Alpha Breed Nutrition Savage Stack – Real Muscle Building Gains?


Health and nutrition supplements have earned their rightful places on the shelves and stockists of sports stores around the world. They have earned their hard-fought reputations thanks to their effective results and enviable testimonials that can be seen on virtually any supplement website.

Due to their popularity, there is no shortage of supplements that are available for consumers today, with more being released with each year that passes.

One supplement company that is in process of releasing a brand new combo pack of supplements is Alpha Breed Nutrition with their Alpha Breed Nutrition Savage Stack package.

What’s Inside the Alpha Breed Nutrition Savage Stack?

The Alpha Breed Nutrition Savage Stack Pack contains four different types of supplements that can be seen below:

  • Anabulin (transfers nutrients into the muscles where they are needed the most)
  • Andro mass (for faster gains)
  • WTF (a pre-workout formula)
  • Alpha feed (a supplement that increases the user’s mental focus, clarity, and quality of thinking)

For a limited time, the Savage Stack Pre Order pack is on sale for $189.99, down from $228.86 as its retail price. It should be noted that $189.99 includes free delivery to any address in the United States.

The promotion for the Savage Stack ends on the 15th of June, so interested shoppers should place their orders quickly while they still can.

Break Down of Each Supplement in the Alpha Breed Nutrition Savage Stack

You might be wondering what’s inside the Savage Stack, and how each supplement can benefit you. So, for your convenience, we have broken down each individual product that comes with the Savage Stack, along with their benefits.


Anabulin is known as a nutrient optimizer, allowing you to get away with ‘cheat’ days without the guilt. Anabulin enhances the effects of insulin on glucose utilization, which means you will get the full nutritional value from fibre-based meals.

Taking Anabulin on a regular basis is known to lead to gains in lean muscle mass, as well as the reduction of stubborn fats around susceptible areas around one’s belly, chest, and thighs.

Andro Mass

Andro Mass can lead to improved muscle gains, as it is a testosterone booster. Unlike other t-boosters in the market, Andro Mass leads to very little estrogen conversion, which can leave the user looking and feeling masculine and powerful.

Andro Mass comes with TetraSorb Delivery that helps to prolong the activity of the ingredients by the attenuation of key enzymes. What this means is that when the user consumes a capsule of Andro Mass, the pill is passed through the stomach unscathed and into the gut, which is where its key ingredients can be absorbed for maximum results.


WTF is a pre-workout supplement that works to enhance the user’s mental and physical capabilities. When taken alongside the other products in the Savage Stack, users can expect to receive extreme mental focus and shredded muscle pumps.

This formula is best used for intense gym sessions when one is prepared to push their bodies to their very limits, maximizing energy, focus, and performance in an easy to consume package.

Alpha Feed

Finally, Alpha Feed is the company’s latest addition to their line of supplements. Not much is known about what Alpha Feed does exactly, aside from increasing the user’s mental performance. The mysterious nature of the supplement means it can be likened to the effects of taking a nootropic.

Alpha Breed Nutrition Savage Stack Conclusion

The Savage Stack is on sale for a limited time, and the price can increase in price without warning. Shoppers will get four proven and effective supplements at a discounted rate, and each booster has reportedly been tested for its high quality ingredients and great customer satisfaction.

Interested shoppers can read the reviews about Alpha Breed on any review platform that stocks and sells supplements, such as Amazon and many others. Most people wrote in their reviews that they were happy to recommend the products to anyone who is interested in quickly getting into shape with minimal hassle and expense.

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