Banana Bright Eye Creme

Banana Bright Eye Crème is a topical skincare treatment that nourishes the skin around the eyes for less puffiness and fewer wrinkles. The treatment is offered at a much more reasonable price than if the user gets medical treatment performed.

What is Banana Bright Eye Crème?

The eyes are one of the most fun areas of the face to dress up with makeup, false lashes, and plenty of other cosmetics. However, since it is the thinnest skin on the face, it is also incredibly delicate. This skin needs to be treated with the utmost care to preserve it is smooth and supple appearance. Unfortunately, as the body naturally ages, it is normal to experience wrinkles and even discoloration. With the Banana Bright Eye Crème, it is much easier to handle these problems.

The Banana Bright Eye Crème offers support to the natural skin matrix by:

Read on below to see why this treatment should be helpful to consumers.

How It Works

While there is an extensive list of helpful ingredients, this formula primarily focuses on two substances – vitamin C and collagen.

Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient in the body, and it is prominent in many of the Ole Henriksen formulas. It helps with repairing the tissues in the body, which includes the skin.

Collagen is a substance that already exists in the body while the consumer is younger, providing a suppleness to their skin. However, as each person ages, their collagen slowly decreases, causing them to lose that texture. By invigorating the complexion topically with this chemical, Banana Bright stimulates the body to produce it again.

Using Banana Bright Eye Crème

The great part about the Banana Bright treatment is how easy it is to apply. After cleaning the skin, apply the remedy to the entire eye, including the eyelid. This treatment is meant to provide nourishment, but it also works as an excellent primer.

If there is any adverse reaction, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Do not use this remedy on skin that has recently had surgical changes.


The total cost for the Banana Bright crème is $38. There is no subscription offered, since consumers may go through it at a different pace than others. If the user is not happy with how their skin changes, then users have up to 60 days from the date of purchase to make a change.

Contacting the Creators of the Banana Bright Eye Crème

Even though the website offers some information about the way that this crème works, consumers may still want to learn more details. The customer service team offers a form at to enter questions online.

Banana Bright Eye Creme Conclusion

Banana Bright Eye Crème is meant for any consumer that wants to correct the damage that aging and environmental exposure has caused them. While everyone’s skin reacts differently to anti-aging treatments, the vitamins and chemicals included have a reputation for effectively reducing the complexion.


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