Apollon Nutrition – Creatine, PreWorkout, PostWorkout & BCAAs?


Apollon Gym, a highly-respected facility in New Jersey has been operating locally since 1975. Apollon Gym has a reputation as a “no nonsense” or “old school” gym, where they don’t bank on the use of fancy high tech equipment, just a good old fashion athletic facility with some of the best trainers in the world.

With Apollon prides, itself in its state of the art protein shakes and workout supplements; leaving workout enthusiasts with nothing but honest sweat, and supplements to give your body the best support available.

What Is Apollon Nutrition?

Apollon Nutrition was created with the top physique and fitness athletes in mind. The owner and formulator Robert Samborsky set out to create an ultra-lean, yet hard hitting brand of supplements exclusive to his gym members.

However, the brand exploded in popularity because of its effectiveness. Robert’s vision of Quality, Transparency, and Power have continued to be the key to Apollon Nutrition’s success, and the success of their consumers.

With seven (7) products of the highest quality, along with women's gear, men’s gear, and accessories; Apollon Nutrition has everything you need to look and feel your best through your workout regimen.

As an athlete who is serious about their performance and success, Apollon Nutrition has all your needs covered.

The Following Is A List Of What Apollon Can Support Your Workouts With:

50/50 Formula-X Protein ($49.00 – $79.00) – This protein supplement is a pure blend of 50% whey protein and 50% micellar casein. This combination creates a perfect fast/slow protein balance that can be used any time of the day. This blend accelerates muscle building and speeds recovery with zero fillers.

Hooligan Pre-Workout ($44.00) – This hard-hitting pre-workout will give you immediate strength and dramatic results. It is full of a clinically proven blend of ingredients to give you the strongest pre-workout that delivers the best performance enhancers out there, giving you laser focus, phenomenal endurance and maximum power.

Enigma Post Workout Recovery ($44.00) – Enigma provides ideal doses of L-Glutamine, electrolytes, L-Leucine, Creatine HCI, L-Carnitine, Betaine, Taurine, and other BCAAs to provide your body with a perfect recovery formula for the best results. You can mix it with your protein and carbohydrate powder to accelerate your gains. This recovery formula will accelerate your muscle growth, speed recovery and DOMS, and supply your body with the electrolytes it needs to recover.

Chainsaw BCAA ($30.00) – Chainsaw is the best BCAA recovery drink with added electrolytes and glutamine to replenish nutrients and neurotransmitters that are depleted while you train. This formula supports rapid recovery while limiting muscle soreness, and increases protein synthesis while replenishing electrolytes.

Chaos Fat Burner ($44.00) – This super potent formula was designed to increase resting and active metabolic rates, increase focus, increase energy levels, and decrease your appetite while burning fat.

Cluster Bomb Carbohydrate ($64.00) – Known as the most effective carb source available, highly branched cyclic dextrin is found in its purest form in Cluster Bomb. This innovative form of carbohydrate has increased in popularity because of its rapid energy and physique enhancing effects. Cluster Dextrin is proven to rapidly fuel performance with no stomach discomfort, replenish glycogen stores for faster recovery, and carries 100% Branched Cyclic Dextrin with an advanced electrolyte performance matrix.

50/50 Creatine-X ($25.00) – This specially formulated combination of Creatine Monohydrate and Creatine Anhydrous will help your body to receive and absorb a pure form of optimally dosed creatine.

All Apollon products are free of fillers dyes, cutting out the unnecessary chemicals added to most products.

Along with these incredible products to enhance and accelerate even the most seasoned athlete’s workouts, Apollon Nutrition wouldn’t be complete with a full line of workout gear and accessories. Apollon Nutrition offers hoodies, hats, and t-shirts; along with shaker cups to ensure you have absolutely everything you’ll need or want in one location.

Since 1975, Apollon has been servicing their New Jersey community with the best in athletic facilities, and now with supplements and workout gear. The proof is in the exceptional athletes that are produced through Apollon Nutrition, and those who have remained committed to using and training with Apollon Nutrition products.

The tightknit Apollon Nutrition community in Edison New Jersey was the foundation for this superior brand of supplements, and through word of mouth, it has become a staple for so many New Jersey athletes; now providing supplements for athletes worldwide. Apollon Nutrition has quickly become a household name with athletes all over the world, and is now available for you to order.

How To Order

If you are ready to make Apollon Nutrition a part of your workout regimen, the supplements and gear can be purchased online and are available worldwide.

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