Charak Actoprost

Prostate health has become increasingly more important over the last few years, with more men suffering from prostate conditions than ever before. The aging process on the prostate can lead to a variety of urinary and sexual dysfunctions, it is pivotal to maintain its healthy functioning, especially for the elderly and those over the age of 60.

The specialized nature of prostate supplements means that it is sometimes hard to know what product will deliver the best results. One brand of prostate supplements is Actoprost by Charak, with the company claiming that their pills work to support normal prostate and urinary functions.

What is Charak Actoprost?

Charak Actoprost is sold as an herbal supplement that supports the health of prostate by regulating the hormonal balance in the user. The pills also balance cell growth factors, which can function to reverse the aging process on a cellular level.

Actoprost’s effects can best be described as an anti-oxidant, as it helps to remove free radicals and other bad cells from the user’s prostate.

The result is that Actoprost delivers a better frequency and urgency for the user when urinating, and targets the unpleasant burning sensation when releasing as well.

Actoprost is sold as a container that has 60 capsules each. Each capsule is vegetarian-friendly, and reportedly contains no proprietary compounds that may be unsafe for long-term consumption. Additionally, Actoprost contains no egg, milk, wheat, or Paraben.

In short, Charak Actoprost works to ease the urine flow and claims to be a complete supplement for enhanced prostate health.

What are the benefits of Actoprost?

The benefits of Actoprost can be summarized as the following:

  • Helps to ease urination, targeting symptoms such as hesitancy and straining.
  • Claims to improve strength of the urine stream, thus treating weak urine flow.
  • Minimizes dribbling after urination.
  • Works to complete the user’s bladder.
  • Reduces the craving and urgency to urinate again after finishing.
  • Eliminates the pain and burning sensation after using the bathroom.

Directions for Using Charak Actoprost

Consuming Actoprost for three months is important before making conclusions about its effectiveness. One is directed to take one capsule twice per day along with a large glass of water. The best time to take Actoprost is before a major meal, such as lunch or dinner.

You should store the capsules in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight, and one bottle should last you 30 days.

Ingredients in Charak Actoprost

  • Serona Repens: Also known as Saw palmetto, American Dwarf Palm Tree, or Sabal. This ingredient is commonly found in the scrubs of the southeastern United States, especially around the areas of the South Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains.Serona Repens works to inhibit the enlargement of the prostate, as it contains a 5-a reductase inhibitor and andrenergic receptor antagonist property. It also helps to regulate urine flow and reduces frequent urination.
  • Tribulus terrestris: Also goes by the names of Gokshur or Bindii. This ingredient is native to warm temperate and tropical regions of Europe, southern Asia and throughout Africa, Australia, and North America. Tribulus Terrestris works as a urinary tract tonic as well as an anti-oxidant. It works to inhibit the growth of the prostate.
  • Glycine Max: Commonly known as Soybean, Glycine is a native legume to Eats Asia, and is also seen in the United States, India, and China. It contains a number of phytochemicals that work to promote the user’s prostate health.

Charak Actoprost Conclusion

Actoprost claims to deliver effective relief from the enlargement of the prostate and its related symptoms. The capsules are safe for vegetarians to consume, and the supplement can be purchased via the company’s website as well as through some online retail stores such as Amazon.

It should be noted that the prostate pills do not come with a money back guarantee, nor is there any way for shoppers to sample the product via a free trial. Although the absences of these safeguards are not strictly deal breakers, it is still something to take into consideration.

Users can purchase Actoprost from the company’s website for $18, which does not include delivery. Once the company has confirmed your order, you should get your pills within three to five working days and longer if you live in some specific countries outside of the United States.

If you need to get in contact the manufacturer, you can contact Charak Pharma (USA) inc at 303-5th Avenue, Suite #1007, New York, United States, or on their toll free number of 1-866-978-5010. The company is ISO certified and its products are made in a GMP-certified facility.


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