MI40X Cell Expansion Protocol – Ripped Hyper Growth Muscle Trick?


Building your goal physique is a long and sometimes complicated process. While the fundamental aspects of fitness such as basic nutritional requirements and the need for a regular sustained training regime are easy to understand, the specifics of your workout plan can be difficult to iron out.

Bodybuilding, weight loss, and the building of lean muscle mass are all linear systems that can be optimized, but the sheer amount of pseudoscience and conflicting information make it hard to find out what the best training method is for your body.

Physical exercise such as resistance training or cardio is great for the body and promotes overall health, but if you’re carrying out a long term fitness plan with specific goals such as improving your physique, increasing strength, promoting vascularity or cutting away unwanted body fat, you could be potentially wasting hours or even weeks of valuable time.

Simply signing up for a gym membership and sporadically working away on a random assortment of exercises and machines is not only ineffective, it can also cause long term complications and hinder you from reaching the goals you have in mind for you regime. For example, methods of training that work well on one muscle, such as the chest, are not necessarily the most efficient method for increasing the size of the bicep.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Training

The best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your training sessions and creating your goal physique in the shortest amount of time possible is to take advantage of the advice provided by professional fitness trainers, bodybuilders and athletes. Available in many different forms such as one on one personal trainers, comprehensive workout guides and video series, these training resources allow new fitness enthusiast to leverage a vast body of knowledge developed over decades of strength training experience.

Not all training methods, however, are created equal. One on one personal training is often wildly expensive, costing upwards of $100 USD hourly, and requires schedule time that many working professionals or busy family members don’t have.

The simplest way to access comprehensive, detailed and scientific advice on the best methods for achieving your fitness goals is to work with a step by step training plan created by an experienced fitness professional. More flexible and less expensive than a personal trainer, these guides allow fitness enthusiasts and new trainers alike to work at their own pace to reach their goals faster and more efficiently. It’s important to select a training regime both based in real clinical science, and composed by a highly regarded fitness professional or trainer.

What Is MI40X Cell Expansion Protocol?

One of the most popular and most effective comprehensive training programs available currently is the MI40X Cell Expansion Protocol Training Program. Written by Ben Pakulski, an International Federation of Bodybuilders Professional Bodybuilder and winner of the Mr Canada bodybuilding competition, the MI40 C.E.P.

Training program is a rapid start action plan that delivers a wide array of insights and breakthroughs created by Pakulski in his many years in the fitness and strength training industry. In this article we’ll provide a detailed analysis of the C.E.P. program and break down its key features and benefits to help you decide whether it is the right training regime for you.

Who is Ben Pakulski?

The most important factor in selecting a workout regime written by a fitness professional is assessing the experience and success of the author. Results speak for themselves in the bodybuilding industry, so selecting a regime written by a successful professional bodybuilder is the best practice when following fitness advice.

Ben Pakulski, the author of the MI40 program, has a long history of success in the nutrition and weight lifting industry. Training from the age of 15, Pakulski secured his first professional nutrition company sponsorship from MuscleTech at the age of 18, and has competed and won several events in world renowned bodybuilding competitions such as the Arnold Classic competition, Mr Canada, the Olympia Competition and more.

Pakulski holds a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario and describes his modus operandi as a commitment to a healthy and intelligent approach to bodybuilding. Running a large website, social media campaign and hosting frequent events and seminars on nutrition, training practices and more, Paluski is a leading and respected knowledge source in the bodybuilding world.

The Science Behind Ben Pakulski's MI40 Xtreme 2.0 C.E.P. Program

CEP Training, or Cell Expansion Protocol, is a combination of methods created by Pakulski for inducing hyper recovery, or accelerating the rate at which the body can naturally increase the amount and distribution of muscle cells. Normal bodybuilding or strength training is designed to create hypertrophy, or muscle damage, in muscle cells and tissue.

The body then identifies and heals this damage, causing both a stress response and require the expenditure of a large amount of metabolic activity in protein synthesis to heal. This creates new muscle tissue, but takes a long time and forces long recovery periods.

The CEP process is a patented, clinically proven method that works in a far different manner to selectively stimulate individual muscle fibers without causing damage, allowing the body to develop lean muscle mass at an elevated rate with significantly less recovery time and fatigue. Taking only four minutes to induce, CEP is a revolution in bodybuilding methodology that creates huge amounts of lean muscle mass in an incredibly short amount of time.

Ben Pakulski’s MI40 Xtreme 2.0 CEP Program Pricing & Availability

The MI40 Xtreme 2.0 CEP program consists of a number of comprehensive and highly detailed guides that provide all the information needed to build muscle mass faster than any other training program.

The core program is provided in the CEP practical application guide, which is supplemented by a nutrition guide, supplement guide, FAQ guide and workout sheets to track progress. New adherents of the CEP program can take advantage of a 7 Day Priming guide to get the most out of the CEP regime, and a 7 Day Detox guide is also included for individuals that would like to prepare for the CEP program by getting in the best physical shape possible.

The MI40 Xtreme CEP program is priced at just $97 USD, far cheaper than any personal one on one trainer and delivers more efficient and faster acting results. If you’re looking for the most advanced, scientifically proven method for increasing lean muscle mass and achieving your physique goals in the least amount of time possible, the MI40 Xtreme 2.0 CEP program is the best option available.

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