Princeton Nutrients VitaPulse Review

VitaPulse is a nutritional supplement created by Dr. Bereliani's Princeton Nutrients that leverages the use of three top-of-the-food-chain antioxidants to support a healthy heart, cholesterol levels and cardio-circulatory functions. Here's our veracity in our well-researched VitaPulse review.

What is Princeton Nutrients VitaPulse?

Princeton Nutrients VitaPulse is a potent antioxidant-based vitamin blend nutritional supplement that boasts just three powerful ingredients to improve your overall health in attempt to become ‘the cardiac killer'.

Those three ingredients include NAC, PQQ, and CoQ10.

In the chilling video you should watch right now, we all know how many heart health dangers and temptations we face; and together, these three impactful ingredients deliver a much-needed advanced antioxidant support required to combat daily stress, foods and habits.

Antioxidants, for those who don’t know, target free radicals and oxidation within the body (with is one of the biggest aging factors known to date). Certain types of oxidation can be harmful. Oxidation can lead to greater effects of aging and an increased risk of disease, for example. By targeting this oxidation, VitaPulse can address and support the following benefits:

— Maintain Healthy Cardiovascular Functionality
— Improve Cholesterol Levels
— Protect Your Body Against Cellular Damage
— Reduce Inflammation
— Boost Mitochondrial Health

Most of us now know that heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. It’s responsible for nearly a staggering 1 out of every 4 deaths across the country. VitaPulse aims to tap into this market by offering a daily nutritional supplement to reduce your risk of heart disease and high cholesterol by boosting regrowth of mitochondria within cells which are known as energy factories.

The Director at the Beverly Hills Institute of Cardiology & Preventative Medicine and Board Certified Cardiologist, Dr. Arash Bereliani, is one of the foremost cardiovascular and internal medicine specialists in the world and actively attends Cedars-Sinai Hospital and UCLA medical centers to look after his patients while also teaching and training fellow students and residents.

How Does VitaPulse Work?

VitaPulse claims to work using the power of antioxidants. Typically, antioxidant supplements use common antioxidants like vitamins A, C, E, and folic acid. VitaPulse, however, has taken a different approach by adding advanced antioxidant formulas like NAC, PQQ, and CoQ10.

Those three ingredients are the only ingredients inside the formula. Here’s a brief overview of each one:

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): NAC is derived from the amino acid l-cysteine and it acts as a protein building block. Recent research has indicated that NAC may be an effective cancer prevention tool as well as a precursor to glutathione. In terms of its effects on heart disease, however, NAC has only been labeled as “possibly effective” at reducing one symptom of heart disease: homocysteine levels. Those levels are thought to be a risk factor for heart disease.

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ): PQQ is a chemical that appears to work as a superpowered antioxidant. PQQ has shown huge potential in certain studies, where it’s been shown to reduce the size of damaged areas of the heart, thereby reducing the risk of an acute heart attack. Unfortunately, most VitaPulse studies have involved mice – not humans (but this is very normal to-date). It also hasn’t indicated any preventative heart health benefits. Instead, it appears to primarily help the heart after a heart attack.

CoQ10: CoQ10 is one of the hottest ingredients in the anti-aging skin cream community. CoQ10 has indicated conflicting research when it comes to heart benefits. Some studies, for example, suggest that it boosts metabolism, while other studies indicate that CoQ10 might have no heart health benefits whatsoever.

One of the biggest problems with judging the effectiveness of VitaPulse is that its dosage information appears to be relatively low. For example, each capsule contains 250mg of NAC – which is the most scientifically-verified ingredient within the supplement. Studies, however, have indicated that the best dosage of NAC is 1200mg (1.2 grams) per day. For that reason, VitaPulse may not be able to replicate the results we’ve seen in certain NAC studies where participants take 1.2 grams of NAC daily.

Complicating matters further is the fact that there’s no clinical research information listed. In other words, VitaPulse makes bold claims about its heart health benefits without necessarily backing those claims up with real research.

Yes, the individual ingredients in VitaPulse have been studied, but the supplement itself has not gone through the same level of research.

For these reasons, it’s difficult to definitively say whether or not VitaPulse actually works.

