Arthrem – Reduce Joint Pain & Improve Mobility


Arthrem Review

Arthrem is a nutritional supplement that claims to help you reduce joint pain and improve mobility. Here’s our Arthrem review.

What is Arthrem?

Arthrem is a joint pain supplement manufactured by a New Zealand-based company named Promisia. The supplement promises to reduce your joint pain while improving mobility

One of the key ingredients in the supplement is Artemisia annua, an ancient Chinese herbal extract that lends its name to the supplement.

This ingredient, paired with other natural ingredients inside Arthrem, purportedly raises antioxidant levels within your body to improve your overall joint health.

All of the ingredients in Arthrem are 100% natural. One package of Arthrem containing a 30 day supply (60 capsules) is priced at $59.97 USD.

However, you can also find the supplement sold at certain New Zealand-based websites at prices as low as $28.50 NZD ($19.23 USD) for a monthly supply.

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How Does Arthrem Work?

Unlike some joint support formulas, Arthrem doesn’t contain an exhaustive list of ingredients. Instead, it only contains 150mg per serving of a proprietary extract containing two ingredients: Artemisia annua and grapeseed oil.

The formula works using a combination of antioxidants that come from polyphenols and other bioactive compounds.

One of the key sources of antioxidants in the formula is the Artemisia annua seed. The seeds are grown in high altitudes in Switzerland then harvested using traditional methods. The manufacturer of Arthrem claims that these traditional methods “help to retain its nutritional value to the fullest.”

After the seeds are harvested, they’re transported to New Zealand, where the compounds within the seeds are extracted.

Meanwhile, the polyphenols in the formula come from grapeseed oil.

Together, these ingredients provide you with antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-parasitic benefits, all of which improve joint mobility and reduce pain.

What is Artemisia Annua Extract?

Artemisia annua extract is also known as sweet wormwood or sweet sagewort. It’s the key ingredient within Arthrem.

Here are some of the things we know about Artemisia annua extract according to scientific studies performed to date:

— The Chinese pharmacopeia lists the dry herb as a remedy for fever and malaria

— When used in ancient Chinese treatments, the herb is prepared with 4.5 to 9 grams of dried product

— One of the key chemical compounds in Artemisia annua extract is artemisinin. The content of artemisinin in Artemisia annua extract varies from 0.02% to 1.1% of the dry weight.

— The herb may have anti-cancer action. In some studies, the ingredient was found to “significantly inhibit angiogenesis and also to induce apoptosis”, which means it could kill cancer cells. The herbal extract may work particularly well on the treatment of breast cancer and leukemia.

Arthrem Ingredients

Arthrem is made from 150mg of Artemisia annua extract as well as grape seed oil, glycerine, gelatin, and vanillin.

The product is certified to contain no corn, wheat, or gluten.

How to Use Arthrem

The manufacturer of Arthrem recommends you take one capsule twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

There’s also a word of caution on the product’s packaging: “Some users may experience burping or aftertaste in the first few weeks.” If that’s been a problem for you while taking Arthrem, then you should keep the capsules in the fridge or freezer or take the capsules with food or a large glass of milk or water.

The manufacturer reports that Arthrem users will notice an improvement of joint pain symptoms within days or weeks, although some people may take 8 weeks or longer to see any improvement.

How to Buy Arthrem

Arthrem is available online at, where it’s priced at $49.97 USD for a 30 day supply.

The site also offers a 90 day supply of Arthrem at 35% savings: you can pay $97 for a 90 day supply. claims to be the only place in the United States you can buy Arthrem. It’s not available through any American health food stores, pharmacies, or retail outlets.

You can, however, purchase it online from certain New Zealand-based websites., for example, offers a 60 capsule (30 day supply) package of Arthrem for $28.50 NZD, or $19.23 USD. They offer international delivery based on a per kilo rate.

Arthrem comes in bottles of 60 softgel capsules.

Who Makes Arthrem?

Arthrem is made by a New Zealand nutritional supplement manufacturer called Promisia.

That company is based at the following address:

171 Featherston St, Level 15
Wellington, New Zealand 6011

You can get in touch with the company by calling 1-800-550-7602 (for American customer service) or by calling +644-894-8524 for the New Zealand head office.

Promisia is a publically traded company (NZX:PIL) whose current primary supplement on the market is Arthrem.

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  1. Hullo ,My partner is on blood pressure pills and has done so for 45 years or so . Will your Arthrem product
    be a safe choice for her? I see on the web that people [some] may bleed after taking this . Is it a blood thinning compound? Regards Bruce .

  2. I used the product and ended up in hospital with my liver, kidneys and pancreas shutting down. My body was not being able to process it, and I basically poisoned myself. It’s likely an allergy to the plant material, but people need to be cautious with how they use things like this.

    • Hi Lana. This is the Arthrem Customer Service team. Thankyou for your feedback. This is not a site that we have any part with but feel since you have made these claims in the public domain they need to be addressed. We would like to find out more about your comment. Arthrem has been on the market for over 5 Years and we have also carried out long term safety trials and neither have resulted in the event you have described. Can you please email us on [email protected] or call us on 0800 995 034 if you are in NZ or 1 800 550 7602 if you are in the US. We want to get to the bottom of this comment.

  3. I have really sore fingers and the joints are so swollen and still getting worse Will these tablets help me and my poor finger joints

  4. Been suffering with pain and muscle cramps after a hip replacement 18 myths ago. Have been taking all sorts of things with no real effect. A friend gave me a bottle loft arthrem and have taken them for a week and hello the first weekend of no problems got helps of work done over the weekend that had backed up on me now feeling fine .Thanks Arthrem

  5. My doctor took me off anti-inflammatory pills for my osteo arthritis due to the dangers of the effects on my stomach. He prescribed paracetamol (up to 8 daily). I decided to try Arthrem (2 daily) as the pain had become unbearable. I have now been on Arthrem for 6 weeks and have NO relief whatsoever. Is it likely that Arthrem does not work for all sufferers? I only tried Arthrem on the recommendation of my chemist.

