BrainSmart Ultra Review – Rocket Fuel For Your Brain


BrainSmart Ultra Review – Worth A Try?

BrainSmart Ultra with Cognicetan+ is a nootropic supplement that calls itself “rocket fuel for your brain”. Does it work? Let’s find out today in our BrainSmart Ultra review.

What is BrainSmart Ultra?

BrainSmart Ultra is a nootropic supplement made by a London, UK-based nutritional supplement manufacturer.

The nootropic contains 800mg of brainpower-enhancing ingredients. By taking the supplement daily, you can purportedly improve your mental drive, focus, and memory.

The supplement also claims to be made exclusively from all natural ingredients and is built on a timed-release system: so you don’t experience a crash or jitters by taking the formula all at once.

BrainSmart Ultra is priced at around $40 USD for a one month supply – which is surprisingly affordable in today’s pricey online nootropic market, where prepackaged nootropic stacks can retail for as much as $100+.

Let’s find out more about how BrainSmart Ultra works.

How Does BrainSmart Ultra Work?

BrainSmart Ultra claims to work using a blend of 800mg of proven nootropic ingredients. Those ingredients include:

— Cognicetam+ Formula: This proprietary formula claims to help your nervous system function better by “clearing away mental fog and brain damaging free radicals.” It contains all of the ingredients listed below.

— Cordyceps-Sinensis Extract: This natural extract claims to help you stay alert, focused, mentally driven, and calm by promoting the release of certain neurotransmitters (the manufacturer is oddly vague about how this ingredient works).

— Coenzyme Q10: This popular ingredient can be found in a wide range of nutritional supplements and beauty creams. When applied topically, it can rejuvenate your skin cells and stimulate collagen production. In the brain, BrainSmart Ultra claims that Coenzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10) maximizes acetylcholine levels and supports other vitamins and amino acids.

— Chlorella (from Green Algae): Chlorella is an antioxidant-rich type of green algae that has recently become popular across the nutritional supplement and beauty product industry. Antioxidants target free radicals in the brain, reducing your risk of disease and clearing away “mental fog”.

— Omega-3 Extract: This extract contains fatty acids that maximize neurotransmission. Fatty acids are used to create the myelin sheaths that protect neurons.

— Caffeine: The caffeine in BrainSmart Ultra comes from guarana. The manufacturer does not list how much caffeine is in each serving of the supplement. However, both caffeine and guarana extract are listed as ingredients in the 800mg proprietary formula, so there could be a significant amount of caffeine.

— Vitamins B6 and B12: These B vitamins play key roles in our immune and nervous system and support healthy energy levels. Vitamin B6 is specifically linked to an increased production of neurotransmitters like serotonin.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact dosage of any of these ingredients because they’re all hidden behind a proprietary formula. That formula is called “Cognicetam+” and it is a trademarked brand created by Cognitive Bioscience Ltd (the makers of BrainSmart).

BrainSmart Ultra Ingredients

BrainSmart Ultra Ingredients

BrainSmart provides its full list of ingredients, although the doses for those ingredients are not disclosed. Here’s what the ingredients chart looks like:

The lack of dosage information is a problem. Nootropics are compounds that affect your brain. It’s important to take nootropics in carefully planned doses.

Meanwhile, ingredients like caffeine can actually be dangerous in high doses. There’s about 80mg of caffeine in a can of Red Bull, and 100mg in a cup of coffee. Since there’s 800mg in the BrainSmart Ultra formula, there could potentially be very high levels of caffeine in the supplement.

Ultimately, reputable manufacturers like to advertise their dosages information because it’s the primary point of comparison between nootropics. Without this information, it’s impossible to assess the effects of BrainSmart Ultra.

Scientific Evidence for BrainSmart Ultra

BrainSmart claims that studies on BrainSmart Ultra have been published in The NY Times, The Independent, and The Huffington Post – although we could find no record of these studies or reviews on any of the sites.

The manufacturer also does not cite any clinical evidence, scientific studies, or any other tests that have been performed on BrainSmart Ultra over the years. In fact, it appears that there’s no evidence that BrainSmart Ultra works at all.

Yes, some of the ingredients inside BrainSmart Ultra have been independently tested. Caffeine, for example, has proven to be a very effective nootropic at certain dosages.

But without dosage information, without scientific studies, and without clinical trials for BrainSmart Ultra, it’s impossible to say whether or not this supplement works as advertised.

BrainSmart Ultra Pricing

BrainSmart Ultra is priced at the following rates:

— 1 Bottle (60 Capsules): $41.32 USD (£28.89)
— 3 Bottles (180 Capsules): $82.64 (£57.78)

The “3 bottle” deal is part of a buy 2, get 1 free promotion. So the price of getting 3 bottles is exactly twice the price of buying one bottle. It appears that promotion is always ongoing.

The company also lists prices in over a dozen different currencies, so you can pay by your local currency quite easily.

BrainSmart also offers free shipping worldwide on all orders. You can pay using any major credit card or PayPal.

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can request a full refund on your supplement (minus shipping) any time within one month of your purchase. You can view refund information here:

About BrainSmart

BrainSmart Ultra is one of four nootropic products offered by BrainSmart. The company advertises BrainSmart Ultra as its most powerful product. Other products sold by the company include BrainSmart Focus, BrainSmart Memory, and BrainSmart Mood.

The company claims to have started selling BrainSmart Ultra back in 2007 with the goal of making the “most effective balanced natural smart nutrition supplements for the brain available.”

The company is based in the UK at the following address: Pullens Bldgs Crampton Street London SE173AE England UK.

Oddly enough, the company also claims to maintain worldwide offices in San Francisco, Miami, Berlin, Geneva, and Sydney, although there’s no mention of where those addresses are located or their contact information. We couldn’t find any evidence of these office locations online – unless they go under a different company name.

Should You Take BrainSmart Ultra to Boost your Cognitive Ability?

BrainSmart Ultra contains 800mg of nootropic ingredients in each capsule. Unfortunately, the manufacturer never lists the dosage of any of these ingredients (They’re hidden behind a proprietary formula).

Making things look worse for BrainSmart Ultra is that the company also does not appear to have ever performed any scientific testing, clinical trials, or other tests on the supplement. In other words, you’re the guinea pig when you take BrainSmart Ultra.

In addition, something seems off about the makers of BrainSmart Ultra: the company lists an address in London, UK but it doesn’t mention where the supplements are manufactured or where the ingredients are sourced. The company also claims to maintain offices in some of the most influential cities around the world – including San Francisco, Miami, Geneva, and Berlin – but we could find no evidence of these offices online.

Nevertheless, BrainSmart Ultra is priced at a cheaper rate than most nootropic supplements. If the lack of clinical evidence or scientific results don’t bother you, then BrainSmart Ultra may be able to help you boost your cognitive ability.

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