VitaPulse Ingredients

VitaPulse Ingredients

Princeton Nutrients lists the full ingredients information at the official VitaPulse sales page:

Here’s what’s contained in each capsule:

There are 30 capsules in each container and you take one capsule per day to support your overall health.

How to Buy VitaPulse

VitaPulse is only available from, where you can buy it as part of three different packages, including:

— 1 Bottle (1 Month Supply of 30 Capsules): $49 + $6.95 shipping
— 3 Bottles (90 Capsules): $127 + Free shipping
— 6 Bottles (180 Capsules): $235 + Free shipping

As of right now, it is only available on their website. Although you can find it on Amazon, we are being told by Princeton Nutrients that they do not have it listed for sale there. So you can take a chance and purchase from there, but it is a 3rd party that is selling it.

Who Makes VitaPulse?

VitaPulse is made by a company named Princeton Nutrients, LLC.

That company is based in Woodland Hills, California. Whether it’s intentional or not, the company’s name might ring a bell associated with Princeton University. However, it doesn’t appear that Princeton Nutrients is linked to the prestigious university in any way, shape, or form.

The official Princeton Nutrients website claims that the company’s chief health advisor is a guy named Dr. Bereliani, a board-certified doctor for cardiovascular diseases and internal medicine. You can read his bio on the official Vitapulse website listed above. Princton Nutrient’s domain was registered in May 2015, which makes the company relatively young. Because of its young age, the company does not currently have a BBB page.

In addition to VitaPulse, Princeton Nutrients sells just one other supplement. That supplement is called UltraKrill, and it claims to provide a “premium omega-3 blend”.

Princeton Nutrients lists its address as:

Princeton Nutrients, LLC.
20929 Ventura Blvd Ste 47-503
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] – make sure you leave comments and feedback for future finders and researchers. Your suggestions and commentary are extremely valued and can help anyone and everyone who is searching for more information about Princeton Nutrients' Vitapulse antioxidant vitamin blend.

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  1. Hey Z: 1) God Bless U for the dimple Kiss!!! Epic!! 2) you can get your own cholesterol checker at some drug stores, just be strong when u pick ur own finger!! I’m ordering my VP today. My Bro has Good results with his lower Insulin. I found this for him now my turn to lower chol. BP, inflammation, glucose, weight, tired, foot neuropathy etc. I can’t take statins, all meds seam to give me many side effects. I’m about done with them!! I’m a 62 yr female. I’m setting reminder in my cell ph to get back to y’all. I’ll ask my Bro also. I Thank God for Great Dr. Like this to research and Care!! <3 Good Luck everyone, remember the rest of us needing your feedback!! You're either well or NOT!!! God Bless!!

  2. I have problems with absorption, having low dissacharides. Can someone of knowledge please inform as to whether this would influence the absorption of this product. Thanks.

  3. How long has Vita Pulse been on market? Anyone done the refund? Just ordered today. Cardio problems. EF lower than normal. Been on statins and bp meds, reflux meds 20+ years. Hope it works as they have advertised.

    • For me it’s worked great. I’m a diabetic, and vitapulse lowers Leptin, which causes Metabolic Disorder in some people. It too me about 21/2 to 3 weeks to really start noticing the change. But, then, I take it with other stuff, like R-Lipoic Acid so there may be a combo effect.

  4. I am a 62 yr young female in fairly good health, but I was so tired. I bought the 3 month supply of VitaPulse then didn’t begin to use it for several weeks until my system was normal so I could tell a difference and happily, I could. First day I took VitaPulse, didn’t notice a difference. Second day, more energy, clearer thinking. It’s a nice sustained energy throughout the day, not a burst of frenzy and then a drop. Hasn’t made me unable to sleep. Have continued use for a week and am happy with the energy results. Haven’t noticed reduced inflammation in my joints yet, although gastrointestinal bloating and irritated bowels have ceased in such a way I can tell it was the Vita-pulse. That was unexpected!

  5. Hmmm… I strive to lengthen my life BECAUSE I enjoy it so much! We’ll all be a long time – a VERY long time – dead.

  6. As the video says, the VitaPulse ingredients are absorbed in the small intestine, not the stomach. Taking them on an empty stomach might have something to do with getting them to the small intestine faster, so not digested into oblivion by hydrochloric acid on the way through.

