DoTerra Essential Oils

If you’ve paid any attention to the wellness industry lately, then you already know that essential oils are all the rage right now.

Made from the stems, seeds, bark, roots, and flowers of plants, essential oils are natural aromatic compounds that people claim can cure just about any health condition or disease.

What Is DoTerra Essential Oils

DoTerra is one of the largest sellers of essential oils, even though the company has been open for a few years. DoTerra claims to be the leader in the essential oils market and claims their essential oils are other essential oil brands.

However, can they really back up their claims?

Is DoTerra Legitimate?

After looking into the quality of DoTerrs products, it does appear that DoTerra does sell pure essential oils. By pure, we mean that there are no additives or artificial ingredients. This is essential to the quality and effectiveness of the product and because of this, DoTerra products appear to be very high in quality.

You should know that DoTerra operates as an MLM so chances are you’ll be purchasing products through a distributor but it does not appear like you have to buy through a distributor to get products.

DoTerra Products Appear Safe

While it is not always recommended that adults consume essential oils orally, for the most part they are safe. If you’re going to take DoTerra products, you need to make sure you do so in a safe manner and make sure to follow directions on the label.

However, do to the superior quality of DoTerra essential oils, we believe that they are very safe for humans to use. We recommend letting your doctor know that you plan on using essential oils, although this is up to your direction.

Top Selling DoTerra Products

DoTerra has several single essential oils as well as some oil blends. Some of their most popular essential oils include:

Ginger: Ginger helps eliminate pain, boosts serotonin levels, and calms the digestive system. It is often used to treat digestive issues such as upset stomach and constipation and studies show it can relieve nausea.

Lavender: Lavender has a soothing effect on the body and it is often used to ease the pain of headaches, help soothe a burn or sting, and relax tense muscles. It is often added to products like candles because the scent of lavender calms the nerves and eliminates stress.

Germanium: Germanium is one of the most versatile essential oils and studies show it can suppress the symptoms of PMS, eliminate body odor, and eliminate bloating. It’s also beneficial to the skin and can help heal scars, eliminate acne, and moisturize dry skin.

Peppermint: Peppermint is often added to toothpaste and chewing for it’s appealing taste and soothing abilities. Peppermint has healing and soothing properties, which make it useful for people with anxiety. It also is useful as a digestive aid as well.

Lemongrass: Lemongrass is often used in cooking and studies show Lemongrass can support digestive health and soothe aching muscles. It can be used for topics, aromatic, or dietary purposes.

Cedarwood: Cedarwood is often used to calm and relax both the mind and body. Cedarwood helps support the respiratory system, helps skin heal, and has a calming effect on the body. In addition, Cedarwood helps promote clear breathing and is often used during massages for its’ therapeutic properties.

Buying DoTerra Products

DoTerra essential oils are top-notch quality essential oils that have an endless amount of benefits and uses. To buy DoTerra products, you can purchase online at their official website or through an independent DoTerra consultant.


  1. Essential Oil Consumer Reports (completely independent of any oils company) recent published tests on YL cinnamon oil…shocking results.

  2. I don’t know about them being sued. There is talk that YL is in huge financial trouble.
    Let’s face it, none of us know what really goes on behind closed doors except for what is spoon fed to us.
    Not everyone reacts to the oils the same. That is true, regardless of the company.

    I would rather take my chances with DoTerra or YL than with the drug companies ANY day.

    If you are a wellness advocate for either company, stop gripping or who’s who and try working together.
    The FDA wants all of it run out of the marketplace and people who just bash eachother’s competition make these very important oils look like scams.

    Work together or shut up and get out of the way. It’s about helping people not your petty arguments.

  3. Well, of course the skin will burn, you have to mix the oil with another oil. Example: coconut oil. This is common sense.

  4. I take it you never emailed them asking why they stopped using 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils & just kept their trademark. They are not pure. They are being sued due to their Lavender EO leaving 3rd degree burns on skin. Also the CEO is a chiropractor who knows nothing of Essential Oils besides what he stole from the company who gave him a job when no one else would. I’m very disappointed in this sites lack of research, you call yourself supplement police, come on.