  6. I have been using Arthrem for two months and have noticed a huge improvement in my joint and muscular pain issues (due to overuse injuries) Pretty much had to give up my weight training due to the pain I felt after workouts but am now back to two days a week with minimal discomfort thanks to Arthrem. Had not seen any comments from people using it for this problem but thought it was worth a try…really glad I did as had tried a myriad of other products with no results. It is working for me :)

  7. Being the biggest sceptic on over the counter remedies I did some minor investigation online re Arthrem. The Otago University research impressed me.

    I have had ongoing knee issues predominantly from sport and as a plumber. I have always battled through the aches and even managed to do the Rotorua marathon in 2016.

    But I have been to surgical specialists, sport specialists, physio etc etc.

    Always the pain. Started taking arthrem 3 months ago and what a difference!! My right knee is my worst and it has been practically ache free

    Magic! Thanks.

  8. I am a runner and I have been getting so sore with my knees and one hip that I was at the point of quitting. After taking Arthrem for about a week my pain is almost nil and I am more supple than I have been for years. I am absolutely sold on it!

  9. I have been taking this for 2 months now and cannot believe the difference. I was taking up 16 pain killers per day and still in constant pain. After 1 month taking Arthrem I am now now only taking a couple of panadol a day and cannot believe the difference. Thanks Sue

  10. I am sure Arthrem is having a major positive effect on my osteoarthritis pain and with that associated with osteoporosis. Would it be safe to use for my greyhound who has arthritis?

  11. Arthrem is absolutely the best thing since sliced bread in fact is better than sliced bread. I was born 65 years ago with a mild form of club feet, which lead to numerous operations wearing surgical boots with leg irons until the age of 14. Then as I got into the later years of my life aching feet at the end of each day and if I had walked distances or had stood for long hours I would be hobbling around the house in the evening often not being able to sleep well with feet that just ached all night. Particularly after a nights performance in a stage production as I am involved in a lot of community theatre and two hours on my feet for 14 nights became so painful that it was coming to a time when I was looking at giving up my involvement
    Although my doctor offered to prescribe pain killers I am anti such.
    Three months ago I first saw the advertising for Arthrem on the television with people being saying they were able to work on the farm again, play sport etc etc. “Yea Right” I thought, wouldn’t that be great.
    To cut a rant short was in the local mall and saw again an advert in the health shop for the product went in spoke to the person there and decided nothing to lose(except $35.70)give it a go.
    Well I am now on my second bottle after 3 days of starting to take them, the pains and aches had gone not just diminished but gone. I work in the garden all day go for walks again and presently in rehearsals for a stage production all activities that would have me hobbling and not getting a good sleep.
    I have now turned 7 other oldies, I know who moan of aches and creaks, on to the product and all are singing the same tune about this product.
    Brilliant certainly has put a spring(literally) back into my step
    Doug Buchanan

  12. Arthrem has exceeded my expectations. Have taken other supplements for my joints with little to no result. This product really started taking effect after 4 weeks. I’m a user for life.

  13. Arthrem relieves pain and improves joint movement but we are not told there is a danger because it can cause bleeding as it has with me .This needs to be a warning on package. Polly

    • Hi Polly. This is the Arthrem Customer Service team. Thankyou for your feedback. We would like to find out more about your comment. Arthrem has been on the market for over 5 Years and we have also carried out long term safety trials and neither have resulted in the event you have described. Can you please email us on [email protected] or call us on 0800 995 034 if you are in NZ or 1 800 550 7602 if you are in the US. We want to get to the bottom of this comment.

  14. i decided to try arthrem because i have very sore knees and legs, i have been taking meloxicam for a long time prescribed by my doctor but because i didn’t really like taking them i used to really space out days in between them, i train racehorses and the pain leading them to and from the paddocks was terrible, so anyway i don’t really believe in tv ads i have tried other products and given up on them very quickly, however i brought arthrem last week and starting taking them, i didn’t tell my family, my granddaughter aged 11 said nana you are walking much better no “waddling” anymore, then my son said how come you are walking better. Now i don’t want to get ahead of myself i it takes a lot to convince about supplements etc as i have always been guided by my doctor, but so far the only thing i have changed is the arthrem.
    i am 67 next month and do the horses in the mornings and i have a very busy fish and chip shop which i run in the evenings, i am keeping my fingers crossed that the arthrem is the thing helping me.
    i told my son about who i am feeling and he wants me to get some more so i can give some to my favourite old race horse so back to the chemist on monday. i am off to the mall now, because of the pain i never go because i puff and blow because of the pain and am always looking for somewhere to sit down

  15. I have been using Arthrem for a month now and it DEFINITELY works! 3 years ago I was diagnosed with first rheumatoid arthritis and then lupus. I took medication for lupus for a year before begging my GP to take me off it because I was sure I was getting worse and it was the medication causing it. I went off the lupus medication and never believed for a minute that I had lupus. I’m an active 55 year old who plays competitive golf and I was in pain constantly. After being on Arthrem for a month I feel like a new person! I’m gobsmacked actually at how well I feel and how free of pain I am in the joints. I can’t speak highly enough of Arthrem because I feel as though I’ve been given a new lease on life being pain free. Love that it’s a natural product that isn’t full of other crap. This stuff works believe me!

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