  7. You COULD put these questions directly to Dr. Bereliani at Princeton Nutrients. I think I saw his email address somewhere further up the page. And your own doctor. Their answers might be more reliable than the layman’s opinions you’re more likely to get on a public forum. :)

  8. Started using it three months ago. After one month total cholesterol down from around 250 to 226. Good cholesterol went from 50 to 70. After three months total cholesterol is 213 and good cholesterol 71. I am 59 and in my adult life total cholesterol has never been below 200. My good cholesterol has never been above 65 until now.

    • That’s great. I’m hoping for the same effect. My HDL has never been above 40. That’s the Glutathione within the NAC working. I’m hoping for good cholesterol results like yours.

    • I would ask your doctor before quitting a prescription drug. Most likely they will want to keep you on it, most doctors are sucked into the big pharma thing. Also, unless your cholesterol drops consistently and incredibly low on it, they will want you to continue your statin.

  9. I have taken many supplements before with really no results one of which was Juice plus prior to VitaPulse. I am a 40 year old male and I been on VitaPulse for three weeks now and the results are incredible.

    The mental fog has lifted, the afternoon tiredness is almost eliminated. Rolling about of bed in the morning is no longer a chore and something that feels good once again.

    All of these subtle changes have made my job much more enjoyable. Give it a try, you should start noticing subtle changes after the first week.

    • I have been taking juice plus for about 8 weeks, aside from lovely strong nails I’m not sure it has much more to offer, I am loosing weight but then I am clean eating. I am interested in trying vitapulse. Do you know if you can take the two? I am a 32 year old female and before I started juice plus my diet and alcohol intake was not the greatest, there is also a lot of heart disease in my father’s family and cancer in my mother’s. My father passed away at 40 with a heart attack and so I am keen to protect my heart.. Thanks

  10. To all the other cancer survivors out there: I am so glad this helped with your inflammation. I didn’t have inflammation but lots of scar tissue from my bilateral mastectomy, which makes my chest stiff and made my shoulders hunch over. :( VitaPulse has not helped this, nor my tendonitis shoulders and bursitis hip. But, I’m still loving VitaPulse because it has gotten my blood pressure down to the 120s and my weight down a little bit.

    • I would like to know this as well-Tamoxifen seems to be affected by lots of different OTC and prescription products. My guess is that there is zero research in these interactions at this time. I’m taking it anyway hoping the good outweighs any possible bad.

  11. I am in the Uk and will be trying this product, I have noticed that not all takers are responding back with results, not sure why !, but worse ways we try 1 bottle and if allowed and not comment removed I will pass on my info. I take Co CQ10 and cant say it has done wonders for me but hard to tell unless I stop, thinking on that one, my reason, did have high cholesterol and saw q10 as a help with my Cholesterol tablet, however after having a cardiac arrest and here surviving with artery procedure, i thought best to find something to help in my now latter years, 64 young, so not one for long wining videos, and you yanks do seem to love them, I will give it a go and respond as stated. happy days.

  12. I just finished a 30-day supply of Vita Pulse. I’m on blood pressure medicine, other than that, no other meds. I do have a lot of inflammation in my knees due to not having anymore cartilage.

    I’ve had blood work done in the past and was told that my bad cholesterol was OK but my good cholesterol was too low, which seems to be the norm for most people. That’s why I decided to try a 30 day bottle.

    I had a bad chest cold a couple weeks ago and finally decided to go to the doc. When they checked my blood pressure, they were surprised. With BP meds, I’m usually in the 130’s or higher depending on the time of day, type of day.

    That day, I was in the 120’s, which I have NEVER seen before. I would be interested to see what my cholesterol levels are at but haven’t found the time to run to the doc yet. So in short, it could have helped but apparently I would need to schedule a physical to get blood work done…no time for that right now. I guess we’ll see how things go now that I’m out of Vita Pulse.

    • If there is a chance that it helped, I would not be out of them. Please keep posting. I have so many ailments to list. This is my first time getting informed. Thanks

  13. Mine have arrived today in Australia[one bottle of 30 ] and I’ll be taking from tomorrow each morning as recommended .I’m a 57 year old male who is experiencing increasing joint pain and decreased energy levels after working in the operating theatre [hard floors and lots of awkward lifting]for over 30 years. Try and keep fit by walking and lifting weights 3 times a week each and do enjoy a few beers /wine on the weekends.Will report back after the 30 days and let you guys know if I can feel the difference and whether I’ll be reordering.Cheers!

