ClearVia – Tested Proprietary Probiotic Blend Metabolizes Alcohol?


It’s no secret that consuming too much alcohol has a negative effect on the human body. Almost everybody, at some point, has experienced the head-pounding experience of the morning after the night before. Alcohol causes a number of chemical processes to occur in the body that ultimately leave it dehydrated, inflamed, and in a state of oxidative stress.

Despite the fact that alcohol consumption has played an integral part in every culture around the world for thousands of years, there has of yet been no effective “hangover cure” invented. There are many different folk cures for treating a hangover, ranging from the “hair of the dog” approach that usually involves continuing drinking through the hangover- usually in the form of a bloody Mary to bizarre concoctions such as the traditional German practice of eating raw pickled herrings, known as “katerfrühstück”.

The most effective way to clear away a hangover is a combination of bed rest and plenty of water. There are times, however, that overindulgence in alcohol is unexpected. If you’ve indulged a little too much and need to work the next day, there aren’t many options to help you avoid the dreaded hangover- the practice of calling in sick due to excessive alcohol consumption costs the US economy more than 10 billion dollars annually.

A new high-tech probiotic solution, however, is promising to help the body break down and flush away the toxins created in the body due to alcohol consumption, leveraging the clinically proven power of specific microorganisms to turbo-charge the alcohol-processes ability of the digestive tract. ClearVia is the world’s first pre-hangover preventative cure, is is backed up by a significant amount of clinical evidence.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the ClearVia solution to find out what it is and how it works in order to help you decide whether it’s the right choice for your anti-hangover needs.

What Is ClearVia?

ClearVia is the world’s first clinically tested probiotic blend that is formulated specifically to help the body metabolize alcohol. Offering consumers the ability to simply take one packet before bed in order to wake up feeling fresh, full of energy, and hangover-free, the ClearVia solution is the hangover cure we’ve all been waiting for.

Instead of attempting to assist the body in recovering from the damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption like most of the hangover cures available on the market today, ClearVia takes a different approach, enhancing the ability of the body to deal with the toxins that actually cause the damage.

One of the biggest advantages offered by the ClearVia solution is that it’s completely natural and contains no synthetic elements or pharmaceuticals, making it one of the healthiest options available.

How ClearVia Works

ClearVia works by harnessing the power of what is often referred to as the “hidden organ”- the gut biota. The digestive tract of the human body is home to trillions upon trillions of tiny microorganisms, or bacteria, that work in harmony with the body.

These tiny organisms have a symbiotic relationship with the body- in return for the sustenance the body provides them, they assist with a wide range of bodily functions and systems.

The gut flora of the human body are directly related to the strength of the immune system- more than 70% of the total immune function of the body is managed by the microbiome of the digestive tract. These microorganisms also assist with the breakdown of food, assisting in the absorption of key micronutrients and macronutrients.

The most powerful way in which these tiny creatures assist the body, however, is in breaking down toxins- such as those that are released when alcohol enters the body. Usually, the microbiome of the body is negatively impacted when an individual consumes excessive amounts of alcohol- the cytotoxic nature of the chemicals released through the breakdown of alcohol kill off the digestive bacteria, inhibiting digestive function and causing hangovers.

The ClearVia formula, however, contains several strains of positive, helpful probiotic bacteria that are able to colonize the human digestive tract and are, importantly, resistant to alcohol. After taking the ClearVia supplement, billions of microscopic colony forming units of these specific microorganisms march into the digestive tract and reinforce the positive bacteria that are already there, and prepare the body to deal with the imminent threat of alcohol-released toxins.

When these toxins are released, the probiotics in ClearVia work together with the body to efficiently metabolize them, effectively halting the development of a hangover before it begins. The ClearVia solution is one of the most elegant solutions to the problem of a hangover ever devised, and has the added bonus of reducing inflammation and enhancing total digestive health.

The Science Behind ClearVia

ClearVia contains several strains of probiotic bacteria from the pediococcus family. Pediococcus probiotic bacteria have been demonstrated in several clinical trials to be entirely resistant to alcohol, making them the ideal solution for preventing hangovers.

The use of probiotics to treat alcohol illnesses is also backed up by a large amount of clinical evidence, notably a 2009 study published in the Alcohol International Biomedical Journal that determined the use of probiotics is able to heal the liver and restore healthy bowel flora in alcohol-induces injuries.

ClearVia Review Summary

The ClearVia solution is one of the first preemptive hangover cures that is backed up by modern clinical science, and offers a foolproof way to prevent the feeling associated with the morning after a night of overindulgence. If you’re looking for the perfect hangover cure, ClearVia is definitely the best option available.


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