pledge of $40 or more: 3 Cricket Salt (100g), a cricket shirt and the Cricket Flour Cookbook

Final Thoughts on Cricket Salt

Overall, the combination of cricket and Himalayan salt is most definitely beneficial for those who are trying to make healthier lifestyle choices and who lean towards health awareness.

While its overall taste factor is debatable based on individual taste, its nutrients as well as its ability to pair with different types of food is worth considering.

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