    • Hi Patrick
      I’m thinking about ordering Vitapulse and I live in Syd Aust. I’ll be interested in your report back, if you see any improvement?
      Just wondering if there’s International postage charge?

    • Hi Patrick
      Have you got any feedback from your first month of taking VitaPulse? I too am in my mid-50’s, experiencing joint pains and decreased energy levels – much as you have described your situation. Hence I am curious about your experience.

    • Hi Patrick,
      I’ve just watched the video and wondering if Vitapulse is worth ordering. How were your results after taking for a month? Cheers Helen

  14. My wife and I have been taking VitaPulse for about 4 months now and she reported increased energy that helped her pass her NY state boards. She was also having lots of shoulder pain from stress that has dramatically diminished. As for me, I was having joint problems for almost a year in my left shoulder from pushups at 64 years young. After a month, it was gone! We haven’t been to the doctors for blood work yet, and will report back once we do. We both feel very healthy, now turning 65, for me and 49 for my wife.

  15. My cholesterol, lipase and my liver enzymes are all back to normal. My doctor was amazed and asking me what have I done. Please you will never go wrong buying this. I never believe in anything but this really works for me.

  16. I have listened to the lengthy presentation and read all the comments. Many have commented on the pain relief they have found taking VitaPulse. I began to wonder if it would help the neuropathy in my feet which I have developed from chemotherapy? Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.

    • Hi Nancy! I too had neuropathy in my feet from chemotherapy that ended in 2010. I finally found an MD podiatrist who has an 8 week program using “shock treatments” that finally gets the nerves to settle down. That was about 90% successful. I still get restless nerves in my feet at night, but even those have calmed down since I started wearing a good pair of orthotics in my shoes. Sorry you have neuropathy too, it got so bad for me that I was only getting 2 hours of sleep a night and had to call in sick to work several times. So I would see if you can find a doctor that doesn’t say “there’s nothing you can do for it” (like my oncologist thought). This podiatrist also prescribed some natural supplements for me, and they too have helped. NOW, to get back to your question about the VitaPulse: I didn’t receive extra energy from this like the others said, but I did have a dramatic drop in my blood pressure and weight. Next time I get my cholesterol checked, I’m sure it too will be lower. Best wishes to you!

      • Hi Debb. I am with you. I did not notice ANY increased energy gain. I also did not lose any weight. With that said, in the 3 months I have been taking this my cholesterol level is down 18 points (I stopped taking my statins) and my blood pressure (which was already good) was down even more. I am about to re-order and work at improving my diet.

  17. it was stated that Co Q10 was to be more than 200 mg but on the bottle it is only 100
    Also it was STATED to be taken with cholesterol drug at night. on bottle it says in morning?

    • i noticed that too and am wondering why the difference in mg’s. for the coq10 and yep why the diff for time of day to take. any ans. out there?

  18. Hi, I am on 112 mcg levothyroxin after having thyroid cancer a couple years ago and had a complete thyroidectomy and I have recently had my gallbladder removed as well as now being diagnosed with very high cholesterol levels. My Dr has put my on Simivastin 40 MG and I am wondering if I would be allowed to take this product with my daily medications? Also, will this product help me lose a couple pounds seeing as though I don’t have the metabolism I used to have now being over 40 and not having a thyroid? Any help would be appreciated!

  19. Like many of you, I experienced a remarkable reduction in inflammation, and perhaps as a result my energy level has increased tremendously. After taking the first capsule, my arthritic joints were less stiff and within a week my IBS and Diverticulitis went quiet. VitaPulse is not inexpensive and if I could get similar results from taking a combination of supplements I would do that. I have my next blood work in July and will be interested to see if there are changes. My cholesterol using a Staten is well controlled, my arthritis medication is an Nsaid and only somewhat effective, my anti-acid a Proton pump inhibitor is fairly effective. The problem is that each of these medications can cause liver and kidney problems over time. VitaPulse seems really effective with inflammatory problems; I have stopped the anti-acid med, and am taking the Nsaid every other day. I may be able to reduce the Staten (which can also cause joint pain) in July.

