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While no one really wants to think about it, health is a fragile thing. In a moment, a person can lose their health and have their life turned upside down. What makes this reality even more shattering is that there are some conditions that don’t get as much attention as others. Despite people suffering from certain issues, many don’t know to be on the lookout for the symptoms because they’re not talked about enough.

One set of conditions that are often swept under the rug is issues with the prostate. No man wants to be told that he may have a horrible condition that might cause a series of health problems, but by knowing about different issues with the prostate beforehand, some men may be able to prevent their conditions from worsening. Early detection of prostate issues can save lives.

The problem with the prostate is that most men shrug it off as being something they’ll think about when they’re older. However, not only is prostate cancer the most common cancer among men, with one in six being diagnosed in his lifetime, there are several other prostate conditions that can make life hard. One of the most common prostate conditions is benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, which is the enlargement of the prostate.

BPH begins really showing up in men in their 30s, which is often thought of being too young to worry about prostate conditions. About one in 12 men will have BPH before the age of 29, with this number growing to eight in ten by the time men are 80. Even though BPH isn’t a deadly condition, it can cause quite a bit of discomfort and should be treated as soon as possible.

For men who want to protect the health of their prostate, so they can lower their chances of getting BPH, prostatitis, or prostate cancer, there’s BioProstate. This natural supplement works to provide the male body with the support it needs to keep the prostate healthy. Using a complex blend of herbs and minerals, BioProstate is able to protect the prostate so men can have peace of mind.

What is BioProstate?

Created by Biogenesis, BioProstate is a natural, herbal supplement which works in the male body to support healthy prostate function. Because the prostate is such a vital part of living a healthy, thriving life, it’s important for men to take the steps to protect this small gland. While the prostate is only a small part of the male form, if something goes wrong with it, an entire series of problems could be caused.

BioProstate was created to give men the support they need in protecting their prostate. Not only do the ingredients found in this natural supplement work to keep inflammation throughout the body down, so the prostate doesn’t start to enlarge, but BioProstate also works to support testosterone production in the body. One of the issues with testosterone in older men is that an imbalance is caused within the body between the testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. The ingredients in BioProstate aid in encouraging the balance between testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, which helps the overall health of users.

One of the first things men with a prostate problem notice is changes in their urination. This is because the prostate gland, which is about the size of a walnut, is located just under the bladder. Not only does the prostate sit beneath the bladder, but it also surrounds the urethra. The urethra is a tube that transports urine out through the penis. When the prostate begins to swell, it closes the urethra, compressing the channel that urine uses to leave the body. Because of this, one of the first signs of an enlarged prostate is difficulty urinating, as well as urinating in small amounts more frequently.

Because the prostate plays such a huge role in the function of the bladder, BioProstate was also created to help control bladder function. The natural ingredients found in BioProstate were added specifically to help with the problems caused when the prostate compresses the urethra. Because of this, even if there is a little inflammation with the prostate, most users of BioProstate will still have an enhanced bladder function.

Benefits of BioProstate

There are so many benefits to using BioProstate, but one of the biggest, the one that gets repeated over and over again, is that it actually works. BioProstate has helped thousands of people support their prostate health, allowing them to enhance their overall control of their bladder. For men who are worried about their prostate and their health, knowing that one natural, simple supplement can be so much help is reason enough to purchase BioProstate.

The driving force behind the effectiveness of BioProstate is found in its ingredients. So many ‘natural’ supplements on the market hide the low quality of their ingredients behind ‘proprietary blends’, leaving a big question mark about what is actually in the products. Biogenesis, the creators of BioProstate, are renowned throughout the world for being upfront about what they include in their products, which is why BioProstate gives a clear list of the products in the supplement.

Not only is BioProstate completely transparent about what ingredients make up the supplement, but these ingredients were carefully blended to offer users the most effective results. The natural ingredients used in BioProstate have all gone through rigorous testing and some have even proven themselves in clinical trials. So, not only is BioProstate upfront about what is included in the supplement, but it can be transparent because the ingredients are superior.

Finally, BioProstate is extremely easy to take, making it perfect to add to an already existing routine. Only one or two capsules of BioProstate twice a day are needed to make a difference, and they can be taken at any time.

So, with BioProstate there’s no need to stress about taking the supplement with meals or at specific times. Instead, users can take BioProstate whenever they want and still get amazing benefits.

Ingredients in BioProstate

As mentioned above, BioProstate is extremely transparent about what is included in its supplement. This transparency gives users a peace of mind, but also allows them to research and learn about the products in the supplement. Once users know and understand how amazing the ingredients included in BioProstate are, they will be more confident in their use of the supplement.

The list of the supplement facts for BioProstate can be found below. This list includes exactly how much of each product is included in a serving size of the supplement, which is two capsules.

  • Zinc (as Zinc Aspartate) – 10mg
  • Saw Palmetto Berry Extract – 350mg
  • Nettle Root Extract (at a 4:1 Ratio) – 150mg
  • Pygeum Bark Extract (at a 4:1 Ratio) – 100mg
  • Pumpkin Seed – 80mg
  • Beta Sitosterol – 15mg
  • Lycopene – 10mg

While the ingredients listed above are the main active ingredients, BioProstate also contains vegetable cellulose, as the capsule, cellulose, and silica.

Purchasing BioProstate

BioProstate is available for purchase on many natural health and supplement websites. At the moment, the best place to find BioProstate is on the Natural Healthy Concepts website ( For a bottle of 120 capsules, Natural Healthy Concepts sells BioProstate for a low price of $44 for a one-time order. For those who are interested in receiving BioProstate continuously, they can sign up for the Natural Healthy Concept autoship program, which will also give them discounted per bottle prices.

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