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Chapul is a company that aims to supplement the human diet by introducing edible insects into Western Cuisine and giving people a great source of protein. With the world experiencing a revolution regarding food, insect protein seems to be a good source of the nutrient, as insects can be reared in a small space and grow within a short period. The company launched their first insect protein in the USA in the form of the award winning cricket bars that have been fortified by cricket flour.

The company represents a growing list of companies that are intent on increasing the available food sources on earth to a venerable population. The founder of the company Pat Crowley talks with optimism as he introduces the first insect protein into the western cuisine that seems to rely a lot on meat from animals. He sees the cricket insect protein as the solution in solving the global issues in the ever changing world.

The company so far manufactures gourmet cricket bars that have been mixed and fortified with flour and protein powders that are easy for the body to digest.

Why Eat Cricket Protein?

This is a good question to ask as there are varieties of good proteins to eat. However, a look back to prior millennia will reveal that insects have remained a great source of protein. They remain a delicacy that is eaten in several countries across the world. The introduction of Chapul Cricket Protein is not something new but something that is now offered in a revolutionary manner. The company does not just offer the cricket insects but gives them in the form of fortified bars. There are just so many reasons these cricket proteins have been widely recognized and remain highly recommended. Let’s have a look at why Chapul insect protein products are needed:

The Great Nutritional Value

The Chapuls cricket proteins have a high nutritional value as compared to the available proteins foods. The insect protein powder does not undergo rigorous manufacturing procedures that kill the essential amino acids. These are clean protein with all the necessary amino acids present for development and growth of the body muscles. The cricket proteins are healthy and do not come with the negative phytoestrogens present in common proteins like soy and meat. They are easily digestible as compared to other forms of proteins like meat and whey protein.

The nutritional value of insect protein is much higher than what you find in other protein substitutes. The cricket flour apart from the protein content is also high in omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential nutrients usually lacking in most protein foods. Other great nutrients present in the Chapul cricket insect protein include:

Research shows that the cricket insect protein has 15% more iron than what you find in spinach. The crickets also offer proteins two times more than what you get from beef, making them one of the best sources of proteins. The amount of vitamin B12 in cricket protein is a much as what you find in salmon. The nutritional value of the Chapul insect protein is way more than what you can find from other protein sources, making this product a great pick in the market for those individuals that want a high source of proteins in their bodies.

Apart from the proteins, several other nutrients make it a great product as seen above.

Chapul Cricket Protein Can Be Sustained Environmentally

On the impact of growing foods in the ever changing world, the Chapul insect protein seems a viable solution as they don’t require a lot to produce. Overall, insects use just a fraction of water and a very small space as compared to land used to rear livestock. Further, when innovative farming is done, it becomes much easier to rear the crickets as compared to protein substitutes like soy, corn, and rice. It is much more sustainable to rear cricket as compared to other forms of proteins making these products much-needed.

Food Diversity

The diversity of food sources is something that remains a challenge for most people across the globe as the available food sources are few. Take a note of the variety of proteins you take on a daily basis, and you will realize that they are quite a few.

Well, this is a solution solved by over 1, 900 varieties of insects that are eaten across the globe. Adding insect proteins to our food varieties means adding over 1,900 different types of proteins sources. Surely there is no better way to increase the food diversity other than starting to consume the available insect proteins.

The Chapul cricket flour is a great pick with a high prebiotic fiber. The high amount of prebiotic fiber further helps to increase that amount of good bacteria in the body. Good amounts of microbes in the gut will help your digestive system to remain health.

The Chapul site further gives you more reasons to start incorporating insects into your diet. The founder of Chapul Pat Crowley has given various reasons to start taking insects and why they are good for you in videos uploaded to the site. You can visit the site and check everything you need to know about the Chapul cricket bars.

Chapul Cricket Protein Benefits

The Chapul cricket proteins provide people with necessary nutrients required for proper growth and development. The amount of proteins in these bars is much higher as compared to what you get from meat and other sources of proteins. On top of the proteins, the bars contain are a great amount of minerals and vitamins required for better health. These include vitamin B12, iron, zinc calcium, and much more.

The cricket insects do not have a bad effect on the environment as compared to rearing livestock. Rearing livestock usually accounts for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions. This effect is not felt when rearing crickets, locusts, and other forms of insects. The insects further make great economic sense as they occupy very little space within the environment. They further use less water and growth materials, making them a great source in the ever changing world.

Another great benefit with Chapul cricket protein is the fact that it is delicious and tastes good. You should not have any issues consuming it. It also does not need any preparation as the bars come ready for consumption. Ths is a great pick for individuals that lack time to cook and roast their meat before they can consume it.

The great taxonomical distance between insects and human beings makes them less likely to transmit any diseases to us as compared to beef. There are a high number of diseases caused by the beef we eat, something that is less likely when we consume insects. Diseases like the mad-cow disease and the H5N1 viruses are not diseases you can hear about when talking about insect proteins.

Lastly, insects are everywhere and easy to rear as compared to other sources of proteins. This is a great way for people to supplement their protein sources. Having a pack of the Chapul cricket protein in your home is a great way to live a healthy life. You can have a bite whenever you feel hungry and be assured of getting all the essential proteins required for muscle growth and development. The great diversity of insects makes it a great protein source, giving you a wide variety of choices to choose from.

Chapul Cricket Protein Side Effects

Despite being very nutritious, insects are quite small and not satisfying for most people. This is why the Chapul Cricket proteins are mixed with fortified flour to make them satisfying. Otherwise, taking the insects alone might not be enough for what most people are used to.

The thought of eating cricket protein sounds odd to many people, as people have not accepted taking insects as a source of food. Insects have not become widely accepted, as people prefer meat which is more delicious. The issue of taste is a big factor for most people who are used to eating chicken and beef.

An allergic reaction is another big factor to consider, as they have a potential to trigger an allergic reaction. If you’re allergic to different forms of protein, then be cautious on the amount you consume as the insect bars might cause an allergic reaction.

The source of the insects might also be an issue as insects have been known to tolerate high levels of toxic contaminations. This means if the source of the insects is not good we might end up consuming the chemicals in them.

Chapul Cricket Protein Final Verdict

The Chapul Cricket Flour Protein is made to supplement your protein diet and other essential nutrients that the body requires. They are made with stone ground flour and come with a complete list of all the essential amino acids. They are a great addition to any diet and one that will supply you with a wide range of nutrients. They are made naturally without any allergens or hormones that might cause a reaction on the consumer. The Chapul Cricket flour protein is the way to go as the world looks for a sustainable way of producing protein and other essential nutrients.

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