    • As a pharmacist, high doses of NSAIDs can cause GI bleeds. You should continue to take the proton pump inhibitor if you are taking the NSAIDs regularly (at a minimum talk to your doctor before stopping medications). The effects of NSAIDs on your stomach mucosa is about 7 days.

    • Hi, I’m not a doctor but I know from experience that the Nsaids will damage your stomach. If you HAVE to use them, don’t stop proton pump inhibitor!!!! Talk to your doctor about the nsaids!

      • I have Fybromialgia and the vital pulse has truly been a dream
        No pain
        No fatigue at all
        Its the best I felt in so long

    • I have fibro and blood pressure problems for the first time in my life.. I have ordered a bottle to try will let you know how I get on…!

  20. I have completed a 30 day supply. I was amazed at the increase of energy, alertness and decrease in inflammation pain from RA. After 2 days without it. I have reordered a 90 day supply. I have heart issues too and was already taking CoQ10 per my cardiologists recommendation. I won’t go without Vita Pulse again unless they quit making it. If you have RA pain try it for 30 days. You won’t believe the results.

  21. After reading all the above comments I have still not seen any further comments made with regards to the people that stated they would comment again once they have been on the product for a bit and have had bloodwork done to see if there was any change since they first started taking it. I am going to try it and no I don’t expect to live to 140 because of it, but would be helpful to read updates positive or not so I can make up my own mind whether to continue it…after my 3 month order. Please people post your result changes if any which would be helpful to others in deciding to try it or not. Thank you for those that have posted already..i am looking forward to trying it.

  22. i have taken vita pulse for 3 months and my total cholesterol dropped 24 points. no change in diet and no exercise. will continue and check again in 3 months.

    • That’s amazing…my total cholesterol is 222…but my HDL is pretty high at 86.0, normal range is 40.0-60.0 and my LDL is 114. Normal range according to this lab report is 99 -159…but doctor wants it below 100
      I have to admit I’m a little confused about the whole cholesterol thing. I’m 64, in great health even though I take 20 milligrams of Pravastatin and a low dose thyroid medication in the morning. All my labs come back wonderful just a little low on vitamin D. Have started supplementing vitamin D3 everyday but I guess it couldn’t hurt to get my cholesterol levels down completely, because I really would like to come off the Station. Have to say I’m puzzled by why my HDL which is the good side of cholesterol is super high. Feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

      • The low Vitamin D could be a indicate an abnormality on the chromosome of the MTHFR gene that breaks down Folate. Vitamin D (and possibly B-Vit. deficiency) are one of the few “other” signs of this abnormality the research of the Genome project is showing.

        If someone has this abnormality they should not eat anything with Folic Acid in it. This synthetic form of natural folate when broken down forms a type of histamine in the body creating inflammation. This mimics neurological and autoimmune disease, such as, autism, MS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, etc. The US food industry puts Folic Acid in nearly all processed packages foods on the shelves of supermarkets today. Undiscovered and untreated it can cause irreversible organ damage. READ LABELS. Have your doctor send off a blood test to check the MTHFR gene for abnormalities. I am a healthcare professional who has this abnormality and the treatment is easy enough and does not include prescription drugs.

      • If you take thyroid medication was wondering if you take Vita Pulse first thing in the morning because it states on the bottle of Synthroid not to take certain vitamins with 4 hours of taking synthroid.

      • Hi Gloria, my doctor stated that the only way to bring up the “good” HDL cholesterol is exercise. So if your HDL is too high, you maybe over doing it with exercise. Man I never thought that would be a bad thing. I am not a doctor but thought I would pass along the info given to me. Hope this was beneficial to you.

      • I don’t know if you’re aware, but most people diagnosed with cancer have low vitamin D3 levels. I take 500 milligrams of D3 daily; a supplement I buy from my chiropractor. I had breast cancer in 2009 before taking D3 and started taking D3 and other supplements recommended by my chiropractor and Vitapulse and have had no re-occurrence. My cancer was the most aggressive kind, so I am very thankful to God that I have been spared a few more years. Good luck to you!

    • I ask the question again can VitaPulse be taken with breakfast? I take thyroid medication early in the morning on an empty stomach, don’t know if I should do both at the same time in the morning. Anyone out there have some feedback or insight into this?

      • I take thyroid meds in am and wait an hour then take the vital pulse and krill. I try to wait another hour before eating. I also have a green juice in the morning if I can. My joint pain and tiredness has finished considerably but is not entirely gone. I do have energy and alertness more than before taking vita pulse. I’m almost finished with first bottle and had a blood test yesterday. I will see what my results are within a week. I’ll try to report back.

      • Hi Ginger,
        The reason I take VitaPulse in the morning is because that is what the directions state. I think it’s so the nutrients can be absorbed faster before all the other food starts going down the pike. :) Actually, I eat my breakfast right AFTER my pill, and that seems to work fine.

  23. I feel very lucky to have stumbled on this supplement, as I battle inflammation in my joints and muscles as a result of lyme. Although I’m post oral antibiotic treatment by a couple years (a very successful treatment at that), I still deal with a residue of daily inflammation that causes achy joints and muscles besides some weight gain. I was taking glutathione daily, as well as CoQ10, so to have this all combined with the PQQ makes me happy. I’m interested in other opinions as to the WHOLE BODY reduction of inflammation along with the presence of such high-powered antioxidants, and not just for the heart and arteries. For me, this is a powerful supplement, and just one pill really hit me hard with a herx reaction. I intend to continue, although, maybe with one pill every other day to start. I wish there were an option for halving or less dosage for those of us who need to move in gradually. I see such positive benefits already, and am looking forward to seeing how this works for me at age 44… a healthy heart will be a side benefit for me.

  24. I would like to know if anyone has had positive effects of the HDL/LDL issues they mention in the video. I cannot take statins and ever since I hit menopause, I hurt everywhere 24 hours a day, cannot sleep and have “gout” symptoms 2 to 3 times a year even though my doctor tells me I do not have gout. Sure would like to hear about some of the blood results out there. Any responses?

  25. I just purchased and received this product. I am a Type II Diabetic with a strong family history of cardiac disease. Since reaching my late 50’s I’ve noticed a real decline in the way I feel both mentally and physically and this is despite keeping my weight within normal limits and exercising cardio and weights at least three times a week. I decided to give this product a try after watching their enticing video and doing a bit of research on the ingredients. I have regular 3 month checks of blood work and will be interested in knowing if I see any improvements. I’ll let you know.

    • Please let us know, after ur 90-day of use or at least after a lab work is done. We have similar family history (type2, high choles/BP, heart attack) and have these conditions, too. I will be 53 and is abt 15 lbs overweight for my age and height (5-ft, Asian female). Thanks, and will appreciate ur feedback. Good luck!!

    • Lynne,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. While we don’t have a review on that ingredient, you can find the information on various health sites.

      Glutathione (GSH) is an important antioxidant in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria and archaea, preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides and heavy metals -- Wiki

      "It’s the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent disease — yet you’ve probably never heard of it. It’s the secret to prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, dementia and more, and necessary to treat everything from autism to Alzheimer’s disease. There are more than 89,000 medical articles about it." Glutathione: The Mother of All Antioxidants -- Huffington Post

      Hopefully that helps.

      – Supplement Police

    • I got this from Wikipedia:

      “Glutathione is not an essential nutrient for humans, since it can be biosynthesized in the body from the amino acids L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid, and glycine.”

      The review information above states:

      “— N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): NAC is derived from the amino acid l-cysteine and it acts as a protein building block. Recent research has indicated that NAC may be an effective cancer prevention tool as well as a precursor to glutathione.”

      My conclusion from this is that by introducing NAC into the body, the L-cysteine is naturally converted into glutathione, so even though glutathione is not an ingredient per se, the body gets it by producing it from one of the ingredients of the product.

    • Glutathione in supplement form is destrored by our stomach acid and doesnt make it through the digestive track to the small intestines where nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream. However, the supplement NAC which assists our bodies natural production of glutathione, does survive the digestive process. This was mentioned in the video. You can also verify this point by researching glutathione supplementation and the use of NAC to boost the production of glutathione. Karen

    • Certainly not without your physician’s approval. If you decide to take any product that claims to affect the things you’re concerned about, it’s prudent to have your doctor check them during the first few months. If, during that time, your blood pressure, for example, drops back towards normal, your doctor will probably lower your dosage of the med you’re taking, but it would be foolhardy to unilaterally stop your meds because you start taking a supplement.

      Just a recommendation from a non-physician.

  26. Has anyone taken this product VitaPulse for a length of time and then had their Kidney function blood work and liver enzymes checked to see if they are tolerating the product?

  27. My husband and I are gettin ready to start taking VitaPulse and UltraKrill. Would love to hear more from people who has had blood work to back up results. This is March and have to wait to get blood work done again. Would also like to know how long you took it before blood work. Hoping this is a good product. Thank you

  28. I am going to give VitaPulse a try. There is a history of heart disease on both sides of my family. My father died of a massive heart attack in his sleep at age 49, my mother had a triple bypass, and my younger brother just suffered a very bad heart attack. Grandparents on both sides of the family, as well as aunts and uncles, also had heart problems. I also have a very significant heart murmur. I have not taken any medications, but recently started taking a low-dosage aspirin daily on my own. I know that CoQ10 is good and think that the NAC and the PPQ can only add to the benefit. I am looking forward to positive results.

    • You might look at the Natl Library of Medicine which is a public service website outlining key studies related to Co-Q10. This will help you sort out the facts.

  29. I am a nurse. I am not commenting on the vitaplus product, I just want to give some information on the absorption issues and questions that are being brought up. I believe the doctor was trying to explain it in simple terms for people to understand. There are many medicines that are ” enteric coated” to prevent their breakdown in the stomach, so they can be absorbed properly or more completely in the intestines . Aspirin is one such product. Aspirin is usually given and absorbed in the stomach, but there are many people with gastric issues, ulcers, or bleeding issues that may need the aspirin for their heart, but have to take it as enteric coated to prevent the absorption in the stomach and therefore decreasing the stomach issues. Go to the store and look at the labels on aspirin. Some are regular, and some are “enteric coated”. There are other time release meds that have to have enteric or other coating to get past the stomach before absorption can begin. This is Not a new, or crazy way to make a product. So if this product has to have a coating to get past the stomach, that means you will get better absorption and more of the nutrients.

    • That is great information…thanks. I believe some people are wondering “how” in intestines break down the coating though? If acid can’t break it down what happens in the intestines to get the coating to break down? Thanks so much to anyone who can answer.

      • NOT time release. It has to do with the pH of the stomach vs. the intestines. Stomach pH is very acid, intestinal pH is a little on the basic side of neutral. The enteric coatings are designed to withstand acid, but break down when pH is above 7.

    • I have had the roux en y gastric bypass surgery and presently take the Vita Pulse sporadically. Because I don’t absorb vitamins like most people I sometimes open the capsules and drink it with citrus green tea. I think if I take it whole it may not be absorbed at all. What are your thoughts?
      I will try to start taking it daily so I can report my experience. I presently take a Pravastatin 10 mg and Metoprolol Tartrate 25mg as well as Alprazolam 0.5 mg, all at bedtime so I just started taking the Vita Pulse at night just now. I hope to have great results to report. I will alternate opening the capsule and taking it whole.

  30. Hi,
    I just received my order. I have high cholesterol (300) even while taking a daily statin.
    I’m due for labs on April 4 for a re-check. I will definitely let you know if this lowered that
    awful number.

  31. I’m a 58 year old male, overweight, high bp and cholesterol. have been an auto mechanic for almost 40 years, at this point most of my body joints are breaking down due to job. I am on bp meds and a statin med. Once I got on the statin drug I started to feel even worse, aches, pains etc. I stopped the statin drug for a while (after reading articles on line) and felt better, levels went up though! Back on drug, ordered vita pulse, why not-said it helps with statin drug issues! After only 3 days I actually felt much better, thought maybe it was just that I wanted vp to work! Been 2 weeks now and I really feel much better! Have dr appointment next month, so then I’ll see about actual # benefits. But so far my pain is less, my energy is much higher and I hope it continues because of vp! Will get back later

    • Hello Mr. Snyder, would like to hear how you are doing now after another month. My husband was also an auto mechanic and has joint problems. He is 82 and I’m hoping we can at least protect his heart from problems. How is Vitapulse working?

    • I was put on SIMVASTATIN,I suffered terrible joint pain and went back to my GP>he immediately changed me onto ATORVASTATIN . I have been on them since with no pain.. hope that helps….

  32. It raised my HDL from the low thirties to 67, on two tests three months apart. It raised my husband’s a smaller amount. I have noticed that my back pain from a compression fracture does not bother me much anymore. I am going to keep taking it.

  33. I have been taking this for 2 months now and have noticed my chest pains are fewer and my joints don’t hurt as bad as they were. I didn’t want to believe this would really do what it says but gave it a try anyway since they do have a money back guarantee. However, I am now thinking it may be what is helping me as I stopped taking all other vitamins while taking this this to be sure.

  34. I have been taking VitaPulse and the UltraKrill for two weeks now and I feel awesome! I used to have aches and pains in the morning and now I wake up refreshed. I do feel like the toxins are leaving my body. I’m not to sure how the UltraKrill is working but I have less joint pains then I used to. My husband is also taking both supplements and he had some serious pain in his shoulder and now barely feels the pain after two weeks. I like it and I am going to continue to take both.

  35. I just started taking it this week and I have had some great results . My hip has been hurting for 8 months and it feels way better ,my energy level is awesome in the morning. My aches and pains are at a minimum compared to before. My exercise class has improved too.
    I used to wake up with numbness in my hands and its gone.
    I am not sure about my cholesterol levels but I feel great in a lot of different areas.
    I would recommend this product.

  36. Ok, I am trying this to see if it works. I am sensitive to a lot of drugs and vitamins due to Fibromyalgia. I will be going to get my cholesterol checked to see if it does indeed lower it. I just had a test so I have my pre Vitapulse numbers. I eat a relatively good diet 80/20. Fruits, veggies, high protein, and low carbs and sugars. I exercise regularly (walk mostly) to release endorphins or natural pain blockers so I can move and not be bedridden. back in 6 weeks with the info

  37. I just received my order today. Am willing to try for 30 days to see the outcome. Tu all. Will check back with comments in 30 days.

  38. Hi I see all the testimonials what is the real truth with this product. I would like to know why the study has nothing to do with the University. when all through the promotion it states this was researched at the university. I would like to believe it would help prevent heart problems. I would like to hear back from you. to confirm this product is a good daily supplement.

  39. I can’t prove anything about their claims. All I know is that a fibromyalgia sufferer, VitaPulse has been a Godsend for me. I have so much more energy since I started taking it about six weeks ago. I get up in the morning and I’m ready to go, to function. Something that has been missing in my life for decades. I have yet to have blood tests to see if it is reducing my cholesterol, which will be a great bonus if it does because I cannot take any of the cholesterol lowering drugs.

    • I just watched video and really thinking of trying your comment about FMS thats me so guess worth a try. I hate that lately I have been testing diffrent products but trying to start only one a mnth to see if that one is changing anything. thank you Glenna

    • I am fibromyalgia sufferer to I was taking VitaPulse for 4 mts. those 4 months was the best in my 69 years of my life.I felt like 20 years full of energy, my pains was gone.After I finished my 4 bottles and stop the VitaPulse a week ago my pains starting I am getting tired much faster I can not get up early from my bed.I am not filing good.I am ready for much longer supply.This is the best product I ever have in my life .Thank you Dr. it works for me. GEORGE

  40. Not a contradiction. The claim is that the hydrochloride acid in our stomachs breaks down these very sensitive antioxidants hence why, with regular supplements, there is little left for your body to utilize. Princeton supplements claim the capsule component is *not* broken down by gastric acids, is passes into the small intestine where it is finally released and the antioxidants are readily absorbed by the small intestines…as it should be.

    I’m willing to try it as the cost isn’t horrific compared with any other well made supplement. I think a lot of what was said in the presentation is likely quite true being as it seems it’s more important to sell lots of things to treat symptoms rather than eliminating the process causing the symptoms. I’ll check back in after a month.

  41. They make a claim that their capsules are designed to resist breakdown in the gut, but will do so in the small intestine. In that way they state more of the components will be absorbed into the bloodstream then happens in the gut. They apparently feel that the hydrochloric acid in the gut destroys a large percentage of the 3 ingredients making much of them unavailable for absorption. If they are correct on that it may be the quantities of each ingredient actually are sufficient since more of it is making it to the intestine for absorption. It would be interesting to know if the break down factor in the gut is accurate and if the studies you mentioned actually considered that when recommending dosages.


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